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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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The Wider World Part I:- Arrivals Chapter 1

The Wider World Part I:- Arrivals
Chapter One

Authors Note
I can't guarantee everyone reading this knows who Sari Sumdac is. Don't worry about that, I'l be dealing with a full introduction during this "episode" but if you want too look her up be my guest.

Sari Sumdac looked around the street, trying to keep out of everyone's way. Yesterday her improvised Space Bridge had spat her out into this world, and she already knew what she was looking for.

For such a silly name these 'Rangers' might just have been the help she needed to save her world. Both of them.

Eight months earlier
It wasn't the first time Sari had come before the Autobot Council. That had been when Optimus had refused the rank of Magnus. Standing there with the Allspark on a chain around his neck and Magnus Hammer in hand he brushed off the councils praise. Insisting he was just a Prime Optimus agreed to have a voice on the council and leave it at that until Ultra Magus was repaired

This time was different though, this time the whole council was focused on her. "It's a freak, and should be banished from Cybertron!" Sentinel Prime insisted, banging hard on the desk.

Behind her she heard Bumblebee whisper; "You're the one that should be banished, slag-head." Sentinel still had a place on the council as the head of the Elite Guard, but after his almost disastrous tenure as temporary Magnus no one was going to follow him again.

"We all know your opinion on organics Sentinel Prime." Alpha Trion sighed, "but do you have anything other to add to this discussion?" Sari didn't know the ancient Autobot very well, but he seemed like a nice old man.

"So far all we've told our fellow Autobots is that this… this thing is a Microbot. If the public found out what she… what it was there'd be general chaos!" he banged on his table again as behind her Bulkhead revved his engine in anger.

Truth be told she didn't blame the jerk-bot. He wasn't the only one who wouldn't understand. Most of the organic aliens the Autobots had made contact with had been monsters, or icky gloopy things, or things that did in fact eat metal. It was only her friends that had spent time talking to humans and understood them. There were more than a few that wouldn't accept her. Same way humans wouldn't accept her if they knew she wasn't like them.

It had struck her then that really she was stuck somewhere between, too much of one to be the other.

"That may be so," agreed Alpha Trion. "It may also be said that all machines are mindless drones, or violent evil Decepticons. Assigning sweeping statements to a entire species is the result of a faulty or deficient processor."

Ratchet stifled a laugh and Sentinel spluttered as Optimus stood up. Even though he wasn't officially in charge the council behaved like he was. Coughing uncomfortably Sari noticed him glance at her. "I think we're getting off topic. While I'm glad to see the council taking an interest I don't think Sari's nature is something we can discuss here. Can I ask that we move on?"

"Quite right Optimus Prime." Alpha Trion nodded. "The issue we are here to discuss is your proposal for an official Alliance with the peoples of the planet Earth."

Optimus nodded, not looking anymore comfortable. "As the council knows my crew and I were on Earth for several years, and made some good friends."

"Oh get to the point Optimus." Sentinel sighed.

"The point is, through an alliance with Earth, it might be possible to harvest enough Energon to return Cybertron to it's golden age."

Sari watched as the council reacted in shock. "How might this be possible?" Preceptor, the Autobot's chief scientist, asked.

Optimus pressed a button on his desk and a screen came on. "Earth, as a world, orbits a standard star. While it lacks the technology many humans have theorised ways of harnessing the power of that star. Currently using crude, planet based, 'solar panels'. With our knowledge and their theories it would be possible to build solar satellites. A network of collectors taking ambient energy and harvesting it."

The other council members looked at each other before Alpha Trion stood up. "Optimus Prime, as temporary Magnus and member with the most experience with Organics the Council agrees that it falls to you to forge this alliance. You, and your friends may do so with our blessing."

Sari looked up into the sky, wondering if there was a Cybertron here. If there was what would they think of Earth. Were they all bigots like Sentinel or open like Optimus.

Sighing she walked on, she had a mission to complete. If she was going to save her Earth and her Cybertron she needed to find these Rangers.

Tretrax was thrown across the cave. The shadowy form of The Warlord flickering in rage, "How could you let this happen! If there is only three it should have taken only a couple of moments to utterly destroy them!"

"Dread Warlord," Tretrax began. "It was my traitorous half-sister. She refused to heed my warnings and lead Rockthorn into defeat."

"Yet you did nothing."

"There was nothing I could do." the General pleaded. "By the time I knew what she was planning it was too late. They had already summoned their giant beasts."

"Is all you have to bring me excuses?" the image shuddered. "What of Dydtrax, where is she and why does she not tell me all this herself?"

"She too is destroyed, Great One."

"She too?" he hissed. "I would have thought she, of all people, would have escaped."

"No, Warlord, she attempted to steal their power for her own. With Vetori gemstones."

That got his attention. "Truly, a daring plan. Yet she still failed?"

"She underestimated them." Tretrax couldn't keep the sneer from his lips. "Their power was too great for her to control and she was defeated. I will not be so foolish."

The wavering image of the Warlord sat down on the rock throne. "Perhaps where brute strength has failed cunning is required. Return to me Tretrax, another will conquer this world."

The General jumped to his feet. 'Warlord, no! I beg you, these Rangers have insulted me. I will have my revenge! I swear it!"

The Warlord looked at him, obviously considering his decision. "One last attempt then. Defeat them anyway you see fit and this world could still be yours. Otherwise A'Zores will be the one to replace you.' With that the image faded away and Tretrax snarled.

Cassie and Dawn both had a free period. Which was good news because Faith had called them that morning. She wanted them both at the Coffee shop in the City for some reason. Cassie didn't mind, after what they had all been though in the last few weeks she needed a break from demons, magic and powers.

It was still amazing to her that this was how Dawn and Faith had lived their lives. Well almost, at least without the Ranger Powers. For all it's wonder and advancement Earth always seemed to be on the brink of an apocalypse.

"What is the plural of apocalypse anyway." Cassie asked, suddenly curious.

"I thought we weren't talking about work." Dawn teased before shrugging "There isn't one. At least we haven't come up with one. Other than Tuesday."


"Yep, don't ask me why but it always seems to happen on a Tuesday. Anyway I think the reason there isn't a plural is that there's only supposed to be one."

That sounded reasonable, but it didn't help. "So how many have you seen?" Cassie asked and Dawn smiled that sad smile of her's

"We don't count them." She told her as they went inside. Cassie could believe that. Her Uncle Jack had done much the same, but there was a difference. Dawn could count it in lives and friends lost. Even though she'd been caught up inhere own grief at the time Cassie knew her mothers loss had hit Sam and the others hard too.

As they made their way to the counter Cassie looked around the coffee shop. Given that it was the middle of the afternoon and a weekday it wasn't surprising that there wasn't that meny people in. There was a guy, in a business suit, typing away on a cheap looking laptop. A couple of Ranger Fans arguing over a map and a girl with red hair, dark skin and a yellow dress.

The girl looked completely out of place, but before she could say anything Dawn noticed something else. "She's not here."


"Faith, she's not in." Dawn pointed out. Cassie looked around again, her roommate was right.

"I'll get the coffee." Cassie offered. 'You go find a seat and wait for her."

"It's not exactly crowded." Dawn shrugged and followed her to the counter.

"Hi guys." the clerk said smiling as she turned to them. Cassie had to blink as she realised who it was.

"Faith?" Dawn blurted out, "What are you, have you got a job here?"

The Black Ranger laughed. "Oh the looks on your faces, yeah I got a job."

"But, how? I mean why?" Dawn stammered

Faith shrugged, "It beats sitting around a motel room doing nothing. Besides I need the cash."

"Watcher's Council stingy on the check?" Cassie smiled, remembering Dawn's grumblings earlier in the week. It seemed to her that for an international organisation trying to save the world from monsters they sure didn't like spending any money.

"Ever since Giles took over the accounts it's like the great depression." Dawn agreed. She looked to Cassie, "I was going to get a hot chocolate what do you want."

"Same," she nodded. "That is if Faith doesn't poison us."

"I make no promises. Go find a seat I'll bring them to you."

"Really, thanks."

"Thank me with a tip." Faith teased and turned back to the percolator. Sharing a look the two roommates quickly found a seat near the window and watched her.

She wasn't exactly struggling with the bronze thing that covered half the wall but they could both tell if it made one wrong move the Slayer's patience would snap and the whole contraption would go flying. After a couple of minutes Faith, looking quite pleased with herself, put two large cups on a tray and brought them over. "And there we go."

"You all alone up there?" Dawn asked

"The boss is out back, she's keeping an eye on me but it's alright. New staff and all that." Faith told them as Cassie took a mouthful of chocolate and was pleasantly surprised.

She hadn't really expected Faith to poison her, but it was really quite good. "I better get back." The Slayer pointed out. "Talk to you later, alright." They nodded and let her get back to work.

After another mouthful Cassie sat back and looked out the window. After a moment she realised Dawn was looking at the table, lost in thought, and hadn't touched her drink. "The chocolate's good." she said, trying to get her friend's attention.

"Huh?" Dawn asked "Oh yes the chocolate. It is good." she agreed without even tasting it.

"Something wrong?"

Dawn shrugged, "There's something I want to talk to you about. How much do you know about your… trick."

"Trick?" Cassie blinked before she understood. "Oh you mean… Well just what told you. I got sick once, while I was ill I could do things. Then, when I got better, I couldn't." It was the truth, as far as she could go with it.

"It's not magic, it can't be. Magic needs chants, focus, emotional control, the whole nine yards. You just do it, but I need to know how."

"Why?" Cassie asked, sounding a bit more accusatory than she wanted.

"It's what happened with Dydtrax. As soon as she lost Faith's strength she couldn't use your… trick either. It's like she needed one for the other."

Cassie sat back. "Why? I don't."

"Maybe you do." Dawn said frowning hard. "You know magic can do a lot of things, things you don't think are possible, but it can't break the laws of physics. What if, what if you can't either." She leaned forward. "You've never tried lifting anything like a car, or a person, have you?"

It was Cassie's turn to frown. "No I haven't. I wouldn't want to either."

Dawn suddenly grinned. "Why not?"

"It was all I could do to move after helping that little girl" she whispered back. "Who knows what might happen if I try anything like that."

"I think I do. No matter how powerful you can't change the laws of physics and isn't one of those laws that every action has an equal and opposite reaction?" Dawn's grin grew as the implications settled on Cassie."'Don't you see, the reason you won't lift a car is because you can't, but Faith can with her strength."

"No, no, no." Cassie shook her head. "Then how did I heal the girl. I wasn't hurt like she was. Just tired."

"Bone tired, dead tired." Dawn pointed out. "I'm not sure, but that time I don't think you moved anything. I think you used some sort of energy."

"And energy can't be created it can only be changed. You're saying I changed some sort of energy…'

"Changed, or maybe channeled. I think that's how your powers work. You can channel energies Cassie!"

Cassie tried not to gasp as she remembered something. "I think you're right. When I was ill I had a fever. It was a bad one, my mom tried everything but it didn't work. Then I picked up a chess piece, one of those magnetic ones, with my powers. I was able to put the heat from the fever into it. I didn't even have to touch it I could just make the heat flow from my head into the floating knight." It made a frightening sort of sense. "So if I say try to lift a car or something it wouldn't work because I don't have the energy, but because Faith does that demon bitch could use both."

Dawn nodded, "And it means we now know how to strengthen your powers."

"We do? How?"

"Exercise, training. I'm not saying with your powers, without them."

Cassie realised what Dawn was getting at and stopped her. "You're not about to go all Watcher on me are you?"

"What? No, I was just thinking things like morning jogs and stuff to keep you in shape."

"Oh," Cassie sighed. "Just what I need more exercise." Then she saw someone cross the street and all thoughts of physical exertion vanished.

Daniel and Teal'c had just gotten the police report from a very unhappy Mayor. The middle-aged bureaucrat wasn't supposed to be there but somehow they'd heard he two of them were there and raced down.

They had wanted to know just what the Army was doing about the Rangers using their City as a battlefield. It had taken all of Daniel's patience not to snap after the first twenty minutes. It was the tall Jaffa warrior that eventually dealt with the problem.

Leaving quickly after the pair of them made their way into the City proper. Jack had sent them to find out what they could about the place while Vala and Cameron were on the Odyssey in orbit. They were to beam them up at the first sign of danger and observe. Hopefully between their near constant scanning and Daniel's research they'd get somewhere.

"Daniel Jackson, is that not Cassandra Fraiser in the window of that building." Teal'c asked, distracting him.

Looking over Daniel frowned. "It is, what is she doing here?"

"Does she not attend the local University?"

"Well yes," Daniel blinked, he'd forgotten all about that. "But I though she'd be in class." Quickly looking both ways he crossed the road and went into the Cafe. Closely followed by Teal'c.

She'd seen them crossing and got up as he got inside. Waving them over Daniel couldn't help but notice her whisper something to the girl she was with before calling out; "Daniel! Teal'c! What are you doing in Amethyst?"

He couldn't tell her the truth, not with her friend sitting there, so he came up with the next best thing. "I read a paper recently by a local lecturer, it caught my interest and Teal'c offered to come with me. A bit of a holiday, weren't counting on the local celebrities though."

"Oh you mean those costumed weirdos." Cassie's friend rolled her eyes. "You know I though I left that sort of wackiness in California, it even worse here though. Hi I'm Dawn Summers, Cassie's roommate." the girl smiled.

"Hello." Daniel shook her hand. "I'm Daniel Jackson and this is my friend Teal'c."

"That's Doctor Daniel Jackson." Cassie said proudly. "He and Teal'c work with the army. They were with the team that found me after what happened to my home.' That took him him by surprise. 'After they kept in touch though my mum."

Daniel had to be very careful at that point, her casual admission meant Cassie must have told her friend a version of the truth. Just how much she had gone into was going to be difficult. "I wouldn't have guessed you two were army." Summers said surprised.

"Oh we're not." Daniel said thinking on his feet. 'We're sort of attached, to the Air Force that is. I'm actually a linguist and Teal'c…"

"I am an expert tracker and guide." Teal'c announced as Daniel floundered. "And I am honoured to meet you Dawn Summers."

"Same here." The brunette girl grinned even wider and turned to Daniel. "Linguist huh, how many languages do you speak?"

"Urm, twenty four, twenty five." he admitted, caught off guard again.

Summers let out an impressed whistle. "I can only do six, kinda stuck on Welsh at the moment."

Cassie burst out laughing and explained; "Dawn takes archeology and ancient languages at the University. She'd be as good as you in a few years."

"Not really." She said and Daniel watched as she shrugged of the praise. He'd have thought she was a art major, or another nurse. Not an archaeologist in training. "But I'd love to run a few things by you one day, if you don't mind." she asked.

"Urm, sure. If you want to. I mean I haven't got the best reputation and I'm usually running around to much to publish a paper but if you want to talk about ancient cultures I might be able to do something."

"Ah, don't see why not." Summers shrugged.

Stunned by the turn of events Daniel backed off. "I'm going to get a coffee, you want something Teal'c?"

"A Hot Chocolate." the Jaffa rumbled, earning a matching smirk from the two girls.

Beating a hasty retreat Daniel made his way to the counter where he could swear the young woman behind it was checking him out.

End Chapter One
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