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Walk through the Dark

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Summary: Based in the middle of season five, except that Glory never shows up in Sunnydale and Dawn does now exist. Xander and a friend return to Sunnydale to help fight a dangerous evil.

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Chapter One

Walk through the Dark

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Witchblade/ crossover Fanfic

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters connected with Buffy or Angel as they belong to Joss Whedon. Witchblade belongs to Top Cow Productions Inc. Any other characters in this fic I have created.

Pairing: Xander Harris/Sarah Pezzini

Summary: Based in the middle of season five, except that Glory never shows up in Sunnydale and Dawn does not exist. Xander left after SD after ‘The Zeppo'.


Chapter 1

Buffy looked at Xander's pleading face as he continued to try and convince her to let him stay with the Scooby's, but she just shook her head in anger and frustration. They had this fight a few times lately, however this time she had the agreement of the entire gang including Xander's own girlfriend Anya.

"No Xand. Just face it. You don't have what it takes to survive. Every time you patrol with us you end up in trouble," she said to him.

His eyes began to become cold as steel as he stared at her. "Please Buffy, you need me," he pleaded.

"We don't need you, Xand. We never did," she shouted at him.

He looked behind her to the others and was shocked to see them all nodding their heads including Anya.

"Fine, that's it I'm leaving," he said. His eyes seemed dead now as he turned and exited the magic shop. Buffy stared at the doors for a few minutes, wondering if she had done the right thing. All they had wanted was to keep him safe, but when she had told him the look in his eyes has become cold and lifeless. She looked to her friends for support.

"Do you think he'll be okay?" she asked Willow.

"Yeah give him time. He never stays mad for long," she answered.

Beside her Tara shook her head, she had sensed the defeat coming of Xander when Buffy had said they hadn't needed him, he wouldn't be back.

Three years later:

New York

Alex's snapped open as he woke from the one dream that kept haunting him. The day his friends turned on him. The day Buffy Summers had basically murdered the man they knew as Alexander Harris. He got to his feet and walked towards the window of his rented motel. He wiped the sweat of his face and sighed. The dream was always the same and although he had no desire to return to Sunnydale and face his former friends he wished he could somehow find a way to end the nightmare.

He walked back to his bed and sat down and stared at a picture of him and Nikki, the woman who had given him a purpose again. He had left Sunnydale the same day as Buffy's decree was voiced. He called himself Alex and began to wander around the nearby cities until he came to L.A.

He avoided coming anywhere near Angel and Cordelia's office. Then one night he had seen a woman being attacked by a vampire. He had pulled a stake from his coat pocket and rushed in to help, although the vamp had broke his arm in the bargain the woman had then surprised him by dusting the vamp herself with a gun which shot out stakes instead of bullets.

She had fixed his arm back into place and then questioned him endlessly about how he knew about vampires. She was quite surprised to hear who he had been.

She decided to train him and then began to teach him hand to hand combat, weapons and tactics. It took him two years to learn everything she knew, however according to her he had learnt quickly.

Then disaster struck him again, during one of their patrols three demons had attacked and whilst the tallest of the three kept him at bay the other two had both attacked Nikki, who tried to defend herself, but in the end she was killed. He had been forced to flee as the demons then turned to him. He returned a few hours later and then took her body and buried it in a small forest inside the main park.

He then left L.A and tracked down the demons that had murdered Nikki. He killed them one at a time and when he had avenged her, he decided to use the skills she had taught him to continue her fight.

He had come to New York to find a vampire called Tars. He had been responsible for a number of deaths of young women. He never bothered to turn any of them. He ‘just' raped them and then killed them using any method he thought would hurt the most.

However he had begun to sense the presence of a powerful artifact somewhere in this city. He had learned how to sense magical aura's from Tara, just before he had left Sunnydale. He started at the window for a few minutes and then lay back down and tried to get back to sleep.


Riley ducked the blow from the vampire and quickly brought his blaster up and fired, knocking the vamp down cold. He smiled smugly as he watched Buffy roll under a vamps attempted flying kick and quickly pushed herself to her feet and stakes it before it could turn around.

"Two for two," she said happily, as Willow and Tara approached.

"Is that it for the night, Buffy?" Willow asked.

Buffy noticed her friend's voice seemed to be sad.

"What's up Will?" she asked, placing her hand on Willow's arm.

"Nothing," Willow said trying to avoid the question.

"Come on you can tell me," Buffy said nudging her friend.

"Today marks the day that it has been three years since Xander disappeared," Tara answered instead of Willow.

Buffy frowned, she had totally forgotten about their lost friend and that annoyed her. Willow had cried herself to sleep many times after he had vanished. She had called Angel, but he had no luck in locating him and neither did Giles. In the end the police had decided that he had been murdered and they had buried an empty coffin although not many people showed up.

"Oh," Buffy finally muttered.

"You forgot. How could you?" Willow said in shock.

"Sorry," Buffy mumbled, but Willow had already spun around and left. Tara smiled sheepishly and then followed

"Great," Buffy grumbled, as she headed back towards home as Riley followed after staking the vamp he had blasted.

New York

Alex stared at the ceiling as the nagging sensation of the magical artifacts closeness continued to keep him awake: he shook his head and quickly got dressed. He picked up a few stakes and a small magnum, which he kept handy to distract vampires and walked out into the night.

He headed straight for the nearby shops to buy a few things to eat and a cold drink. He also knew one or two locals, vampires liked to hang around. Picking at victims they might have known in life. He was hoping one of them might leaded him to Tars, as he neared the shops he noticed two vampires straight away, following a tall woman with long brown hair, as soon as he saw her the nagging sensation of the magical aura came back tenfold and he realized it was coming from the woman. He quickly ran to catch up with them and then followed at a safe pace.

The woman entered an alley just ahead and the vamps quickly followed. Alex quickly pulled out one of his stakes and ran around the corner, only to witness the woman standing in front of the vampires, her left arm raised and from there a something began to engulf her and then two beams of red light shot out of her, now metal encased, hand and dusted both vampires. He dropped his stake in total shook as the woman causally walked towards him.

"Who are you?" she asked in a silky voice.

"Alex," he stated simply.

She looked down at the stake and picked it up

"What were you going to with this?" she asked him.

"Stake the vamps," he replied, still to shocked to say anything else.

"You know about the existence of vampires?" she asked with a smile.

"I hunt them," he answered, finally regaining some sense of control.

"I see. What are you doing in New York, Alex?" she questioned him.

"There's a vampire called Tars here. He likes to rape women and then kill them. I'm here to dust him," he answered, trying not to stare at the woman's lack of clothing, which seemed to have been torn by whatever was on her wrist.

"Sounds like the case I'm working on. So it's a vampire I'm after," she mused more to herself than to Alex.

"Who are you and what did you do to those vamps?" Alex finally asked her.

"My name is Detective Sara Pezzini. As to what I did, that's hard to explain," she replied with a wistful smile.

"I bet, what is that thing on your hand? It has magical power, I know that much," Alex inquired.

"It's called the Witchblade. I found it a few years ago and it chose me as it's bearer and yes it has a lot of power and memories," she told him as the blade began to return to normal. Leaving her almost nude, Alex quickly handed her his trench coat.

"Thanks," she smiled at him:

"No problem, well Sara maybe I'll see you around," he said, as he turned to leave:

"Hold it Alex, where are you staying? We may be able to help each other," she said putting a hand on his shoulder.

"The motel just down there," he said, pointing back the way they had come.

"Yeah I think I know the place, don't leave," she told him sternly.

"Okay," he nodded and then walked away, not noticing Sara's smile.



Willow could not sleep as she kept seeing images of her friend Xander. Sometimes she saw him as the boy he had been and other times she saw him in pain and agony. Her dreams tormented her, especially during the month of Xander's disappearance.

She remembered the last time she had seen Xander. During the argument they were having with trying to convince him that he shouldn't patrol with them anymore. She shivered, as she remembered the look on his face when Buffy told them they didn't need him. She remembered they had all agreed with her and then he stormed out, threatening to leave. None of them had believed he would actually do it and Giles had said it was a possibility he had run away, but Angel had destroyed those hopes.

Tara watched her girlfriend with unease. Every year it seemed to get worse, as soon as July arrived Willow would become depressed and angry and no one could pull her out of it. She was tormented by dreams of Xander being killed, but there was nothing anyone could do to remove those dreams.

The weird thing was, although they all believed he was dead, a part of her felt that he was still alive. She had always had a sense that helped her with certain things and it had helped them stop Faith when she swapped bodies with Buffy and again when Willow had almost been consumed by her magic. This sense seemed to tell her that Xander was not dead in any physical way, but she didn't dare tell them.
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