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Challenge Accepted

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Summary: Response to challenge #959- only I cheated a little... I doubled it because I couldn't just stop at one! Enjoy! - Faith gets bored in Cleveland, takes over for Xander in London and meets an interesting young man.

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So this is a Challenge Response to #959- the challenge is to close your eyes and randomly type four letters and one number. The first two letters are your characters and the last two are nouns/adjectives that you have to work into the story. The number you add two zeros to and that's your work length.

I thought it was interesting, and I started with FUJH5- but quickly realized that I don't have the talent to tell a story in under 500 words... so I cheated and did it again, gaining XHBC7... oh lucky me!! 1200 words to get my point across and I get to use both Faith AND Xander! My two favorite characters in the Buffy-verse! After that I was stuck.

After much consideration I came up with Faith, Uncle Vernon, Ju Jitsu, and Hands... then Xander, Harry, Bench, and Cowboy hat... let the fun begin!

total word count- 1,250 (so sue me) ^_^


Faith walked off the flight into the London training camp Xander had set up before leaving for Africa again, secure in the knowledge that Faith wouldn’t let his girls slack off. She wasn’t sure exactly why he was confident in her ability to keep her hands in all his little pots, but the trust simply humbled her.

She didn't know if he would resolve issues between the SiTs like she did, but she figured teaching "normals" Ju Jitsu and Tai Chi at the local community center might help them with their tempers and strength moderation.

Of course she had no clue that some of the girls would end up fighting over whose turn it was to teach after a couple of weeks. It all boiled down to a boy, and Faith would have rolled her eyes at the girls if she hadn’t spied the kid herself.

He was all arms and goofy legs. In fact he reminded her vividly of Xander in high school. He took to training like it was something he already knew, and just needed to be reminded of. He had odd bits of confidence and self-depreciation while talking to the girls. It was that shy side that really got their motors pumping. Shaggy dark hair and an ‘aw shucks smile. Faith turned the community center into a treat rather than a chore, and the “incidences” that had started to plague the training hall mysteriously vanished.

Of course she stopped in every once in a while, just to keep her hand in, and keep an eye on what the girls were teaching. And the boy smiled at her politely every time she did. So it gave her a little hitch one day when she came in and noticed the beautiful shiner under the kids left eye.

“Hey Jr,” she always called him that, Jr Boytoy in her head, but he didn’t need to know that. “What’s up with the color?”

“Nothing much Miss Faith,” he ducked his head, as if embarrassed. But she knew that shrug, seen it often enough in Xander, worn it often enough herself.

“You need any help with that ‘nothing much’?” She asked as she set up for the next class.

“No, really, it’s nothing. Thank you,” he smiled a little brighter as he set his bag off to the side and helped her move mats.

“We’re practicing blocks today, mostly,” she offered. It hadn’t been part of her lesson plan, but it was now.

After a successful class Faith went over some points and things to look for with her SiTs and dismissed them as she spied the gangly teen walk past the wide side windows. She didn’t really know why she was, but she followed him, ducking behind various objects as he looked around, obviously aware something wasn’t right. He had excellent situational awareness, something she’d noted in classes, but now she was wondering about it. He moved like a Slayer sometimes, and that was just downright disturbing.

She stopped on a corner, after he turned into a cul-de-sac and stepped up to a house. He stepped into the house, his shoulders bent forward, completely differential body language, so different from what he exuded during practice.

“BOY!” the tone echoed far enough that even Faith could hear it. He flinched back from the open doorway, but resolutely walked in and closed the door behind him.

“Shit,” Faith muttered under her breath.

Not even half an hour later and Jr was flying out the back door, Faith saw from her perch on a bench a street away, holding a white letter in his hand as if it were his last hope.

It should have surprised her when the large white barn owl flew down to land on the kids shoulder. For some reason, it didn’t. The owl cooed in his ear and started to pick her beak through his hair, arranging it to her liking as he started to calm down. Then he handed her the letter, whispered some words to the owl, and launched her off his wrist.

The back door slammed open, his shoulders tensed back up, and a humongous man Faith would later swear had to be part demon stormed out.

“Did you send that letter to those FREAKS? Because I WON’T have them coming around HERE and harassing us anymore! You forget ONE MORE TIME and I SWEAR!”

“Uncle Vernon, I sent it, you don’t have to take the Lord’s name in vain any longer,” the tone was quiet, but Faith heard the threat underneath. The big man was blustery in his threats, but judging by the raised fist he wouldn’t hesitate in laying down corporal punishment.

“Hey, Harry? This were you live?” Faith walked up, taking in the perfectly pleasant back yard and ignoring the red faced blob sputtering on the door stoop.

“Faith, what are you doing here?” he asked, taking the opportunity to step back from his uncle.

“Just walking around, is that illegal in England?”

“Stupid foreigner.” Vernon muttered, “Is she one of your Freak friends?”

“No Uncle Vernon, she teaches karate at the Community Center,” Harry shrugged and offered a polite smile to Faith, as if to apologize.

“Women don’t teach fighting! It’s up to strapping young men like my Dudley to defend this Great Country! That stupid Chinese fighting is nothing but Rubbish! Boxing is respectable! You should go Home and raise your Family!” As Vernon continued to dig himself deeper into a hole Faith looked over at Harry and noticed that the bruise that had been on his cheek that morning had a twin developing, half overlapping the original.

“Harry,” she said quietly, under the blustering that threatened to burst her eardrums as it got louder.


“Did he do that to you?” she reached out her hand but didn’t touch the cheek, knowing how much that hurt.

“No,” Harry whispered, but it was obvious he meant yes.

In that moment Faith jumped over the fence and bounded up to Vernon, grabbing his shirt collar in one hand she yanked down and brought his bright red face to her sneering one.

“I am well versed in over a dozen fighting techniques from all over the world, I could kill a man in over twenty ways without using my hands, if you don’t shut up right now I will demonstrate one of them.” The blessed silence rang over the neighborhood. “Now, if you touch this kid one more time I will find a way to destroy you. I’ve already been to prison once for killing a man, I don’t mind going back.” Vernon paled dramatically at that sweetly said statement. “He is going to show up for class, unharmed, and you will allow it.” she paused to let him nod his agreement, then caught his arm in one hand as he tried to punch under her jaw. One hand grasping his collar, the other curled over his fist, tightening every second until he squeaked. Until she heard the cracks that announced a night in the ER setting bones. Then she dropped him, his flabby stomach bouncing as he settled.

“Brill…” she heard Harry breath out as she jumped back over the fence.

“All right Jr Boytoy, you heard the man.” she leaned over and kissed his cheek, next to the developing bruise. “We’ll see you tomorrow.”

As Harry blushed brilliantly red Faith turned back around and chuckled, wishing she had a cowboy hat. Cause she was walking into the sunset.


Anyway, I had a little fun, a bit of a chuckle, and I hope you did too!

Not very impressive, a million plot holes, and quite a few open questions, but nobody said it had to be neat!

The End

You have reached the end of "Challenge Accepted". This story is complete.

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