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Bitter revenge

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Summary: Summary: Xander, Faith, Oz and Spike return to Sunnydale along with their team, to join forces with Buffy and the Scooby gang to fight a returned Master.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Xander-CenteredRazialFR18612,90601110,0546 May 1015 Jul 10No

Chapter 6

Bitter Revenge Chapter 6

Willow laughed, as Tara fell after trying to complete the spell she had been working on and at the surprised expression on her face when Xander and Faith walked into the room, with Fiona and David following just behind.

"Hey Xand," she said.

"Willow, I was wondering if you or Tara knows of a spell, which might help Faith, Oz, David, Fiona and me get back into the Master's town?" Xander replied.

"What why?" Willow asked startled.

"We need to find out why the Master hasn't attacked yet and if he does have some other plan," he answered.

"I don't think that's a wise plan, Xander," Tara added to the conversation, as she walked towards her girlfriend.

"I know, but it's a risk we need to take," he replied.

"If you're going, I'm going too," Angel said, stepping out of the shadows.

"Don't trust me, Angel?" Xander asked, surprising the vampire by using his real name.

"No, not anymore, but I'd feel safer in me going and keeping one of your human friends here safe," he replied.

"Getting a little noble aren't you? You don't think we can handle ourselves?" David asked.

"I think that's none of your business, but I do know the Master. I was once his most trusted follower," Angel shot back.

"You are joking right?" asked Fiona.

"No and really, Xander should have warned you that I never joke," Angel replied.

"I did warn them dead boy, but as much as I know about you I don't know everything. Hell not even Spike does," Xander cut in.

"So who goes beside him, his Slayer girlfriend?" asked David.

"She is not my girlfriend ok? Now I'm going, whether you like it or not. I don't have to ask your boss for permission," Angel grunted.

"Fine dead boy, you want to come so bad then you go. David, you and Fiona stay here and start making a few extra backup plans, in case whatever plans the watchers are making, fail," Xander said with a sigh, ignoring the glare from his friend.

"Will, could you and Tara take a look through your books and see if there is a spell to disguise us?" Xander asked.

"Sure, but it might take a while, and even if we find one it might only last for a certain amount of time," Willow warned her friend.

"Understood, o.k. the sun is almost up. Some of us might as well try to get some sleep," Faith said.

"Agreed, I think that includes you too Deadboy, last I heard sun still affects and we wouldn't want you turning to ash and upsetting the Slayer, would we?" Xander said, taking Faith's hand and they left the room.

"You know I can understand some of his anger, but I really think he's letting it get the better of him," Angel said to Willow, as David, Fiona and Oz left.

"You don't know how much he's been through, and you never will Angel," Willow told him.

"Why?" asked the vampire and was surprised that he really wanted to know.

"Buffy destroyed the Xander we all knew and I'll never forgive her for that. I'm just glad Xander still cares for Tara and me and that's really what matters to me. For what else happened to him when he left ask Faith, and make sure Buffy is with you," Willow replied as she turned away from him.

"Why did you stay in Miami? You didn't know about Xander, until he bumped into you," asked Angel

"Wrong, I knew. I used a spell to check on things here and I witnessed the whole thing. We were planning to come back until that moment, when I told Willow what happened and how Buffy had treated Xander she flew into a rage and if not for me, I think Buffy would have ended up on the end of some nasty spell and that's why we stayed. I felt sorry for Xander too, he and I became good friends," it was Tara who answered him this time.

"You know I always thought you would never quit being Buffy's friend," he said, as he backed away.

"Yeah well, she's not the same Buffy Xander and I became friends with and she should have known better than to do what she did. She should have known that I find out about it and she should have known how I would react. What did she think? That I would turn on Xander, just because she's the Slayer? Xander and I have known each other all our lives and she should always remember that. Now leave us alone Angel, before I turn you into a frog," Willow said, her anger coming through and even made Angel flinch. He turned and left, not catching the glare coming from Willow.

He walked into room to find Buffy and Faith staring each other down. Xander and the others were nowhere around. He walked towards them and came to a halt by Buffy's side.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Faith here is trying to teach me a lesson on friendships," Buffy spat, her sadness replaced with anger.

"Well before you continue, Willow said I should ask Faith what else happened to Xander, after he left and she also told me to make sure Buffy was with me. So Faith what did happen?" Angel replied.

Faith's eyes turned cold as Angel asked his question and she had to force herself not to lash out, as she remembered the dead glare in Xander's eyes as he told her what had happened.

"You want to know so badly? I'll tell you then. As he headed for LA he came across a gang of vamps, but these weren't just any vamps they were old buddies of Angelus and knew all about Buffy, him and the others. They captured him and tortured him. He wasn't alone. They'd also captured Amy Madisson and two others. He was forced to watch, along with Amy, as they slowly fed off the two girls and then turned them. One night he managed to kill one of the vamps and helped Amy escape, but he was caught again and then he was beaten for three long days and nights, until Amy returned and helped him escape, using her magic, but the memory of the two who died haunted him and reminded him that he had failed.

Although he tried to forget, when he and Oz were attacked the memory came back and almost made him commit suicide. If not for Oz's help he would have and I would never have gotten a chance to make up for my mistake of not showing him my real feelings, the first time round," Faith's tone was cold and deadly as she told them.

"What happened to Amy?" Buffy asked.

"I told her to leave and stay away from Sunnydale and LA," Xander's cold voice floated back into the room, as he took up a stance alongside Faith.

"Why didn't you tell us?" asked Buffy, forgetting this wasn't the Xander of old.

"Wasn't any of your business and never will be. Only Faith, Oz and Spike oh and Willow and Tara know the whole story. I didn't bother telling the others, as they didn't know Amy, but now you know and I'm glad you do. I knew you'd find out, one way or another," he answered in the same cold voice.

"I'm going on patrol with Oz and the others. Maybe you should stay here and continue making plans. You coming Faith?" he added.

"Sure Xand," she replied, grasping his hand and then they walked away, leaving Buffy and Angel in silence.

As Xander and Faith walked next to each other, just behind Spike, Oz and the others, they both noticed the air of tension that had left Giles's apartment with them.

"I'm sorry Xand. I didn't mean to tell them," Faith apologized.

"It's o.k. I knew they'd find out sooner or later, and now maybe they'll leave us alone for a bit," he gave her an encouraging smile.

"You know even though I hate her, I didn't expect her to act like she has, since we've been back. She's worse than ever and thinking everything is about her," she told him.

"I know but as much as I hate her, I still know her in a sense and I know deep down she doesn't mean to act like that, she just does," Xander replied.

"Maybe, but still she needs a wakeup call," Faith hissed.

"You know as well as I she's had a couple of them, but it seems she needs another one. However I don't intend to be still around when it happens," he told her.

"Heads up guys, trouble dead ahead," came Spike's warning.

They turned to see five vampires chasing after three teenagers and just behind them stood two other vampires who were standing next to a lamp post.

"Ok Spike you and the others go after the lackeys and save the teenagers. Faith and I will take care of those two over there," Xander said to Spike, who nodded and then lead the others into the night, after the vamp lackeys.

Xander looked at his girlfriend, who smiled and then they ran over to where the two figures still stood next to the lamp post. As they came into view of the vamps, they came to a halt in surprise, as they recognized them it was Drusilla and Darla.

"Holy shit," gasped Xander.

"Well, look Dru it's the Slayer's friends," Darla said with an evil grin.

"Kittens for the slaughter," Dru smiled an insane grin.

"No," said a new voice.

Xander and Faith turned and watched as someone walked into view, and they were surprised to see the voice belonged to the Master himself.

"Well a Slayer and her friend, nice to see you again," he said.

"What do you want?" asked Xander.

"Oh you dead, but first I wanna have a little fun," the Master replied.

"Yeah well, you'll have to wait your turn," Buffy's voice echoed behind them.

"Ay there you are, so good to see you again," the Master said, with an evil smile.

"I thought I'd told you to stay at Giles' house?" Xander spat, as he withdrew a stake from his coat.

"This is my town Xander and I will patrol whenever I like," she shot back, holding her own stake as Angel, Giles and Gunn appeared behind her.

"Ah Angelus good, Dru and Darla want to talk to you," the Master said facing Angel.

"Not really in a talking mood," Angel replied, as he morphed into his game face.

"Shame, but we're not here to fight just to talk," he said, as Dru and Darla flanked him.

"What could you possible say that would interest us?" Faith asked.

"Oh I don't know how about I'm willing to make a trade that will save your lives?" The Master answered, never turning his back on Buffy.

"Why would you do that?" asked Gunn.

"That's my business. I want the orb of valtar, which I know you possess and if you give it to me, I will leave you and your friends alone," the Master told them.

"Why do you want the orb?" This came from Spike, as he and the others came back from their hunt. Dru seemed to perk up at his appearance and then her face showed her dislike of his new friends.

"William the bloody, how about that two vampires helping two slayers and their little gangs, but if you must know the orb will allow me to cloak my little city so we can live in solitude," the Master smiled, as Spike and the others took up a defensive posture behind Xander and Faith.

"You can't do that, you'll die without blood," Giles spoke up.

"True, but I have found a spell that might help with that," he said. "Now will you give me the orb, slayer?" he added.

Buffy looked to Giles and then to Angel for support, but they both looked confused about the Master's request. She then looked to Spike whose face showed nothing she could use in her decision. Xander and Faith looked ready to attack and although it worried her, she decided to give him the orb.

"Fine, Giles phone Riley and tell him where the orb is and to bring it here as fast as possible," she said looking towards her watcher.

"Buffy you can't be serious," Xander hissed.

Buffy faced her former friend and looked straight into his eyes. She tried to make some sort of connection with him so he would understand, but he just looked away.

"A wise choice slayer, as soon as I have the orb we will leave and never come here again," the Master stepped back as he spoke.

"You promise?" she asked.

"Of course," he replied with a nod. "The last time we fought, you managed to kill me even though I killed you first, so I've decided just to enjoy life, well maybe I should say unlife," he added.

Angel's faced returned to normal as he remembered seeing Buffy lying face down in the pool of water in the Master liar. He had never forgotten how close he had come to losing her and even though it angered and irritated him, he was glad Xander had been around to save her and bring her back.

"Tell me Slayer how did you come back to life? Some magic spell?" the Master inquired.

"Someone used CPR to bring me back, seen as I had drowned," she replied.

"Who?" he asked.

"It was Xander," Angel spat.

Buffy noticed Xander's dark glare as Angel gave the master his answer, whether it was because he resented the information been given to the master or just because he hated been reminded of it, she didn't know.

Twenty minutes later and Riley finally showed up with the orb. He was surprised to learn they were going to bargain with a Master vampire, but he believed Buffy was right. He handed the orb to the master who smiled.

"Thank you Slayer. Now I believe it is time to leave, I hope we may meet again, then again I also hope we don't," he said and then he Dru and Darla vanished, as soon as they were gone Xander faced Buffy.

"That was a dumb idea. Do you really think he's gonna leave us alone?" he spat.

"No, but it will buy us some time," she replied.

"Did you save those teenagers?" Faith asked.

"Yeah we managed to stake all but one of the vamps and none of the kids were hurt," Oz told her.

"Good, let's go," Xander said, as he headed back to Giles' house. The others followed, including Buffy and her group.

Once they were back Xander waited until everyone was settled, before he stood up and turned to Buffy. "Why did you give him the orb?" he asked her again.

"I told you, so we can buy ourselves some time. Would you rather have that I said no and then watch as his little army wiped everyone in Sunnydale out?" she spat, standing toe to toe with him.

"You may have just given him the one artifact he needed to do whatever he is planning, and because you didn't think all the alternatives through, we may be already dead," he shot back. Before anyone could move, Angel jumped up and slammed his fist into Xander's gut and then followed up with an elbow, which sent him to the ground.

"That's enough. I'm getting sick of your bad ass attitude," he hissed.

Faith rose up, stake in hand, Spike and Oz followed which caused Gunn and Doyle to also stand up.

"Stop this right now, all of you," Giles shouted, as Xander stood up with a cold glare in his eyes and this time Buffy didn't mind for some odd reason.

"We don't have time for this," Wesley said, standing next to Giles as Cordelia and Dawn walked into the room to see what was going on.

"Maybe, maybe not, but that wasn't called for deadboy," Xander said, standing once again toe to toe with Buffy and Angel. He seemed to be ignoring Angel and instead just stared at Buffy, which caused Faith to stand closer to him.

"Everyone back down," Buffy said calmly, as she fought to stop herself blushing under Xander's never ending stare. Slowly everyone except Faith and Angel sat back down.

"Angel," Buffy said with a hint of anger.

He hissed and sat down.

"Faith," Xander said more affectionately, causing Faith to smile as she sat back down next to Oz.

"At least we still have a few sensible people around," Giles muttered.

The End?

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