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Betrayed Betrays

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Summary: Buffy betrays Xander and Willow, after shacking up with Spike, by kicking them out of the group. No longer caring about them and believing Spike's lies about them being useless in the fight.

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Chapter One

Betrayed Betrays

Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of the characters in the show, except for the ones I have created for this story.

Pairing: Xander/Dawn/Willow/Tara/Faith

This story is rated NC-17 or R as it will have sexual scenes and will be a dark fic.

Set during seasons 6 to 7, except that there is no evil trio to deal with and Faith was brought to Sunnydale to cover whilst Buffy was dead. Dawn is 18 in this story.

Summary: Buffy betrays Xander and Willow after shacking up with Spike by kicking them out of the group no longer caring about them and believing Spike's lies about them being useless in the fight. In return Xander and Willow give in to their darker impulses and set out to take control of the Hellmouth and destroy their betrayers.


(Summer's residence)

Dawn Summers watched in growing fear, as the argument between her sister Buffy and their friends Xander and Willow continued. Ever since she had been brought back from the dead Buffy had been acting more and more strangely as far as Dawn was concerned.

She had been angry and hateful to her friends, who had according to her, pulled her out of heaven. Something Dawn did not believe was possible, as no witch could be powerful enough to take someone from God unless he wanted that person to be back on Earth. She had tried explaining this to her sister, but had been ignored, which was another thing that had happened a hell of a lot lately. Her sister ignored her and barely wasted any time on her or her life.

This angered Dawn beyond all measures, but there was nothing she could do right now. The biggest problem, at least to her mind, was Spike. The blond haired vampire had managed to somehow get close to Buffy most likely by taking advantage of her emotional state, but it was clear Buffy would rather believe Spike's lies than listen to her friends, who had only acted out of love for her. The vampire currently stood behind her sister with a grin on his face, as he watched the argument progress. She wondered if he had planned this in the hope of getting Buffy all to himself.

Once, during the time her sister was dead, she had thought he was someone she could trust not believing the warnings Xander, Tara and Willow had given her about him and basically ignoring Faith and Giles. Faith had been brought to Sunnydale to cover for Buffy, so the Council would not find out she was dead.

This had come about after a deal had been struck between the dark haired slayer, Xander and Giles with a little help from Angel, to smooth things over. She had to admit Faith had changed a lot and seemed to be a lot more in control of herself these days. She also had lost a lot of the cocky personality she'd had the first time she had come to Sunnydale and was surer of who her friends were and who was an enemy. Of course once she had been brought back to life, Buffy exploded in rage once she had learned about this.

Xander coolly told her they did what they had to do to keep the Hellmouth shut and he also told her Faith deserved a second chance. This had not gone down well with Buffy, something Spike had exploited time and again to cause trouble. It was a miracle Faith or Xander had not dusted the bastard yet.

"This is your entire fault," Buffy shouted, breaking Dawn out of her memories and back to the argument at hand. "I was at peace, after everything I had done, but no you just had to bring me back and make me suffer, didn't you?" her sister sneered.

"For the last time Buffy, we did it because we thought you were trapped in a hell dimension," Xander snapped back, something he had never been shy of doing. "Even Giles agreed there was a good possibility of that happening, considering what Glory was trying to do. We did it to save you," he pressed. "And if you weren't too busy listening to the lies of that asshole behind you, as well as feeling sorry for yourself then you would realise that," he continued.

"We couldn't just shrug our shoulders and hope you were in heaven Buffy," Willow cut in. "We had to make sure, we couldn't live with ourselves had you been thrown into a hell dimension," she added, just as angry as her oldest friend at the constant accusations Buffy threw at them.

Dawn had never seen Willow as angry as she had been, since Buffy had begun attacking them verbally for what had transpired. Like Tara, she was usually laid back and easy going, but all that had changed and now she was always closer to anger. Tara had been attacked just as much as the others had, whilst Anya had broken up with Xander and left Sunnydale months before, no longer willing to take the abuse her sister vented at her and the others.

Strangely Xander had not been be as broken up about that, as she thought he might be and just let her go, Willow had seemed happy to be rid of the ex demon, whilst Tara was sad that the relationship had not lasted.

"Will you listen to yourself?" Buffy snapped. "You just wanted to make yourself feel better. Well it didn't work and you made my life a living hell," she added with a glare at the red head. "You've always made my life harder, you get in the way every time and I am sick of it," she pressed on, "Spike was right, I should have kicked you guys to the curb long ago, but I was so blind, well not anymore," she stated with a smirk, which seemed twisted to Dawn.

"Wait just a damn minute, bitch," Xander finally snapped at the blonde's words, making Dawn suddenly aware this argument was not going to end nicely and may result in the end of the Scooby gang and all thanks to Spike's twisted lies. "We've save your life constantly at the risk of our own. We helped you in your calling no matter what and we've always been there for you," he added. "You fucking owe us far more than we owe you," he stated, barely recognising the blond before him.

"Shows what you know," Buffy retorted. "You are a fucking useless waste of space who will never amount to anything and you have never helped me, just tried to get into my pants is more like it," she said with a sneer, before being cut off.

"You are unbelievable Buffy, you know that," Xander spat. "I got over you a long time ago. When you used me to make Angel jealous remember that?" he asked. "I went on to a much better woman in Cordelia and from there Willow and even Anya was better than you," he stated. "I could never again feel anything for you once you bedded a corpse and low and behold you did it not once, but twice as you are now nothing but a common whore for Spike," he pressed. "We've heard what you two get up to on patrol and it makes me sick to think what Joyce would say if she could see you now," he told her with such disgust in his voice that Dawn could tell he was not joking.

Buffy just stared at him for a few minutes before she responded. "Get out of my house, loser and never come back," she ordered, "And take your red headed lesbian freak with you," she added, before she turned and stormed up the stairs.

"You heard her droopy, leave before I make you," Spike finally spoke up with a cocky pleased smile of his face.

"As if you could Spike, you are useless and I will stake you one day soon and nothing Buffy will do will save you from us," Xander shot back with a hateful gaze, before he guided Willow towards the door. She was in shock from what Buffy had called her.

Dawn watched Spike run up the stairs to Buffy, before she moved over to her friends hoping to ensure that they still cared for her no matter what Buffy said or did.

"It's okay Dawn," Xander's voice startled her a little as she had been lost in her fears. "We hold nothing she said or did against you and if you ever need us just call, we'll be there for you," he promised, before they both left the house.

Dawn stared at the door for a few minutes and then went to her room, locked the door before breaking down and crying as everything she had known fell apart, thanks to the actions of her stupid sister and her vampiric boyfriend.

Across the hall in Buffy's room, Buffy lay on her bed in Spike's arms feeling content now she had punished her former friends for their actions which had condemned her to this nightmare. She felt relieved to have finally given vent to her thoughts of feelings and made them aware of just how much they had ruined her life. Xander's mentioned of her mother had just made her all the madder. Now she no longer had to deal with them or the rest of that pathetic group, she had all she needed in Spike, he loved and cared for her and he was always there for her.

"You did good pet," Spike whispered into her ear. "You finally got rid of the dead weight and now we will show the world what Buffy Summers is made off," he added making her smile.

(Magic Box)

Tara looked up as Willow and Xander entered the store and noted how angry they both looked. She sighed as she knew that meant another argument with Buffy. She walked over to the side counter and got the kettle on, because it looked they could do with a drink as they sat at the main table.

"Where are Giles and Faith?" Xander inquired, as he looked around the shop.

"On patrol," Tara answered as she quickly made them all a cup of tea and then handed them out before joining them at the table. "They should be back in an hour," she added. "What happened?" she asked.

"It's over Tara," Willow spat in anger and disbelief. "We are no longer friends with Buffy Summers, she has spat on every sacrifice we and everyone else has made for her and enough is enough," the red head vented. "We did the right thing, I know that in my heart, but she won't see anything but what that damn vampire says. I hate him like nobody else in my life," she told them.

Tara was shocked that the long friendship between the two before her and the slayer was over, which basically meant her friendship with the blond was also over. She was of two minds about this realisation. One was relief that she would no longer have to listen to Buffy's complaints and accusations as well as the fact she would no longer have to deal with Spike. The second was sadness that Buffy had fallen for Spike's lies and fear for what this meant for Dawn.

"What do you think Giles will say?" she finally inquired, after a lengthy silence.

"I don't care anymore Tara," Xander responded. "She has made her choice and as before instead of it being her friends and family it is her vampire fuck toy," he added with a shake of his head, before rubbing his eyes. "We'll have to keep a close eye on Dawn just in case they do something which puts her at risk," he stated to which both she and Willow nodded in agreement.

Silence descended again over the shop and this time it lasted until Faith and Giles returned looking tired but obviously happy with how their latest patrol had gone. As soon as they noted the looks on the others faces they quickly joined them at the table and listened to Xander's retelling of the events.

"I see," Giles sighed before removing his glasses and polishing them. "I guess the Buffy we knew is well and truly dead now, however there is still some small hope she can be reached," he added half heartedly.

"Not for us Giles," Willow spat, feeling so angry she could almost feel it rolling around in her gut. "We're done with her and that bastard vampire she loves so much. We'll look out for Dawn and continue to help Faith, but that is it," she added, before getting up to head home. "I need time alone," she said, before heading to her parent's house.

"Same for me," Xander said after a few seconds. "I know you still have hope Giles, but for me I think Spike has complete control of her now and to be honest he's welcome to her," he added, shocking Faith whilst Giles just sighed. "She spat on everything we've done to help her Giles, she spat on those who died helping her and so I wash my hands of her, but I will still be here for Dawn and to help you and Faith," he stated, before he turned and left for his apartment.

"I almost don't believe it," Faith finally spoke up. "I never thought those three would break their friendship," she continued with a stunned look in her eyes.

"It's been heading that way since just before Buffy died I'm afraid," Giles admitted. "Her actions were cutting and degrading and since her death and resurrection it has become much worse and whilst we all share the brunt of her anger they are the main receivers for it, helped along by Spike," he explained to the two young women. "He is a master manipulator who knows enough about our group to pick it apart at it's strongest points. He's played the long game and won," he added, putting his glasses back on.

"What exactly are we going to do Giles?" Faith asked, not liking this development as to her it meant bad news. "Is she going to become a problem?" she asked again.

"I don't know Faith," Giles sighed a third time. "I really cannot say anymore," he added. "We should all head home and rest and we can pick this up again tomorrow," he suggested.

Faith and Tara exchanged uncertain looks before they got up and headed out to their respective homes. Giles remained for a few minutes wishing with all his being that things were not falling apart and there was nothing he could do about it.

(Rosenberg House)

Willow sat on her bed fuming as Buffy's words continued to run around and around in her head. A growing anger for her former friend was progressing into outright hatred and what she had said about Xander just made it worse.

She closed her eyes and tried to centre herself, but could not. The anger, hate and a thirst for revenge was just too strong. After all the sacrifices, all the times they almost ended up dead protecting Buffy or helping her combat a demon or vampire for her to do this was unforgivable. She wanted revenge, she wanted satisfaction and she would have it. She would make that blond idiot pay for her arrogance and she would get Xander to help her, as she was sure he would be feeling the same as her.

She quickly summoned all of her magic and transported herself to Xander's apartment, catching him pacing up and down the living room. His face showed the same anger and hatred that ran through her and was in him just as deeply. He didn't show any surprise at her appearance.

"Hello Willow," he said darkly. "I take it you would like to discuss something?" he added, his smile, whilst his usual one was somehow more sinister:

"I want her and that vampire to pay for what they have done," Willow spat: "We are the reason she has been so successful as a slayer and she thinks she can just toss us aside, well I don't think so," she continued, her red hair began to turn black in places as her magic warped around her. "Join me Xander and we will make them pay," she requested.

"You're thinking too small Willow," Xander countered. "I want what you want, but believe me we are going to do it in a way that will hurt her so much more than if we just attacked them" he told her.

"How, what are you plans?" Willow inquired intrigued, because she knew Xander could be very insightful as well as deceitful when he wanted to be.

"We are going to take over Sunnydale Willow," Xander explained with a smirk. "We will take control of it all once we gain a few allies. Your magic will be needed to help corrupt Tara and help unleash Ripper from within Giles's mind," he continued. "Once they are with us you and Tara will seduce and bring Faith into our circle, whilst I," here he paused as his smile became sinister again. "I will seduce and corrupt Dawn and make her my queen and from there we will make a few more alliances and take the town and then and only then we will destroy Buffy and Spike," he stated, as he finished explaining his plans.

Willow thought it over before her own smile twisted and nodded her head, she loved it. For too long had they tried to save this shit burg of a town without any real thanks, if they took control of it maybe then they could really do something about the vampires. The demons could be used against them and controlled by magic. Once Buffy saw what they had done her spirit would be broken, especially once she witnessed the transformation of Dawn.

They would have to be careful until they had Tara, Giles and Faith with them and that she thought would be very enjoyable. Seduction and magic would bring Tara into their circle as well as Faith, although reminding Faith what Buffy had done to her would also help. With Giles, magic would have to bring his Ripper personality out into his conscious mind, so he would agree with their new path. That would be a challenge and she would enjoy it.

"Who else do you plan to bring in to help us?" she asked as she sat down, really looking forward to making this plan work.

"Well once Ripper is with us, I thought we might track down his pal Ethan and get him to help us with a little chaos and mayhem to distract Buffy from what we are really doing," Xander told her, as he sat next to her. "If we can transform Amy back into a human she can aid us with her own magic," he continued.

"What if she needs convincing to join us?" Willow asked, with a coy smile as she leaned against Xander.

"Then we will convince her Willow," Xander assured her, putting his hand around her. "We are going to have so much fun Willow, I promise," he stated. "I feel so free now you know," he said after a few minutes of silence.

"Me too, I haven't felt like this since we met Buffy," Willow admitted. "I don't feel the pressure of having to be her friend. I am free of the burden of having to always support her," she told him with a sigh.

"I know what you mean Wills," Xander replied with a nod. "Anyway I think it's time we went to bed. We're tired and we will need our strength for tomorrow," he added, as he got up and then pulled Willow up.

"Oh alright," Willow said as she followed Xander to the spare room before pausing and gaining a wicked smile. "I think we'll spend the night together to celebrate our freedom," she suddenly declared.

Xander stared at her for a few seconds before smirking himself and leading her to his own bedroom. "Thought you were gay Willow?" he questioned with a teasing look, which she returned.

"To be honest, I think I am bi. I was just using the whole lesbian thing to cover my hurt over loosing Oz," Willow answered, after thinking it over for a few minutes. "I love Tara, but I also love you. I've just been hiding that fact a lot better than before," she finally admitted.

"I understand and I feel the same," Xander responded honestly. "We don't have to hide this truth anymore Willow and soon Tara, Dawn and Faith will be with us as well, one big happy family," he added, as they stopped near his bed.

"I can't wait," Willow said, eager to begin a new exciting chapter in her life, but willing to draw it out a little.

She had a crush on Xander for half her life and whilst she had moved on to Oz and then Tara she had not forgotten or really truly given up on him. He was almost another part of her. They knew each other so well that sometimes they didn't even have to talk to have a conversation as a look would do. What she was about to do would be a fulfilment of a fantasy she'd had off and on since she had hit puberty.

She had fooled Buffy and the others into thinking she had stopped liking Xander like that, but in the end she had just hidden the fact, she sometimes had fantasy's involving her, Tara and Xander together, but that would come later, she was sure. She knew Xander had done the same thing, their fluke could have ended very differently, but she supposed it wasn't the right time for them, now though it was time for them to be together.

(Summer's residence)

Dawn lay on her bed and was thinking over what had happened in her life since Buffy had died fighting Glory as well as loosing their mother. Her emotions had gone from one extreme to the other. The one constant she had been able to rely on during that dark time was the combined presence of Xander, Willow and Tara. Giles had returned to England for a small time before coming back and helping get Faith out of prison and to Sunnydale to cover fur Buffy, once Willow had begun making her plans to save Buffy.

Whilst the fact that Buffy had not been in a hell dimension, like they had all feared, their actions had still been pure and more so based on love for her sister. All of that had been lost now, thanks to her sister's anger and Spike's lies. She wondered why her sister was willing to trust a vampire she should have staked years ago over her friends, people who had fought beside her all these years, risking their lives and souls for her. She had to agree with what Xander said to her, that their mother would be disgusted with what her eldest daughter had become, what was it he had said? A common whore and that told her more than she wanted to know about Buffy's relationship with the blond vampire.

She closed her eyes and thought of happier times, knowing that from this point on her life would be much harder, unless she could find a way to get out from under Buffy's control, but how? That was the question that haunted her before she drifted off to sleep.

(Xander's Apartment)

Xander kissed Willow hard as they continued their exploration of each other. They had already shed their clothes and were now lying on his bed. A very small part of him still found it hard to believe they were going to do this, but it was quickly crushed under his feelings for the red head he was holding.

Willow herself just gave herself to the pleasure she was feeling, as well as the frill she felt at finally giving into her long held feelings for the man she had grown up with and claiming him as hers. Granted they would not be a normal couple once their plans came to fruition but the point stood who they belonged too. She quickly reached down and grabbed his manhood and guided it to her entrance before slamming herself down on it and moaning out loud at the sensations she felt.

Xander moaned himself a little surprised at Willow's sudden move, but enjoying it just as much. He reached up and pulled her to him and kissed her deeply before she rose and began to move up and down in sync with his own movements. He shot up and captured one of her nipples in his mouth and began to suck making her moan again before she grabbed his head and held him in place, they continued to rut against each other lost in the presence of each other.

"I have an idea," Willow whispered in his ear with a smile.

"What?" he asked, as she paused her movements making him want to beg her to continue.

"I'm going to project our fun straight into the minds of Faith, Dawn and Tara," Willow responded, as she summoned some of her power.

"You are a bad girl Wills," Xander chuckled impressed, before moaning as the red head began to move again.

Across the town three young women began to dream vividly of the two of them making love, feeling every movement and every sensation, bringing them to the edge of ecstasy before they toned it down and drew it out.

Willow kissed Xander again as they continued, knowing this was been experienced now by Tara, Faith and Dawn. These facts made her even wetter and feel naughtier, for Tara this would be a strange experience, but one she felt would make her lover yearn to sample this kind of sex for herself. As for Faith and Dawn well she guessed for the dark haired slayer it would be a fun experience whilst for Dawn a fantasy she wished would come true. She had talked to Dawn a lot and knew what she secretly desired and that was Xander. She also had caught Dawn out of the corner of her eye watching as she and Tara kissed many times.

She groaned as Xander picked up the pace and rolled her under him, she allowed the move, submitting to him. They kissed again as they moved faster before he bent lower and again began to tease and suck her breasts before they both cried out as they finally came at the same time.

At the same time Faith, Dawn and Tara awoke as they too came from the most intense dream/fantasy they'd ever had. Dawn buried her head into her pillow to stifle her cry of pleasure before taking deep breaths of air as she tried to stem her wildly beating heart. The dream had felt so real she thought with a smile wishing she had actually been in Willow's place.

Faith cried out not caring who heard her before smirking, whilst it was weird to dream of red and boytoy together it was still a wicked good dream. Tara also cried out in her and Willow's dorm, feeling almost more pleasure than she knew how to handle, as she calmed down she wondered what the hell had brought that kind of dream on. She knew she had an orgasm from it and this disturbed her mostly and yet a small part her was intrigued and wanted to taste it for real.

Willow lay against Xander enjoying the feeling of finally making love to Xander, whilst also thinking of how their friends were feeling, after feeling everything she and Xander had felt. She smirked imagining the looks on their faces, especially Tara's.

"Do you think they enjoyed it?" Xander asked from under her.

"Oh I think so," she responded. "I know for a fact Dawn will want the real thing and once you make your move she will fall to you. This will just make her want it more," she told him with a smile. "Faith of course will have just enjoyed the experience and maybe want to join in if we offered, whilst Tara will for now be confused with just a small part of her enjoying it," she continued, using her knowledge of their friends to predict their reactions.

They shared a smile and a chuckle knowing they had just taken the first steps on their new path, opening up the three girls to their love making was just a start. Tomorrow they would begin implementing their plan by first turning Giles back into Ripper and get him to locate Ethan and then they would begin working on Tara and Faith.

Xander had decided to leave Dawn until last, after they had converted Tara and Faith and transformed and gotten Amy on their side as well. Then they would be strong enough to deal with Buffy and Spike who would be distracted by the chaos Ethan and Ripper would unleash. He could just imagine it, for now he pulled Willow closer to him and began to drift off to sleep followed by Willow.

Across town Dawn had quickly gone back to sleep and on her own began to dream of making love not just to Xander but Willow and Tara as well. A fact no one but her, at least to her knowledge, knew was her fascination and longing to experience a lesbian sexual encounter with her two friends.

Faith also quickly got back to sleep with a smirk on her face as her dreams quickly fell into fantasy. Tara however remained awake for some time trying to think of why she would fantasies about Willow making love to Xander.

Something didn't add up and she wondered if someone had used magic to project the dream into her head, but she dismissed the idea as foolish before finally settling into a troubled sleep, as she continued to see the image of Willow and Xander together every now and then.
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