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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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The Dragon's Green Fire Part I:- Reborn, Chapter 2

The Dragon's Green Fire Part I:- Reborn
Chapter Two

Faith didn't know what else to try. Last time she came against a demon this powerful it was that lava monster and it had kicked her ass three ways from Sunday. This guy was even worse and he was talking about a master. This was a dozen shades of bad news.

Best she could do would be to slow him down, give Dawn a chance to warn B and the other Slayers, if the little brat would just move. She didn't have a chance against the demon and they both knew it. Then Dawn went and asked to be blasted. Faith could have killed her if Tree boy didn't.

Then Dawn said something about dragons and the shit really hit the fan. As Tree-whatever threw his fireball she jumped, pulling the sort of back flip that most Slayers would be proud of. Flying backwards she landed more than a hundred yards back and three stories up in a flash of green.

Beneath her the fireball exploded harmlessly against the wall.

Dawn struck a pose on top of the mall where she landed. "Power of the Dragon, Green Ranger!" She crowed as something exploded behind her and Faith's jaw dropped, in that flash the brat had completely changed. In the Blink on an eye Dawn had gone from college geek in training to a Power Ranger. Not just any Power Ranger, but the old Green Ranger. The only differences were no gold armour and a matching miniskirt.

"Magic, nice trick." The demon called up as he threw Faith to one side like a rag doll, cracking her head on the pavement.

"You'll love this one!" Dawn drew a weapon from somewhere. "Power Dagger, blaster mode." Twisting and flipping the knife changed it into a gun. Without pausing she began raining emerald death on the demon.

Shaking the stars from her head and instantly regretting it Faith propped herself up. The demon was clutching his side, smoke rising from where Dawn had hit. She might not have the best aim but it was enough to slow him down. When they both looked up it was just in time to see Dawn deliver the sweetest drop kick Faith had ever seen. It wasn't even surprising when the blow sent the super strong demon reeling back.

"What... what are you?" it gasped as it backed away, it wasn't ready for this sort of fight. Slayers maybe but laser toting girls in spandex were something else.

"I'm the Green Ranger." Dawn boasted as she assumed a fighting stance. "If you think the Slayers were trouble you ain't seen nothing yet."

Faith, her Slayer healing kicking in, stood up and beside the former brat now super-hero. "You could have warned me." She pointed out, not taking her eyes off the demon. "It would have saved me a lot of pain you know."

"Are you dedicated to every cliché in the book?" Dawn asked archly.

Before Faith could come up with a retort the demon waved a claw like hand. "In the name of the Warlord, warriors, arise!" It shouted, summoning a dozen scabby hench-demons. Faith had seen their type before, shabby things that had half their skin rotting off. They smelt bad and sucked in a good fight, but they had numbers and all waved ugly short swords dangerously.

Faith had a stake, which was useless against them, and her fists. Dawn twisted the handle of her gun with a flick and it transformed back into a knife, a sharp looking blade flicking out of the barrel. "Think fast." Dawn barked and tossed it to Faith just in time for the demons to charge.

Faith blocked one clumsy swing from the closest demon and kicked it away. Bringing the knife down it left a trail of sparks on the demon's leather armour, killing it. As it hit the ground the foot solder dissolved into a puddle of brown green goo. Faith shuddered slightly and spared a glance to see how Dawn was doing.

Without her knife the Ranger had to rely on beating the demons up, at first. Side stepping a swing she flat out wailed on the warrior. Kicking it into the air and punching it on the way down so that it flew into the next two. Dawn then cart-wheeled over the dropped sword, picking it up and used the brutal looking weapon to quickly make compost out of all three of them.

B had told Faith that her sister had some sword skills. Knowing B Faith had thought that meant she knew which end to hold. Watching her with the sword now though Faith had to admit she was good. Not Slayer good, but better than the warriors. There was something strange about it though, as Faith, between fighting her own share, watched she could almost see Dawn improving. Little things like the set of her shoulders, how to change a blow mid swing and the right way to stand. It was like watching a master that was out of practice. All the old skills coming back to them.

The fight didn't last long, not really enough to let Dawn get into the swing of things. Slicing the last demon with the knife Faith looked around. "Where'd our horny friend go?" she asked, wishing for a better choice of words.

Dawn tilted her head before shaking it. Now that she had a moment Faith could see the detailing on the helmet. It looked like an animal with it's mouth a jet black visor and two red eyes at the top. A silver mouth piece that even had lips, that didn't move, took up the bottom of the helmet. "He scarpered while we were busy." Dawn threw the sword down. "Can I have that back now." she asked, pointing at the knife.

"We need to talk." Faith said, handing it over. "There's was no way I'm getting the blame for this."

"Right then, lets go."

"'Where? In case you haven't noticed you stand out green girl and we're gathering a crowd." Faith pointed at the throng of people coming out of what she guessed was the nearby club.

"Ohh, that's not good." said Dawn, snapping her fingers. "Lets see if this works..."

"If what works?" Faith asked as Dawn grabbed her arm and they were surrounded by a green light.

The green energy faded and Dawn looked around. For a second it was pitch black then something in her helmet clicked into life, highlighting everything around her with erie super imposed white lines. "I can't see a thing Dee," Faith said. "What happened and where the hell are we?"

"Urm…we teleported and… that's a good question." Dawn admitted, the lines didn't make much sense and if she moved too fast they left blurry after images. "I think we're 'home'. Wherever that is."

"Teleported, what is this? Star Trek?" Faith asked. There was a bang and Dawn spun, the wavy outline that was Faith resolved itself to show that the Slayer was clutching her shin "Ow, damn it. How can you not know where we are, you were the one steering, weren't you?"

"Teleportation isn't like driving Faith. You have to think where you want to go and you're there. I thought 'Home' and we ended up here." She explained. "Now I just have to find the right controls..." Dawn looked at the console Faith had walked into. "No... that's not it."

"How would you know?"

Dawn shrugged. "I just do. Here we go." Tapping the right switch she watched as wherever they were sprung into life. They were standing in the middle of a circle of computer consoles, motors and bright flashing lights that looked as if they's been made out of what radio shack threw out. The consoles were surrounded by four columns with blue rings around them. In front of them was a smoky glass ball and behind a large, empty, blue tube. Beyond that was a curtain of darkness with what looked like stars. "You trying to tell me you know what all of these things do." Faith waved at the computers.

Dawn looked at them. "No, well not exactly. It's all sort of like instinct. When I look at them I sort of know how to use them."

Faith gave her a serious look. "Dawn, this is beginning it sound like a spell sort of thing. You sure you're alright?"

"If freaked out doesn't count then sure, I'm fine." Dawn admitted and looked around.

"Miss Summers isn't under any spell. Knowledge of how the Command Centre works is part of being a Ranger." Dawn and Faith spun, to see who said that. It was Dr Oliver and someone else, they stepped out of what looked like a door of light from among the black surroundings.

The thing next to Dr Oliver was short and had a saucer shaped golden head. It's arms were thick pipes and chest a red breastplate with a slanted lightning bolt mad of little yellow lights. "Is that... A robot?" Dawn asked as the door closed behind them.

"Alpha Eight, he's the curator of this place."

Faith stepped up, waving the sword. "What's that supposed to mean, and just who the hell are you?"

He frowned at her, but relaxed after Dawn nodded. "I'm Thomas Oliver, the original Green Ranger and Miss Summers's archeology teacher." He came up and looked around. "This is just supposed to be a recreation of the old Command Centre? How did you get in here?"

"I think I know." The little robot said, shuffling it's feet rather than really walking. "I used some of the old parts Alpha Five salvaged to give it the right feel. The homing beacon must have been one of them. Ay-ai-ay, when the Green Power Coin was recharged it must have activated!"

"Recreation?" Dawn asked, a little confused.

Dr Oliver nodded. "The original Command Centre was destroyed by a bomb. After it's replacement was raided and the Rangers that replaced us went off into space what remained of the building was left abandoned." He patted the robot's shoulder. "I found Alpha Eight in what was left of storage a few months ago. Since then he's been busy rebuilding this place as a museum. A monument to the old Rangers."

"Why, I mean who for?" Faith asked, "What are you going to do? Sell tickets?"

Dawn had to admit it was a good question. Dr Oliver closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. "Over the years, whenever there's been a disaster or need there have been Power Rangers. Destiny, fate, blind chance, call it what you will, something has called them. If they ever need help, or just perspective, this place is here for them."

"So it's one big museum. Well Dee, you should feel right at home." Faith slapped Dawn on the shoulder. Even with Slayer strength behind it Dawn hardly flinched. "So what have you got here? Books, a couple of antiques?"

"A bit more than that." Oliver said with a cocky grin.

The freaking robot shuffled past her and started pressing buttons. As it did so the glass ball shifted, 'We found the plans for two of the original Zords in an archive. Mastodon and Sabre-Tooth Tiger." In the ball it showed to giant robots, one a plodding elephant with great big tusks and the other a cat with huge teeth. then the pictures changed to show what looked like blueprints She didn't know how to read them, hell she only recognised them for what hey were because Xander had insisted on showing his own plans for a new base to everyone he met, but it was enough. Enough to prove to Faith that these guys weren't kidding, they really were the Power Rangers.

When she was a kid and her mother was busy jumping the bones of whatever loser she was dating at the time Faith watched the news, eagerly waiting for any update on the multi-coloured heroes. The Ranger's kicked ass, fighting giant monsters all over the place. When she was first chosen to be the Slayer it was all her dreams come true. Now, after all that had happened she knew it wasn't that easy. Still here she was, their base with the original Green Ranger standing not four feet from her. It was enough to make her head spin.

Dawn stepped up, closer to the ball and unfastened two clips either side of her helmet. Taking it off she looked around "How did you... Where did this all come from?" She asked a little plaintively.

"That's a long story." Oliver said. "Originally the Rangers were created by Zordon and Ninjor. Two powerful alien mystics who needed warriors to fight the forces of Lord Zed, the emperor of Evil across the galaxy." Oliver said leaning against one of the consoles.

"You've got to be kidding with those names." Dawn blurted out.

"Ay-ai-ay. No we're not!" The robot said, waving it's arms. Faith tried very hard not to think about that. "Lord Zed conquered more than half the galaxy, back in his day."

Faith almost pinched the bridge of her nose, trying to ignore the impossible robot. "I thought your enemy was Rita something?"

"Rita Repulsa, his lieutenant. She was also his wife." Oliver pointed out. "The wedding from hell doesn't begin to cover it. Anyway, ten thousand years ago Ninjor forged the power coins and Zordon built the Zords and morphers. This was Zordon's original base, on Earth at least. If anyone knew anything about how they worked it was Zordon. I came here to see if Alpha had found any of his records. Dawn you have to de-morph, right now."

Dawn looked a bit wary at first, but when she said "Power down." the costume vanished. "So what's the plan?"

"Alright, Between us me and Alpha think we can sever your connection to the coin. Removing your powers." Faith gasped as he continued. "But it's dangerous, we still don't know what recharged it in the first place and if the bond was complete we wouldn't be able to without killing you."

"Wait, what are we talking about here?" Faith asked, looking for answers.

"I didn't ask for this." Dawn pointed out. "Any of this, it chose me. If Doctor Oliver can find a way to give this to someone else they're welcome to it."

"That's a problem with that Dawn." He said uncomfortably. "We can sever the connection, but it might not chose anyone else. The only way we can guarantee a Green Ranger is if you take up the mantel, otherwise the coin might just die again."

The robot began waving its arms. "We need Rangers, the sensors detected the battle you had in the city and the evil energy levels are still climbing."

"Evil energy levels?" Faith asked. "You mean the one that got away is getting stronger?"

"Yes, and without a Ranger to fight him Amethyst City doesn't stand a chance."

"So no pressure then." Dawn snarked

Dawn looked down at her morpher and then back at her archaeology lecturer. "There's got to be more than just Dawn." Faith said, "Where are they all?"

Dawn was still busy thinking. "It's not bonded with me completely yet then?" she asked before Dr Oliver could answer.

"What are you… No Dawn it's too dangerous, if you're not at full power it could kill you."

"It'll kill everyone if I don't do something." Dawn pointed out. "And if I don't do it now I'll never be done with this."

"I'm with him on this Dee." Faith said. "This isn't your fight, We call in B and the Slayers. He might be strong, but there's a lot more of us than there are of him."

"You heard Alpha, he's getting stronger." Dawn turned on Faith. "And he can summon armies of his own, or did you forget that little gang of groupies. What if he pulls a thousand of those guys and they tear roughshod over the town? We need to deal now and I'm the only one that can do it. Dr Oliver can remove these powers after."

"Are you sure about this?" the Slayer asked.

"No," Dawn smirked back. "But that doesn't mean I'm going to sit here and do nothing."

"Dawn." Dr Oliver said. "The Power Coin chose you, it did that because it sensed your purity of sprit. Don't throw your life away."

"I'm not going to." She said. "but unless you want that thing killing people I've got to find Tretrax and stop him." Pulling out her morpher Dawn flicked the switch. "It's morphing time!" she shouted. "Dragonzord!"

Even as her costume formed around her Dawn focused on teleporting back to the city. All too soon she landed on another rooftop somewhere in Amethyst City. Instinct and memories came flooding back to her. Telling her what to do and look for.

She looked around, mostly to find her bearings. She wasn't that far from the Mall and Dawn could see some collage kids looking around. Some of them were drunk, but most were still sensible and looking for a way back to campus. 'It must have been one hell of a party.' Dawn muttered to herself looking at how meny people there were milling about down there.

Then Tretrax, all seven foot of him, was there amongst them. Doing his best to get noticed he pulled down a lamppost before snapping his fingers and pulling a sword out of thin air. It was long, solid and looked heavy, even if he did swing it around like it weighed nothing. The half drunk students ran everywhere, some screaming and others tripping over themselves trying to escape "Green Witch! I have returned." Tretrax bellowed, slicing through a car. "Now I am ready for you, show yourself so we might end this!" he shouted to the sky.

Dawn quickly ducked behind a skylight. She didn't want him to know she was that close. He bellowed some more and Dawn carefully watched him go on to destroy two benches, a bus stop and a couple more lampposts with that sword of his. He really was getting stronger, she knew she had to think of something and soon. Before he started with people.

He began laughing, cruelly and Dawn risked a better view. Creeping to the roof's edge she saw her roommate Cassie trying to help a couple of her friends out from under what was left of a bench. "Help me!" she shouted over to Danny, who Dawn recognised as the boy that had picked Cassie up from the dorm earlier. The guy didn't seem to hear her and just ran down a blind alley, that or he was a serious ass more interested in saving his own butt. With the first impression Dawn had of him she'd guess the latter.

Tretrax, laughing wirily, walked towards Cassie. It looked like he was going to move right along to the threatening people part. "Let's see if the witch cares for her fellow creatures."

That tore it. Cassie was a friend, well she'd only known her a couple of days but Dawn didn't have that many around here. "Hey ugly, up here!" Dawn shouted down, as she stood up. "Didn't I kick your ass last time? Thought you'd given up!"

He smirked back at her, showing a lot more sharp teeth than she wanted to see. "You surprised me earlier. Now I'm ready to destroy you!" He hefted his sword.

Dawn watched him tense up as she touched the handle of her blaster. "Oh come on, you don't think I'd do the same trick twice?" She rolled her head pityingly, knowing he couldn't see her eyes.

Just as he lowered his guard Dawn drew and fired. Two blasts sending showers of sparks from him "I will if it works!" She shouted and jumped down.

Bending her knees to absorb the impact Dawn glanced to Cassie who was, along with the two she was trying to help, staring at her open-mouthed. "I'll hold him off, go!" Dawn ordered as Cassie pointed behind her.

She turned just in time to be hit by the demon swinging his sword like a baseball bat. It was the sort of blow that should have cleaved her in two. Hell, Dawn knew she wasn't big enough to even slow it down, but something stopped it. Her costume might have looked like spandex but was like some sort of armour, protecting her even from that.

The blow exploded as it hit, throwing her backwards through the side of a car and leaving a great black scorch mark on her chest. Rolling away from the smashed car and onto her knees Dawn found it hard to breath. She could feel what she guessed were broken ribs moving on their own, there was a dull roaring in her ears and nothing but spots in her eyes.

Somehow her hand found the hilt of her baster and she tried to crawl away. Dawn had bet on that shots doing more damage, or slowing him down. He wasn't kidding about being ready. Knowing she had to move Dawn wrenched herself from the ground, stumbled a few steps and rolled on her shoulder. Just in time as the great sword came down, burying itself in the black top where she had just been.

Getting her legs under her was one of the hardest things Dawn had ever had to do and even then she couldn't straighten up. Inside she could feel bones knitting together and the throbbing in her head lighten. The Power was healing her, but it wasn't enough. "Give it up witch." The demon laughed ripping a chunk of road surface out with the sword. "Your tricks are nothing to me!"

Flipping and twisting her blaster Dawn felt something significant crack back into place inside of her and she could breath again. Ignoring the taste of blood in her mouth she spat back; "I'm getting awful tired of you calling me a witch, dumb-ass."

He swung again, this time she parried his sword with her power dagger, for all the good it did. Tretrax hit so hard that Dawn felt the blow all the way up her arm. Screaming through clenched teeth she felt her shoulder explode and the power dagger slipped from her numb fingers.

The demonic General hadn't finished though, he brought his knee into her gut and as Dawn folded up he used his free hand to throw her away.

She didn't remember landing, One moment he had her by the back of the neck the next she was on her back floundering like a fish out of water. There was a new, foul, taste in her mouth and she couldn't move.

Suddenly Cassie was there, checking Dawn's pulse through the costume. "You're still alive." She said in a shocked voice. Dawn glanced at the wall she had to have hit and saw an iron support beam half buried in concrete and shattered down the middle. "Can you hear me? Don't worry I'm a medical student..." She looked up, terrified.

"Get... Get out of here." Dawn hissed and tried to push Cassie away.

Her roommate took her hand, "Come with me." She ordered pulling. Together they got Dawn to her feet although she had no idea how they were going to get away.

Tretrax looked at the pair of them and quite calmly stepped on the power dagger, crushing it underfoot.

End Chapter Two
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