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Samantha Carter and the Magic Sword

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Things To Do In Colorado Springs When You're Bored". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Samantha Carter doesn't believe in magic. Then someone gives her a sword to test. That cuts everything.

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Stargate > General > Characters: Sam CarterbecuzitswrongFR718514257,2521 May 101 May 10Yes
Title: Samantha Carter and the Magic Sword

Author: becuzitswrong

Rating: FR13

Summary: Samantha Carter doesn't believe in magic. Then someone gives her a sword to test. That cuts everything.

Disclaimer: All of the characters from Stargate and Buffy belong to their respective creators. I am just borrowing them for a bit.

Sam looked at the sword she had clamped to her worktable. So far, it had resisted everything that she had thrown at it. It cut everything! Steel, copper, bronze, aluminum, obsidian, granite, and every gemstone she had been able to get her hands on. It had even cut through the industrial diamonds that she used with the various lasers in her lab. Worse, it had cut them cleanly at angles to their natural fracture patterns, which should have been impossible. It had also cut the naquadah sample that she had. And she still couldn't see the sword edge, even with the electron microscope!

The opposite was true as well. Nothing could cut it. Diamond did not scratch it. The titanium-tritium alloy that had just been developed had zero effect on it. Naquadah had zero effect on it. Even the handful of items that Sam had that were made out of some Ancient metal had no effect on the sword. And she couldn't even tell what it was made out of. The metal did not show fluorescence under any of the lasers that Sam had in her lab. Nothing affected the metal of the blade.

Since magic did not exist, it could only mean that Buffy and company were in contact with either some advanced race such as the Asgard or possible even an Ascended. That would easily explain the incredible properties of the blade. Because it wasn't just sharp and unbreakable. The metal was completely inert. Chemicals and radiation had no effect on the metal either.

Sam sighed in defeat. She needed better equipment if she was to decipher the mystery of the blade. She sat in her chair, lost in thought, before finally surrendering. Idly, Sam wondered how hard it was to wield a sword like that. She casually unfastened the clamps holding it down. Looking around furtively,. she hefted the blade.

It was both heavier and lighter than she'd expected. Heavier because something that long and thin shouldn't be all that heavy at all. Lighter, because it was made out of a relatively dense metal. Sam made a few passes with the blade. It was incredibly well-balanced, almost as if it were made for her hand. But it was also still incredibly sharp as she found out when she made a quick backward pass and the corner of her desk sagged away.

"Crap!" Sam tried to push the desk back together with her hands, but it was a hopeless case. She would just have to requisition a new desk, the third so far this year. Sam went back to idly swinging the blade in her hand.

Sam had briefly taken saber while at the Academy. Ultimately she had had to give it up because of her demanding schedule. But it had been something that she enjoyed and had shown promise at. Sam began a series of strokes and parries, accompanied by the occasional lunge. She became so interested in the sword that she lost track of her surroundings.

Carter imagined that she was fighting pirates ala Jack Sparrow as she danced around her lab. She let go with an, "Ahoy, matey!" accompanied by an particularly showy series of passes, lost in her own world.

Until the sound of a throat being cleared behind her abruptly brought her to her senses. Slowly she turned, internally cringing as she met the amused gazes of Colonel O'Neill and Buffy Summers. Jack's voice was sardonic as he asked, "So, Carter, playing with the magic sword are we?"

How long had they been watching? Had they heard her? Did they notice her desk? Sam kept her composure as she calmly replied, "No, sir. I was done with all my regular tests with the sword and just wanted to test its balance." Then to Buffy, "It's an excellent sword. I would like to talk to you later about exactly who made it for you. The technology behind it is immensely advanced."

Buffy merely accepted the sword, shaking her head. Then with a secret little smile, she winked at Sam, eyes flicking towards her crippled desk, before heading out the door.

Sam's eyes followed Buffy out the door. So she wouldn't talk. Sam knew she would figure it out eventually. She always did. But it would be so much easier if Buffy would just come clean about how the sword had come into existence.

Jack spoke from behind her. "So still not admitting that magic exists, huh?"

Sam shook her head. "Sir, we've seen too much advanced tech to believe in magic. After all, any sufficiently advanced technology..."

Jack finished, "Would be indistinguishable from magic. I know, Carter. I know. But something you should think about."

Sam frowned. "What is that, sir?"

Jack wore a broad grin as he said, "Any sword that can get the Oh-so-serious-Samantha-Carter to start swinging it around the lab like she's fighting pirates might just be magic. Ahoy, mateys!" With that, he left, while Sam could tell her mouth was opening and closing like a fish, while she tried to think of a come back.

The End

You have reached the end of "Samantha Carter and the Magic Sword". This story is complete.

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