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The Seer of Southdown Base

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Summary: School teaches us many things. Math, English, Mandarin, Science, and the History of Earth-that-was. They teach pollution destroyed the world. That lesson is wrong.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Firefly, I think we all know who owns those masterpieces.

A/N: This takes place after the last episode of Firefly but before the movie.

EDIT 5/24/2013: In the middle of a rewrite. Have to change some stuff before I can continue the story. Have fixed up to chapter 7 and that is added. Am being yelled at for dinner. Will fix more soon.

"You want a story? Fine I'll tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a warrior. She was the fiercest warrior on the planet. She was courageous, brave, strong, and beautiful. She led an army of warriors just like her. They fought the powers of darkness. However she did not lead this army alone she was accompanied by her sorceress and knight. Together they were a force to be reckoned with and the darkness didn't stand a chance. But then the darkness began to grow. It became stronger then they ever could have imagined. They began to lose each battle they fought against the darkness. They knew if they didn't think of something they would lose the war. So the sorceress came up with a spell. A horrible spell but no one could see the impact except for the knight. When the knight tried to tell the sorceress and warrior about his misgivings, they dismissed him and sent him on a different quest to keep him out of the way. Then they preformed the spell."

"What happened?"

"They destroyed the world."

-Archives from the Southdown Base

The bar was filled. Every table was occupied. It was like a party, everyone was upbeat. Many were singing along with the man playing on a guitar in the corner. There was only one person who did not fit in. He was not talking, laughing, or even smiling. He simply stared at his drink in front of him. At least he might have been, dark glasses covered his eyes. A dark cloak covered him. His dark hair was shaved as close as possible to his head without making him completely bald. He was pale, as if he hadn't seen the sun in years.

The people in the bar did not seem to be afraid of him. They simply would go around him. Some would pat him on the shoulder but he never acknowledged them. The bartender just made sure to keep his glass full and as watered down as possible without completely diluted the taste of alcohol.

The bar door swung open. Only the bartender and the man at the bar seemed to notice. Four people came down into the lamp lit room. A woman and three men. All four scanned the room looking for something or possibly just seeing how many exits where in the room. At the moment the only space in the bar was next to the quiet man.

The four sat down at the bar, three ordered a beer and the other just a water. The one with the water sat closest to the quiet man. He glanced at him once before turning away. Then his eyes widened before he turned back to the man. "Seer?" His voice was quiet.

Seer tilted his head to the side. "Is that a preacher I hear? Johnny you let a preacher in here?" His words were slurred and loud. It also immediately drew the attention of the bartender Johnny.

"Seer you know I ain't going to refuse customers just cause you got a problem with the church. What I can do is ask these nice folks to switch tables with the Conels." Johnny started to wave over a group of girls.

Johnny quickly ducked as a glass was thrown over his head. "No preachers." Seer stood up and vaguely gestured to the man next to him.

The preacher stood up and grabbed Seer by the arms, "Dear God did you actually do it? Tell me you didn't." He let go of one of his arms to pull off Seer's sunglasses. He let out a sigh of relief as he saw two eyes.

"What tear out my eyes? Don't be stupid, that doesn't work. Only took three times to realize that." Seer gave a hollow laugh.

One of the men that walked in with the preacher stepped up beside him. "Now Shepherd why don't you let the nice man go and we can switch places with the Conels?"

Seer's eyes immediately focused on the man next to the preacher. "You!" He growled before jumping on the man punching wildly. "Take it back! Take it back!"

The man was trying to get Seer off him but was having much success. "A little help?" He shouted.

"Can't I just finish my beer?" The lone man at the bar said without turning around.

"Jayne! Zoe!"

Jayne grumbled but got off his stool and helped Zoe pull Seer off the other man. As the man sat up he realized two things. First the music stopped. Second he had at least twenty guns pointed at him and his team.

Johnny had a shotgun pointed at the back of the preacher's head. "Everyone is going to calm down. That includes you Seer." Seer stopped struggling against Jayne and Zoe. "Good now let him go." When nothing happened, Johnny shouted again, "I said let him go."

"Seer what do you see?" Shepherds asked.

"The preacher." He growled.

"I asked you what you see." He repeated.

Seer closed his eyes for a second before opening them again. Suddenly all the tension left his body. "A passing resemblance."

"Let him go." Shepherd said.

"Captain?" Zoe looked at the man on the floor who nodded. She let go of him and Jayne quickly followed suit. Seer stumbled back to his bar stool.

"Now if you all would be so kind as to leave my bar?" Johnny gestured at the door with his gun.

Shepherd turned and put a hand on Seer's shoulder. "Not without him."

Johnny used his gun to knock away Shepherd's hand. “I don't know who you think you are but you can't just come in here take honest folk away like you own them. Especially one that saved my daughter and wife from a group of bandits just last week. So walk out of here while you still can.”

"Shepherd what are you doing?" The captain glanced at him, "These folks are going to be nice enough to let us go without bullet holes riddling our bodies. You are not allowed to take that boy. Beside I did not invite him on my ship."

Shepherd raised an eyebrow, "Seer?"

Seer sighed, "Fine, whatever. Take me to your leader. Actually don't. I didn't like your leader. Take me to your leader's assistant. I liked her. She cooked a mean chicken. I didn't think anything could make that bastard taste good." He stood and stumbled beside Shepherd.

"Seer you don't have to go with them." Johnny said. "There are only four of them and we are more than willing to get rid of them."

"If I don't go with them, there will be more. Well not them," he gestured at Zoe, Jayne, and the Captain before jerking his thumb at the Shepherd, "mostly more like him. Don't worry about me. Just remember Tuesdays suck and you'll be fine. What's today?"


"See there you have it." Seer started to walk out of the bar with Shepherd close behind. Guns were slowly being lowered. The captain, Zoe, and Jayne quickly followed them out of the bar.

However as soon as they were out the Captain stopped them. "I don't know what the hell you think you're playing at Shepherd but-"

"I will pay. All I want you to do is take him to Savage Garden. He will stay in my quarters and I won't let him out of my sight. Think of him as cargo-"

"That talks, breathes, and eats." Seer mumbled.

"like the cows only with less mess." Shepherd finished.

“Are you calling me fat?”

"Sounds more like kidnapping to me. One more thing that we should really not concern ourselves with." The captain said glancing at Seer who was trying to glare holes into Shepherd.

"I will pay you up front. I know we need some new parts for the engine. I will cover those and give you some extra." Shepherd paused, "This man is one of my flock. He needs to be looked after, I'm just going to take him him home."

"If that's what you want to tell your God at night before you sleep." Seer mumbled. He stumbled again. "I need a drink."

Shepherd righted him, "When did you start drinking?"

"None of your business." Seer tried to shove Shepherd away from him but only succeeded in falling to the ground. Shepherd offered a hand to help him up. It was a few moments before Seer grabbed his hand.

“Zoe, Jayne. Get back to the ship, tell Wash we need to leave immediately.” The Captain waited for them to leave before he said, “You listen here Shepherd. This boy is your responsibility. He do any harm and I will shoot you and most likely him. Now that's something I would prefer not to do.” He looked at Seer, “And at any moment this boy says he don't want to go or he is being kidnapped we'll drop him off on the nearest planet. Understand?” Seer did not so much as glance at the Captain. He turned the younger man's face so that he was looking at him. “Do you understand?”

“I understand. I have the right to remain silent. Which I choose to ignore. I have the right to an eternity on a god forsaken planet that I shouldn't even know about.” Seer shouted the last part into the Captain's face.

“Let me know when he's sober, then you, him, and me will be having some words.” The Captain said before turning on his heel.

Shepherd and Seer followed them at a slower pace. Mostly because Seer kept trying to trip Shepherd. The men eventually made it onto the ship. As they walked on board, the call for ready to take off was given. Shepherd tried to quickly herd him into his room before they ran into anyone. However he was not successful.

A young girl was walking down the hallway. She stopped as soon as she caught sight of Seer. He focused on her slowly. “Don't you dare. My thoughts are my own. And if need be my mind will eat yours. All in one gulp.”

She let out a shriek before running away screaming, “Simon!”

“Seer, she's just a child.” Shepherd chided him. However he hurried their pace.

“She's a reader. And she's got no walls. Hopefully I just scared some into place. Dunno though. She seemed weird. Something's eating on the inside. Why were her walls down?” Seer stumbled through the doorway into Shepherd's room.

Shepherd made him sit down on the bed. “Hands.”

“Two. If I was Stitch I'd have four. If I was-”

“Hands Seer.” Shepherd said in the same quiet tone. Seer held out his hands allowing Shepherd to handcuff him to the bed frame. He walked away towards a bag on the floor.

“No.” Seer pulled back on the handcuffs. “Please, I don't want to sleep.” Shepherd walked back toward him with a syringe in his hand. “Don't make me sleep. Derrial please.”

“You need sleep Seer. You're still human and judging by your eyes you haven't slept in a week.” Shepherd said soothingly moving closer to him.

“Sixteen days but then who's counti- No!” Seer screamed as Shepherd quickly stuck the syringe into his forearm. He gently pulled it out and caught the man's head as he fell over. Shepherd laid him across the bed so he would be comfortable. Seer tried to keep his eyes from closing but it was a losing battle. He began to mutter, “It's too dark. The monsters are coming. They were wrong. So wrong. Oh God they're coming.”
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