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Another Bite at the Apple

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Summary: Call it a mulligan, call it ‘hitting the reset button’, call it a reward for a job well-done. Xander will simply call it a second chance.

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Chapter One

Another Bite at the Apple

Rating: Mature

Summary: Call it a mulligan, call it ‘hitting the reset button’, call it a reward for a job well-done. Xander will simply call it a second chance.

Disclaimer: I choose to claim nothing here. Any crossovers I use will be added in as we go.

AN: A little something that struck me tonight, a little bunny that bit and wouldn’t let go, so I’m letting it run a bit. No clue where it is going, either, so hang on.


(Harris Residence, Colorado Springs, Colorado)

"Greetings, Alexander."

Xander ignored the glowing entity. It didn't help, he knew it wouldn't, but when they showed up it only meant bad things for him.

He was the last of the Scooby Gang, a childish name he had come up with decades earlier, and he was an old man, an old war horse that had seen a lot of evil, committed more than a few acts of evil, and survived only to spite the bastards that were the 'good' guys.

He was also dying. Cancer.

Stage four by the time they'd found it. It had spread from his lungs to his lymph nodes and then to his bones. It hurt like a motherfucker, too. He refused pain meds, though. He'd spent enough time of them when he was in his thirties. Every day he had more than two lucid thoughts through the pain was a victory and ignoring the glowing figure counted as two.

"You are angry and stubborn, just like they said you would be," the glowing figure mused as she walked around his home. It wasn't much but he had built it with his own two hands (alright, and maybe some free labor from the Baby Slayers, too).

"They also told me that you have invaded hell in order to save what was yours. It is well-known that you fully intend to bring the Heavens down around the ears of the Powers as a final... how did you say it? Ah, yes, 'fuck you'. You are not the first to have this thought and I dare say you will not be the last."

"What do you want?" Well, there went those two good thoughts for the day...

"Your time has come."

Xander snorted, sending a shot of pain through his body, "You think you're the first pretty lady that's been sent to kill me? Think again, sugar tits."

"I have not been sent to kill you, merely to lead you across."

"Heaven doesn't want me, girly, and Hell already knows that it can't keep me from taking over."

"I never said it was heaven,"

The last thing Alexander LaVelle Harris remembered was the floor coming up at him.


And then he opened his eyes.

He felt better than he had any right to feel, than he'd felt in decades.


...He knew that squeal...

AN: Review if you want. Like I said, this is just something that came up. If it goes somewhere, you'll be the second or third to know.
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