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X-File Sunnydale

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Summary: Alexander Harris left Sunnydale five years ago, due to a bust up with Willow, Buffy and the rest of the gang after he was caught with Willow. He heads to Washington and decides to join the FBI.

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Chapter One

X-File Sunnydale

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the X-files or any characters from them, they belong respectively to Joss Whedon and Chris Carter and the wonderful people at Fox.

Subject: Xander/Willow, Mulder/Scully


Fox Mulder walked into the basement that happened to be the X files office. His face was grim from the briefing he'd just had with Walter Skinner. The murders were some of the worst he'd ever seen, including his work as a profiler. He noted that Alex and Scully were going through their last case notes. Mulder had been pleased with his choice of bringing Alex into the X-files full time. He had helped them in many cases and helped save many lives. The one thing he wouldn't do was telling them about his past, he refused to say anything about it and Mulder had respected his wishes and not had the gunmen do a little digging. His eyes drifted to Dana briefly before he shook his head and reminded himself that he shouldn't be thinking of his partner in such a fashion.

"Mulder?" his partner asked as she noticed him.

"We got a new case. A lot of murders down in California," he told them both, he noted how Alex's face drained a little.

"Where exactly?" his younger partner asked.

"A small town called Sunnydale," Mulder answered.

Alex shook his head in complete disbelief. He had never thought he would ever go back to Sunnydale. He had done everything he could to distance himself from his past. He had changed his middle name hoping that would stop any of the Scooby gang from coming to find him and now after five years he had no choice but to return. He couldn't say no to any of them or Skinner after everything they had been through.

"Alex are you okay?" he dimly heard Dana ask.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he answered looking at both of his partners. "I just never thought I'd ever have to go back," he said lost in his own thoughts.

"You used to live there?" Dana asked, slightly worried by the look of pain and confusion that marred her friends face.

"Yes I did, until I was eighteen," he answered standing up. "I had to leave," he added, "they didn't leave me any choice. They all blamed me," he said not realizing he was still talking as he remembered how everyone had blamed him for the fling with Willow and Cordelia's injury. Not one of them, including Willow, had listened to his side of the story. Willow because of her guilt and the rest were just used to blaming him for things that went wrong.

"Who blamed you?" Mulder asked as he stepped closer to his friend noting the distant look he had on him.

Alex finally shook himself out of his revive and thought back about the memories of his past. "Sorry, zoned out there for a sec, what were you saying?" he asked trying to keep the conversation of him.

"Alex, please tell us?" Dana asked, as she stood and moved towards him. "It may help to finally get it off your chest," she continued hoping to coax him out.

"I guess, seen as we're heading to Sunnydale you'll need to know what's there," Alex sighed. "Sunnydale is no ordinary town. It's the location of the Hellmouth," he told them.

"Hellmouth?" Mulder inquired.

"The Hellmouth is a portal leading straight to hell. It draws everything evil to it, mostly vampires and demons. Real ones before either of you accuse me of being crazy. I fought them for three years before I was forced to leave by the very people I fought with," he informed them.

"Why?" Dana asked again.

"Willow was my best friend since we were four. When we became fourteen a new girl came into our lives called Buffy. She just happened to be the Slayer, a girl chosen to fight the forces of darkness. We both decided to help her out after one of our friends, Jessie, was killed by a vampire. Willow used to have a crush on me, but I ignored it because I was scared of ruing out friendship. I know I hurt her by doing it, but I thought it was for best in the long run. Eventually she got over me and started dating a guy named Oz, who also helped us fight. I ended up dating another girl who helped called Cordelia."

Alex finally sat back down, as the allowed the memories to flow through him. He knew no matter what pain he'd feel, once the gate was open it might help to finally tell someone.

"During a real nasty fight with some vamps Willow ended up in the hospital. She was in a coma and I was faced with the fact that I could lose her. I confessed I loved her and she woke up, but she called for Oz so I bottled up my feelings for her again and continued dating Cordelia until homecoming that is," he told them and no matter what guilt he still felt for that advent he couldn't help but smile as he remembered what it felt like to kiss Willow Rosenberg. "Willow and I were changing clothes and we ended up kissing. We tried to stay away from one another, but we couldn't and we continued kissing until we were captured by a vampire named Spike. We thought we were gonna die so we ended up kissing one last time and that was when Oz and Cordelia burst in, intent on rescuing us, Oz just stared at us in horror and Cordelia ran, but she fell through a weak floorboard and impaled herself on a piece of rebar," he stopped talking, as he almost burst our crying.

"Take your time," Dana said, as she understood this wasn't easy for him to talk about.

"Cordelia recovered, but she wouldn't have anything to do with me afterwards. Buffy and Giles blamed me for the whole deal. Oz had always disliked me due to my close connection to Willow, but now it was even worse and Willow shoved all her guilt and anger on me, blaming me for everything. She told me I had pushed her into the fling and I had pursed it. The others all believed her and kept having a go at me. Finally I had enough and I left during the night, not caring if some vamp got lucky and got me," he stopped again taking a deep breath. "I got to Washington and decided to make something of myself. I finished High School and graduated from UVA. I still wanted to help people so I joined the FBI and I tried to cut myself of from my past as much as I could, including changing my middle name in case they tried to track me down," he finished.

"That's a hard story Alex. I never would have thought you had such a painful past. I mean you're always so cheerful, telling jokes to keep things light," Mulder said, as he went through everything he had been told.

"Just a cover, I've always used it, even when I was in Sunnydale," Alex answered. "My past has been nothing but pain, until I met Buffy and then it went to hell again until I joined the FBI," he said with a strained laugh.

Scully shook her head in complete shock at the story of her friend's past. She had never expected such a painful past could be connected to him. She understood now why he never wanted to discuss his past, it was just to painful to go into, though she felt a little hurt that he couldn't confined in them.

"Do you think these murders are connected to his Hellmouth you mentioned?" Mulder asked looking at his watch, knowing Skinner had ordered them to be in Sunnydale as quick as possible.

"It's possible. I suggest that when we get there we find Buffy and the others," Alex suggested.

"You think they'll help?" Dana asked.

"It's what they do, fight the forces of darkness," Alex told them. "Let's get ready," he added. "I'll fill you in more about the Hellmouth on the plane ride."


Buffy ducked the quick shot from Giles as they sparred. She quickly dropped to a crouch and kicked out, taking Giles's feet out from him, knocking the former watcher on his butt.

"I think that will do for today, Buffy," Giles said as he tried to catch his breath.

"Good, I have a date with Riley later," Buffy said with a bright smile.

Giles nodded as his slayer exited the room at a slow jog. He knew she enjoyed her dates with the former soldier, but sometimes he wished she would stay serious when they were dealing with slaying business.

"Hey Giles, how did it go?" Willow asked as she entered the training room that was connected to the magic shop Giles owned.

"She's as tough as ever. The joining spell we used to defeat Adam seems to have left no ill effects," Giles said as he pushed himself to his feet.

"That's good to know," she said with a smile.

"Yes it is. I guess we should count ourselves lucky Oz showed up when he did," Giles mused. "He came back at just the right time so we could have the four people we needed to do the spell," he continued.

"Yeah, it was good timing" she said absently.

"I take it things are not going well between you and Oz, now that he is back?" Giles asked.

"They are rocky, scratch that they are very rocky," Willow told him, as she sat on one of the benches. "He really upset me when he told me that he saw Xander in Washington," Willow said, her eyes filling with tears as she thought about her lost friend. "We looked through every files for Alexander Harris and not one of them were our Xander," she said trying to fight her emotions.

"I know. Oz should have known better than to even mention Xander to you," Giles said moving to comfort her. "I know you still sometimes end up crying at nights when you think of him," he told her. "I can't help, but hear you seen that we all live at Buffy's now," he added at her surprised look.

"I can't help it Giles. It's my fault he left," she said, leaning against her friend. "I said so many horrible things to him because I didn't want to deal with my guilt," she continued.

"I know, we can only hope Xander is alive and well somewhere," Giles told her, rocking his friend as she finally let her tears escape.


Alex smiled as he noted the way Scully had fallen asleep. Her head was resting on Mulder's shoulder with her fiery red hair that reminded him of Willows strewn over him. Mulder quickly noted the way Alex was looking at him and just shook his head trying not to let his younger partner know how he was affected just by having Scully resting against him.

"How bad do you think this Hellmouth of yours is going to be?" Mulder asked, still piling through everything Alex had explained to them before Scully had fallen asleep.

"It's been five years Mulder. I wouldn't' be surprised to find things had gotten worse. I hope though that the gang found some more help to deal with it," Alex said with a sign, knowing no matter what anger he held for his friends he would never wish any of them any harm especially Willow.

"You still care about them, especially Willow, right?" Mulder asked lightly not wanting to probe.

"Yes I do. I could never live with myself if anything happened to Willow," Alex told his friend. "If all I find when we get there is a," he broke of trying to fight the flood of fear that rushed through him.

"I'm sure she's okay," Mulder tried to reassure his friend.

"I hope so," Alex said. "How long before we get there?" he asked trying to change the subject.

"Another hour and you better get some rest. I doubt we'll have much time once we land," he added.

Alex nodded, as he slid back in his chair and closed his eyes. He dreaded what he'll find in Sunnydale. He prayed to every religion he knew, that Willow was alive and safe.


The woman moved slowly through the dark house, granted it was only five in the afternoon, but for some reason none of the lights were working. She heard a couple of floorboards squeak above her and quickly turned around to see a shadow jump out at her. She tried to scream, but fond her voice wouldn't work. The last thing she saw before the darkness overtook her were a pair of red eyes.
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