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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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Training Chapter 3

Chapter Three

Jaffa Master Bra'Tac watched as Cassandra Frasier dodged Teal'c's swing, while age had slowed his former student he had gained the skills to counter that disadvantage. Unfortunately he was not using them, it was right not to attack a student as young as Cassandra Frasier with all one's skill, but in training one had to push a student. Not let them become complacent and weak.

The three of them were on the Apollo, the Tau'ri's warship. While not as large as a Goa'uld ship it was a lot more practical. Equipped with weapons of the Asguard it was a formidable vessel. O'Neill had arranged for the ship's gym to be made available to them.

While Teal'c was being careful not to harm the child she was not fighting back. Instead relying on evasion and her own dexterity. Leaping and ducking any swing Teal'c attempted with his training staff. She was faster than most prospective students, almost as if she was predicting what Teal'c was going to do and easily dancing out of reach.

When Bra'Tac had come to visit his former pupil both he and O'Neill had shown him the reports of these Rangers. They were fighting creatures he had never seen or heard of before, with strange weapons and equipment. When he was told that the one that dressed in blue was in fact Cassandra Frasier, Daughter of Dr Janet Frasier, Bra'Tac was more than intrigued. O'Neill and Teal'c were both concerned with her safety, Bra'Tac was, however, not. Among the footage they had shown was that of their vehicles. Giant robotic machines in the shape of creatures of the past, capable of combining into a titanic machine. With such a weapon at their disposal there was very little to fear.

Now though, seeing how Cassandra Frasier refused to fight back, he was also concerned. She was both young and untrained. He found it hard to believe that she was the same young woman he saw fighting with a staff like weapon on the footage.

Teal'c saw the same thing and began to pick up speed. "I really don't want to do this!" the young woman insisted before jumping back. She was fast, very fast, even for her age. She occasionally lost her balance, but used that to her advantage. Flowing, if stiffly, from duck to spin and even a back flip.

Eventually she made a mistake. Either she was getting tired or Teal'c was lucky with his blow. The training staff caught her above the left eye. The blow did not cause serious injury, but it was unexpected. Sending her off her feet. Bra'Tac sighed, they had a long way to go.

But instead of landing Cassandra Frasier reacted with incredible speed. Catching herself with one hand she flipped back to her feet in a show of expert gymnastics. Landing didn't really slow her down, throwing a classic palm strike at Teal'c before her feet had touched the ground. She was nowhere near close enough to hit but somehow something struck the younger Jaffa.

The young woman did not stop there, with a wide slicing action she, again without touching, swept the legs out from under Teal'c. As if the gestures alone were enough to carve the very air. Finally she bought an open hand palm down, pressing Teal'c into the deck. After a moment Cassandra Frasier stopped, breathing heavily she headed over to a bench and sat down.

Teal'c pulled himself to his feet. "You have regained the powers of the Ancients." He said, a note of awe in his voice. Bra'Tac immediately reevaluated the young woman, she had always possessed the advantage and was only reluctant to turn it against one she was close to.

"Sort of." Cassandra Frasier winced, "I don't think I ever lost them, I just didn't have the strength I needed to use them. We've been thinking about it and what we've come up with is that being a Ranger has given me a power boost."

Bra'Tac thought about that for a moment. It would, as he understood it, take a great deal of energy to do what she had done.

"I do not understand." Teal'c said standing straight now. "Where did this power come from?"

Cassandra Frasier frowned, looking more uncomfortable. "You guy's don't know much about Rangers do you. It's not just a costume. It's something bigger, a lot bigger." She waved her hand at the air. "There's this energy field, called the Morphing Grid. I don't really understand it myself but when we morph we use that energy. It's that power that channels through me and that's why we're called Power Rangers."

"You have access to that same ancient energy source even here?"

She pulled a metal box from the small of her back and showed it to them. It was about an inch thick and the size of her hand. On it's front there was a gold coin and a jagged black line running through the middle. "It's the coin on the front." she told them. The whole thing was much too small to be a weapon in the classic sense and did indeed look very old. "You're going to want me to show you, aren't you?"

Bra'Tac nodded as Teal'c added his own, "Indeed."

Cassandra Frasier sighed and stood up. "You might want to back up a little." After they did as she asked the young woman struck a pose and punched the air with the device in both hands. It snapped open along the line and she shouted "Triceratops!"

The result was impressive to say the least. A bright blue light enveloped her and then shrunk into a form fitting suit. Bra'Tac had assumed that the team were wearing costumes for disguise, form fitting for comfort and manoeuvrability. He had not suspected that they could be changed so quickly or so spectacularly. The helmet was detailed, with the visor in the shape of a creatures mouth and a set of three small horns above. There was a more human mouth underneath, but it was only decoration. The rest of the suit was a deep blue, broken up by a white diamond pattern on the torso and a short skirt with silver highlights. There were also a set of matching white boots and gloves with a blue diamond pattern on them. The white belt had the strange device mounted on the front and there was a holster on her right thigh.

"Impressive." He told the Ranger as she unfastened two clasps on her helmet and took it off.

The cut Teal'c had given her had completely vanished, as if it had healed instantly "See what I mean." Cassandra Frasier pointed at where the injury was not a minute earlier. "It's a lot more than just a costume; the whole thing is a sort of body armour. I've been shot, stabbed, blown up fireball-ed and even had lightning thrown at me and this has saved me."

Bra'Tac cast a more critical eye over the uniform. If that was possible it gave the Rangers an immense advantage "And you can summon this armour anywhere you want, with this device?"

"Yes, but it only works for me." She told them. The Jaffa Master was not seriously considering taking the device, but if was as effective as she claimed it would go a long way to helping deal with the minor Goa'uld that still argued on the fringes of the galaxy.

"Very impressive." Teal'c agreed. "However without your staff you are still at a disadvantage."

"Without my staff?' she asked. "Power Lance!" As she spoke there was a flash of light in her open hand. Much like her costume the staff was forged by the light. It was the size of a quarter-staff, triple pointed blades on either end. It was a more metallic blue than her costume and thicker than a staff weapon, even if it did lack the weighted ends.

It was, by all appearances, a far more elegant weapon than their own. As Cassandra Frasier brought the staff in an en-guard position the helmet vanished from her grip, to reappear around her head. She proceeded to spin the weapon in her hand and began to demonstrate her ability.

Not only was she fast, but she showed a level of proficiency beyond what she should have been capable of. Whatever energy source she had at her disposal obviously did a lot more than he first suspected. Sharing a knowing glance with Teal'c his former student brought up his own training staff.

Now they were ready to begin again.

"This… is amazing." Jason exclaimed. "It's not the old Centre, but just close enough."

Tommy nodded, "The most important part is still missing though." he said looking pointedly at the energy tube.

They both knew what he was talking about. "Andros did the right thing." Jason told his old friend, but Tommy could tell his heart wasn't in it. Zordon had been their mentor, their leader. Whenever they needed him he was there, the hidden hand behind all their successes.

Sadly, Tommy brought up his mentor's logs to show his old friend. "Zordon might be gone but he left his diary behind."

"His diary?" Jason asked, reading over his shoulder.

"His archive." Tommy explained. "His records on everything he knew or suspected about the Power, the Alliance of Evil, leads on ancient weapons or devices that might be of some help. He's even got a section on space legends, fairy tales about intergalactic space beasts and mystical items Rita and the others were after. I've been going over thee whole thing for weeks, trying to learn as much as I can."

Jason took a step back. "Sounds like he knew we might need them."

"That's what I thought to. He was smart enough to know he might not survive every battle and that the war would go on. Truth is as helpful as all this is I wish I could talk to him."


"It's all to do with Dawn and her Power Coin.' Tommy admitted. "That's where this all started. You remember the trouble we had trying to recharge it powers after the Green Candle?"

"How can I forget." Jason sighed. Tommy guessed he still felt a little guilty with is failure. Tommy didn't blame him but even after all these years it worried him.

"I don't know how she did it. She doesn't, but I'm sure it has to do with her. She wasn't in town one day before the Coin was recharged, and it's as powerful as it ever was."

"I don't understand."

"Neither do I, but that's where this all started again. If I figure it out I might be able to understand just what it is we're caught up in." Tommy pointed at the screen. "I've been threw this thing a dozen times, looking for any hint or theory. Anything that could do that. Nothing."

"Nothing, are you sure? I thought there were all sorts of things out there? Wasn't there a crown…"

"The Corona Aurora." Tommy nodded. "Yes, but the Sentinel Knight took that with him when he left. Trey took the Zeo Crystal too, remember."

"And there's nothing else in Zordon's records?"

Tommy shook his head. 'Nothing. At least nothing that makes sense. That's why I'm glad you're here. I'm going to need your help."

"With what?"

"There's still one person left who knows a lot about the Green Coin, Adam's setting it up. With the help of one of the Mystic Force Rangers. I was going to see if he wanted to come, but seeming you're here I was thinking you might want to go on a trip."

Jason looked at Tommy, it was obvious he didn't know where he was going with this. "A trip where?"

"To Briarwood. There's someone we've got to see."

Dawn resisted the urge to yawn as she translated the Latin in to something a little more modern. She was trying not to use the books Giles had recommended for a very good reason. Her tutor was using a more recent text book that skipped a few points, usually throwing the grammar all out of whack. That and the tutor had been the one to translate the nonsense into latin in the first place, using the wrong books to begin with.

She was already in trouble with one tutor, she didn't want to get into an argument about the difference between 'surrendering' and 'giving up' with another. Dawn was wondering if she could get away with something that might even make sense when there was a knock on the door.

Almost glad for the distraction Dawn answered it. It was a young couple Dawn half recognised. She'd met them a few months earlier. "Oh, hi there. It's Dawn right?" the girl said, a little tightness behind her eyes. "We met before, I'm Jenny, this is Michael."

"Hey." he waved

"We were wondering if Cassie wanted to come out with us, we haven't seen her for a while..."

"Yeah, she's been busy with some extra work Dr Sloan gave her. I'm butting heads with my own work." Dawn waved at her stockpile of coursework.

"We can see." Michael said a little rudely. Jenny was also being a little uncomfortable. Dawn could guess why, she wasn't the only one running around trying to balance being a Ranger with the rest of her life. Chances were they hadn't seen much of Cassie and blamed her for it.

"Well a couple of her mom's old friends stopped by to see how she was doing and they went out." Dawn told them. "I'll get her to give you guys a shout when she gets back."

Jenny frowned for a moment. "Cool, hey you wouldn't want to come out with us, would you?"

She was extending an olive branch, but Dawn couldn't. Not that she couldn't do with an evening off. She could even call Marcus, see if he wanted to make a Da… join them. "Sorry, can't." Dawn nodded to the desk again, even though she didn't want to finish it. "If I can just get this done I'd have completely caught up on everything."

"That's cool." Jenny said and Dawn wondered just how honest she'd been about the invite. "I'll talk to Cassie later, okay."

"Sure." Dawn smiled, she didn't have a reason not to be friendly.

After they had gone Dawn used her watch-communicator. "Hey Cassie, you there?"

"I hear you Dawn, something wrong?" She sounded a little distorted, like she was already morphed.

"No, not really. I just finished my work early and was wondering if you were still up there?"

"I am, but I was thinking of heading back down soon."

"Great," Dawn thought about it for a second. "Have Alpha beam you down. I know you trust the guys up there, but I'm not sure we want them knowing where the Command Centre is." Dawn was probably being paranoid, but it wasn't just her secret. Tommy and the others had too much to lose and she remembered the lessons learnt from the Initiative.

"Come on Dawn. They know who we are, what harm can it do?" Cassie insisted.

"I just don't like it, okay."

"Alright. but I'm coming down with Teal'c and Bra'Tac."

Dawn smothered a grin, she wanted to show off. Not that Dawn could blame her. "I'll call Faith and Sari, then see you three there."

Dawn teleported to the desert outside the Command Centre and found the other two Rangers. Sari and Faith, it turned out, were also looking for a change of pace. After more than an hour trying to get Sari to punch right Faith was about ready to throw in the towel.

In the end it was the youngest of them to suggest an all out brawl. As Sari put it; they'd learn by doing, not by talking.

Besides, if Cassie wanted to show off this would be the perfect way.

End Training.
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