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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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The Dragon's Green Fire Part I:- Reborn, Chapter 3

The Dragon's Green Fire Part I:- Reborn
Chapter Three

"You've got to do something!" Faith yelled at Oliver "She's getting killed out there!"

"There's nothing." He growled. "Nothings ready, it's too soon." He helplessly punched at the buttons in front of him. On the crystal ball Faith watched the girl help Dawn to her feet.

She grabbed Oliver by the shirt and practically lifted him from the floor, "I don't care, do something." Dawn wasn't ready for this sort of thing, hell Buffy had sent Faith here to make sure the little brat wasn't holding all night keg parties and getting off with some two bit jock. She wasn't supposed to be rough housing with sword toting demons "You've got to have some sort of weapon..."

"Only one." Oliver said darkly, "But if she uses it she won't have a choice, the Power will be completely bonded with her." Faith let him go and after a moment he pressed something on one of the computer consoles. "Dawn, you have to listen to me; you're only hope is to summon the Dragon Flute, but if you do the coin will be completely bonded with you. It's that or I get you out of there and leave that guy to destroy the city." He sounded desperate and looked to the robot who hovered over another control. It had to be the teleport button

As the brat pushed her friend away and stood up straight Faith turned on the robot. "If you can get her out of there do it. Now!"' It looked at her and then back to the ball.

"I can't." it said helplessly.

Faith jumped, quickly dashing the short distance she pushed the robot away. "Which button is it?" she shouted.

"If we do teleport her back now that monster will destroy everything. There's no choice." Oliver said sadly and looked back at the glass ball. "She's already got the Flute. Dawn's now got all the powers of a full Green Ranger."

Cassie was not used to this, if Uncle Jack or Aunt Sam were there they'd have something to say about it. Heck Teal'c would be the first to charge, swinging his staff around to get a good blow. Right now she wished her friends and family were there for her.

She should have just found a way home as soon as she could. She didn't want to go to the party in the first place, but her friends insisted. When Dawn, her roommate, insisted that she might as well because she'd be studying all night Cassie's last chance to get out of it was gone.

It wasn't a good night out to start with, the band was pathetic and Danny spent most of the night looking at her chest. Then there was the fight in the car park, Cassie missed most of it. Only catching the moment when she saw a green flash of light that looked a lot like her Mom described a ring transport.

Frightened that it was an attack Cassie was about to dial up Uncle Jack when someone shouted "Power Rangers" and everyone cheered. Cassie had heard of them of course, but she never believed in them. She'd spent so much of her time trying to fit in with her friends that she just didn't have time to fantasise about fairy tales. But for the rest of the night it was all anyone would talk about. All the different teams that there had been. Some people even had favourites, which ones they thought looked the best, or could kicked the most ass. Others talked about how they once heard of a Ranger group that could control water, or how their cousin once saw them fighting a robot

Cassie asked a couple of questions, trying not to sound like a total idiot, but no one knew where they came from or really who they really were. By the end she had just about convinced herself it was all a college prank and everything would be back to normal just as soon as she got back to college and her bed

Now though Cassie had seen it with her own eyes. Seen what a Ranger could do and just how much punishment one could take. The big… monster had come out of nowhere, smashing benches and cutting bus shelters in half with massive blows of his sword. It had to be a monster, or an alien with some powerful technology. It shouldn't have been possible for it to just destroy things like that.

Danny was in no state to drive so Cassie had insisted they take a bus. She had been looking for the first available bus back to college when it stomped around the corner. Jenny and Michael, who had gone with them been hit by something that looked like a lump of concrete. Instinct kicked in and Cassie was checking them over, Both had hit their heads on the way down and would have a lump, Michael's eyes had trouble focusing, but that could have been from the drink he shouldn't have had.

Danny was no use whatsoever and just ran.

Whether it was luck or just plain and simple good timing on the Ranger's behalf the woman in green ambushed the monster at the last moment and shot at it with a laser pistol. It wasn't good enough though and the monster just started bashing them around with that sword it carried around.

Cassie had watched helplessly as the Ranger was sent flying, every time she tried to fight back the monster was just stronger. Going as far as throwing the Ranger into a building. Cassie ran up to her and checked for a pulse. She was still alive, but after that blow Cassie couldn't guess how.

Helping her to her feet Cassie tried to pull the Ranger away. She might still be alive, but after that beating they wouldn't be for long. Not without getting to the hospital and quickly.

If she wasn't so close she wouldn't have head the muffled voice coming from the helmet. She couldn't make out what the message was, but she hoped it was an escape plan by who ever it was she was talking to.
"We've got to get you out of here, fast." Cassie hissed as the monster approached, chuckling all the way. The Ranger shook her head and somehow had enough strength to push Cassie away. "Come on." She insisted.

"No, can't run." The Ranger said weakly, as if she was trying to catch her breath. She sounded almost familiar, but the helmet distorted her voice too much. "Stay back." she ordered and stood up straight. Then the Ranger reached to the sky with an outstretched hand and it caught fire. Not a normal fire, but a dark green flame that matched the decoration on her gloves more than the lime of her costume.

As quickly as it came the fire died, leaving a long, broad, dagger with gold and green decoration.

The monster smirked. "What's that supposed to do?" he asked smugly.

Somehow the Ranger seamed a lot more sure on her feet. Bringing the dagger to her mouthpiece she let out a trumpet note.

Cassie could see the Ranger's fingers as she began to play the dagger like a musical instrument. It was a short tune, one she half recognised from somewhere.

It was loud, but Cassie got the feeling she wasn't getting half of it. It was so powerful that the monster was sent reeling back, holding it's head. In a flash of light the Ranger was now wearing a gold breastplate over her costume, it had great oversized shoulders and little armlets. All the black burn marks on the spandex vanished and almost just to rub it in the Ranger threw the new knife in the air and caught it, almost juggling. "Alright Tretrax, ready for round two?" She asked, sounding a lot better.

The monster snarled back, bearing it's teeth. "I'll enjoy striping the flesh from you're bones!" It growled in a voice that sounded like Teal'c, if he was chewing broken glass.

"Awe honey, it's only our second dance!" She laughed and Cassie got the horrible feeling that the Ranger was a lot younger than she had first thought. Then, from a standing start, she jumped at him. Her new dagger was nowhere near as long as the thing's sword, but that didn't stop her, in fact it seemed to help. Letting her get up and under it's arms with quick stinging blows.

While he was bigger and stronger Cassie could see the woman was quicker. Ducking and weaving around the massive swings, and lunging in for quick thrusts. When the weapons did meet she didn't make the same mistake again. Using the dagger to defect the massive sword rather than meet it head on.

Cassie tore her eyes from the fight to check if anyone else was injured. Jenny and Michael were helping each other to safety and it didn't take her long to realise she was the only other person left there.

Looking back to the fight the Green Ranger ducked under a vicious swing and then kicked off. Flying back and away from the monster. Landing gracefully the Ranger was breathing hard, "Look it's been a long night, mind if we call this a day?" She brought the dagger up in both hands around the handle and it began to glow with green energy.

The monster shouted something that was half growl and half a bellow of rage:- "By the power of Darkness, infuse me!" Then it began to shake, standing up to it's full height.

"Uh-oh" the Ranger stepped back and Cassie watched the monster grow. Not just grow, but become a massive titan. All too quickly it was easily taller than the tallest buildings.
"Holy..." Cassie caught herself and rather than curse finished with Uncle Jack's "For crying out loud!"

Helplessly she looked at the Ranger. They were so dead it wasn't worth mentioning it. "Don't ask me why," she said laughing. "But this is going to be fun."

"What are you going to do?" Cassie asked her, but she was already moving. Running towards a nearby building the Ranger jumped, like a comic book hero she leapt about fourteen floors in a single step. After an effortless landing she began playing that strange flute of hers again.

"So your last line of defence is music?" The monster gloated. "What's next, the power of love?" But the Green Ranger ignored him and kept playing that same elusive tune. It was getting louder and louder every time through, but it didn't sound desperate. It was more like a celebration. It got so loud that Cassie had to hold her ears for fear of going deaf.

With a sudden stillness the Green Ranger stopped playing, the last note echoing across the street. If it was deafening for Cassie it must have been worse for the monster. Still they ignored it and raised their massive sword, that had somehow grown with it, poised and ready to shatter the building and super hero with it with a single blow.

Cassie watched as calmly the Ranger brought the flute to lips of her helmet again. This time she played a different tune, even though it was similar. As she finished the great sword began it's swing down, nothing could stop that blow, no matter what fancy armour the Ranger was wearing.

Nothing, save the ten rockets that came screaming overhead. Throwing the giant monster off balance it grunted in pain as it tumbled backwards, crushing a wearhouse like cardboard. 'Tretrax, meet the Dragonzord. Hi-ya' the woman shouted triumphantly and jumped again. This time in the direction the rockets had come from.

Cassie ran around the side of the building and got a look at what had fired those missiles. Aunt Sam would have had a fit if she saw it.

It was massive, just as tall as the monster only made of metal. It had to be some sort of robot but it was based on what looked like a upright lizard, almost but not quite a dinosaur. It had short, stubby, legs and arms that looked powerful. The chest was a big gold dish with red lights surrounding it. The robot also had a long tail with a drill on it's end and a single horn coming back from the top of it's head.

Standing just in front of that swept back horn was the Green Ranger, riding the robot's head as if she was glued there. The robot roared, stretching out like a wrestler as the monster found it's feet and charged.

Dawn threw her fist out, knowing that her Zord would do as she asked and punch the demon in the head. Trying not to let the idea that a giant, super powerful, robotic dragon was at her command go to her head Dawn pulled back. The punch had sent Tretrax reeling and that was dangerous.

Dawn was acting purely on instinct, no time for hesitation or forethought she knew just what the Dragonzord could do. It was the same way that she knew how to use the consoles in the command centre and how to play the Dragon Flute. The Dragonzord was powerful, but not fast. Her advantage over Tretrax had been speed and he was still more powerful in the long run. This meant she had to fight smarter, not harder.

Tretrax was fumbling around for his sword, as if he felt he needed it to take her on and that was just the advantage she needed. Until he was more confident he'd need a weapon. She had her weapon already, the Dragonzord and its' drill tail. As her enemy stood up she had the dragon spin on the spot, tail swinging high. The massive blow sent the self titled demon general flying, landing on the highway.

Dawn had the Dragonzord stomp opposite the recovering Tretrax. As he stood up the Zord grabbed him and threw the demon back down. Taking the opportunity Dawn, as Tretrax was pulled close, slashed at his face with the Dragon flute, it wasn't much but it was enough of distraction to keep him from pulling anything off.

Playing the flute again Dawn had the Dragonzord's tail drill start spinning. Tretrax, still clutching the side of his face snarled at her just in time to take another tail blow to the other side of his head.

Beaten, battered and probably confused the Demonic General stumbled back. Dawn knew she had won the battle, he was too wounded to offer a good fight back. Dawn, while not at full strength yet was getting better all the time. The armour was more than protecting her, going as far as healing her. She could also feel the full force of the Green Ranger power that came with the Flute.

She was a full Ranger now, with everything that meant. The duty and responsibility that came with the Power. Tretrax didn't stand a chance in hell and right now he knew it.

Screaming in rage and frustration Tretrax howled before a portal opened up, swallowing him whole. It was too much of a coincidence to be anything other than an escape route. "That explains how he got away last time." Dawn said spitefully, the Dragonzord roared in agreement.

It was then that she got a weird feeling about this battle machine. Patting it on the head she jumped to a nearby rooftop and played a single questioning note on the flute.

The Dragon roared in response. It wasn't like they were going to have a conversation, but it was close. Dawn got the feeing that it had only a vague idea what she was trying to say, but the Flute helped somehow. She didn't really know what it was saying either, but had an idea. Again thanks to the flute, as if it was translating for them both.

Carefully she thanked the metal beast with a quick burst of the first three notes of its summoning tune. It's roar was accompanied with a massive stretch and foot stomp, telling her it was happy. Probably the first good fight it had in years.

Bowing to it Dawn played a slow version of it's activation song. It bowed back slightly twice in quick succession, almost like a nod. Which made sense as it didn't have a neck and walked off. It's giant stride taking it out of sight, merging in with the night and overbearing shadows of the surrounding hills.

Touching her belt, Dawn teleported back to the the command centre.

Cassie unlocked the door to her dorm room and threw her coat on her bed. "Dawn, are you in?" she asked but there wasn't any answer. Finding the remote in amongst her class paper work Cassie flicked on the small TV they shared and changed it to the news.

As the reporter started the door opened and Dawn, with a towel around her head and her in her PJs, came in. "Oh you're back." She said. "How was the party?"

"I should have stayed here… Then the Power Rangers showed up!" Cassie gave her a look as her roommate just blinked. "You look half dead."

"I feel all dead." Dawn covered a yawn. "Shower didn't help. Look I've got a morning free and I'm going to spend it sleeping. What do you mean Rangers?"

"You know the Power Rangers, one of them was fighting a giant monster in the city. Have you been studying all night?" Cassie glanced at her bed side clock it was half three.

"Tried to, felt like I was bashing my head against a wall." Dawn admitted and sat on her bed, blinking owlishly at the TV. After a minute or so of grainy footage some kid with a camera phone captured, in which Cassie could make out the giant robot dragon punching the monster, Dawn yawned again. "It's way to late, or early, whatever. I'm going to bed."

"But Dawn…" Cassie was beginning to worry about her roommate. Sure she had to catch up, but if she was woking herself into this state she really should take a brake. "Are you alright, no seriously. There's giant robots fighting monsters on TV and all you can do is go to sleep?"

"Look, they'll still be there tomorrow right?" Dawn asked lying on her back. "I'll see it all then. Good night, morning. Whatever."

Cassie wanted to say something, but there was something about the way Dawn looked. It was more than being tired, it went beyond that. Even if she wanted to argue Cassie had to agree in the end. Not least because it was getting early and she didn't have a free morning.

Turning off the TV she got ready for bed.

Dawn was right, the monster attack was still leading the news that morning. Showing the same grainy footage over and over again. Cassie was tempted to wake Dawn up, but she needed sleep and Cassie wasn't going to get in the way.

Dawn grumbled, and rolled back. The sudden pain down her side waking her up better than the prodding. "Go away." She mumbled and tried to lie down flat again.

"No." A familiar boston accent growled. "Get up Dawn, we need to talk."

Dawn sighed and opened her eyes. "Alright, how did you get in? I heard Cassie lock the door."

"Oliver and that robot beamed me in. What the hell were you thinking?" Faith almost shouted.

Dawn tried to prop herself up, but it hurt. When she de-morphed in her dorm room all the strength and healing that came with the costume was gone. The shower was an excuse to see just how bad she was. Her whole front was covered in two massive bruises, another one on her back just seemed to be there to match. She should have been broken, in someways she was. "I was thinking there was a job needed doing."


"Faith." She cut her off. "You were going to get yourself killed when you first went up against that thing, how's that any different?"

"I was trying to save your life."

"And I saved yours, Cassie's and maybe half the city." Painfully Dawn rolled out of bed. She didn't trust herself to sit up yet but Faith helped her up anyway. Before she could stop her friend she lifted Dawn's top to get a look at her gut.

"Damn it Dee." Faith gasped as Dawn brushed her away. "How bad?"

"Bad okay, but I'll heal. Now I've got to get ready, I've class in an hour it's going to take me that long to get dressed." It was a good thing her legs were fine as Dawn grabbed her clothes and left, almost running into Dr Oliver.

There was a tense moment before he smiled. "Hello Dawn, late start?" he said cheerfully.

Dawn looked up and down the corridor, there wasn't anyone else. "Can you blame me?" she asked.

"No, no I don't think I can. I remember how it was, believe me. Saving the world is not something you can just get used to. That's what I need to talk to you about."

Dawn looked at him for a second, "You said I was fully bonded with the Power now. That you can't sever the connection."

"That's right I can't." he said. "Not without destroying the coin, that might kill you. No, there's something much more important. As a Ranger you must follow three rules; Never start a battle without reason or forethought, never abuse your power for personal gain and never reveal your identity as the Green Ranger."

Dawn knew he was dead serious, why else would he track her down in the middle of the dorm hallway at half eleven. Wondering if former rangers had the same sort of time management as watchers she nodded. "Sounds good to me."

"Another thing we have to look at is training…"

Dawn winced and held one hand up, there had to be a connection, the former ranger was aas bad as Giles. "What I have to look at is class in an hour, I'm way behind and it's all I can do to stand. Training, mystical destinies and whatever else has to wait until then, got it."

Dr Oliver nodded and stepped to one side, "Later then, good luck."

Smiling a thanks Dawn got into the wash room, but stayed by the door for a moment, eavesdropping as Faith came out of the dorm room. "She's a good, clever girl. I see why the power chose her." Dr Oliver said.

"Listen; you better find a way to stop this or I'll kill you. Got that."

"You can't tell anyone, not even her sister."

"I'm not going to, she'll kill me just for being involved. Listen Dee's not a fighter, she's too reckless. Fix this." Faith hissed at him.

"I can't, we still don't know what recharged the Coin." Dr Oliver admitted. "I'll keep looking, you keep her out of trouble."

"What do you think I was trying to do." Faith growled back.

Dawn listened to them walk their separate ways and let out a sigh. They were right. If only they knew the Coin didn't chose her because she was good, or pure, or for any other reason. It chose her because she was the Key, she had no right being a Ranger and the sooner Dr Oliver found a way to take it back the better.

End The Dragon's Green Fire Part I:- Reborn

To Be Continued in Dragon's Green Fire Part II:- Chosen

Authors note

Well that took a lot more work than I'm used to. Switching keyboards really didn't help. For some reason I just can't get the feel for this new one, I keep missing keys, might have to look in to it.

Anyway this was the first story in the series, I hope you all liked it. I should be working on the next one as you read this and be putting it up as soon as I'm done. Enjoy.
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