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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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The Wider World Part I:- Arrivals Chapter Three

The Wider World Part I:- Arrivals
Chapter Three

Sat on the lip of another mine entrance, almost a mile, away a figure tapped his pipe against the heel of a boot. Digging out the ash with a fingernail he tapped it again and finally pulled out leather pouch. Filling his pipe absently the figure pulled out a pair of binoculars from his long woollen coat and watched as the four natives battled the hounds and Tretrax's Gamekeeper.

To think that he would resort to those sorry creatures proved that the pure-born was nowhere near ready to deal with this sort of battle. The Rangers were fast, organised and deadly. It was going to be an interesting challenge to defeat them.

Putting the binoculars to one side he sighed. After a moment he took the unlit pipe out of his mouth. Striking a match against the hilt of his sword-stick he lit the tobacco and watched from afar as two of the Rangers used their combined weapon to defeat the poor misshapen fool. Tutting A'Zores took a long drag and wondered if the Warlord truly had any idea how powerful a threat these "menaces" really were.

When Tretrax used his dark powers to heal and enlarge his Gamekeeper A'Zores smirked, it was a desperate tactic. One that he didn't think would work. True enough the Converted General wasn't surprised when they summoned something to deal with the giant.

The first was a black elephant like creature with massive tusks, spewing fog from it's trunk like some sort of fire extinguisher. As best he could tell it was a mechanical wooly mammoth, only several times larger than it should have been. The second was a blue and white tank styled like a triceratops. Both were impressive, in their own.

Sitting back A'Zores let out a plume of smoke and watched the show, planning his next move. The Rangers were definitely more dangerous than Tretrax claimed. They were going to be interesting.

Dawn held back as her friends jumped up and into their Zords. "Aren't you going to help them?" The girl in yellow asked.

"I'd love to, but I can't leave Tretrax down here. He could do anything."

"I'll help, what do you need?"

Dawn thought for a second, "Just stay back and keep your eyes open, incase our friend has some more Hell-hounds nearby."

"Hell-hounds?" The girl tilted her head "Oh, so that's what these things are."

Dawn nodded and charged Tretrax. Words weren't needed, they'd all been said before.

It was just the two of them now, sword against Flute. No time for tricks, games or magic. Dawn knew she had to stop him, and knew it was going to be difficult. The Demon General parried a cut that was just a little too slow and took a step back. Dawn watched his eyes narrow before he began swinging wildly. Last time he'd done something like that it had shattered her shoulder trying to stop it.

This time Dawn ducked to avoid it and she was only just fast enough. certain that if she wasn't in costume she'd have felt the breeze left by the thin. Tretrax swung had so much force behind it that it even took him off balance. Stumbling off to one side like a drunken sailor. Before the Green Ranger could react to this though he used that same momentum to come around again.

Cursing Dawn jumped back. There was no way she was getting close to him now, he was out of control. Building more and more speed and spinning like a tornado. It would have been hilarious, if it wasn't happening to her.

He came around again sword now whistling in the wind. Rather than go back or down this time Dawn back flipped. Letting it slice through the air where she had just been. There was only one way to stop him now, that was to lure him to the rock face and let him hit that.

She had to draw him back, but that would only work if he co-operated. He didn't. With a terrible strength Dawn didn't know he had Tretrax changed the direction of the blow. Rather than spinning this time the Demon General brought the massive sword up and around before bringing it straight down where Dawn had just been.

Just like Faith's Axe, it buried deep into the ground, the only difference was that it didn't split anything else. Seizing the chance Dawn kicked the blade as hard as she could, trying to brake it off at the hilt. It didn't do any good though. The blow jarred something in her leg. Grunting in pain the Green Ranger grabbed her knee. Gritting her teeth Dawn held back a scream, but pausing just long enough for Tretrax to back hand her.

Spinning sash was to the ground her knee hit first, forcing a high pitched squeak from the Green Ranger. Looking around Dawn saw Tretrax was struggling to free his sword from the ground. Her Flute was just out of reach and without it she was a good swing away from being mashed to death. The girl in yellow came to Dawn's rescue, throwing bright blue energy blasts at the demon. "You alright?" She asked running to her side.

Dawn shook her head, "Sprained my knee, I think." she admitted, "Didn't know you could do that. Look, I'm no good down here. In my Zord I could still do some damage. Can you handle him?"

"Sure." The girl nodded, passing the Flute. "I think you might need this."

"Thanks. Now just hold him off, Black and Blue will turn up as soon as we've dealt with the big guy." Dawn told her and brought up the Flute.

Cassie grunted as the troll-thing's deformed arm smashed against her Zord, causing something behind her chair to explode. Cassie felt her controls shudder and jam for second.

Faith's Mastodon charged the demon, smashing it down with two massive tusks. Buying Cassie the time to regain control, spinning her Zord's tracks she brought it around. Flicking a switch the tail up, the twin blasters mounted there came up and fired.

The twin blasts caught the troll-thing in the chest, staggering it. Another volley caught it in the shoulder and the third went wide.

Faith picked up where she left off, with another charge. This time the Black Ranger caught the Troll-thing between the tusks and threw it into the air. Tracking it with her Zord's head Cassie fired her horn-harpoons, the two top-most horns sunk into it's oversized arm. Twisting and turning the Blue Ranger pulled the giant down.

As he landed with a crash Cassie kept pulling on that one arm. Dragging the Troll-thing across the rocky ground as it struggled against her. Flicking another control she sent a massive electric shock through cables, stunning them.

It was then that Dawn summoned her Dragonzord to the fight. Grabbing the shorter arm it held the Troll-thing fast. Giving Faith the chance she needed to rear up and stomp on it's head. Cassie closed her eyes, not wanting to see the end when she felt the controls go slack and Faith cursed.

The Troll-thing had shrunk down, back to it's normal size. Dodging the final blow. Faith didn't waste a second, abandoning her Zord and Jumping at the Troll-thing. Her Power Axe coming down like the wrath of some angry god. Cassie didn't need to watch, it was fairly obvious who was going to win that fight.

Jumping from her Zord she looked for Dawn. The Green Ranger was sitting with her back against the rock face, she looked almost relaxed. Too relaxed, considering Tretrax was still around.

That meant she was injured, Ranger suits were great at hiding identities, but worse than useless when it came to diagnosing wounds. As Cassie dashed to her roommate's side she saw the Demon General. He was fighting the girl in the yellow dress, or at least trying to.

The girl was skating on what looked like blue energy ice skates, leaving twin trials in the rock-bed as she left him spinning in circles. She was bombarding him with her strange hand blasters as she did so. They didn't seem to be hurting so much as stinging the much larger Demon. Driving him wild as he couldn't hit her. It was impressive, but the girl was no where near good enough to stop someone that big. Sooner or later something was going to have to give.

Roaring in rage the Demon General plunged a clawed hand into the ground and pulled up a chunk of stone, throwing it into the air he swung at it as the Girl came close. The rock shattered into shards, pelting them with at least a dozen bullet like rocks. Blasted from her feet the girl bounced and skidded to a stop not too far from Cassie and Dawn.

"Damn it!" The Green Ranger cursed as Cassie checked her leg. Her senses told her it was sprained at the knee. She also had a slight concussion from what had to have been a good blow to the head. Nothing serious but enough. "Help me up." she grunted.

"You can't fight like this." Cassie disagreed. "Let me." She didn't give the Green Ranger the chance to argue. Pulling out her Lance Cassie pole-vaulted into a double footed drop kick, knocking Tretrax back.

"Get out of my way!" He bellowed brandishing his sword. "I'm going to take her scalp to the Warlord and prove I'm worthy of dominating this world!"

"Well sorry to give you bad news, but her scalp's going to stay where it is."

"Then I'll take yours!" he cried out, swinging his blade. Cassie tried to block it, but he was too strong. The blow brought her to her knees and sent shocks up her arms. Braking her Lance in two she rolled away, just out of reach.

When she was younger SG-1 had taken turns in teaching her one thing or another. Sam gave her a basis on science, Jack math and Daniel taught her french. Right now she was thanking Teal'c. At the time she had thought it was kind of stupid playing with staffs when people had guns, but she had began to enjoy it.

One of the first things he taught her was that when fighting a bigger or stronger opponent you couldn't match blows, you had to defect them. Tretrax was definitely stronger and bigger, even when she had Ranger powers. Another thing he taught her was to keep moving. Tretrax followed her keeping that blade swinging from side to side. Cassie backed off, keeping one part of her Power Lance high and the other in front of her, low down.

Waiting for just the right moment Cassie hopped forward and spun in the same movement. One part of her Lance catching and deflecting the sword, the other hitting him across the face. Remembering what Dawn had said about speed the Blue Ranger didn't want to slow down. Stepping on the Demon's knee she hopped up, getting her other foot on his shoulder Cassie pushed off to one side. Sending him one way and her the other.

Getting back to her feet she snapped the Lance together again. 'Keep moving, keep switching, don't give your opponent time to adjust…' she whispered Teal'c's mantra to herself, spinning the Lance to her right then to the left. When Tretrax threw the predictable fireball she easily batted it away and began side-stepping around. Three steps one way, then four to the other before a quick dash forward.

Tretrax didn't let the first failure bother him and kept throwing bolts of fire at her. Cassie's ever spinning Lance caught each of them, batting the blasts away. It wasn't just Teal'c's training that was helping her. It was like driving the Zords, or using things in the Command Centre. As soon as her fingers first touched the Power Lance it was a living thing, part of her and she knew just what to do with it. The basics her Jaffa teacher had shown her had given her a foundation, but the knowledge that came with being a Ranger made her an expert.

Once she was close enough Cassie knew he'd be expecting a quick hit and run. Not this time. Planting her feet firmly Cassie stuck; the first blow struck his still outstretched hand away, the next was a stinging slap across the face, then she brought the other end around to give that slap some perspective. Keeping her feet still Cassie sent blow after blow against Tretrax's thick hide. Not giving him the chance to get his bearings.

Tretrax backed off, trying to buy a chance touring his sword back into play. Cassie followed, slowly but never over reaching and never losing balance. She kept up the punishing attack, hitting high for the face and low for the gut. No single blow was enough to take the hulking Demon down, but Cassie had a hope that like bee stings it would all accumulate. Hopefully before her arms got tired.

After one final blow to his head Tretrax stumbled to one side and fell. This was it, Cassie knew she was going to have to finish it. Taking a firm hold of her Lance she began to focus her Power through it. The Demon General though, was true to form and as soon as the going got tough he ran away. Pulling a portal out of nowhere he jumped through before she could strike.

Muttering a curse from her home she willed her Lance away and turned back to her friends. Faith was helping Dawn up and they were both making their way to the girl in Yellow. "Good job Blue." Faith sounded impressed. "I'd hate to go against you in a serious scrap."

"What happened to Ugly?" Cassie asked jogging up to them.

Faith laughed. "He liked my Axe about as much as tree-boy enjoyed your show." Cassie grinned as she knelt down by the Yellow Girl. Dawn was important, but she wasn't hurt badly. The girl had been knocked cold by the rock shower, a dent in her helmet showing just how powerful a blow she'd taken.

"Guys, I thought it was odd when her hands did the split thing, but have you seen this?" There were a few cuts where sharp stones had cut through her dress. A couple were a bit deeper than that and it was one of those that had got Cassie's attention.

First of all there wasn't any blood, even though it was obvious the skin had been punctured. Cassie tried some healing energy but realised she couldn't even sense the girls injuries, then it got really weird. She saw just how far the hands went. "I… I don't think she's human at all." Cassie whispered. "I think she's an Android."

"You're kidding?" Faith hissed and got a closer look. "She's right Dee. Alright this is getting freaky now."

Dawn hopped there for a moment. "This isn't the place guys. Lets get her back to the Command Centre and see what Alpha can do for her."

A'Zores put the binoculars down and took a final pull on his pipe. Four of them, each with their own weapons, skills, abilities and temperament. All working in a cohesive team. No wonder Tretrax had difficulties with them, he was used to conventional tactics.

Like most pure-born he was conservative to the point of denial. The perfect reason why Converted, such as himself, were the future.

Standing up the General chucked as he brushed the dust from his coat. Picking up and packing up his belongings the tall Demon ran the smallest finger of his gauntlet across the sky. It left a tear which he quietly sipped through, vanishing as if he was never there.

End The Wider World Part I

Authors note:-
I have to admit, originally we were supposed to get the fighting over and done with quickly, leaving more time for Sari, but I just had so much fun writing for Cassie. It solves a little problem I had with pacing next chapter. Unfortunately it also meant a short scene with SG-1 got left out.
They are a lot more important than a little cameo and deserve more than that. They'll be getting it next time, which might be a little while as a couple of other stories need some work.

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