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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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Training Chapter 2

Chapter Two

The demon warrior babbled in the twisted gibberish it called a language. The conversion process was wonderful at conditioning them into dedicated, if mindless, foot troops. However it did leave their language skills a complete mess.

At best you could make out vague ideas. "I don't care if you don't know." A'Zores growled, lifting the hapless warrior by it's neck. "Someone hired Ordinance to take out the Rangers. I need to know who that was!" After the defeat at the castle A'Zores had retreated to this base.

It was a crude encampment more than a base, a few rough chairs carved from the rock and a simple shelter. He couldn't abide the idea of grubbing around in the dirt underground, or slumming it in an clichéd abandoned warehouse. A'Zores would have preferred a nice office block. Failing that he would just have to make do with what his warriors had been able to build.

Leaning back on the stone he'd had chipped out A'Zores let the warrior babble at him. Again he only got a general outline of what it was trying to say, but that was enough.

"Then find out." The General said through gritted teeth, throwing it warrior to the ground. Ordinance was a bounty hunter, a mercenary and, if the price was right, assassin. He was careful, skilled and most importantly very deadly. The Rangers, once again, proved to be powerful enough to defeat him. Useful for making them over confident, but it kept them on edge. He wanted to strike when they least expected it and their guard was down.

Random attacks like that one got in the way. If someone was willing to hire Ordinance he wouldn't give up after one failure. He had to stop that, this was going to be his last chance. He didn't need some half witted incompetent getting in his way.

Of course there was another option. A'Zores didn't have to worry about failing anyone if he was the Warlord…

Dr Oliver jumped to his feet and pulled the new guy into one of those hugs that try to be a slap on the back. For the life of her Sari couldn't understand why boy's didn't just hug. "Jason! What are you doing here?" he asked

"I heard you were in town, still fighting the good fight. Thought I'd take a holiday and drop in on you. See the new team." He shrugged.

"So who are you?" Dawn asked before anyone else could.

"Jason's an old friend, and one of the best. He was the first Red Ranger and the Zeo Gold Ranger."

"Two different Rangers?" Cassie asked, "That's pretty good going."

"Hey, this guy still has the record." Jason brought a hand down on Dr Oliver's shoulder. "How many Ranger colours have you been, Four?"

"Five, if you count Turbo Red." Sari guessed he sounded a little embarrassed about it, but she couldn't guess why. Now that he had embraced her Ranger powers she would be boasting about that.

"You could be a whole team on you own!" Faith joked.

Dr Oliver shrugged, "I've been cloned enough times."

"Hazards of the job." Jason added. "Aren't you going to introduce us Tommy?"

"Sure. Jason. This is Cassie, Blue Ranger, Sari, the Yellow. Dawn, Green and Faith the current Black Ranger."

"Good to meet you all. When Tommy told me about the archive he was working on I had no idea he was talking about a new Ranger line up."

"I don't think he did either." Dawn told them.

"You know what it's like." Faith added. "You come into town looking for a quiet break when the powers come along and screw you big time."

Jason frowned, "You mean called you?"

"Call. Screw. You say to-mat-o I say to-mart-o." Sari was a little shocked at Faith's language. Her father didn't use language like that and even at his grouchiest Ratchet didn't curse.

"Looks like you've got your work cut out for you Tommy." Jason laughed.

Oliver smiled at Faith. "You don't know the half of it. So what's you plan for the rest of the day?" He asked them.

"I'm only working this morning, so I was thinking of taking the others out and getting some training done." She looked at the clock on the wall. "I knock of now-ish really."

"You're going to have to count me out." Dawn admitted. "I've still a lot of work to finish for college."

"Still?" Cassie asked. "I'd have thought you've gotten it all done by now?"

"Almost." Dawn told them. "I've still to finish my latin translation." That was one thing Sari didn't miss. Her lessons with the tutor-bot were incredibly boring and she had learnt more with her friends than she ever could otherwise.

"Don't you already know that?" Faith asked, Sari guessed that would have something to do with the Green Ranger's Watcher training. She wasn't sure what that meant, reading up about demons and kicking butt seemed be a big part. Some people had all the fun.

"Sure, but I've got to prove that to my tutors." She shrugged. "Shouldn't take me too long. I can catch you up later."

Jason frowned "I wouldn't get too confident, Dawn. You should keep training, you never know when trouble might turn up. The only thing you can count on is things will keep getting worse. The bad guys will keep throwing everything they've got at both you and the city and the more desperate they are the more powerful."

"Great, so they are just bidding their time?" Cassie asked. "Getting ready for a massive attack?"

"That's the way it usually goes." Sari shrugged, remembering the stories Optimus told her. "When bad guys talk peace that usually means they need time to reload. Decepticons tried it all the time."

"Decepticons?" Jason asked.

"Sari's not from around here." Faith explained. "And I wouldn't want to meet one of these Decepti-things. So the five of us?" She waved a hand at them.

"Better make that four." Cassie winced, "Dawn's sister wasn't the only phone call last night. Teal'c want's to talk with me about something. I told him I'd meet him here later."

Oliver shook his head, "I've got my own project too. Actually Jason it's good that you're here. I think you should hear about it."

Sari smiled. "So it's just going to be you and me!" She was looking forward to it, Faith was their best fighter. She'd trained with Prowl when he was around and Jazz after that. Thing was the pair of them were Autobots, not a ass-kicking human like Faith.

Tommy didn't like the idea of leaving Faith and Sari alone. Faith could be a little rough and Sari was a little over enthusiastic. He didn't have much choice though, There was only one person left in the whole universe that knew enough about the Green Power Coin.

"So how did you get here?" Tommy asked his old friend.

Jason smirked "Rat Bug."

"You're kidding. I thought that thing was destroyed."

"Billy put it in mothballs. When he came back for Trini's funeral he gave me the keys."

Tommy winced. For all the battles and good she had done Trini had died in a pointless car accident. Of course Billy and the others came back, Tommy had been busy at the time and couldn't make it to the funeral. Something he still regretted. Still Kimberly tracked him down and gave him the Sabre-tooth coin Sari was using now.

"What's a Rat Bug?" Dawn asked, bringing him back to the problem at hand

For a moment Tommy wanted to tell her, but decided to show instead. "Jason?"

"It's parked out back."

A couple minutes later Faith had said her goodbye's and the six of them quietly left through the back door. "It's a… Its a…" Cassie was lost for words as she saw the old car.

"That's a joke, right?" Dawn gaped

"I think it's kinda cool." Sari smiled

Faith looked at her, "That? Cool? she asked, as if she couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Its a Beetle with a steam engine glued on!" Tommy couldn't think of a better description, but the battered old experiment was a lot more than that.

"It's a bit more than that.'"Jason explained. "It's powered by it's own atmosphere recycling engine, has a dynamic thruster drive and is completely undetectable by radar."

"What?" three of the Rangers gasped.

"Why would it need to be radar invisible?" Cassie added

Sari just smirked. "See, told you it was cool."

"You want to drive Jason? We can give Faith and Sari a ride to the Command Centre."

"You rebuilt the Command Centre? You've probably even got yourself a new Alpha."

"Alpha Eight." Tommy pointed out. "Found him in storage, along with a few other things."

"What do you mean a ride?"

"Get in and we'll show you." It wasn't difficult, Faith was curious and Sari, well Sari was Sari. Now that she was more confident around her fellow Rangers she was almost child like.

Tommy felt a shiver, realising that while she might look like a teenager she was a machine, atlas partly, and she could be any age.

Cassie watched the four of them get into the silly looking car. It was a dirty grey beetle with a steam chimney on the top and some pretty weird looking parts on the back.

When Jason turned the key it made an odd little noise, a small black cloud came from the back and the whole thing took off in a blur.

"Whoa! You know it could do that?" She asked her room mate.

Dawn, her jaw on the floor, shook her head. "A flying car. Their egghead seriously built a flying car. Out of Herbie." Not wanting to risk sneaking through the back without Faith there the pair of them headed back around the front. "So," Dawn asked after they left the back street. "When's the big guy coming to see you?"

"Not sure…" Cassie admitted. "He sounded even more Jaffa like than usual. That's never a good thing."

Dawn opened the door and stopped, Cassie almost walked into her before seeing what she had. Teal'c was there, looking as uncomfortable as ever in Earth clothes, but he wasn't alone. Another man almost as tall and even more uncomfortable.

Even in the half empty Coffee Shop the two of them took up all the room. Cassie had met the other man once before, and was just as afraid of him now as she was back then. "Master Bra'Tac?"

End Chapter Two
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