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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered
MountainKingFR1593287,9121239687,3567 May 1015 Jan 14Yes

Armistice:- Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Cassie rolled herself out of bed. It was still early, but at least she'd gotten a good nights sleep. So had Dawn, whether she'd wanted to or not. The Green Ranger was still face down in her notes, snoring.

She felt a little guilty using her powers on her friend, but there wasn't much choice. Dawn needed sleep. Cassie wasn't sure it was going to work when she tried it. As she understood the best she could do was suggest, strongly, that somebody do something. Sort of the same way Sari said she could manipulate computers, but people were different to simple machines and Cassie didn't want to try experimenting.

Picking up her wash bag she remembered to grab her communicator and headed to the shared bathroom. A few minutes later she was out and there was a queue forming.

Inside her room Dawn was still snoring, which was a little strange. Her roommate hated queueing and was always up early. Shrugging Cassie got changed out of her night clothes, she was just pulling on her shoes when her communicator bleeped.

She answered after a moment of shock. "Cassie here, what's going on."

"Don't really know." Sari answered. "The City's danger alarms are going off but we can't narrow it down from here. Alpha thinks it might just be a false alarm."

Cassie looked up, her friend stirred slightly but settled back down. "But you think it's A'Zores?"

"Ay ay ay, We don't know, it could be." Alpha answered. "I've called Tommy. He thinks you should check it out anyway, but warned you to be careful."

"Good idea Alpha. Call Faith, I'll meet her and Sari in the City." Even if it was a false alarm the streets should be deserted by now.

"What about Dawn?" Sari asked.

Cassie glanced at the sleeping team member. "She's still fast asleep, I don't want to wake her unless we have to. Teleporting now."

Cassie landed in town, there wasn't anyone around yet so it was safe. A couple of seconds later Sari landed in her own yellow shaft of light and Faith was the last to arrive, in a flash of black.

Cassie found it strange how 'Black' didn't mean darkness, but quickly pushed that thought aside. "So, whats the deal?" Faith asked rolling a shoulder and loosening up.

Sari shrugged. "Don't know, should we split up?"

Cassie shook her head. "So if there really is a problem whatever it is can pick us off one by one. I don't think so."

"She's right," Faith agreed. "Keep your eyes open and stay together."

"Who needs eyes." Sari quipped, transforming her head into a helmet. It wasn't like morphing, more like panels of yellow metal sliding out from her collar and from behind each other until her head was covered. It reminded Cassie of how Jack had described a Horus Guard's helmet. As a plate of blue glass slid in place over Sari's face she looked around. "Let's see…"

Faith frowned and looked to Cassie for an expiation. "I'm guessing some sort of scanner."

"Yep, and I'm picking something up over there." Sari pointed as a figure detached from the shadows.

"Holy hanna!" Cassie cursed before Faith swore a bit more colourfully. The demon was a pinkish red in colour and had a pair of ram like horns coming out from behind his ears. He wore a combination of battered leather and matt black body armour. Not the classic chain mail and metal plate, but more the modern stuff, like kevlar and mesh. It wasn't just the armour, or the demon's solid build, that stunned them, but the shear amount of guns it was carrying was terrifying.

"Where the hell did this guy escape from, the Matrix?" Faith asked. He was so loaded down with weapons Cassie couldn't even begin to describe them. She recognised grenade launchers, shotguns, machine guns and even a few pistols. It was almost insane the amount of fire power he was carrying.

Cassie backed off, so did the other two Rangers, as he raised his hands. A pair of P90's ready to fire. "Please run. I was hoping for something of a challenge." He chuckled.

There was almost nowhere to run to, and this guy was armed to the teeth. Still the three of them ran, diving for an alleyway. Whatever cover that could give them. "You know that split up idea…" Cassie began.

"Looks a bit better all of a sudden." Faith nodded and the machine gun fire stopped abruptly. Quickly followed by a punting sound. Two small cylinders, about the size of Cassie hand each, bounced down the alley.

"Morph and scatter!" Faith shouted whipping out her morpher. "Mastodon!"


"Sabre-tooth Tiger!"

Cassie watched Faith dash out and Sari jump incredibly high. Then, in the split second she hesitated, there was an explosion.

Sari jumped straight up, wishing dearly for her jump jets while morphed. She still made it, but the jets would have been easier. That was the problem with morphing in her opinion, the others didn't have built in weapons, no palm blasters, jump jets, scanners or even a power hammer.

They had their powers, morphed or not, As a Ranger Sari seriously felt as if she had one hand tied behind her back. Below Faith was dodging the monsters machine gun fire while throwing herself behind a parked car. The car was quickly shredded as bullets began tearing through the flimsy metal.

Cassie had been caught by the grenades and was thrown out of the alley in a cloud of debris. Sari didn't have time to check on her as the monster had seen the Yellow Ranger on the rooftop. Dropping his launcher he drew another weapon, it was short but had a wide barrel, and fired.

With a split second to spare Sari jumped. The shell it fired exploded, showering the area with rubble. Half way down she tried her jump jets again, when they didn't work and she remembered why it was already to late. Landing badly she felt something twist in her ankle, it wasn't broken but she had strained something.

Faith pulled herself back to her feet, only to be scythed down by the last of the machine gun fire. Each bullet left a small explosion behind, staggering the Black Ranger. There were so many that hit her it looked like one, single drawn out explosion.

Cassie was back on her feet before Faith fell. She'd heard Sari's surprised cry of pain and seen Faith fall. "I'm coming!" she shouted at both of them, but Sari had seen something else. The Monster had switched weapons again, this time bringing around a huge rifle. One with a round drum under it and what looked like a pump action.

He blasted away at the Blue Ranger, and slowly walked forward. The bast caught Cassie and knocked her off balance in a cloud of smoke. Pumping the rifle Sari watched as an ominous red cartridge was spat out of one side. As Cassie staggered to her feet another shotgun blast threw her to the ground

For an instant Sari tried to activate her blasters, then she remembered her suit got in the way. She hated it, the feeling of being defenceless. Faith on the other hand had a far more direct response, while the monster had ben focused on Cassie she'd gotten up and converted her dagger into it's gun mode. She took aim from the questionable cover of the half shredded car and fired back. Sari drew her own laser and joined with her fellow Ranger, finding a car of her own not too far away.

The monster grunted as bright black and yellow beams lanced out at him, his body armour protecting him much like their suits had done. He was able to get off another two blasts from his shotgun, the first shattering the car's windscreen and second punching through the trunk.

Cassie crawled her way to Sari's side, two great black burn marks on her suit. Faith had a cluster of smaller ones scattered all over her back and one side. All in all Sari was the best off of the three, and she hadn't dare tried standing yet. "You still think it was a good idea not to wake up Dawn?"

"Hey, how was I supposed to know Rambo's gun happy brother was going to turn up?" Cassie gasped. "How's your leg?"

"Don't know." Sari admitted, firing again. The monster had ducked for cover and, for the moment, wasn't firing back.

"These things are useless." Faith cursed. "We need to hit him with our Power Weapons! Cass, you wake up Dee while me and Sari hit him with a combo." The Black Ranger drew her Power Axe from the air.

"A what?" Sari asked.

"A combo, Dee came up with it. We load this thing with one of your Power Daggers and send this guy into the stratosphere."

"I don't know how!" Sari pointed out, firing her laser again.

"Your Power Daggers?" Cassie asked and Sari nodded helplessly, "Oh crap!"

"Why didn't you say something?" Faith shouted at her before cocking her Power Cannon and firing it. The blast sent a trashcan, with a coat draped over it, tumbling out.

The three of them looked at it for a moment before it dawned on them, it was a decoy. "He's doubled back!","Probably coming around behind us!", "Where is he." they said at once.

"Doesn't matter." Faith pointed out, trying to look everywhere at once. "Get Dee here, NOW!"

Cassie nodded and got on her communicator. Sari followed Faith's example, looking for their gun happy attacker. Again she was limited by the suit, no scanners. The only reason she didn't de-morph right there and then was the suit. She might have been able to use her equipment but her dress wasn't any good at stopping bullets. Right now she was more concerned about surviving than a scanner and a few other toys.

"Dawn, come on answer!" Cassie growled before looking back up. "No good, she's still asleep."

"What did you do?" Faith hissed

"I do? Nothing… I mean… oh no."

Sari turned on her 'What?'

"I used my powers on her. She wasn't listening to me so I… and now she won't wake up."

"You're kidding me. Dee's sleeping in because you put a mind whammy on her?" Faith hissed before being thrown backwards by a massive explosion.

Sari and Cassie didn't waste a second, both firing their lasers wildly at where they guessed the shot had come from. "How do we wake her up?" Sari asked.

"Don't know, I'd have to be there in person."

"Great" Faith hissed with sarcasm as she climbed back to her feet. "Just once I'd like to have it easy."

Ordinance slid down the fire escape and darted behind a different building. He'd thought this was going to be dull, four girls with a few magic tricks, but this was surprisingly fun. Whatever armour they were wearing could take multiple direct hits, so a clean kill was out of the question. They also had guns, lasers no less, as well as an impressive energy cannon. More toys to add to his collection.

The Yellow one was injured, probably from the fall. Black was heavily winded and it would be a while before she caught her breath. He had hoped his M79 could have taken her out, but she was already standing again. That just meant he was going to have to kill them by degrees. Blue his next target though. He couldn't let her recover from the blasts he'd already given her.

If the three of them were able to work together they could probably do some serious damage. Pumping his SPAS-12 repeating shotgun he took aim, but the Yellow Ranger spotted him and dragged her friend down.

There was a hurried discussion and the three scattered. Growling Ordinance fired off a couple of rounds in spite and dashed away. The Black Ranger had to be his target, her energy cannon could be a real threat.

She ran off, towards a parked car, the cannon in her hand. At the speed she was going Ordinance would only get a snapshot. That was all he needed, drawing the M79 in his hand he fired a shell into the cars fuel tank. The explosion caught the shocked Ranger full in the face with parts of vehicle flying everywhere. When the smoke cleared she was sprawled on the floor. It was a miracle she was still breathing after that but she was down for the count. That left two.

Out of nowhere the Blue one charged, swinging a staff at his head. Ordinance only had a second to react, throwing the spent grenade launcher at her she instinctively parried it away, giving him the opening he needed to fire the shotgun. He pulled the trigger when she was at point blank range, the shot catching her in the helmet.

You can be waring the best face armour in the world, but a twelve bore like his that close wasn't shrugged off. Her head went backwards as her feet came up, still running even though she should have been dead. The Blue Ranger continued her flip under his arm, going upside down before she finally landed face down in the asphalt. There was a shower of broken visor but no blood. While the helmet had been shattered she'd survived. Ordinance wasn't sure how but it was yet more proof these Rangers were powerful enough to warrant his services.

It was proof that modern warfare was so much more effective, which was why he had long ago forgone weapons like staffs. Guns, Explosives and heavy artillery was the way to go. Planting his foot firmly on the chest of the Black Ranger Ordinance looked around, there was no sign of the other one.

"So, that's why your the Yellow Ranger is it? You're Yellow clear through!" He laughed.

End Chapter Two
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