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Rising From a Sickbed

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Summary: Response to Challenge 5460:Captain Trips hits Sunnydale. or What did you do when the Flu hit, Buffy?

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Literature > Horror > Author: Stephen KingbatzulgerFR182018,22718019,0173 May 1031 Jan 14No


My recovery was so anti-climatic. I mean, "Hello Slayer here..." After that totally gross child killer was dealt with, and I was finally able to do the jello and comfy sickbed thing, I was up and around in a day or two. Good thing too, cause it was totally getting crowded in the hospital. Turns out that the doc's vaccine couldn't have come at a better time. Something was going around.


I had been at home for a week when I came down with it again, as did Mom. We, meaning Giles and I (mainly Giles actually...), tried to get her into the hospital. But there were so many cases and they had poured in so fast, there was no room. I snapped out of it quick, and Giles and Wills made with the stinky herbs and stuff, but Mom went to sleep after six days and never woke up. We lost Xander and Cordy a few days after that and then Oz. Finally it was just Giles and Wills and me, and then Angelus stopped by.


It was quiet. I hadn't really been patrolling. Too busy crying my heart out mainly. Not a whole lot of demons had survived this flu either, and those that had, weren't really in any mood to cause any trouble. Wills and Giles had moved into my Mom' house. They had just come up with a cure and that was the only reason they were still up among the breathing. I was in the living room sobbing again, while they were working on some way to spread some magicky healing, when there was a knock at the door.

I got up to answer it and there he was, Angelus. He was stooped over, holding an unconscious Drusilla in his arms and with Spike leaning on him. The thick yellow snot that's the dead giveaway of Captain Trips was oozing out of all three of them. Guess that answered the question on how deadly it was.

"Hi honey. Mind if we drop in?" Angelus mumbled before he collapsed.

I dragged a couple of matresses out onto the lawn and with Giles' and Willow's help, got the three of them relatively comfortable. Willow had her research face on and gestured to Giles and me that she wanted to have a meeting.

"Captain Trips isn't natural, it has to be a magic disease. Otherwise it wouldn't have affected them...being pre-dead and all."

"Your logic is sound. But I can't imagine the level of power required to cause its spread throughout the earth. We would have noticed the power drain from the Hellmouth, had that been utilized as a source."

"So someone is responsible," I cracked my knuckles, "Can you point me in the right direction? I need to work out some aggression therapy."

"I can try Buffy, but only if you promise to aggress them some for me...and Xander...and Oz...and everybody else..."

"Oh don't worry, I have plenty of aggression for everyone involved."

"An' you'll b'havin' some help."

I looked up at the new voice.


"Ay that's m'name. What's going on wi'th'leeches on t'lawn?"

"It looks like Captain Trips isn't too picky about who it kills...or re-kills."

"I can see t'at. Y'know t'blonde an't'woman are still wit'us. T'other one just dusted."

I looked up and saw the puffs of what used to be Angel blowing across the yard. I could feel tears trying to form, but I was all cried out.

"Should we stake t'other two?"

"No my dear. Spike, the blonde one there, may be able to assist us. And he'll be far more helpful if we can save his lady's life. Willow, get the ingredients. Let's see if we can keep the undead from dying."


The Stand property of Mssr. King. Buffy and Assocs. property of Mssr. Whedon. No rights claimed on any of this

Great idea for a Challenge. Hope the start meets with people's satisfaction.

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