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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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The Wider World Part IV:- Allies Chapter Three

The Wider World Part IV:- Allies
Chapter Three

A'Zores looked out from the battlements. Playing with his sword stick he frowned and carried on walking. Juggling his weapon from hand to hand he kept gazing out. Something was wrong, they should have attacked by now.

Had they already decided to give up? Was their earlier defeat too much for them? A'Zores shook his head, no that wasn't possible. They had to know just how dangerous the Castle was. When he started the plan he was certain that they would make a foolish, last ditch, attempt to stop him. They would lose of course, but they should still try it. They were heroes after all.

Turning back to the court yard he saw the Warriors that had been pulled through with the Castle were milling around. Waiting for orders, orders he couldn't give. Not until the Rangers made their move.

This was the one flaw he could see in his plan. It was, it should have been, perfect, but like every perfect plan it needed to be flexible. The further it bent the more he could see tiny imperfections grow into real flaws.

It was then, as he looked back out onto what he thought would soon be his that he saw it. A shaft of light so blue it was white lanced out from the sky. It was like a spotlight from some vengeful god landing on one of the five totems. It should have been hopeless. No one had guessed the secret yet, but a cold dread crept up A'Zores spine.

Pulling out his Crystal Ball he focused on the totem. "It's not possible!" he hissed. Quickly re-focusing the Ball he saw that the next one was smashed too. All five, somehow the Rangers had stumbled upon the secret.

That only meant one thing; "Prepare for an attack!" he bellowed to the mindless warriors in the court yard as he ran around. Deep from within the keep a bell began to peal. It had been so long since a Castle had been in danger many warriors were more confused than alerted.

Somewhere in the distance a great roar shattered the air, drowning out the bells. It sounded like some great beast calming it's territory. A'Zores spun and saw a metal creature bounding towards the walls. It's golden yellow coat glowing in the sun and twin silver teeth glittering.

Another scream came from the other direction. This one a glorious cobalt blue bounced over rock and Earth, it's three horned head ever level.

Then the third beast trumpeted it's arrival, it's trunk raised high. Bellowing an ancient warning across the landscape it slowly made it's way forward. As unstoppable and ponderous as an avalanche.

A'Zores shuddered, he had heard that his opponents had these things. Metal fighting machines based on ageless creatures, but never imagined the power they had. The power to destroy the protective spell alone was a proof that he had underestimated them. Now his Castle walls stood vulnerable against these beasts of pre-history.

Finally he realised that there was one missing, the Green Rangers weapon. As soon as the idea formed in his head the tune of her flute was carried on the wind. Even as the barest whisper the sound chilled what passed for A'Zores blood. If the lion was supposedly the king of the planes, and the wolf the lord of the forest, what marched at him now truly was the overlord of legends. A dragon, wingless but incredibly tall, strode over. Easily towering over it's kin it came, almost, to the hight of the walls themselves.

A'Zores was impressed, even reluctantly he had to admit they had found a chink in his armour and exploited it for all it was worth. Still, for all their skill and ability, he still had a shear weight in numbers.

Looking around he saw that, of the four of them the Green Ranger was visible. Riding the top of her Dragon's head. "Impressive!" He called up. "But if you really think those things can help you win you're mistaken!"

Then the Green Ranger laughed. "Sorry we broke your little spell, but if you think you have a chance you ain't seen nothing yet! DragonZord, Battle Mode!"

The dragon roared, it was an earth shattering sound that almost knocked A'Zores off the battlements. The other metal beasts turned their attention to it. The yellow cat-like creature and three horned dinosaur jumped side by side. Then, almost as if they were performing tricks for the audience they stood on their heads. The yellow machine's legs folding up.

The dragon and elephant jumped into the air. At first A'Zores didn't understand, but all to quickly he saw it. The elephant opened up, it's back unfolding into a pair of immense arms while the dragon's chest flew out and it's arms folding into each other. It's oversized shoulders joining to form a golden shield.

As the dragon came down it landed on the other two, that became it's legs. The swept back horn of the dragon becoming a prominent plume and it's jaw dropping, revealing a face.

The four beasts had combined to become a metal titan, shining with terrifying power. The Green Ranger was right, he couldn't begin to imagine the abilities the Rangers had. Up until now they had only met difficulties with corresponding force. He'd tricked, duped and misled them into what he had laughably thought was an impossible situation. Only to have them play a trump card and march all over him.

But they hadn't finished. The chest piece of the dragon unfolded, a long pole appearing from beneath it. The dragon's great tail then landed on top of that, forging the titans weapon. A halberd just as tall as itself. The titan, betraying it's agility despite it's bulk, caught the staff and planted the butt in the ground. Impassable and as immobile as a mountain.

Almost out of desperation he threw a lightning bolt at them, but again with frighting speed the halberd got in the way. The golden chest-piece acting like a shield. Then, like a football player lining up for a field goal it leaned back and kicked the wall out from under him.

A'Zores jumped out of the way just in time as the fantastic kick sent chunks of black rock flying in all directions. He almost missed what was left of the ledge, catching it with his gauntleted left hand the demonic General twisted and bellowed to his army; "Attack!"

The Rangers might have surprised him with their robotic titan, but he still had numbers. The titan could swat a hundred, but a hundred more would take their place. There was simply too many of them.

That illusion was quickly shattered as the machine brought it's staff, point down into the hole it had just kicked open. Right where A'Zores army was charging. At first he thought they were just trying to block up gap again, keeping them inside. Then it's oversized point began spinning like a drill.

Pulling himself up and back onto the battlements A'Zores hissed as the drill bit began tearing up the ground. Sending more rubble spraying over the courtyard. The drill kicked up a hail storm of stone and dirt, knocking his warriors away and bashing them around. Then the Rangers ultimate weapon changed its grip, and what once blew now created a vortex. Sucking the contents of the courtyard like the vast changing of a tide. Nothing inside survived, the cyclone chewing his army up and spitting it's remains behind.

Mercifully it stopped, pulling the halberd out of the ground before looking at the keep. The machines immobile face trained on the main gallery. "No!" A'Zores shouted, they couldn't be thinking of attacking the Crystal directly!

They were. From inside the titan he clearly heard the four of them, as one, shout "Final strike; drill attack!" The drill began spinning again, this time, in midair, he could see just how fast it was. He hadn't just underestimated the Rangers he'd lost to them. All his careful planning, his machinations, even this castle wasted. The drill began to glow white with power as the titan took it in both hands and thrust it into the heart of the keep. Deep into the Crystal.

Even though it had never happened before A'Zores had a good idea what would happen next. The only thing keeping the castle in this dimension, now that the pentagram was gone, was the Crystal. As the drill slid into the keep like a stick into water he vaulted over the wall. Landing with a roll he looked back and the whole Castle vanished in a blinding flash of light.

Standing up A'Zores dusted himself off. Not only was the Castle gone but so was the Ranger's titan. For a moment he dared hope that the Rangers had been sucked up with the Castle. Without a Crystal the whole thing would be lost in the void between dimensions. utterly destroyed.

Then he saw the four of them, laughing with each other in victory. Wherever it was their titan was safe. 'Curse you!' he shouted, calling their attention to him. Last time he had let them live, that was obviously a mistake. One he was going to rectify

"Where'd he come from?" the Blue Ranger gasped, pulling back. The Black and Yellow Rangers doing the same. Only the Green Ranger stood her ground, but she was still shielded behind the others.

"Who cares, let's get out of here." Black hissed as he got closer, un-sheathing his sword. A'Zores had every intention of killing the four girls. Painfully if possible. He didn't bother running, just strode on, impassible as an avalanche and twice as deadly.

"Not yet." Green shook her head, foolishly.

Yellow turned on her. "I thought running was the plan?"

"We'll call that plan B." she said back, her voice almost growling.

Black half turned, still keeping an eye on A'Zores as he got closer. "Do we want to know what plan A is?"

It was then that Green moved, right at him. The Demon General was so shocked he stopped dead in his tracks. Rather than trying to get away, leaving the others to take the blows, she took a step towards him! Almost absently his opponent stole the dagger from Black's hip. Quickly twisting it in half the blade flicked back as the whole thing converted into a laser pistol.

All too suddenly he was facing two more pistols and the Black Rangers immense cannon. "Well then, that's just cheating." He said in shock as he realised running was never an option they seriously considered.

"Didn't think you'd care about cheating, killing you're friend like that and all."

"Oh no." A'Zores grinned before crowing with laughter. "I like it. It means I have a challenge!" The Rangers took an involuntary step back, giving him just enough room to manoeuvre. Throwing a portal beneath his feet A'Zores jumped, escaping the Rangers. For now.

Jack felt incredibly self-conscious as he knocked on the door. It was supposed to be a top secret meeting with a bunch of para-military vigilantes that had access to ancient alien weapons tech and it was going to take place in a College dorm room.

Somewhere down the corridor a door burst open and what teenagers called music these days drifted down the hall. "There appears to be a celebration under way O'Neill." Teal'c rumbled. The big Jaffa had invited himself to come down with Jack and had yet to give a reason. That was the first thing he'd said since beaming down. Having the tall, now long haired, Jaffa standing there only added to his problems.

The door opened as a girl answered, It was Summers. On reflection she was fairly pretty, but there was absolutely nothing to suggest she was a superhero. Let alone one that had just saved the planet for what was probably the sixth time that year. "Oh, it's you."

"Something wrong with that?" Jack snapped.

"No, I just lost the bet that you'd beam straight in here."

"Who won?" Jack asked

"Cassie, means I have to pay for the pizza." she groused before opening the door all the way. "Well stop looking like rejects from a spy movie." she stepped to one side. Inside the other three were busy watching a film. Cassie and the red headed girl were sitting at the foot of one of the beds, fully engrossed as two skeletal monsters began swinging massive swords at crude blocks of stone. Whatever they were watching was really weird. The other one was older and was only half watching the screen.

The rest of her attention was on him. There was something about the way she lent against the wall, with a good view of the room. Almost if she was ready to pounce like a tiger on anything that she didn't like.

"So what did you want to talk about?" Summers asked, folding her arms.

Just as Jack was about to say something Teal'c stepped between them, doing his Jaffa warrior thing. Summers blinked for a moment before rolling her eyes. "You're kidding, right?" she asked him.

Jack noticed that the older girl was suddenly alert, just waiting for something to happen. Both Cassie and the other girl were also watching them now. After a moment Summers sighed and met Teal's stare.

It only lasted a moment, but it sent a shiver up Jack's spine. Even though Teal'c towered over her Summers didn't flinch.

Jack knew first hand no one could hide anything from that look, T had, after all, learnt it from the best. What got to Jack was how she reacted. He'd expected her to stop, that steady gaze to waver and break as she dropped the act.

She didn't and Jack got the uncomfortable impression that it was the everyday girl thing that was the act. The two of them stood there for a terrible moment as she didn't even react. Thankfully there was a knock on the door.

Summers shook herself, and offered a wan smile. Before she could get to the door Teal'c grabbed her arm. There was a tense moment and then he bowed to her in respect.

"Was that…?" Jack began to ask.

"Indeed." Teal'c intoned, sounding grim. "I was concerned that Dawn Summers was playing at being a warrior, but I read her eyes. As, I suspect, did you." After knowing the Jaffa for more than a decade and knowing Bra'tac, his teacher, Jack had long ago decided never to argue when it came to reading eyes.

"Yeah, Dee's the real deal. Even if she doesn't know it yet." the eldest whispered. Summers, if she did hear, made a show of not listening as she threw one of the three pizzas she had just paid for at them.

"So," she asked. "Are you going to try and stay out of our way or what?"

"Stay out of your way?" Jack glared. "Look here miss, I'm in charge of homeworld security. These things aren't human and a threat to the whole planet, that makes it our job…"

"Last time the military stuck it's nose into our world it got cut off." She said in a voice that brooked no argument.

"Last time?" Teal'c frowned

"Your world?"

The eldest neatly stole a slice of pizza."That's right air-boy, our world. You might be hot stuff with space aliens but when it comes to demons you don't know what you're talking about."

"Sorry but go back a step, what did you mean last time?" Jack didn't know what they were talking about.

"Oh boy." The other one looked at Summers. "This isn't the first time you guys have gotten involved with demons. Have a look at what happened to the Initiative."

"Faith's right. The Initiative was a disaster. Here's the deal we'll tell you what's going on and protect the City. You stay out of our way."

"You can't expect us to go for that!" Jack almost shouted. "You guys are running around in Ancient weapons technology and you want us to turn a blind eye?"

"We're not saying that." Cassie said, butting in and giving up all pretence of watching the film. "But I don't want to see you hurt. You've seen what it is we're fighting and what we're fighting with. Think about it Uncle Jack, you're going to need us."

End chapter Three
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