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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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Secrets and Lies Part II:- Dydtrax Chapter 2

Secrets and Lies Part II:- Dydtrax
Chapter Two

Authors note:-

Everything hits the fan in this chapter, don't say I didn't warn you.

Chapter Two

Dawn landed from the teleport and looked around the Command Centre. Faith wasn't there and nether was Alpha. "What's going on?" she asked Dr Oliver. "Where's the others?"

"Alpha's working on repairing the Zords." he explained, "And I didn't call Faith, not yet. It's Cassie I need to talk to and I thought you should hear it too."

"Alright, what's up?" Cassie asked after a moment.

"It's about your Power Weapons." He said carefully. "I've been going over the readings we've got and I think I know what's going on."

"Great, so why can't Faith and I use them?"

"Well, you've not got enough power yet." He winced. "You see the way this works is you become a conduit for the power. It needs to work through you to manifest."

"I don't understand, you're saying what's wrong is something to do with me?"

"Not something, everything. That's why it has to be the right person for the coin to bond with. The person with the potential. You've got that, but your not using it."

Cassie and Dawn shared a look, it was obvious that neither of them understood what he was getting at. Before they could ask he stopped them. "It's your confidence." He explained. "I know it doesn't make much sense but unless you believe in yourself, in your own capabilities, you can never channel the full power of the Coin."

"No, it makes sense." Dawn pointed out. "That's sort of like magic. Doubt and fear can get in the way of the simplest spells."

Cassie's eyebrows headed to her hair line. "So I just click my heels, believe really really hard in fairies and I get my weapon. That's nuts!" She exclaimed

"That's another one, disbelief." Dawn told her. "You can do this. Right?"

Dr Oliver nodded quickly. "I'm sure you can Cassie."

The teenager smirked and turned to Dawn. "Any hints? I mean you got your Flute pretty quickly."

Dawn hadn't thought about it and she really had no idea. "I guess I just don't think about it. If I don't let it worry me it can't get in the way."

"Makes a sort of sense, I guess." Dr Oliver agreed.

Cassie threw her hands in the air. "I don't know how to do that. Just shrug off the whole super powers thing and don't let it worry me while I fight of an army of demons? In case you two haven't noticed I'm new to this whole thing. You've done the Ranger thing before and you, Dawn, this has been your life. My home town didn't even…" she stopped mid-rant. "Didn't even have electricity." she finished lamely.

Dawn was almost a hundred percent sure that wasn't what her fellow Ranger was about to say but let it slide. Cassie took a couple of deep breaths "This is just all so far beyond me. How can I not doubt it."

"I get it, I really do." Dr Oliver put a hand on her shoulder. "Do you think I was ready when I first became a Ranger? Not even close, but I trusted my friends and knew what I was doing. If you do the same everything will be okay." He offered her a reassuring smile and so did Dawn when their watches bleeped.

"Faith?" Dawn asked as she pressed the right button. She was the only other person with a watch communicator after all.

"Yeah." The Slayer answered. "We've got a problem, our new demon playmate is downtown looking for a party."

"In broad daylight?" Dawn gasped.

"I guess they're not one's for tradition" Faith snarked. 'She brought friends so it looks like I'm going to need help."

With a nod to Cassie the two of them pulled out their morphers "We're on our way."

"It's morphing time!"

Faith had just come out of the coffee shop when she saw the demoness march down the street, surrounded by demon minions. The construction that had been clearing rubble scattered, leaving their equipment, hats and even gloves behind as they fled.

Faith allowed herself a smirk at the sight of burly builders screaming in terror before diving down an alleyway and calling Dawn. The other Ranger didn't need much prompting, still being Buffy's sister had to have an advantage or two. Being quick on your feet when the demons invaded might not have been a useful job skill in the marketplace, but it came in handy for saving the world.

Pulling out her Morpher Faith struck a pose. Flicking the switch with her thumb it opened up and Faith punched the air, shouting "Mastodon!"

What could only be called black light formed all around her. As it quickly became more intense the light became almost solid. She wasn't sure if the light changed her clothes or replaced them, but as her Ranger costume formed it was skin tight. Still it was comfortable, breathed like leather and gave her a lot more freedom to move than her usual outfits.

As she burst out of the alley Dawn and Cassie landed in two columns of light. Together the three of them turned to face the approaching demon army. "You might have defeated Rockthorn!" the demoness shouted. "But we all know he was stupid. I'm not. Warriors, attack!"

Faith rolled her eyes, even though nobody could see them. It was kinda predictable that she'd do that. This time though Faith was going to do something about it. "You two keep the boy's busy. I'll take out the demon chick."

"You sure?" Dawn asked, pulling out her Flute thing.

"Sure, besides you've got the other guy and Blue took out Rock boy. Its my turn." With that Faith took a running jump over the approaching minions, clearing the small forrest of swords she made straight for the demoness.

The green horned monster took one look and fled. Faith couldn't blame her, with Faith's Slayer strength boosted by the power coin there wasn't much else she could do. The demoness ran down a side street, trying to lose the Ranger but didn't have much luck.

As well as boosting her strength Faith's Coin made her faster, fast enough to easily catch up with her target. When she was close enough Faith jumped again. This time at the demoness, throwing her shoulder into them. The tackle was almost perfect and as Faith rolled back to her feet the demoness was sent flying into a wall.

Pulling out her dagger the Black Ranger waited, she had an idea what was coming next and was right. She threw a pair of fireballs, the first span wide missing Faith and detonating on a fire hydrant. The second was a lot better shot, but Faith didn't bother dodging. She backhanded the fireball with the dagger but rather than have it explode the blow sent it high into the sky. "Wanna try that again" She smirked.

The demoness clawed itself up, Faith could clearly see the fear in it's eyes. A look she knew all two well, from both humans and demons. Pushing her feelings aside Faith set her shoulders and bore down on the helpless monster.

It didn't stand a chance, after all her boasting and fire she had no way to protect herself from Faith. Again she lashed out with a fireball, even though it looked weaker somehow Faith didn't take the chance and batted it away as she slowly walked closer.

Unable to fight or run the demoness fell back on begging. "Please, look it's not my fault. I've got to do what the Warlord says or he'll kill me. He'll drag me down to his dimension, you don't know what happens there! Please, I didn't have any choice…"

Faith looked down at her, she was so pathetic cowering there. All bravado gone in the face of her fate. Faith couldn't help but feel pity for her. She hesitated.

Just what the demoness wanted. She struck like a snake, grabbing Faith's leg. Cursing under her breath Faith was about to bring the dagger down when she was frozen in place. She couldn't move, it was like someone had locked her in place.

Then things got worse. Dark tendrils snaked from her suit and flowed into a crystal on the Demoness's glove. The last thing Faith saw before blacking out was the shining crystal become as black as onyx.

Cassie watched Faith take off after her opponent, leaving the two of them to deal with more than twenty demons.

Demons. When she'd first come to Earth Cassie saw it as one step below haven. No Goa'uld, or plagues. People could live free and were safe from dangers she had been born into. Things like running water was normal here, but a miracle to the people of her village.

When her school friends first asked what she was doing for halloween Cassie had no idea what they were talking about. She'd bluffed and asked her mother when she had gotten home. It was the first time she'd been scared since the silo, when she had a bomb in her chest.

Two nights later Janet had rented a comedy horror. By the time Halloween had come around Cassie found the whole thing funny. She thought the Tau'ri had to make up monsters because there wasn't any left for them to fight.

Now she found out these things were real. Not just real, but that she had to stop them and it was the three of them against things that even the Goa'uld would fear.

If almost to prove she was insane Dawn didn't wait, drawing her Flute the Green Ranger charged the small army of demons head on. With Faith chasing the demoness who knew where Cassie, not for the first time wondered just what she had gotten into.

Dawn was really outnumbered, but it didn't look like she cared. She was like a one Ranger whirlwind. Blocking, slashing, kicking and even head-butting anything that got in her way. Cassie knew she couldn't follow that. All she had was a few self defence lessons from Sam, Jack and Teal'c. Dawn was trained by her Slayer Sister and had done this for years. Drawing her blaster Cassie took one look at the demons and opened fire.

She wasn't a good shot, but that many demons that close meant she didn't need to be. Just about every shot hit something. Just not always the right something. "Yikes!" Dawn shouted. "Watch where your shooting!"

"Sorry!" Cassie winced and fired again. This time hitting a park bench. "I meant to do that!"

"Okay, don't do that." Dawn shouted. "Try the knife."

Cassie hesitated, "I don't think…"

"Remember what we said about confidence!" The Green Ranger called before beheading two demons with a single blow and side kicking another. "Now would be a good time."

While she wasn't doing that well with confidence she was more than angry enough. Flipping the gun around the knife blade flicked out and Cassie charged. The first Demon she came across raised it's axe high above it's head, she saw the opening as soon as it moved. A quick slash backhanding the blade across its chest and she moved on. An explosion on the demon's chest sending it stumbling back.

The next one had a club and again Cassie reacted too fast for it, a short punch with her free hand stunned it. A knee to it's gut left it winded, letting her take it out with a upper cut from the knife.

When she wasn't thinking about it she could fight better than she ever thought possible. It was almost like she was running on auto pilot, reacting in just the right way. She still wasn't in Dawn or Faith's league, but she was good enough to hold her own.

When the third demon de-solved into goo Cassie took a step back, they had thinned the minions out but there was still more than she liked. Dawn backed off too, spinning her Flute between her fingers before cracking her neck. "Alright where is he?"


"Tretrax." Dawn explained looking around at the rooftops. "These guys aren't going to last much longer, if he's going to make use of them he should be here by now."

"Maybe he's not coming." Cassie supplied.

The Green Rangers head snapped around. "If he's not, then Faith…"

Cassie, for a second, didn't get what she was talking about. Then it hit her, these guys were just supposed to keep the two of them busy. They were going after Faith.

They didn't need to say anything else. The minions were in the way, but that wasn't going to be much of a problem. Cassie armed with her Power Dagger and Dawn with the Dragon Flute were more than a match for them. Bursting through the feeble minions the pair followed Faith and the demoness.

It didn't take long, she hadn't gotten far but it was that Dawn found her. "There!" She shouted pointing at a shape on the ground, "Oh Goddess no!"

Cassie got a look and stopped in her tracks "By the Ancients!" she hissed. She'd seen Dawn beaten within an inch of her life and ran to the edge of total exhaustion,but even then she'd looked better. Faith was sprawled on the black top like a rag-doll. Cassie couldn't tell if she was breathing or not, but that wasn't the real problem. All colour had been drained from the once black clad Ranger. Instead her body suit was pale grey, as if someone had washed it in bleach. "Is she...?" Cassie asked, her heart in her mouth

"I… I can't tell." Dawn looked up. "Watch out!"

Cassie was about to turn when something grabbed her by the back of the neck, lifting her clean off the floor like she weighed nothing. Hanging there it felt like someone had frozen her in place. "I can't move!" she ground out between clenched teeth. She couldn't, not even a finger.

"And this makes two!" the demoness chuckled, then Cassie felt it. It was like someone was sucking the energy from her with a pump. All too quickly she didn't even have the strength to try and move and she only had a vague feeling of falling when she was cast aside.

On the other side of the city existence blinked. Reality flinched and a stray cat hissed in shock. Out of the still air a tiny blue spark flickered into life, like a tiny fairy light shorting out it fought to exist. sometimes blindingly bright, other times almost invisible.

The cat took one look and ran. Finally, as if winning it's fight to exist the tiny spark stabilised with a soft glow. Pulsing once, twice, three times, but after the fourth it flew back. Tearing backwards through space, an unimaginable distance in only a few feet, it spun back home. Ripping a blue spinning gash in the fabric of reality. "It's open, it worked!" Someone on the other side of the vortex shouted. They sounded like a young teenage girl.

"Then you should go." came another voice. Thick not just with concern, but with something else too. Almost pride, the pride of a close friend.

"What, me?" The girl asked

"You're the only one that can go, the Transwarp portal isn't big enough for anyone else." A third slow and deeper voice chimed in.

"But… but…"

"He's right." The second voice agreed. "We need to find out what's going on there and you're the best person to do that."

"I can't not with Dad, I've only just got him back!" The first voice pleaded.

"We'll look after him. He'll be okay, I promise." A fourth and final voice tried to reassure them.

"Sari, we need help." The second pointed out gravely. "We can't hold out against the hordes of the Warlord forever. If someone in this dimension did stop one of their most powerful warriors we need them."

After a moment the girls voice, almost cracking with emotion said; "Alright Prime, but don't get comfortable. I'll be back."

"Wouldn't have it any other way. Good luck." The vortex spluttered and a teenage girl fell through.

Dawn landed in the Command Centre and ran to Cassie's side. As soon as her roommate collapsed the Green Ranger didn't waste a second fighting. She called Alpha, having him beam the three of them back to base. "Ay, ay ay Dawn! What happened?"

"I don't know. Dydtrax just touched her and drained all the colour from her costume. I guess she did the same thing to Faith." Catching her breath Dawn ripped off her helmet and tried to do the same thing for Cassie but couldn't. Somehow it was stuck. "What the hell?"

Alpha quickly came up carrying some sort of scanner. It looked like an egg-whisk with a pair of small colanders behind it spinning on the front end of a hair dryer. "Ay ay ay, their life force is almost down to zero! Something's completely drained them of all their powers."

Dawn gave up trying to remove the helmet and stood up. "Is there anything we can do for them?"

"I don't even know how this could happened." The robot put down the scanner. "I might be able to build something to keep them going, but until we find out what she did to them I can't begin to do anything."

Feeling helpless Dawn spun and punched a console. Smashing it into pieces. "Why didn't I see it! It was all a trap."

"You couldn't have known." Alpha tried to explain. "I've never seen anything like this." Dawn pulled her fist out of the console. "I'm going to call Tommy back from the hanger. He might have an idea." he told her but she wasn't really listening.

This had to be a nightmare, this was all her fault. If she'd seen it, she should have seen it, she coulees have done something. Stopped Faith, expected an ambush. Thought for one second of someone other than herself.

Devastated, Dawn could only look helplessly at her comatose friends.

End Chapter Two
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