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X-File Sunnydale

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Summary: Alexander Harris left Sunnydale five years ago, due to a bust up with Willow, Buffy and the rest of the gang after he was caught with Willow. He heads to Washington and decides to join the FBI.

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Chapter 16

X-File Sunnydale Chapter 16

(Magic Box)

Xander watched as Scully ran her tests on the now dead black oil. The equipment she had ordered had arrived the day before and they had quickly gotten to work. So far there had been no more attacks and they had decided against anymore patrols, until they were ready. He had his weapons expert friend deliver a large quantity of flare rounds, as well as some extra hand guns. He had, along with Doggett, begun to train Giles, Oz and Buffy in their use. Willow refused as had Tara, both willing to rely on their magic. Oz had finally begun to calm down some and move his hostile feelings towards the syndicate for forcing him to become infected with the black oil, an experience Mulder and Krycheck could understand.

This had taken some of the stress of them all, as they were now all focused on ending the double threat of the syndicate and the aliens behind them. It was the consensus that if the syndicate was destroyed, there would be no colonization. Earth would be saved a very gruesome fate and for Mulder it would mark the completion of his crusade. It had been a long hard road for the man, his friends and allies he had picked up along the way no more so than Scully and now they were so close to ending it all, they could taste it.

At the moment Xander sat at the back of the shop, as the others did various things. He was thinking about what he was going to do ones the syndicate was dead and buried. Granted the X-Files department would still be open, as there are a lot of weird cases, which have nothing to do with the syndicate, however the question was did he want to stay now he had finally reunited with Willow and put his past behind him? He owed Skinner, Mulder and the others a hell of a lot, including his life. He would not be where he was without them, plus the fact that he liked being an FBI agent and having the power to truly help people.

Could he leave all of that behind for Willow? He would if it was necessary, but he doubted she would ask him to give it all up. Maybe she would agree to move to Washington or somewhere in between, getting her away from the Hellmouth would be a good thing, however he knew in his heart Willow would not leave Buffy and the others.

"You know, if you keep frowning like that Xander your face will get stuck like it," Joyce said with a smile, as she sat across from him. "Mind sharing what has you so deep in thought?" she inquired.

"Trying to work out what will happen, once all this is done Mrs. S," he replied returning her smile, as she, out of all of them, had been the most happiest, bar Willow, at his return as well as understanding why he had left. "I don't want to quit being an agent. I like it, I like being able to help people," he admitted. "And I don't know how to do that and be with Willow. I know she won't leave Sunnydale, not even for me," he continued.

"I think you are making things sound much stronger than they are. You and Willow are soul mates, something that is just meant to happen," Joyce told him gently. "Even a long distance relationship will work for you two, although I happen to think Willow would agree to buy a house closer to Washington or in the city so she can stay with you for a time," she added. "You both have come a long way and I think together you will come up with an answer in time, which will work for you both," she finished.

"Thanks Mrs. S," Xander said, nodding in agreement. "I think I needed to talk," he added, as Mulder called him over.

Joyce watched him go and shook her head, amused that even with all the changes he had gone through he was still the same young man he had been, when she had first met him. She smiled, as she remembered her first meeting with Xander and then switched to the day he left Sunnydale and from there to the day he returned. He had changed and become the adult she had always known he could be, however she was saddened he had been forced into it all those years ago.


Xander listened as Mulder explained that they were going to hit the butcher's shop the next day, as hard as they could.

He had been on the phone the night before with Skinner and they had decided it was time to put this case and the syndicate to rest. They had been given the go ahead to shot to kill, as they had proof that the syndicate was trying to kill them, as well as the fact that they knew if they arrested the CSM and his crew they would just escape or bribe their way out of jail, just as they had before.

Mulder had seemed to accept the order with no problem, as had Scully. John and Monica seemed to be somewhat unsure, but willing to obey their boss. Krycheck seemed positively delighted by this turn of events and was working on cleaning the spare hand guns.

Xander tried to ignore the man, as he still did not trust his motives, even if he could accept that in Krycheck's mind he needed to help them to ensure his own survival and that at least made him an ally.

"If we do this Mulder, we have to ensure we get the CSM or he will just start this all over again somewhere else," Xander said seriously.

"I know Alex and I know once we do this there will be an investigation," Mulder responded. "But I've already talked to the others and Skinner agreed it is worth it, even if they shut the X-Files down. I can live with that, if we finally stop the syndicate," he added.

"I can't argue that, but we may end up losing our jobs as well," Xander pointed out.

"Still worth it," Mulder shot back, before walking over to Scully's side.

Xander agreed with Mulder's statement, it was worth their jobs, an investigation, hell even their lives if it meant Earth would be safe from the aliens and the syndicate that served them.

He looked across the room to where Willow stood talking with Buffy and Tara and he prayed he would survive the assault tomorrow.


(Butcher's shop)

The CSM man stormed into the shop looking furious and his men inside looked nervously at each other, knowing that whenever the old man was pissed, it was better to be somewhere else. The entire plan was falling down around them and nothing they seemed to do could stop it.

"They'll be coming for us soon, so be ready to put each and every last one of them down permanently," the old man sneered at them, wanting nothing more than to see Mulder and every last one of his annoying allies lying dead before him. "Once they are done I'll take care of Skinner and finally put an end to it all. Then our plans can go ahead uninterrupted," he continued.

"Do we know how many will attack?" one of the men asked, with a trace of a Boston accent. "We've lost all the demons and vamps we had infected and we do not have time to get more," he reminded the old man.

"We shouldn't need them, our normal means of dispatching someone should suffice," the CSM responded before turning and storming back out of the shop.

"Damn, you know I think the old coot has finally begun to lose his marbles," the shorter of the men said with a shake of his head.

"Maybe, but he is still one dangerous piece of work," another shot back. "He is not someone you want to be messing with," he added with a threatening look. "Or getting on the wrong side off, if you know what is good for you rookie," the man spat, before leaving the shop, leaving the others to just look at each other.



Mulder watched as Scully paced up and down his room clearly trying to decide something, but he was not too sure what, just yet. He was just taking the chance to drink in her presence. Her beauty still astounded him, even today and her iron resolve even more. He had seen her at her best and worst and vice versa. She was the one person he was vulnerable to and he wouldn't have it any other way.

"Fox," she said, startling him, as she had never used his first name, except once before. "You realize that if we manage to win all of this everything we've been fighting for will be over?" she inquired.

"Of course, Alex basically said the same thing and I told him if we managed it, it would be worth the investigation that followed and even if we lost our jobs, I would feel the same," he responded. "I know you like being an FBI agent Dana, but after all we've been through, being fired would not be so bad a thing," he stated, deciding to use her first name as well.

"Maybe it would," Scully admitted, after a few minutes silence. "For a lot of reasons," she added while locking eyes with him. "But what would we do if we are fired?" she asked him, moving closer to the bed he sat on.

"Take a very long vacation I think, as well as finally deal with some unresolved issues between us," he ventured with a hopeful smile.

Scully returned the smile as she noted Mulder was thinking the same things she was thinking about. She knew that tomorrow they would be risking their lives to safeguard Earth from a threat it did not even know exists and that any one of them could die. She was not willing to go without making love to her partner at least once in this life. She reached down and pulled the belt, which held her dressing gown closed, loose and shook the gown of her shoulders and onto the floor, leaving her in the black camisole she usually slept in, as well as a matching pair of black shorts.

Mulder almost swallowed his tongue, as he watched his partner remove her gown so easily. It was like something out of his best fantasies, but the look on her face was far more interesting to him that her body at the moment.

"I think we both know what we want Fox. I think we both know what could happen tomorrow," Scully told him, as she crawled onto the bed and moved towards him. "Make love to me Fox. Show me the future we both want," she almost begged.

Mulder could not refute her and quickly swept her into his arms and kissed her as deeply as he could. He felt almost giddy in finally being able to kiss the woman he loved. As they fell onto the bed, they both gave a silent prayer that they would be able to do this until far into the future.


(Willow's House)

Xander ran his hands through Willow's hair as they lay on her bed, just enjoying being able to be together with no interruptions. They both knew tomorrow was going to be dangerous, but they were both determined to do what was necessary to stop the syndicate. He smiled, as he thought back to the time he had done this during the fluke business, which had led him to be forced out of Sunnydale. Back then, there had been an air of tension in the room, due to them cheating on their respective lovers, now there was no tension, just a lovely sense of rightness.

He wondered yet again just what the future would bring for him and his partners, with the syndicate dead for good. Would they manage to keep their jobs or would they all be fired, Skinner included, as he had given them the order to shoot to kill? There was one good point of him being fired and that was he could return to Sunnydale for good, with no problem. His friends could always visit him and he them.

Willow leaned up and kissed him passionately, making it clear by her body language just what it was she wanted. He stopped her for a minute and asked if she was sure. In reply she just smiled at him and kissed him again, silencing any doubts in his mind, as they began to lose themselves in each other.


(Magic Box)

The next day everyone was up early and at the shop, readying themselves for action. They knew the Sunnydale PD would stay away, as they had learned long ago not to get involved anymore in the Slayer's dealings. The last time Stein had tried, he had ended up in hospital with two others, after trying to arrest Buffy's mother of all people. The police chief had just shrugged and told Stein to leave them alone once he got out.

Xander looked around and noted everyone bar Willow, Tara and Joyce seemed cool and collected, however he could see the nervousness in the three women. Not that he could blame them really. Some of them might not be coming back he thought before shaking his head and dismissing those kind of fears. He finished checking his weapons before he put them away and waited until the others were done.

"Ok, we are heading to the butcher's shop where, we now guess, the syndicate has to be operating from," Mulder said, as everyone turned to him. "So far every time we planned to go there we were forced away. Now we are going to hit them as hard as we can and we are going to shoot to kill. I know some of you are unsure about this course, but believe me if the CSM and his allies escape, they will continue the project and that could lead to colonization, which means end of the world," he explained the plan. "It has to end here for Earth to be safe, so don't hesitate and don't worry about been charged with murder, as our reports will show none of you were there. We'll take all responsibility of the deaths of these people. If you can still call them that," he continued with a frown.

"Are they any questions?" Scully asked tense and nervous.

Last night she had finally broken the barrier between her and her partner and finally admitted she loved him and he had done the same. They had made love twice before slipping into sleep. In the morning when she awoken the sensation of waking up with Mulder had been so warm and comforting that she had not wanted to leave, but she knew they had to and she intended to have the rest of their lives, to experience that as many times as she could.

"What happens once this is over?" Riley inquired, feeling pretty good to be carrying firearms again.

"We go back to Washington to face the music," Mulder answered tightly. "As for you guys, everything goes back to normal, as if we were never here," he added.

"Not everything," Willow interrupted with a firm gaze at Xander, who almost blushed at the look in her eyes.

Their night together had been special. Slow tender and loving. It was everything that should have happened years ago, still they were still together now and they both intended to share many nights like that, once this was done.

Mulder and the others all smirked or laughed at the red heads interruption, before quickly sobering and when no one else asked anything they began to head out of the shop.

As they came closer to the butcher's shop they all began to feel tenser before being forced to duck, as at least ten people came running out of the shop and began firing at them.

Mulder was hit in the shoulder as he moved, as were Xander and Krycheck. The others returned fire as Scully quickly began to clean out and bandage the wounds with the med kit Giles had brought with them. Once she finished they quickly joined the fire fight.

As was normal in Sunnydale, no one tried to find out what was going on at the edge of town and the police did not try to interfere once they knew the FBI agents and the Slayer's group was involved. Xander brought down one of the gunmen with a bullet right to the brain before being forced back into cover. Giles also managed to catch one in the gut, as did Riley and Doggett. Krycheck moved closer and managed to get two in the neck and chest, the spray of blood from the wounds making Buffy, Willow and Tara want to be sick.

Oz got up to move forward, only to be hit twice in the shoulder and leg as he did. He fell flat and cried out in pain. Scully quickly moved over to aid him. Willow and Tara shared a glance. They clasped hands and called on their magic. A huge wind picked up, as the witches chanted. It lashed out and knocked the remaining gunmen off their feet, which allowed Mulder and the others to move in and kill them, before any of them bar one could get back to their feet.

The last gunman turned to shoot Scully, as she ran towards Mulder. Only for Krycheck to come up behind him and blow his brains out, Scully paused, as she watched Krycheck save her life. He had been there when her sister had been killed, although he had not pulled the trigger. No, that had been his accomplice Luis Cardinal. Still she had harbored a hatred for the man, hating having to work with him, when called for. Now she did not know how to feel.

He could have allowed the gunman to kill her, as revenge against her and Mulder and make it look like he'd not had time to stop him. Yet he had moved fast and ended the threat, considering this may be the last time that they would have to deal with him, she decided putting that hatred away might be the best thing for her.

"Thanks Krycheck," she said, as Buffy finally threw up along with Willow at seeing a man's head explode.

"You are welcome," Krycheck responded. "I owed you that and far more for my mistakes," he added, frowning as Mulder nodded in thanks also. "I should have had the strength to resist like you did, but I chose to serve and I paid for that choice," he continued.

"Oh give it a rest Alex," a hard edge voice caused them all to turn around, just to find the CSM pointing a gun at Mulder and one at Krycheck. "You make it sound like I'm the devil," he sneered.

"You are. If any human could be classed as a devil, it would be you," Krycheck shot back with pure hatred running in his tone.

"Ha," CSM spat. "You think you've stopped me?" he asked. "Still not learned any lessons, have you? I don't fail. I will leave and I will start again and colonization will come," he shouted almost insanely.

His small rant however made him look away from Mulder and he, Krycheck and Scully brought their weapons up and began firing, joined a second later by Xander and Doggett.

CSM was riddled with holes, but he managed to fire his own gun twice before falling to the ground coughing up blood, as Mulder went down with another bullet in his side. Krycheck walked over to the dying man and aimed at his head.

"I hope you burn in hell," he spat, as he fired. Ending the life of the man who had destroyed his and hundreds of other lives.

Silence descended, as everyone began to realize exactly what they had just done. Buffy and her group felt the shock and horror, but for the FBI agents? All they felt was a sense of completion. Scully called up an ambulance and soon they were at the hospital. Mulder had to go into surgery, but the bullet in his side was removed, as was the one in his shoulder.

Xander, Oz and Krycheck also had their wounds seen to and the bullets pulled out of them.

They spent two days in the hospital, until they were released. Mulder had to stay a full week, before he was finally cleared. A final meeting was been held at the Magic Bop before they returned to Washington to face the investigation, that was already underway. Skinner had checked in with them and reported that he had been suspended, as had they, pending the findings of the investigation.

"How do you think it will go?" Giles asked, as he watched Xander and his friends prepare to leave, including Krycheck who had stuck around.

"Depends really on the evidence we bring back and we found quite a bit at the shop, after we took care of the syndicate," Scully answered. "Even if Krycheck testified I doubt they would listen to the truth, so we will do our best and see what comes," she added with a shrug. "If we get fired, we go at least with the knowledge we saved the world and did something amazing," she said confidently, to which the others nodded.

"You'll be back right?" Willow asked, as she walked over to Xander:

"Of course Wills. I'll be back," Xander said, as he drew her into a deep kiss. "I'll let you know how it goes," he said, before he turned around and left the shop, followed by the others.

"Do you think they'll make it Giles?" Buffy inquired, worried for her once again friend.

"I can't really say Buffy, however I think it is clear that Xander will be back, no matter what," Giles said with a smile. "We've dealt with a great threat. One we did not even know was there and stopped an even greater threat from ever becoming a problem," he said proudly.

Oz snorted, knowing he would not be remaining in Sunnydale and he already planned to leave within a few days. Willow was lost to him. That was clear now and he did not want to stay and watch her and Xander make out. He would find his own place and hopefully his own woman.



Xander sighed as he packed up his desk, as did the others. He guessed he should not have been surprised that they were fired, but luckily none of them were been charged with murder.

All the deaths were been chalked up to self defense. The X-Files, strangely enough, were not shut down, as it would seem some of Mulder's silent supporters still wanted them open and so new agents were brought in. Mulder had been happy to know that their division would survive their departure. Skinner had been forced into early retirement, but even he did not seem to mind. Winning the war against the Syndicate and safe guarding the world was worth it, even to him. Proving yet again what kind of man he was.

Krycheck had actually faced the investigation as well, but as there was no evidence of his crimes he had been released. Scully and Mulder had been unsure how to feel about that. On one hand they wanted him to finally face justice and on the other they owed him for saving Scully. In the end they had decided to stay quite. Mulder had known Krycheck had killed his father, but in the end it would not have happened, had he not been ordered to do it by the CSM and even more so if his father had not been involved in the syndicate in the first place.

In the end Scully meant more to him than his revenge and so he had not done a thing. Time changes things and in the end saving Scully had earned Krycheck some trust, as he knew the man could have allowed the gunman to shoot Scully easily but he hadn't.

They had been talking about setting up a private investigation firm based in LA. Skinner had agreed to head it with the rest of them as the agents. Small plans were put into place and Xander had gotten hold of Cordelia and Angel, to help them find a large building for them to use. When he had actually called he'd had to stand at least five minutes of Cordelia ranting, before she would listen, as he explained the full story of his return and what he wanted.

He actually found himself looking forward to seeing them again, even dead boy. He chuckled at that, having not used that phrase for a long time. Willow had been excited at the news that he was coming back to live in LA, which of course was close to Sunnydale. When he had informed them of their plans, she had been even more excited.

Willow had agreed to become a sectary and computer expert for the new P.I firm along with Tara, who both needed decent jobs. Buffy had been a little put out, but knew she would still be able to call for their aid, should she need them, including new allies in Xander and his friends.

Krycheck was also joining the agency to atone for his sins. A long debate had gone on about this, but in the end Skinner had stated in no uncertain terms, that it at least allowed them to keep an eye on the man. Mrs. Scully on learning of them all moving to LA had also made plans to move, so that she could be close to her remaining daughter.

The news when it was broken that Mulder and Scully were now together had caused a party to be thrown by the majority of the Scully family and even Bill had finally given up any argument, once he learned the danger to his sister had finally ended and the man who had ordered Melissa's death was now dead.


(X-Investigations, a year later)

Xander wondered if the changes in someone's life were supposed to be so fast. Mulder and Scully were soon to be married. Their agency had been a great success. Mulder had come up with the name wanting to stay loyal to the X-Files hence X-Investigations.

Sometimes they helped out Angel and his team, as well as Buffy and the crew back in Sunnydale, however they mostly dealt with human cases, hence their success rate was high considering their background.

His own relationship with Willow was still strong, but they were taking it slow. He was thinking of asking her to marry him next year. He had been talking to Joyce about it for some time and he was beginning to feel ready for that step. He stood and walked over to the window and looked out, feeling that his life was finally what it should be.

He looked up as Mulder and Scully walked in, hand in hand, laughing at some joke Tara was telling them, whilst Willow headed straight for him. He quickly pulled her into a hug and kissed her hard, before looking at the window again, as the rest of the team walked in. Yes the future he thought was really looking good as Willow laid her head on his shoulder.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "X-File Sunnydale". This story is complete.

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