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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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The Wider World Part II:- Gathering Disasters 1

The Wider World Part II:- Gathering Disasters
Chapter One

Sari woke up and winced. The last thing she remembered was a hail of bullet like rocks showering into her, her footing giving way and tumbling. Then there was nothing and she was here.

Transforming back into her more human form Sari sat up. "Ay ay ay, she's active!" Somebody cried out and she looked around. She was in some sort of repair bay, of to one side of a great big operations station surrounded by four glowing columns and heavy black curtains. At the station there were three women that looked to be about the right size for the Rangers.

As they all looked at her a small robot with a saucer shaped head and several rows of little red lights for a face pushed past them and shuffled up to her. "How do you feel?" They asked.

"Better." Sari shrugged, "I didn't think they could do that." she admitted.

The shorter brunette, wearing a green top, came closer. "Tretrax is sneaky like that." She laughed, "Thanks for the help out there by the way."

"It's what I came here to do." Sari told them. "I came here to find help. Someone that could fight the monsters and free my world."

"Free your world?" The oldest of them asked. She had a cool looking black jacket and given that the third wore blue it wasn't hard for her to guess what colour their costumes were. "I take it your world isn't Earth?"

"It is, and it isn't." Sari admitted, standing up. "Well sort of. I don't really understand it myself."

"So your Earth's in a parallel dimension. Same Earth, just different things happen there?" the Green Ranger asked. Sari nodded, "Right, that's cool. So why you need our help?" she asked.

"My Earth's been completely overrun." Sari admitted. "There's only a handful of places where humans are free, most people have been captured and are forced into slavery." Sari heard her voice crack and saw the looks on the Rangers faces.

"How?" The Blue Ranger asked, "I mean what happened?"

Sari shook her head. "I, I don't know. We, my friends and I, were on Cybertron, the home world of the Autobots, when it happened. My friend Optimus had been made temporary Magnus… I mean leader of the Autobots. We went before the council, to suggest an alliance. The idea was with my Earth's help Cybertron could harvest enough energy to rebuild and the Autobots could share that technology with us."

"So hang on." The Blue Ranger put both hands up. "You were trying to set up a treaty between Earth and a bunch of alien robots?" Sari nodded. "Right… Okay then, How'd it go?"

"We got the Council to agree." She told them, "I was on my way back, my friends and I were only gone three months," she explained. "But when we got to Earth I didn't even recognise it. The whole planet looked burnt, when we landed we were attacked by these things…"

"Demons, sure."

"We didn't know what they were, just that they were monsters. Skin rotting off." Sari shuddered as she remembered the ambush. "We got lucky and hid. We've been fighting and hiding ever since. We found out a few things though, we know they came from another reality and…"

The one in Black burst out laughing. "Alien robots, invasions by monsters from another dimension. Are you kidding me with all this?"

"Faith, we fight demons and vampires while dressed in multi-coloured suits and pilot giant robots into battle." The Green one pointed out and the smile slid of Faith's face. "So you're saying in the space of three months demons took over your world?" She asked.

Sari nodded. "We've done everything we can, but there's only eight of us against the armies of whatever they are. We've tried everything, but there's just too many.

"We were looking for something, anything, to help when I hit on the idea of modifying the Space Bridge. Look for anyone strong enough to help. It was by accident I found we could track the movement of the monsters."

"Space bridge?" The robot asked.

"It's like a transporter, only not. It uses dimensional folding to shorten the distance between two points." Sari explained. "I figured out that if it had something to do with dimensions I could use it. When I found out I could track them I tried to find out where they were coming from. There were two of them that I tracked here, but after that they just disappeared."

"Dydtrax and Rockthorn." The Green Ranger said, almost sadly. "You tracked them here?"

Sari nodded "Exactly. When I saw them vanish I knew there was someone here that could stop them. I told Optimus and he sent me here. You've got to help me save my world!" She didn't want it to sound that dramatic. The sad fact it was.

"Whoa there," the Green Ranger held her hands up. "We've already got one Earth to deal with and that's more than enough."

"You can't be serious." Blue burst out. "Just because they're not from here we're not going to do anything?"

"That's not what I said." Green snapped. "But look at it this way. There are three of us, we're using old equipment Alpha's been putting together out of wreckage he salvaged from a museum."

"I forgot about that." Blue admitted.

"Thought you had." Green shrugged. "We are barely hanging on with our fingernails and now we find out that it's not just Tretrax we're fighting, but an army that has already conquered other Earths. We are seriously in trouble here guys."

"We do have help." Faith said carefully.

Blue nodded suddenly. "Slayers, theres a whole army of you guys."

"Oh and how long will they last against say, a twenty story tall demon made of stone?" Green asked pointedly.

Sari bit her bottom lip, when she first heard about the Rangers she'd hoped that there were more elsewhere. If what they were saying was right there was nothing they could do.

As the Rangers argued behind them a white door opened in what Sari thought were curtains. A tall man with short, spiky, hair and a weird beard thing under his bottom lip. As soon as he stepped out of the door he looked around. "Guys, whats going on up here?"

"Oh the usual." Faith shrugged. "End of the world, universe in danger, robots and parallel dimensions." She stopped and looked at the newcomer. "You're about to say that is situation normal aren't you."

"Yeah." he shrugged back.

"Isn't there anything that shocks you? What if I told you there was a stampede of dinosaurs running down the hallway?"

"I genetically engineered dinosaurs in college." He told her. "That's not what I came up to tell you though. I was working on the power source for the Sabretooth- Tiger Zord when something happened. The Power Coin began to repair itself."

There was a horrible moment before everyone in the room turned to Sari. She looked back at them. "What's a Power Coin?"

Tretrax crawled painfully into his cavern. The guttering flames hadn't yet burnt out, for which he was thankful. He didn't think he even had the power left to re-light them.

The battle had drained him and after the beating the Blue Ranger had given him the Demon General barely had enough left in him to move. It was a disaster, he had to report back to the Warlord, but news of his defeat would mean his immediate dismissal. He needed a new plan, fast. Before the Warlord learnt what had just happened.

"Dreaming up a last ditch effort old boy?" An intruder gloated. Tretrax's attention snapped to the throne he had carved for the Warlord. Completely ignoring that fact A'Zores was sat there. Gloating as he twirled that ridiculous cane of his. "I wouldn't bother if I was you."

"What… What are you doing here?" Tretrax hissed trying to straighten up to his full hight. He towered over his rival and had the power to match, normally, but right now he wasn't close to normal.

Chuckling A'Zores lent back, throwing a leg over an arm rest. "When the Warlord told me you were having difficulties I just couldn't resist. I wanted to see how the great General would deal with four little girls and some clever technology. Imagine my surprise when I watched you lose. Definitively." He wasn't even trying to hide the smile on his face. Then he pulled out a fist sized crystal ball from his pocket. "Naturally, as a dutiful servant of his excellency, the Warlord, I had to report to him. Immediately." The ball clouded over and began to flicker with images of the battle he had just lost.

Snarling Tretrax lunged for the ball, but his feet wouldn't support him and he fell on his face. "It wouldn't matter." A'Zores said. "I've already sent him the original. I kept this for research, and the occasional laugh."

"I'll obliterate them, pound them until their souls bleed." Tretrax shouted pulling himself up again.

"No, you won't. The Warlord has decided that this task is beyond you. As such I'm taking over and you're my first hurdle." Injured as he was Tretrax couldn't react fast enough. A'Zores snapped his gauntleted fingers and sapphire lightning danced over them. Before the deposed General could do anything to stop him his replacement had cast a portal spell beneath him. Sending Tretrax tumbling out of reality.

Daniel dashed onto the Apollo's bridge, Teal'c was just behind him. Annoyingly stoic as ever.

The battleship had been put on station in orbit around Amethyst City as soon as SG-1 had been given clearance to investigate. The ship had beamed up both him an Teal'c when they both saw what looked like giant robots fighting in the distance. "Why didn't you tell us something was happening?" He asked as soon as he got face to face with the dark skinned Colonel.

Mitchell and Vala were already there with Colonel Ellis, the three of them were arguing over one of the consoles. "That's what I was just asking Ellis." Mitchell said, throwing his arms in the air.

"And I told both of you, as soon as we trained our Asguard sensors on that city something started blocking us. I've had Dr Lee working on it but so far he's got nothing." the Colonel turned to Daniel. "When you called we were able to beam you up, but until then we couldn't even track your transmitters."

Daniel gaped at them. "What? I mean what could do that?"

"We don't know that's why I've called Dr Lee up here."

"He didn't even know that you were in town until you called." Vala pointed out, rolling her eyes as only she could.

It was at that moment Bill came on the bridge, looking sheepish as ever. "Ahh Dr Lee, I trust you have an explanation as to why my sensors aren't working?"

"Erm, yes. Well sort of. You see they are working, perfectly in fact. They just can't see anything."

"What's that supposed to mean?" The Colonel asked, frowning as Daniel hung his head. Bill was a good man, he just had the habit of jumping in the wrong direction and staying there.

"Sounds like their being jammed." Vala supplied.

Bill snapped his fingers. "Yes, well sort of. Think of it like a giant rock concert going on down there and we're trying to listen to someone talking off in another row."

"So someone is jamming us?" Mitchell asked, which raised all sorts of problems for Daniel, not least of which being just how powerful they had to be to block the sensors they got from the Asguard.

"No, well I don't think they mean to jam us. You see there's a very specific pattern to what we're picking up. Deliberate jamming isn't like that. I've got a team working on a filter now, if we can block the patten we can see past it. If you know what I mean."

Mitchell frowned and looked thoughtful for a moment. "They're jamming us, but you think you can filter it out? That doesn't sound like good jamming to me."

"Exactly, which is why I don't think it's deliberate."

It was Daniel's turn to frown. "Not deliberate. So whatever's going on down there just happens to be blocking our sensors."

"Not blocking, like I said it's like a rock concert. We can hear what's being played, just not what we want to hear." Bill explained.

Daniel didn't like the sound of that one bit. These things weren't stopping them on purpose, but by accident. That meant they were either clumsy or just didn't care. "Can you tell us anything about what was jamming our systems?" Colonel Ellis asked.

Bill winced, looking to Daniel and then Mitchell. "It, well it looks a lot like the readings we got from Merlin's device. The one that shunted the both of you and Colonel Carter out of phase."

"You mean when we were in that freaky alternate dimension and no one could see us?"

Bill nodded.

"Holy Hannah, you know what you're saying?"

"That whatever these monsters are they come from another dimension." Bill nodded. "That's our working theory at the moment and anything capable of producing this sort of readings are either big or a full blown invasion."

Everyone on the Apollo's bridge looked at each other, they had only just beaten off the Ori with a great deal on help from the Ancients and Merlin and no sooner had they put down one intergalactic threat than a new one popped up. "This fact raises another question." Teal'c announced from behind Dr Lee. "What if the Rangers are also from a parallel dimension?"

"We need to talk to them. As soon as we can." Colonel Ellis growled. "Now more than ever."

"He's right." Cameron nodded. "Are you sure you can filter out the readings?"

Bill nodded. "Easily, but what then? We can't exactly knock on their door and ask them what's going on."

"For a small sweaty man that's often wrong he is right about this." Vala announced. "Think about it; as soon as we hear about what's going on what are we going to do? Run down there and try not to get squashed? Even if we don't get squashed those superheroes vanish as soon as they've done their jobs."

"I've been thinking about that." Mitchell announced. "And I think I have an idea. We're going to take a page out of the Asguard book on how to handle things."

End Chapter One
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