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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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The Wider World Part II:- Gathering Disasters 3

The Wider World Part II:- Gathering Disasters
Chapter Three

Dawn took one look at the readings on the Viewing Globe and passed the Power Coin and Morpher to their new friend. They hadn't been able to see anything, but she knew from the readings alone it was going to be bad. "Wish I could give you a crash course in this, but you're going to have to learn on the job." She told the latest Ranger.

"I still don't know about this." the girl, Sari, looked at it like it was a live snake.

"We don't have time to play babysitter." Faith yanked the morpher out of Dawn's hand and shoved it into Sari's.

"What was that?" she asked suddenly spinning around. "Sounded, it sounded like a growl?"

Cassie and Faith shared a look. "That's normal." Dawn's roommate told her, "You ready?"

"Of course." Dawn nodded before striking a pose. "It's morphing time! Dragonzord!"



Sari followed with her own cry. "Sabre-tooth tiger!"

In a flash the four of them were flying in the air and then landing just outside Amethyst City. "Okay, never done that before." the Yellow Ranger said as Dawn got a good look at her.

It was, of course, a yellow version of their suits, but, like them, the helmet was different. Instead of horns her helmet had two metallic tusks coming down either side of her visor. "Hey, how come I don't get the flashy gold armour too?" she asked after patting herself down.

"Don't know." Dawn shrugged before waving her over. "Come on." She said and the four of them ran after the bad guy.

He wasn't as big as Tretrax or Rockthorn. In fact he was only a little taller than Faith and wore a long trench coat. It was immaculate and came down to his ankles, in one hand he carried a stick topped with an expensive looking jewel and made of silver. The demon was chanting something as he waved his hands in the air. At his feet a pit was opening, like a hole in the world.

"Stop right there!" Cassie ordered. Dawn didn't like warning them, but she knew it was only fair and some large part of her cared about that.

"What? Oh you." he turned face them and Dawn was finally sure it was a demon. She couldn't make out much from the coat, but the face wasn't human. It might have been a natural skin tone, but it had two horns following it's jawline that twisted together into a point. Almost like a beard. Then there was it's eyes, two blood red cat's eyes that glowed with an inner fire. "I suppose it's only polite to introduce myself. I am General A'Zores, I have been tasked by the Warlord to dispose of you and conquer this world." He waved his hand with dry irony before bowing to them extravagantly. Dawn noticed that while his left hand had a spiked gauntlet his right was bare, showing off a set of vicious talons.

"Really?" Faith asked. "So what happened to Tree-boy?"

"Tree-boy?" he blinked, then grinned. "Of course, you mean Tretrax. Well after a string of failures do you honestly think he would remain in charge?" This wasn't good, this guy sounded like a corny old comic book villain, but there was a twinkle in his eye. He was deliberately hamming things up, playing with them.

Dawn took a couple of steps back as the others fanned out. He was far too cocky, like he had an ace up his sleeve and already had a full house. Faith kept up with the banter. "So you're the substitute. Can't say you look like much, now Tree-Boy, he looked the part." the Black Ranger joked.

"Of course he did. He was an uncultured barbarian that clawed around in the dirt. I'm nothing like him, I prefer to let others, more suited, fight my battles. As such…" It was only a fraction of a warning, just enough for Dawn to get out of the way. She didn't know what was coming, but some sixth sense told her it was going to be bad. There was a sudden boom and then two large rocks flew across them.

Sari wasn't fast enough and got caught by one of them. The impact sent her spinning with a yelp of pain. Cassie reacted first and ran to her. The Blue Ranger was at her side the moment she crash landed.

Knowing her friend would take care of their teammate Dawn turned to see where the rocks had come from. The new demon was so short you could call him stunted, the only thing that kept her from laughing was that he was almost as wide as he was tall and made of solid muscle.

There was solid and then there was this guy. "He's built like a brick outhouse!" Faith hissed in awe. Banging his fists together he held his arms up like a boxer protecting his head and almost skipped as he came closer. "You gotta be kidding." the Black Ranger hissed.

Dawn knew he wasn't, and didn't like the look of it one bit. Built the way that he was if he knew how to hit they were going to be in for a bad time. Then he moved in on Faith. He was fast, very fast, it was probably only Faith's Slayer reactions that saved her. She dodged a fast punch that could have probably knocked her head clean off and then swung.

He had his arm in the way, blocking and letting him jab at Faith in the same move. This time he hit her shoulder, fist exploding against her costume. He followed up with a shot to her gut and then a right cross that sent Faith into the ground.

It was brutal, quick and worrying. Faith was their best fighter and he had just took her apart. Hoping for a lucky blow Dawn kicked him in the gut, but her foot just bounced off his over developed six pack. It was almost lucky that she lost her balance and fell. Dropping under a swing she never saw coming.

Rolling out of the way she jumped back to her feet, she couldn't risk giving him a chance by looking at A'Zores and seeing whatever he was doing. Drawing her Flute she didn't stop moving as the demon's fists just came faster and faster. He didn't let up or give her a chance to do anything but get out of the way.

Dawn knew she couldn't keep it up, while the demon was just finding his rhythm. "A little help here!" she shouted as her foot gave way. Dawn slipped and fell backwards. Silently cursing she looked up, it was then she found out how he'd fired those rocks at them. He stamped down on the ground next to her, the blast sent the Green Ranger up. Before she could fall back down he punched. Some small part of her mind realised that was how he fired the rocks at them.

Dawn doubled up around the fist as it caught her in the gut. If it wasn't for her Ranger suit the blow alone would have torn her in half, instead there was a massive explosion and she was sent flying.

When Tretrax had hit her with his sword she thought that was strength, with one punch that idea had been shattered. The pain was so much she didn't even feel the landing.

Cassie watched Dawn go flying, there was an explosion when the Demon punched her and another when she hit the ground. More than a hundred yards away, tumbling bonelessly.

"You ready for this?" she asked Sari

"What do I do?" Sari asked back.

"Just let your instincts take charge." Cassie told her as she called on her Power Lance and charged. Pulling her weapon into two pieces she went after the boxer. Dawn was on the floor, groaning and Faith was still trying to get up. She had to keep him off balance and give their best fighter a chance to come to her senses.

That meant blocking him for as long as she could and hope that Sari could take over. It wasn't easy, he was fast and ridiculously strong. She knew why Dawn cried out for help. Sari, thankfully, didn't wait too long and with a loud scream launched herself in a massive flying kick from behind.

Cassie jumped to one side to get out of the way, and was left stunned by what happened. Sari's kick should have sent the demon flying and bought them enough time to get both Dawn and Faith back to their feet. Instead it only forced him a couple of steps forward with a grunt. Sari on the other hand fell straight down, as if stopped dead by the blow that would have punched though a concrete wall easily.

Grabbing her ankle Sari winced. "That could have gone better." She quipped as the demon turned on them.

"Holy hanna, whats it going to take to put this guy down?"

"Hey, you." Faith called out, clapping her hands together. "Ready for round two?"

"Sure I am." He answered in a thick English accent. "Just like my match with Kershaw in 04. Knock out in the second round!"

"We'll see about that." Faith hissed and raised her fists. "Ding, ding." she shouted before striding in. There was no doubt about it Faith was the strongest of them and their best fighter, if anyone was going to take this guy down it would be her.

Hoping Faith knew what she was doing Cassie turned her attention to the other new guy, A'Zores. The new General was still chanting, only now he had both hands raised and there was a bizarre version of a totem pole in front of him. As Cassie watched the pole grew, demonic images carved into the stone warped and twisted. Becoming more vicious and revolting, horns became longer and teeth sharper looking. "What is that thing?" She asked, feeling cold all over just from looking at it.

"I don't know." Dawn said breathlessly as she came up besides them. "But we can't let him finish." Cassie agreed with a nod of her head, so did Sari and the three of them charged.

"It is rude to interrupt." A'Zores muttered as he half turned, throwing his gauntleted hand at them. Instead of the expected fireball a storm of lightning came from his fingers. lancing out faster than they could see. Each bolt caught them and lifted them off their feet. Cassie felt the bolt split up and dance across her suit like a dozen skittering spiders, leaving tiny detonations behind them.

Dawn and Sari were the same, the punishing charge knocked all three of them to the ground. Groaning Cassie tried to pull herself up with her Lance. "This is not going well." she hissed as Faith was tossed amongst them, panting.

"I'm not out yet." the Black Ranger whispered, "Just need my second wind is all"

"Goddess, we're getting our butt's kicked." Dawn growled, standing up first. "But I ain't giving up yet." She brought her Flute up and played her signature tune. As she did her armour and suit glowed. "Full power!" she cried out and jumped at the nearest demon, which happened to be the boxer.

Ducking under a deadly swing Dawn sliced at his stomach. It didn't do much but it was enough to stagger him. The Green Ranger didn't let up, slicing and dancing around the demon. Leaving swift cuts behind her as he hunkered down, taking the cuts on his arms as he backed off.

Cassie levered herself back up too, Dawn might be able to bounce back but she couldn't. From the looks of things Faith was recovering almost as quickly. The Black Ranger flipped up to her feet, "I'll help Dee. You two stop the chanting!"

"Too late.' A'Zores gloated and Cassie faced him. The totem was terrible, just seeing it made Cassie want to run into a hole and pull the world down around her. It was a pile of horrible mutated faces, surmounted with a crown of human skulls. "Nukeastle stop playing with those two, we have a lot more important things to do."

To Cassie's surprise the boxing demon leapt forward, bursting past Dawn and Faith. Sending the two Rangers flying. In one burst of speed the two demons were standing side by side and the Rangers were scattered.

A'Zores shrugged. "I always knew Tretrax was useless, but you're the people that caused him so much trouble? You're not even worth bothering with. Come on Nukeastle, we have a plan to complete." He didn't give them a chance to regroup, almost absently he threw another lightning bolt. This time at all four of them.

Cassie was sent flying backwards along with the others, they were all too battered and drained to even try and get out of the way. Getting up again Dawn muttered "Anyone else feel like a yo-yo?" it was a weak joke, but it made them chuckle.

"Here." Cassie waved, Faith agreed too and eventually so did Sari. It took them a few moments, but eventually they were all back up. "That… That did not go well." she pointed out.

"No it didn't."

"Where the hell did they come from?" Faith asked. "I mean it was all fun and games with Tree-Boy then he had to go get himself fired."

"I think we had something to do with that." Dawn sighed. "There's got to be who knows how many of these Generals across Goddess knows how many Earths. Anyone else getting a sinking feeling?"

Cassie frowned, "You're thinking that even if we find a way to take this one out there's more around the corner?" The same thing had happened with the Goa'uld according to Sam and she didn't like the idea very much.

"Pretty much." She admitted.

Faith snorted. "That's always the way Dee, you know that. What I want to know is why they just left that thing sitting there?"

"When it would look so nice in their lawn?" Cassie snapped.

Sari visibly shuddered. "I've seen those things before. They're usually near the castles, but I don't know what they're for."

"Castles?" the three of them asked.

"That's where they come from, these giant castles full of monsters… I mean demons. They're always surrounded by these things."

Faith pulled out her Power Axe. "Then I guess we can safely say they're bad. Let's not leave it lying around." She took a swing at it when the whole totem became dark, as if existing in it's own personal shadow. A purple flame caught fire at the very top and Faith was thrown back.

"You alright?" Dawn asked as the shadow vanished and the flame blew out just as quickly as it lit.

"That was new." Faith grunted. "Some sort of magic, should have guessed."

Cassie rubbed her arms, trying to get some warmth back into them "Fantastic, what else can go wrong today?"

Dawn turned on her. "Are you kidding me, you actually said that?"


The Green Ranger shook her head. "You do know you just jinxed us, right."

"Oh come on, you don't really think…" Cassie didn't get a chance to finish her sentence as she was caught by a bright flash of light. Blinking she, and the other Rangers, were suddenly in what looked like a conference room. A giant TV on one side and a huge window showing nothing but stars on the other. "Okay, this is not my fault!" she cried out.

End Chapter Three
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