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Xander Harris and the will of Janus

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Summary: A rogue Lantean has ascended, and he wants to help. What does that mean for Xander Harris?

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredivanjediFR151628,437914482,0062 May 1022 Nov 10No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: the Stargate franchise belongs to MGM, C&C: Red Alert 2 is owned by Westwood Studios, and Civilization: Call to Power belongs to Activision.

Author's notes: I know the two games were released after the supposed date the Halloween episode happened, but come on – there are fics that have World of Warcraft motif in them, for crying out loud!

Inside the Astral Diner, the ascended being known as Janus was grinning to himself. His project, spanning several years now, had come into fruition.

A few years ago, his precognitive abilities had allowed him to foresee that a man capable of manipulating the reality – warping energies the humans of the Second evolution referred to as magic would utilize those energies to transform the unsuspecting clients of his shop into whatever they had dressed as for the night, and his mind had hatched a plan to go around the non – interference rules of his fellow ascended in order to clean up his people's mess in Pegasus galaxy – something which most of the surviving Lanteans who had ascended had pleaded for, only to be denied by the Others.

To that end, Janus found one of the 'youngest' Asurans who aspired to ascend, who served aboard one of the many copies of Atlantis the machine race possessed, and subtly planted into his mind the idea of creating organic bodies in order t attempt to get to the higher planes. Then he traveled to the ancient home of his people and the birthplace of the Second evolution in order to find one of the boys that would be affected by the spell. The boy's name was Alexander 'Xander' Harris.

Taking advantage of the fact the boy's male best friend was what they called 'a sci-fi geek', Janus began planting dreams of Atlantis in Xander's mind. Some of those contained images of the real city, others – images of the copy the Asuran the Ascended being had manipulated earlier. The dreams began go get more frequent with the approach of the key event in Janus' plan.

And it worked perfectly. The boy had used the image of the Asuran from his dreams as basis for his costume, having butchered two toy guns bought from Ethan to form a contraption resembling the Asuran hand gun. As he'd been transformed, the Asuran had not initiated transformation of anyone into new Asuran – the only risky part in the entire plan, for if that had happened, the Others would have probably allowed the new group of Asurans free reign on the First world, and he'd have been powerless to undo the damage.

Now, there was an Ausran walking he First world who was far superior from his Pegasus counterparts for very simple reason – he had a true sentience in itself, unlike the programmed one the Pegasus Asurans had. And if Janus were lucky, the brief binding of the two would help the 'ordinary' Asuran develop true sentience as well. The Ascended being could only hope.

It was the morning after Halloween, and a very distraught Alexander Lavelle Harris ran into the library with a look of panic on his face.

“G – man, we have a problem.”
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