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The Seer of Southdown Base

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Summary: School teaches us many things. Math, English, Mandarin, Science, and the History of Earth-that-was. They teach pollution destroyed the world. That lesson is wrong.

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Chapter 10

“Nuts, I like nuts. They drive me crazy. Crazy, I’ve been crazy twice. Speaking in rhymes and lyrics. It drove me nuts. Nuts, I like- You’re watching me again. I can feel your damn eyes on me. Take them out. No more eyes. No more watchers. They’re all gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Go away!”

“Turn off the cameras.”

“Too many eyes.”

- Archives from the Southdown Base


Seer looked down at the little baby in his arms. He was rocking her back and forth. She was sleeping with her tiny thumb in her mouth. He glanced to the side of him, Madi was asleep in a hospital bed. "Jessie Lavelle Harris. Sorry about the middle name baby girl. But your mom there, cheats at rock paper scissors. But don't you worry, your dad has made that name cool again. And if anyone picks on you, all your aunts and uncles will take care of them." Seer whispered. He sat in the rocking chair holding his daughter.

Seer felt safe and content as he rocked. Then his mind seemed to break in half making him scream as the face of his daughter was replaced with a computer screen.

Seer was sitting in an office, a computer in front of him and a mound of papers on either side of that. He was playing a random flash game. Every once and a while he would close one eye and then the other. He smiled at the fact he could still see when he did this. His door was opened and a redhead, the one from the hill, walked in with her resolve face. Seer sighed and shut off his game. "Willow?"

"Xander." She said sitting in chair opposite him. They both stared at each other for a moment before she spoke. "I figured it out."

"Me too." Seer nodded. "I'm Batman."

Willow laughed. "Xander, you-" She was interrupted by a knock on the door. A young woman walked in and placed a bag on Seer's desk before walking back out. "What's that?"

Seer reached in the bag and pulled out an action figure Wolverine still in its original packaging. "Wow."

Willow's eyes widened a bit as well. "Who sent you that?"

Seer smiled, "Madi."

"Isn't she the watcher that killed you?" Willow asked.

"Yep. I told her it was okay. I mean you can't really do anything when a warlock takes over your mind and tries to kill everyone at your company. Besides we saved her." Seer shrugged.

"And you got better. Definitely not dead. And with two eyes." Willow raised an eyebrow. "So do you want to hear the magic results?"

Seer shrugged. “Well we already determined I’m not a demon. Not evil. Not a zombie. By the way those tests were so not of the fun. And my soul is still all Xander-fied. So sure why not.”

"You're immortal."

"As in there can be only one?" Seer said slowly.

"I don't even think beheading will kill. Your life energy is constant in the universe. All the things that happened to you have tied you closer to life and Earth in general. The hyena possession ties you to the animals on land. The fish blood ties you to those in the sea. The umm, Native American curse you got at Thanksgiving ties you to the spirit of people. And the last thing was being named by Caleb as the one who sees. To see the universe and understand what happens. It’s a rare thing." Willow said.

"And my new eye?" Seer said fiddling with the action figure.

“A gift, best as I can tell.” Willow said. They were both silent for a few minutes before Willow asked."So Madi?"

Seer stood up and placed the action on a shelf where there was already a Rogue action figure. "The woman has taste. And on the plus side she's already tried to kill me. I think I should ask her out."

Seer felt the memory beginning to end by the pain he felt on the edges of his mind. He tried to stay in the memory but it was if there was a lasso around his mental self. It kept jerking him around and he had no power to stop it.

Seer walked into a playroom filled with toys. Jessie, who looked to be about two years old, was on the floor with blocks in front of her. A young woman with brown hair was off to the side sitting in a rocking chair. She looked rather pale and he could see small drops of sweat on her forehead. Seer kissed Jessie on the top of her head before approaching her. “Dawnie you don’t look too good. We could have gotten one of the watcher’s in training to babysit her this apocalypse.”

Dawn waved him off, “I’m fine. Is everyone okay? Where’s Madi?”

“We only had a few injuries and no causalities on our side. Madi’s in the shower. She got hit by an exploding demon. So she decided to rinse off first.” Seer said. Dawn made to stand but nearly fell over. “Hey, you are not okay.” He said as he caught her. “Sit back down. I’m going to call Willow and have her check you out.” He set her back down in the chair.

“Well in that case I think I’m going to be with the passing out now.” Dawn said before closing her eyes.

Seer pulled out a phone. “Willow could you get over here? Dawn’s sick.” He looked down when he felt Jessie pulling on his pant leg.

“Dawnie okay?”

Seer picked her up and balanced her on his hip. “Don’t you worry. Aunt Willow’s going to make Dawn all better.”

Seer screamed in pain and frustration. Each new scene felt familiar and alien at the same time. Xander Harris. Was that his name? If these were memories then it must be. But the memories felt wrong and tainted. Seer saw Jessie at every stage of her life. The ripping was getting faster. The Readers were not even letting him finish each memory. His head was pounding. He didn’t think he could take much more of this.

Seer was frantically packing clothes into a duffel bag. Madi came into the room and stilled his hands. “Xand, everything will be fine. We don’t need to leave. Willow says the plan will work. You’re just being overly cautious. I mean you already made most of the planet evacuate.”

Seer cupped her face. “Please go. Trust me on this. I will meet you on Persephone okay. And we can take a long vacation. Just you, me, and Jessie. Get a break from all the demons and slaying. And then if I’m wrong we can come back home.”

A nine-year-old Jessie came into the room with two mangas in one hand and a stuff ninja turtle doll in the other. “Hey Dad?”

“Leave the books baby, just take Mikey okay?” Seer walked over to Jessie and picked her up. He kissed her on the forehead. “I want you to be good for your Mom okay.”

“You’re not coming with us?” Jessie frowned.

“No baby. I gotta go talk to Aunt Willow. I’m meet you there. Go get your backpack.” He put her back down. Seer turned back to Madi. “The last ship leaves in three hours. Please go. Nothing else matters as long as you and Jessie are safe.”

“It’s just another apocalypse. You defeated the First. You can defeat the Alliance’s horde.” Madi said. She paused looking for something on Seer’s face. “Okay. I’ll send you a message when we get there. And you better make it there or else.” She pulled him close to kiss him. Then her image shifted and he saw the Madi of his mind. “Go to sleep baby.” And she kissed him again.

Seer sighed when all he saw was black. He laid down and closed his eyes once more.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Seer of Southdown Base" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Jun 10.

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