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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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MountainKingFR1593287,9121239687,3487 May 1015 Jan 14Yes

Armistice Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Sari had, again, decided to get as high as she could. Getting a bird's eye view of the problem. The plan they had hastily drawn up between the three of them was simple. Split up and let him try to take out one of them while they were on their own. While Cassie and Faith had their weapons they could take him out. Because Sari was weaponless she'd been given the task of watching out.

As soon as that walking weapons factory made his move she was on the radio, warning her fellow Rangers.

It hadn't done much good, they had both been taken out. It was like watching Megatron take down her friends. This guy was so fast and powerful and Sari wasn't even a full Ranger. Not without her daggers.

She wasn't cut out for this, heck she wasn't cut out to be anything other than a little kid. Sari had never asked to be what she was. A child shut away from the real world by her overprotective farther. That was until she met her Autobot friends. In a handful of years she'd done and learnt things she'd never dreamed of. Not least that she wasn't even human.

Now here she was, desperately wishing that she was back at her Father's tower. Ignoring her tutor-bot while she dreamt up impossible robots made of Ice scream. But she couldn't

She was still here and now, no amount of wishing could change that. Sari peered over the roof's edge, looking down on her fellow Rangers and the still gloating monster. She still had her laser pistol, she could shoot him from here. Sniper him off from afar, but that wouldn't work

She wasn't that good a shot and even if she was he'd already shrugged off whatever she had hit him with. Her palm blasters in robot mode were the same. Sari was going to need something else. Her Power Daggers were an answer.

The problem was she didn't know how to use them. Without full power she was helpless, She needed help. "Alpha, Alpha come in." Sari whispered.

"Ay ay ay!" the saucer headed robot cried. "I know, We've been watching on the Viewing Globe!"

"Isn't there anything you can do?" She pleaded

"Nothing!" Alpha admitted.

"That's not true," Tommy said. "We could beam you and the others away, but that would leave that walking weapons depot to wreak havoc in the City. You're their only hope."

"I don't want to be you're only hope! I can't, I'm just a kid!" She wailed.

"No you're not." Tommy said. "You're a Ranger, the Power Coin chose you for a reason. You have the strength within you to fight."

"But I'm not even a full Ranger." She explained. "I can feel it."

"There's no magic words or special switches Sari, you have to find it within yourself."

"Within myself?" Sari asked and peaked over the edge again. The other Rangers were stirring and the monster was calmly reloading it's shotgun

"Look's like you have just ran out of time!" The monster laughed.

He was going to kill them and she was helpless. Just like when her father was taken. She had just stood there, too shocked to believe what she was seeing. With a low growl building up at the back of her throat Sari jumped to her feet. "Alright, you want a fight you've got one! Power of the Sabre-tooth Tiger, Power Daggers!" A yellow fireball exploded behind her as she felt a new power coursing though her. It was sort of like when she merged with her Allspark Key, only now she had control. A pair of yellow and silver blades appeared in her hands and instantly she knew what to do.

The Demon looked up to face her. "The coward shows herself!" He laughed again. "Goodbye!" The deadly shotgun swung around.

Sari jumped, not away and not at him but straight up. As high up as she could go and then some. Crossing her wrists she focused her new found power through and into her daggers. "Power Daggers; jet corkscrew attack!"

The handles of her daggers blazed as they became jet engines. Holding on for dear life Sari wrestled until she was pointing straight back down. Like missile Sari spun, head first into the ground. At the last moment she pulled up, beaming a yellow blur that lanced, like an arrow straight through the demon before arcing back up and towards the roof of another building.

Stopping wasn't the easiest of things, even without the rocket propelled daggers she still had enough momentum to keep flying for a few feet. Hitting the rooftop shoulder first instincts Sari didn't know he had told her to roll with the momentum. Behind her a massive explosion told the young Ranger she'd done it.

"Yes!" she cried out, inventing a little dance on the spot. "Go Sari, go Sari!"

Back down in the street Faith shouted up, "Couldn't have you done that earlier!"

Cassie's ears were still ringing from the shotgun blast she took to the face. While that wasn't something she was going to tell her Uncle Jack about it was good to know the sort of punishment her suit could take.

It was also good to know she could count on Sari. "That was so cool!" Their red haired friend hopped from foot to foot. "I just called on my daggers and boom I knew what to do." She explained.

They had beamed back to the Command Centre almost as soon as they could get their bearings. After de-morphing Cassie had checked the others out. Sari's knee would be alright and other that a cluster of tender bruises Faith was fine. "The whole flying thing was way cool." the Black Ranger smirked. "You gotta show me how to do that some time."

"You show me some Slayer moves some time and you got a deal." Sari offered. Cassie joined in with the laughter but pulled away.

She had hoped to just slip into the the shadows for a while, but she forgot Dr Oliver was watching them. "Something wrong?" he asked quietly, giving her a jump.

"Oh," she slumped her shoulders . "Yeah, Dawn."

"You think things would have gone much easier with Dawn there?"

Cassie smiled, "Dawn would have done something crazy. I mean certifiable and wouldn't just get away with it but Mr Personality wouldn't have lasted ten seconds if she was with us."

"Maybe, maybe not. From the sound of things she was barely able to stand. If Dawn had tried to fight like that she'd have put everyone in danger." He told her sagely.

Cassie agreed with him. "But I still shouldn't have used my powers on her."

"You're part of a team." He told her and then looked to the others. "You all are, that's what being a team means. You look after one another, help each other. You did the right thing Cassie, and next time Dawn want's to do something crazy don't let her!" he laughed

"Trust me guys," Faith grinned. "If she is taking after her big sis, we haven't seen crazy yet!"

"Ay ay ay," Alpha threw his hands in the air. "Just when I thought things were going to slow down!"

Dawn woke up and peeled a sheet of notes from her face. Cassie winced, while trying to fight back a smile. "Morning."

"What time is it?" She asked, cracking her jaw and feeling her hair. It was a complete wreck, Dawn couldn't remember when she last washed it. "What happened?"

"I, er, had to knock you out."

Dawn quickly glared at her best friend as she got to her feet. "You knocked me out?" After a moment it came back to her. "You used your Jedi mind trick thing! I didn't even know you could do that."

"I didn't either." She admitted. "You didn't give me a choice. I'm not going to let you hurt yourself."

Dawn took a deep breath, about to shout at her roommate, when Cassie's last sentence hit home. It was the same thing she'd told Buffy more than once, usually after she was doing something incredibly stupid. It was an uphill struggle just to get the invincible Slayer to understand she was tearing Dawn apart with worry. "You're right." She whispered.


"You're right." Dawn admitted a bit louder. "I was being stupid and I'm sorry."

"Wow." Cassie sighed with relief. "That was easier than I expected."

It was then Dawn got a look at her bedside clock and squeaked, she'd missed her class. "Why didn't you wake me earlier!" she half shouted.

Cassie winced again. "We were a little bit busy! There was that demon attack…"

Dawn slumped back into her seat. "Demon attack?"

"We didn't know, we thought it was a false alarm then bang. Demon with more weapons than you can count. We're okay though, Sari kicked it's butt."

"Why didn't you wake me?" The Green Ranger asked again, more than a little put out that she'd missed all the fun.

"Well we couldn't…" Cassie began and there was a nervous little knock on the door. After a shared look they silently agreed to deal with that first. "Urm, Hi?" Sair asked as she opened it.

"Oh I'm sorry, is this Dawn's room? I mean, Dawn Summers?' It was a boy's voice, one that Dawn half recognised.

Cassie stepped to one side and looked over her shoulder, Dawn quickly tried to smooth her hair down and stood up. "Hello?" she asked and now that she had a better look she did know him. "Marcus, isn't it? I almost didn't recognise you without your glasses."

He nodded almost eagerly, "We've got history together… I mean we take, that is we've both got Mr Walker. You weren't in this morning."

Dawn blinked at the stammering. "No I was… I wasn't well. I mean not feeling too well. Good. I'm a bit better now…" She babbled and Cassie frowned at them.

Marcus held up a folder. "I, I took some notes. Walker wasn't happy you weren't in and I was thinking I could give you these and then we could tell him you found me and we sorted it out." he said in one breath.

"That's great, thanks." Dawn said, her mind a complete blank.

Fortunately Cassie was there. "Good idea, tell you what if you give us your room number Dawn could come over and pick them up later. When she's, you know, feeling better."

It was a good idea, but there was something about it Dawn was worried about. Something she couldn't put her finger on. Marcus blinked rapidly. "Alright, its 435. Over in the west hall."

Dawn nodded. "I'll try and pick them up tonight, Afternoon… evening, whenever." It was then she had a horrible thought that she knew where this was going.

"See you later then?"

"Later." Dawn agreed and he left. Cassie threw the door shut and dashed to Dawn's closet while The Green Ranger just stood there for a moment. "What just happened?"

"You just got a date."

"No. No I didn't." Dawn exploded, even though she had the terrible feeling Cassie was right. "Why would you think that?"

Cassie spared a moment to look up. "Come on, a reasonably cute guy you know from a class tracks you down to do you a favour?"

"He's not that cute." Dawn protested.

"Uh huh." Cassie smirked, rifling though her clothes. "And you just happen to know his name? Ah ha." Triumphantly she pulled out a pair of pants

"Those are my best pair, what are you doing?"

"You're right, they're too good." Cassie threw them to one side. "You're going to make the right impression though." She announced diving back into the draw.

Six hours later Cassie had picked out what she had decided was the perfect 'not date, first date' clothes and Dawn felt like a shop window dummy. Knocking on the door to 435 there was a startled moment where she heard what she guessed was Marcus dropping something.

After a couple of seconds the door opened, Dawn had to admit Marcus was kind of cute, if a fashion disaster and looked better with his glasses. "I thought you'd be earlier, I mean later. I guess no one expects the spanish inquisition." He winced. "Sorry, it's an old reference."

Dawn laughed. "Their chief weapon is surprise, and fear." She quoted back and he looked surprised. "I'm a Python fan too." She revealed as she blushed.

Marcus laughed in relief as she tried not to blush any harder. "Do you want to come in?" he asked.

"Sure." Dawn smiled back.

End Armistice
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