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Bitter revenge

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Summary: Summary: Xander, Faith, Oz and Spike return to Sunnydale along with their team, to join forces with Buffy and the Scooby gang to fight a returned Master.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Xander-CenteredRazialFR18612,90601110,0546 May 1015 Jul 10No

Chapter One

Bitter Revenge

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or any of the other characters, except the ones I have created they belong to Joss Whedon.

Pairing: Xander/Faith

Summary: Xander, Faith, Oz and Spike return to Sunnydale along with their team, to join forces with Buffy and the Scooby gang to fight a returned Master.

Buffy walked through the cemetery alongside Angel, Giles and Riley. She couldn't believe how things had changed, Willow and Tara had left on a vacation to Miami to get a break from the Hellmouth. They'd left after the whole business with Glory, but that had been three years ago and she hadn't heard anything from them, Dawn had begun joining her on her patrol's as she had begun using magic and Buffy and Angel had begun teaching her how to fight. She hung with Angel's friends Doyle, Gunn, Wesley and Cordelia, who had returned with her former vampire lover. Xander had left a month after Willow and Tara, but he hadn't left because he needed a break.

He had left after Angel and the others had returned and she had begun seeing him again. Xander had confronted her about her relationship with Angel and revealed he still loved her, but she had ignored him and told him he was a loser for still liking her and thinking she could love him over Angel. She still remembered the shock on his face and then the cold hatred, the fury as he turned and walked away. The next day he was gone and she didn't expect to see him ever again.

The surprising thing was that three months after he had left her and Angel had broken up again, however they had stayed friends. Anya had died at the hands of a deadly vampire they had fought called Togar and that had upset her because although Anya blamed her for Xander leaving they had become good friends. Spike had also left after the fight with Togar, to hunt for a cure to the chip in his head. Oz turned up now and again to help out, although he didn't stay for long as he kept packing up and leaving, he didn't tell them where he went.

As they walked on in silence they were jumped by a number of vampires and one or two demons. Buffy and Angel charged into the demons as Giles and Riley began picking off the vampires. As the fight progressed more vampires and demons turned up and soon Buffy and the others were worn down.

Just as they were backed into a couple of trees, a howl went up into the night and suddenly the vampires and demons were attacked from behind by nine dark figures. The fight was quickly finished and all that remained of the vampires and demons were the few retreating into the woods. She managed to force herself to stand as Angel, Giles and Riley stood next to her. One of the dark figures stepped forward and all she could do was stare as the man's face came into the light and as the surprise grew into shock. She gasped as the face turned out to be Xander's.

"Xander?" she heard Giles say, his own surprise still visible in his voice.

Xander didn't reply, as the eight people who had helped him came into view. She quickly recognized one as Oz, and she let out another gasp as the shadow next to Xander turned out to be her old Slayer partner Faith and the one next to her turned out to be Spike. The others she didn't know and really she didn't care all she wanted to know was why Xander was here, along with one of her best friends. Her old enemy turned ally and her ex Slayer buddy. She also wanted to know how Faith had got out of prison.

"What's going on here?" Angel asked.

"Nothing for you to worry about deadboy, but we do need to talk and quickly, we don't have much time," Xander finally spoke and as he did Buffy felt a chill go through her.

"About?" asked Riley.

"Not here, another attack might come and I really don't think we're in a good enough state to survive," said Faith with a glance at Xander.

"Fine, we'll go to Giles's house," said Xander dryly, as he looked at Faith.

"Of...of course, follow me," stammered Giles.

Once they made it back to Giles's, they were greeted by Dawn and Cordelia, whilst Doyle, Wesley and Gunn sat on a couch watching the TV. When Xander, Oz, Faith and Spike walked in there was an uneasy silence and then shock when Xander or any of them didn't acknowledged their old friend's welcome.

"Buffy, what's going on here?" asked Dawn.

"I don't know. Xander won't say," Buffy replied, as she sat next to her sister.

"It's about trouble, trouble that could get all of us killed," Xander spoke up.

"Will you please tell us why you are here and what is going on?" Giles asked.

"Fine, after I left I headed for LA and bumped into Oz. We started hanging out and then one night we were attacked by some vampires which we quickly dusted. I decided to start my own group of vampire fighters and to start I decided to get Faith out of prison. With Oz's help we broke her out of her cell and fled. We ended up somewhere in New York, where we bumped into Spike. He had gotten the chip out, thanks to some wizard and he had been given his soul back. I asked him to join us and he agreed.

After a couple of fights Oz and I began taking self defense classes and trained with Faith and Spike. During a very nasty fight with a chaos demon someone jumped in and helped us out. Once the fight was over he introduced himself and he agreed to join us. Later on we left and headed for Miami where we bumped into Willow and Tara who had begun a training school for witches. They were having some trouble with a group of vampires, led by one of the Master's former lackeys. We helped to take them out and one of their stronger students decided to join us. We stayed for a few nights, catching up on old times and why they had stayed.

We once again hit the road. We split up on the outskirts of California, we sent Oz to check up on you guys and when he returned we had three more new members. We had met them during a return trip to LA, they helped us take out a huge nest of vamps. Oz continued to take trips to see how you guys were doing, until we bumped into a new vamp nest in a small village on the outskirts of Sunnydale. This time almost all of us got killed. They weren't just vamps, they were demons and evil sorcerers as well and they were led by a resurrected Master and so we decided to return here to get help and because we knew the Master wanted revenge on all of us," Xander finished telling his tale and sat down next to Faith.

Buffy and the others sat stunned at Xander's tale and they all felt the fear of what Xander had told them about the Master's return.

"The Master is back, but how is that possible? Buffy smashed his remains into dust," asked Cordelia.

"I don't know and I really don't care, he's back and this time he has an army and all he wants is us all dead," replied Xander.

"Have you alerted Willow and Tara?" asked Angel.

"Yeah, we told them before we turned up here. They are on their way to Sunnydale. They should get here somewhere about noon tomorrow," Faith answered.

"So what are your friend's names?" asked Giles.

"We're not here to make friends, we here to fight," said Xander.

"Maybe, but we gonna have to work together and I'd rather know their names then have to start shouting 'hey you' and things like that," replied Giles.

"Still full of logic, ey Giles?" laughed Spike.

"Logic sometimes keeps us all alive, Spike, even you," said Giles as the blond vampire nodded.

"Go ahead guys," said Xander with a nod to his unknown companions.

"My names David Wilson, but I prefer being called Dave," said the man next to Spike, he too had blond hair, but unlike Spike his hair was shoulder length, he had deep blue eyes and was quite tall.

"I'm Fiona Gibson. I was one of Willow and Tara's students," said the girl next to Oz, she had long black hair and brown eyes.

"Tom Jacobs," was all the man who stood to Fiona's left would say. He was taller than Fiona, but smaller than David, he had short black hair and sharp hazel eyes.

"Frayer Anderson," said the shortest of the girls in Xander's team. She had shoulder length brown hair, but had the same sharp hazel eyes as Tom.

"Max Tirone, but I like to be called Gambit. Watched to much X-Men as a kid and he was my favorite character," said the man in the corner. He was the same height as David, but his hair was raven black and his eyes were green.

"Now that's out of the way, can I ask you a question Xander?" this came from Angel.

"What?" replied Xander darkly.

"Why did you start the team? Why risk your neck?" he asked.

"Because I'd gotten used to helping people, that attack reminded me where I had come from and what I had been a part of. I couldn't just walk away and forget it," Xander replied.

"Why did you break Faith out of jail, after what she had done?" asked Cordelia.

"I never had a grudge against Faith, even after the mess with the Mayor, because I knew if we had been there for her a bit more we might have avoided the whole thing. Another thing was that if Buffy could forgive Angel for all he had done when he turned I didn't see why Faith didn't deserve any better," he answered standing up as Faith tried to hide a pleasing smile.

"Why did you help him Oz?" asked Riley. "Why help him break out a convicted killer?" he asked again.

Oz looked at him and smiled without mirth.

"Simple, Faith may have killed, but we let her down as friends. We let her get corrupted by the Mayor, but still we all know she came back for revenge when she swapped bodies with Buffy and at the end instead of leaving she saved a load of people from a group of vampires. She gave up her revenge to help people like she was born to do. She deserved another chance and I thought if we did this we could use the help of a Slayer," Oz replied.

"You know Harris, I just think you wanted the glory," sneered Angel.

"Not an issue with us. We fight, we kill and then we move on. Hopefully without anyone knowing," Xander replied, ignoring Angel's anger.

"Well I think that's enough for tonight, let's leave it till tomorrow, when we are all rested and our minds are working properly," Giles stepped in to head off any more outbursts.

"Yeah a good idea G. We'll meet here around ten," Xander agreed, as he walked to the door his new friends following him.

"Xander wait," said Buffy.

Xander stopped as he opened the door. He didn't look at her instead he stared out into the darkness of the night.

"Why did Willow and Tara stay in Miami?" she asked although she knew that wasn't the question she really wanted to ask, but there were too many people around.

"Not for me to say, ask them when they arrive," he answered and then he left. Faith and Spike followed behind him and then the others, only Oz remained.

"You should know Buffy he's not the same guy you used to know. Don't push him and don't get in his way or you'll have one very nasty fight," Oz warned her.

"He's just a kid and one who can't hurt anyone," laughed Angel.

"Not anymore. He's dark and his temper is short and he knows how to fight just like I do, he could kill you very quickly if he wanted too Angel, but he won't because you could be very helpful in this fight," Oz replied forcibly, as he turned to leave Buffy looked up with a sharp gaze.

"Why didn't you tell us you knew where he was, that he was alive and about his plans?' she asked.

"He asked me not to. He didn't want you coming after him trying to get him to come back and forgive you, as much as he might still care for you Buffy he hates you just as much, so I'm telling you to just let him be."

"Why are you telling us this?" asked Wesley.

"You need to know and he knew I would, in fact I think he was counting on it," he answered and then he to vanished into the night, leaving Buffy and her friends standing in silence.
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