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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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Dates and Revelations, Chapter Three

Dates and Revelations
Chapter Three

Dawn had a great night, well afternoon. A crappy movie, a good meal and her mortal embarrassment. As dates went it was successful, they even got close to kissing. Then Fake-Faith came along to ruin it.

She was going to kick the shape shifters backside for that, then A'Zores turned up with his posse and Marcus jumped in. She didn't know what he was thinking, but it gave her a chance.

While A'Zores was gapping at her boyfriend Dawn lashed out at the Warrior on her left with the side of her foot. Breaking its ankle. As it let go of her arm she brought her elbow up and into its face. Knocking it down.

She didn't have long before the shock wore off. Jumping over Marcus she landed a flying kick on A'Zores. Rebounding off him she was able to catch Fake-Faith in that nightmare of a mouth it had with a fast punch.

Rolling back to her feet she grabbed the stunned Marcus. "Run!" she screamed at him. Scrambling out of the alleyway she dragged Marcus behind her, after sweeping up her dropped morpher.

The pair of them dashed across the road, A'Zores throwing a lightning bolt after them. Diving behind a shop the bolt scattered over the wall. "How does he know you?" she asked urgently.

"I don't know!" Marcus cried. "What's going on, why are they after you?"

Dawn hissed, she was as bad as her sister with keeping secret identities. "Call it hobby." She brought up the morpher and hit the switch, opening it. "I'm also a quick change artist." She winked at him as he read what it said. "Stay here and keep your head down."

She stepped out into the open. "You're no match, not without your equipment." A'Zores called out.

"Who says?" The Green Ranger challenged, punching the air and shouting; "DragonZord!" In a flash she was in costume, ready to fight.

A'Zores stepped out into the open, he didn't look happy that she'd remembered her Morpher. Raising his hand he made a claw like gesture an called out; "Warriors, arise!" A vicious looking portal sprung into existence between them and maybe a dozen demon warriors jumped out of it.

"I thought you were going to make this interesting." Dawn crowed sarcastically and drew her Flute.

Tommy had, off-handedly, mentioned he was doing some research into the Key to Destruction and that he wanted to know more about it. The look on Rita's face had been enough to send shivers up his spine. She had actually seemed impressed. He could accept that she was on their side now, but years of fighting and struggle were hard to brush under the carpet.

"I know just the person you should talk to." she had said and then led them to another part of her dimensional palace. An immense library, with wall after wall of books and scrolls. There was one man inside.

Old, with a mass of wiry hair and a pair of reading glasses perched on his nose. He wore long red robes highlighted with silver and was buried up to his armpits in books. As soon as she had brought them in he looked up, whipping his glasses off he jumped. Sweeping Rita off her feet he danced with her for a moment. "Rita, my love! What brings you here?" he laughed before giving her a quick kiss.

"Zeddy we have guests."

"Zeddy?" Jason asked, but Tommy knew exactly who this was;

"Lord Zedd." he said, stunned at his former foe's human appearance.

"Tommy? Jason?" The Arch Emperor of all Evil said, eyes lighting up as he recognised them. "My boys, so good of you to come! Welcome to my little contribution to the collection of knowledge in the universe!"

"A library?" Tommy asked, trying to wrap his mind around what he was seeing.

"The Emperor of all Evil retires and becomes a librarian?" Jason clarified, sounding concussed.

"Of course!" Zedd laughed lightly, taking Rita's hand he led her on a strange tango between the book covered desks. "It was either this or a dance instructor, and there's only one partner for me." He lightly kissed his wife on the tip of her nose, sending her into a fit of giggles. "So my boys, what is it that I can do for you?"

Faith and the others had, as soon as Alpha called them to the Command Centre, agreed not to tell Dawn. They'd handled the gun happy maniac alone and they knew Dawn wouldn't like to have her date interrupted.

So when she landed and the first thing Faith saw was the Green Ranger, morphed and kicking butt she was a little surprised. Dawn, after seeing them, quickly sliced her way through the few Demon Warriors left and dashed to their side.

"Bad date?" Cassie asked.

"No, just some gate crashers." She said, pointing at A'Zores and a demonic version of Faith herself . "Glad you guys could make it. Don't much like the solo act thing."

Faith knew what she was talking about. The Warrior's weren't much trouble but A'Zores, that was a a noter story. "Then let's put the band together." She said drawing her Morpher. "Mastodon!"


"Sabretooth Tiger!"

In a flash the others were morphed along with Faith, but A'Zores wasn't just going to wait for them to attack. He summoned a lighting bolt with that metal gauntlet of his and threw it at the four of them, but Dawn was expecting that. Standing in the way of the blast she played a quick tune on her Flute, strengthening her shield. The blast hit and deflected back on to the Demon General and Faith's clone.

The two of them were blasted back, A'Zores swearing as he got back to his feet.

"Faith, I think you might want to make this personal. The rest of us take A'Zores, three on one." Dawn ordered quickly. After the mess he had made of them last time Faith knew it might not be fair but it was their best chance.

Still she had to deal with whatever that other one was before she could get any payback on the big guy. Summoning her Power Axe the Black Ranger leapt at her twin.

Tommy watched the pair of them and honestly wondered if they were being serious. When he had first heard of their marriage he had thought it was just a way of formalising their alliance. He had heard of Thrax, but had quashed that idea rather quickly. After all there was such a thing as adoption.

Seeing the two of them, very much in love, was a little shocking.

"Tommy has been going through Zordon's records." Rita explained. "But he's been having some difficulty. What can you tell him about the Keys?"

"Keys, as in more than one?" Jason asked a fraction before Tommy could.

Zedd's eyes lit up. "The Keys, the very building blocks of existence itself!" He dashed over to a lectern in the corner, "The perfect test for this thing, I got it from a law firm that recently collapsed"' He held a heavy bound book triumphantly. "Shame really, I still had a few accounts with them. Ah well it's probably for the best. I never could explain to the Senior Partners that Poker involved cards."

Brushing a tabletop clear Zedd spoke to the Book. "The history and legend of the Keys of the Guardians." he said before opening it. As he did text appeared on the paper, letters forming like patterns of water flowing into the page "It's a templet, I can summon any book in creation with it. Ah here we are:- …The two Guardians did confer, agreeing to a conflict of proxies opposed to their direct confrontations. They reached out and caused into being the four Keys. Space, Time, Energy and Dimensions. And so was the universe created." he read off from the page.

"Who are the Guardians?"

"Elemental forces, powers said to be beyond the concepts of Good and Evil. The White Guardian represents order and structure. The Black is primordial chaos, disorder without rhyme or reason. It's the act of these two forces acting against each other that keep the universe in balance. Yin and Yang, you might say."

"And they created the Keys, to build the Universe?"

"Exactly Tommy. The four Keys are the product of their combined wisdom. Alone their power is awesome, combined they are infinite. The building blocks of creation itself!" Zedd grinned, he was excited by it while the true scope of what Tommy had stumbled upon dawned on him.

A'Zores was not having a good day. Once again he had underestimated the Rangers, the Green one specifically. She might not have expected an ambush, but she was prepared for it. That cursed device on her belt saw to that.

Even worse Pagedron's over confidence had proven to be a fatal flaw. They had both relied too heavily on their shapeshifting capabilities. The Green Ranger had seen though it with alarming ease, because of a handful of simple mistakes. It proved that she was resourceful and intelligent as well as powerful.

Then, finally the was Marcus. The snivelling boy-child Marcus. Intellectually A'Zores knew he would exist, but the odds in coming in contact with him were remote. Even more disturbing was the very idea that Marcus of all people was on a date, with the Green Ranger no less.

He was all but convinced this was a conspiracy directed against him, personally.

As the three Rangers charged he drew his sword and waited. When the Green one was close enough he tried to throw her off. "Marcus? You had a date with that Python obsessed child?" he hissed at her

The Green Ranger wasn't even phased. "Oh what I wouldn't give for the powers of Terry Gilliam and his giant foot, it would make things so much easier!"

"I should have known!" A'Zores growled, another nerd. "Well then, I guess it's time for something completely different." With that he dashed at her, only to have the Blue one intercept him. Her quarter staff catching his sword and deflecting it. Giving the Green Ranger a chance to strike.

He was outnumbered, and worse they were working as a team. Every blow he tried one of the three would counteract, giving another the chance to hit him. One Ranger was easy, two would be a welcome challenge, but with three of them it was all he could do to keep them back. Once the Black one had finished with Pagedron it old only be a matter of time.

He did have one way out, after Pagedron's failure it wasn't hard for him to use it. Rather than have the Rangers gang up on him, he could force them to gang up on the shapeshifter. "Pagedron, By the power of Darkness! Grow!"

Casting the spell with a free hand A'Zores jumped out of the fray and, using the destruction, fled.

"It was Zordon's old concubine, Dagon, that wrote that book." Zedd explained, closing the template. "She'd researched every legend and story since the Dark Times of pre-history. Even going as far as using the Ancients archive all the way in Atlantis. She was an expert on the Keys." The evil Emperor come librarian smirked. "Many thought she was mad, but a few visionaries believed her. When she went into hiding both Rita and I knew they had found one of the Keys.
"That was what was behind our attack on Eltar all those years ago. Zordon led the defence, but by the time he realised what we were looking for it was to late. We already had the location Dagon had fled to."

"Earth, ten thousand years ago." Jason filled in the blanks.

"Exactly, but we couldn't let the Alliance of Evil find out. If they knew just what she had found they would destroy the whole galaxy to get it." Zedd said proudly. "So I sent Rita to capture Earth and find her while I distracted them."

"But Zordon followed Rita, not you." Tommy pointed out. "And found Ninjor on Earth."

"Exactly, Ninjor was perfecting the powers of the Rangers. Between them he and Zordon succeeded where even the Ancients failed and so the Power Rangers were born. A legacy that continues even today, thanks to you."

"We have to find that Key. If someone else finds what you did…" Jason left it hanging as Rita shook her head.

"I don't think it's here anymore, if it ever was. Dagon would know we were following her, if Zordon had gotten word to them she would have fled with the Key. Ten thousand years ago there was no trace."

"And Zordon spent the rest of his life searching." Tommy explained. "His logs said the same thing, I think we can be certain that if it ever was here it's long gone."

Dawn bit back a welsh curse, A'Zores had ran like the weasel he was. She couldn't go looking for him, they had bigger problems. The giant shapeshifter for example.

It had shed it's disguise as it grew, which was lucky. he last thing they needed right now was a twenty story tall Faith. It was going to be hard enough explaining this to Marcus. The demon was a sort of off grey with tufty ears and a long narrow face. It still had the disgusting teeth, only there wasn't enough of a mouth to see them all. It had a narrow waist and long, almost elegant fingers, but masculine shoulders. Both powerful, scary and somehow disturbing.

"You thinking what I am?" Faith shouted.

Dawn nodded. "Who needs Python, we've got our own giant feet."

Ignoring her, thankfully, the other three called on their Zords; "We need Dino-Zord power, now!"

Dawn quickly looked at where Marcus was hiding, if his jaw was any lower it would be in New Zealand by now. She gave him a nod and he waved a raised thumb at her.

Jumping onto the nearest rooftop she brought the Flute up. Knowing she was showing off, and not really caring she shouted; "I summon the power of the DragonZord." before playing the tune.

All four giant Robots came charging over the hill. Faith and the others pulled off a running jump and leapt to their Zords. Dawn didn't have to, but followed anyway. Dropping into the cockpit she called on her power crystal and connected it. "DragonZord, ready to go!"

"Mastodon, ready to rock!"

"Triceratops, rolling!"

"Big cat here, lets do this!"

Tommy sat down, still a little bemused by the whole thing. Zedd and Rita had invited them to have a meal. Even though he'd been on edge around them Tommy knew they were trying to be friendly. Somehow both Rita and Zedd were good people. Alright Zedd was as crazy as a fruit bat and Rita was this etherial queen, but they were two good people.

"I still can't quite believe it." Jason said "I mean, Rita and Zedd. The two of them."

"Still together, I know. I'm more interested in the Keys though." He admitted. "It's immense. I mean the universe, the whole universe is at stake."

"You heard Zedd, it's long gone. And didn't you say Zordon thought the same?" Jason pointed out.

Tommy shook his head. "That's just it, can't you feel it, this Key thing is important. It's been there, in the background all this time and suddenly everywhere we turn it's there. Like it's shouting out for attention."

"Ten thousand years and not a trace."

"That's just it, not a trace. If this Dagon person had left there would have been something. Rita, Zedd and even Zordon were able to follow her here, they would have found something."

Jason squinted at him. "You think she's still here? Somewhere?"

"I don't know, maybe." Tommy shrugged. "But I doubt it. I just have this feeling the Key is important."

Zedd came into the dining room with an armful of books. "I've got some books on the legends, they're not the best quality or in the best of shape but if you need to borrow them." he put the small stack on the table.

Tommy noticed the language on the cover, it was sort of the same as Zordon's journal. "I could translate them for you…" Zedd offered but he shook his head.

"I've got a contact, through one of my Rangers. They know someone who can read it."

"Really, I'd like to meet them!" Zedd said, his eyes lighting up. "I've spent a long time digging through the knowledge of the past, it might be interesting to go back out there and see some of the present."

Combined the DragonZord in battle mode stood eye to eye with the Demon. The shapeshifter didn't know what was going to hit it. The first thing it did was change into a copy of their combined Zord, complete with staff drill weapon.

The four of them sat in the cockpit, Faith at the front with Cassie and Sari either side. Dawn sat behind them. Controlling the robot giant wasn't nearly as hard as they thought it was, not thanks to the knowledge that came to them being Power Rangers.

The demon made one big mistake. While they could change into any shape, even creating weapons, they were still part of it. Still organic, whatever metals the Zords were made of were a heck of a lot stronger. Blocking the demon's clumsy swing they, at Faith's suggestion, brought the Triceratops knee up and into it's gut. The blow winded it. Then, using their weapon to keep balance, they kicked out with the Tiger, it's long teeth pointed upwards. Leaving to great cuts across it's chest.

The shapeshifter didn't have much chance. It was a one trick pony and no match for their weapons. No one had the stomach to stretch it out, quickly hitting the right commands they charged up the drill. Then, like a javelin, had the Zord heft it onto one shoulder and throw it.

The demon tried to get out of the way, but they moved too fast. The drill lanced out, causing the demon to explode spectacularly.

Dawn and the three other Rangers watched Alpha anxiously as he ran the scanner over Marcus. She really didn't know what to think.

They had to take him to the Command Centre. He'd seen the four of them morph and there was still the connection to A'Zores. She was kicking herself over that one.

The idea that their deadliest enemy had a connection to her boyfriend, and that it had something to do with his favourite holiday destination was almost too weird, even for her.

"I'm telling you I don't know." Marcus said, almost pleading. "What is this place?"

Dawn decided to be honest. She liked him, more than she was willing to admit, and he deserved it. "It's the Command Centre. Where we have all our equipment. Alpha here is trying to find out if there's anything connecting you to A'Zores. Have you found anything?"

"Ay ay ay, not yet. The computer is still cross checking the readings."

"I'm so sorry I've gotten you involved in all of this." Dawn apologised taking Marcus's hand.

"No, it's not something you've done, at least I don't think it is. I knew you were amazing Dawn, but I never thought you were the Leader of the Power Rangers!"

"I'm not the leader, we're a team." Dawn said automatically.

"How, I mean how did this happen?" He asked. "Was it a box I missed on the career questionnaire? Superhero?"

Dawn gave him a lopsided grin. "No, I never wanted to do this. It just happened. One day it's like blam, you're a Ranger. Go save the world but be in bed before ten!" she babbled before turning back on Alpha. "Anything yet?"

"Dee, calm down. You're jittering so much you're about to hit orbit!" Faith admonished her.

She was right, Marcus needed her to be calm. Not a nervous kid. Alpha, though, was about to shake parts of himself lose. He let out a long line of Ay's before pressing a few controls. "Look." the Robot pointed at the Globe.

Everyone did as it showed two images, one of Marcus and the other of A'Zores. Both spinning until they faced each other. At the bottom what looked like a pair of heart monitors with way more lines danced. "I compared Marcus's inter-space vibrations with that of A'Zores to see if there was any connection!" Alpha explained. "They match."

"What!" Dawn almost screeched

"Marcus and A'Zores are the same person!" Alpha announced.

"Oh Primus, he's from another dimension right?" Sari exclaimed. "A'Zores is another Marcus, from a world that's already been conquered!"

"I'm a monster?" Marcus said to Dawn, but she was already lost.

"No, but another version of you is!" Cassie pointed out. "They convert people right. The Demons want to turn all the people in this world into them. A'Zores is Marcus, if he was a demon!" The five of them looked at each other, the enormity of it sinking in.

End Dates and Revelations

Authors note:-

I wrote a little Question and answers session to go with this story over on my Blog. Heres the link:-
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