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Summary: Xander decides to follow Buffy up to the roof to help her fight the Master. The end result leaves he, and Cordelia on the front lines of a whole different war.

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zTiamaTzFR181681,8911410945,9922 May 102 Nov 10No

You Are the Support, Son



Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel the Series, along with the characters from their respective shows are owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Description: Xander decides to follow Buffy up to the roof to help her fight the Master. The end result, leaves he, and Cordelia on the front lines of a whole different war.

A/N: Further disclaimers will be added, as they appear in later chapters.

A/N 2: This will be from Xander's POV until otherwise noted.

"Are we really going to let her face him alone?" I asked Angel, as he stared at the doorway to the stairwell Buffy had passed through a few minutes ago.

"She told us to stay here, and take care of any vamps that try to interfere."

"Yeah, and fifteen minutes ago the Master killed her."

He looked down at the floor. I could tell he knew I was right. "Let's go." Angel said simply as he started towards the stairs.

As I reached the roof a step behind Angel, I saw Buffy, and The Master exchanging blows next to the large skylight over the library. All I had was the cross I'd used on Angel earlier, but I figured maybe I could distract him long enough for Buff to stake his ass. I ran up to smack him in the head, but instead, I was greeted by a back hand that threw me into the side of the skylight. As I tried to get my bearings, a muffled scream from below caught my attention and I peered through the glass.

"Angel, get over here!" I screamed, staring at the horror down below. Some kind of three-headed demon had broken through the floor of the library, and it was trying to pull Willow towards one of it's mouths. Miss Calender was desperately holding onto her, but it looked like a losing battle.

To their left, I could see Giles dodging out of the way of another huge head. He at least, had an axe. The third seemed to be focusing on something near the entrance doors that I couldn't see. Just then, I felt Angel stop dead next to me.

"What the hell?" He asked in disbelief at the scene below.

"That's the general idea dead-boy." I replied as I smashed the glass with the cross I had somehow managed to hold onto. I started to clear it away so I could get in there.

Angel gave me a dirty look and then realized what I was doing. "Are you crazy Xander?" As I slung a leg over the opening. "You're going to break your legs, maybe even..." Angel's argument died as four vampires came onto the roof, eager to help the Master with Buffy.

I tossed the cross at one of the vamps, beaning her in the side of the head with it. I watched in satisfaction, as she screamed, and grabbed her face in pain.

"Here!" Angel turned around and I held out my hand to him. "Drop me down as far as you can." He gave me an incredulous look before taking my hand and starting to lower me over the side. I looked down to see where I could land, without killing myself, and tried to formulate a plan that didn't involve dying horribly. I didn't get very far, when I felt a jerk and I almost lost my grip on Angel's hand.

"Angel what the-" My scream of anger was cut off, as I saw that Angel holding on as best he could, even though he had at least two vamps beating the crap out of him. He couldn't hold out much longer so I decided to just let go.

I landed on the floor hard, but didn't seem to be hurt too badly. Using one of the stacks to pull myself to my feet, I moved forward to find the nearest weapon available.

"Xander!" I looked a couple of feet away and saw Miss Calender holding onto Willow. Obviously too afraid of losing the girl, to try and pry the tentacle from her ankle. They were getting dangerously close to that mouth.


"I'm coming!" I scrambled, looking for a weapon as I moved towards them, and came up with a small dagger. "Better then nothing I guess..." I muttered, as I stabbed it down into the tentacle, and then sawed through the rest of it, finally freeing Willow.

"I'm going to try to help Giles." I hurried around the railing towards him. Looking over my shoulder I saw Miss Calender dragging Willow back. "Miss Calender, see if you can find some kind of spell to get rid of this thing!"

I ran forward, determined to stab through the demon's neck like I had the tentacle moments before. Instead, I stumbled over the damn thing when it went low, and tried for a bite at Giles' leg. As I got up I heard a scream and noticed Cordelia for the first time. She was at the front doors, trying to hold them shut, and keep out what must have been vampires. She seemed to be doing okay, since the third head couldn't reach her and the doors were holding.

My moment of inattention cost me, as the demon's neck slammed me to the floor after another lunge at Giles. Just then, a body came crashing through the skylight and landed on the upturned table, impaling itself.

I had just enough time to realize it was the Master when something black came shooting out of his mouth, and then the rest of his body.

That's when I heard Cordelia scream again, this time in terror. I looked back at her again, and saw the heads and tentacles of the demon retreating back into the Hellmouth. That would have been great, except that several tentacles had managed to wrap themselves around Cordelia's legs in a last ditch effort to get a meal.

"Giles!" I screamed to get his attention as I scrambled to stop her from being dragged in. I jumped on top of her, hoping my weight would slow her down. I tried desperately to grab onto anything I could to stop our momentum. As we went over the side, with Cordelia screaming in my ear, I grabbed a hold of something. Looking up, I saw that I had latched onto the handle of Giles' axe, and he was holding onto the other end for dear life.

"Pull us up!" Cordelia was screaming frantically, her arms were wrapped around me so tightly, I didn't think I'd be able to breathe much longer. The demon clung desperately to her, the sound of it baying for it's meal, pushed her panic even further.

I could hear Giles frantically calling for anyone to help him pull us up. His left hand was bleeding badly where he held the blade. I was really grateful to see that it wouldn't stop him from trying to hold on though. But soon, it just became too much. As Willow and Miss Calender reached him, he suddenly lost his grip and we fell. I wondered what hell would be like and then it all went black.


"Are we going to allow them to enter hell?"

"No, they are too useful to our fight, they have destiny's to fulfill."

"Useful? The boy has ruined prophecy, and will do so again! The girl will become the vessel of the fallen one!"

"If we allow them to enter hell, they will become very powerful. They will return far worse."

"Then we must find a way make them useful to our cause."


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