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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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The Dragon's Green Fire Part II:- Chosen Chapter 1

The Dragon's Green Fire Part II:- Chosen
Introduction, Disclaimer and Chapter One

Welcome to the second story in PR Demon Wars. Things change and things remain the same. These stories may seem a little short at first glance but the series is a lot longer than you might think. Still it was suggested that I merge this story with the first part, so that my readers can keep up with it. So that's what I'm doing, with the multipart stories at least. I will also embed links to the next story at the end to help people along.

I own none of the characters used in this story and do not intend to make any profit from their use.

Chapter One

Dawn ducked Faith's swing. "So how'd she take it." she asked.

"B?" Faith shrugged before fainting with another punch to the face. Dawn saw it coming and deflected the Slayer's fist out of the way and lashed out with her leg, but Faith was just too fast for her. "Told her I was keeping an eye on you and the Rangers."

"And?" Dawn asked as she tried a scissor kick, but Faith blocked again.

"And what?" Faith teased pushing at Dawn's gut before she could find her balance. In the couple of days since her fight with Tretrax she'd healed quickly, but not fast enough.

Letting out a squeak Dawn landed on her butt. She couldn't slow down though and rolled, right into Faith's legs.

Dawn knew the Slayer wasn't ready for that and it knocked her down, giving the Ranger enough time to get up.

"Sneaky." Faith laughed staying back this time, watching and waiting for Dawn's next move "Where'd you pick it up."

"Made it up.'" Dawn smirked back. "Can I morph now?" she asked and Faith glared back. "Okay, no. So what exactly did you tell Buffy?"

"That you were buried under college work and too much of a Watcher to pull your head out of a book." Faith jumped on the spot, loosening up. "Come on, I'm not getting any younger."

Watcher, according to Faith, was another word for geek. "Oh, that's what those lines are. You know they have a treatment for that now." Dawn teased back

"Ha Ha", Faith dead panned. "This is supposed to be training."

"Without my Ranger powers you're holding back." Dawn pointed out. "How's this training?"

Faith sighed and signalled for a time out. "You're not going to be a Ranger forever and if you keep getting into trouble like this you're going to need something to fall back on." Shaking her head Faith sat down on a rock over looking the desert. "Nice day for it." she said, obviously trying to change the subject.

Dawn didn't have a problem with that. Getting beaten up by a seven foot tall walking bad day hadn't completely healed and Faith had an annoying habit to just keep going. Without morphing it was difficult to keep up with her.

Still It was the start of the weekend, which meant Dawn could get out and train for awhile without worrying about missing college work. There problem with that was there wasn't anywhere in Amethyst private enough. The only place they could find was literally miles away, in the shadow of the Command Centre.

Sure there were still empty quarries, parks and the odd roof top or two but none of them private, not anymore. As soon as word of Dawn's new duties hit the small city was flooded with Ranger-Spotters. Fans filled with awe and not much brains stealing rubble as souvenirs and camping on any open bit of land with a camera phone and an internet hook up.

Dawn had checked up on them at lunch. These guys were mostly harmless conspiracy nuts, not quite obsessive freaks but some did come close. Frankly she'd seen more convincing conspiracy theories reading over Andrew's shoulder. Then when she'd seen the super geeks screen name on one of the forums she'd been tempted to tease him. Especially when he claimed to have 'A close friend' in Amethyst City who saw the Zord and that they were 'Like a sister'.

In the end though she didn't say anything, it wouldn't have been worth it and if she did Andrew wouldn't stop bugging her for more information.

At the end of the day Dawn got hold of Faith and had Alpha teleport them both to the Command Centre. It wasn't how the Slayer wanted to spend friday night but Faith had agreed that it was a good idea.

"B was a bit surprised you weren't over your head already.'"Faith said out of nowhere while working on her tan. "She told me you and school didn't get along too well."

"We still don't" Dawn admitted. The desert was beautiful as she watched it's slowly shifting sands mirror the faint clouds high above. "I didn't get it. It was just so boring, like I was the only one there who knew how to read a book. No one listened to the teachers, who didn't know anything anyway. We just sat there waiting for the bell to ring so we could go home."

"So what you're saying is you were too smart for school?" Faith asked, laughing.

"I don't know." Dawn shrugged back. "What you tell Buffy about... you know."

"Changing the subject a little fast there Dee." Faith pointed out. "I told her I was keeping an eye open but that it was just the usual monsters. I didn't say anything about demons." She gave her a look. "We could have an army of Slayers there like right now you know. Our friend wouldn't be able to hide anywhere."

"You heard Tretrax, he thinks there's only one Slayer. If Buffy turns up with an army we don't know what would happen. Besides how long do you think it would be until she tried to get me out of the way?"

"We could always tell her. I know what Oliver said but..."

Dawn rolled her eyes "She'd just try and take the Coin, she won't listen to me."

"You don't know that." Faith said seriously.

Dawn gave her a pitying look. "She's my sister, but she still thinks I'm the hostage of the week. I guess if she figures out I've grown up she has to accept she has too."

The Slayer looked at her for a moment. "She is supposed to be the leader you know." Faith pointed out.

Dawn looked back at the Command Centre. It stood there, alone at the top of the cliff. Just how she felt, "She's not my leader Faith. I'm not a Slayer, I'm a Ranger."

"Only until Oliver finds a way to take it back, then you're a Watcher again. Or did you forget?" Faith put a hand on her shoulder.

Dawn resisted shaking her head, she just didn't understand. Ever since she called the Flute into her hand Dawn had felt the Power. Like she was part of it now and it was part of her, all that strength, all the knowledge and instinct was at her fingertips and running beneath her skin. Pumping in her blood, ready to be released with a word.

Faith had no idea how deep it went or why, it was almost like how Buffy had described being a Slayer. It was the Monks fault, not that she knew that, Faith didn't have half the story. The Key was still a part of her, or she was still a part of the Key. Dawn didn't understand it really, however it worked the Power Coin had latched on to that. Dawn was just along for the ride, being pulled one way or another by any one of the vast galactic forces tugging at her. She was about to say something, anything to change the subject, when Alpha Eight came shuffling out of the building.

"Ay-ai-ay!" He shouted, panicking and waving his arms. "Dawn, you're needed! Tretrax has unleashed an army in Amethyst City. It's attacking anything that moves!"

"Does he have no respect for the weekend?" Dawn rolled her eyes, pulling the morpher out from behind her back.

"You really should stop being like B. It's getting weird." Faith told her.

Dawn shrugged. "Sure, let's see her do this; it's morphing time!" she wasn't sure why she had to shout like that. It had something to do with morphing, but the only important part was the next bit. Flicking the switch at her thumb Dawn punched the air as the morpher opened and called out; "Dragonzord."

A green light surrounded her, then stuck to her. Almost as if the light itself was becoming solid. Half a second later she was the Green Ranger, complete with Golden Armour and Flute. "Where in the city are they?" she asked.

"Head to the centre of town. I'll direct you from there." Alpha told her

Dawn was about to teleport when Faith grabbed her arm. "What about me? You're not leaving me in the desert while you have all the fun."

"Faith, it's broad daylight," Dawn explained. "I'm going to have enough trouble with the fanboys getting underfoot. They see you, take a picture. Some yahoo sees it puts you and Sunnydale together..."

"Dawn, you need..."

"...for you to chill." Dawn wasn't going to hear an argument. Not now. Breaking easily from the Slayer's grip Dawn teleported away.

The city centre was a mess. Rubbish and rubble thrown everywhere, along with peoples shopping and even their coats. She needed to find this demon army, if they were doing this to the City god only knew what they were doing to the people. Dawn was still waiting for Alpha's directions when she heard a distant scream.

"That would be a clue." The Ranger muttered to herself. Holding her weapon in it's sheath she ran. A single leap took her up, giving her a better view. Two Ranger fans were surrounded by those scabby demon warriors. It was probably the closest ether of the nerds had been to a real fight since the last time the school bully wanted their lunch money.

Drawing the Flute Dawn ran her hand down the blade, charging it with energy. Before landing next to the two fans she sent the energy over their heads in a wave. The blast took out three warriors, blasting them into a single puddle of steaming goo.

As the other three rushed her, she struck out at all of them at once. One leg and both arms; the Flute detonated on one demon, her foot sent another flying and she grabbed the other's leather like vest, at first to keep balance and then throwing him into the blade. Splattering the goo down the street.

The two fans were just stood there like deer's caught in the headlights of an oncoming semi. "What are you two waiting for?" She shouted at them. "Get out of here!"

"Urm, autograph?" one of them asked weakly.

Dawn spared a moment to look at them in disbelief before decapitating the returning Warrior with a back handed blow. "Pen?" she asked after a moment, wondering if she could have said anything more stupid.

Nothing sprang to mind as the two of them quickly searched their pockets, finding lint a couple of dollars and not much else. "Sorry," she shrugged. "Maybe next time."

"Dawn," Alpha called over her helmet radio. "They've split up into groups of six or more, scattering across the City looking for victims. You've got to find them."

"I read you Alpha," Dawn acknowledged quietly. "You two find somewhere to hide and stay there." She barked at them before running in what she guessed was the right direction.

"The nearest group to you is about four hundred yards dead ahead." The robot told Dawn as she took off.

Faith really hated being on the sidelines, "You've got to send me down there Alpha."

"I can't do that Faith, those Warriors are killers."

"What's to stop them killing Dawn?" Faith hissed, knowing the answer all too well.

"The Golden Dragon Armour protects her." Alpha said needlessly. "Don't worry, she can deal with them. She's the Green Ranger."

Faith had to agree, as Dawn dashed into the next group of demons she proved she knew what she was doing. All too quickly they fell to her flute dagger thing. As a Ranger she was supernaturally fast, strong and skilled. A bit clumsy and reckless, but that didn't matter when she fell upon them like a storm. Moving from one foe to the next, recovering faster each time or just flat out flowing from one to the other.

"Which way?" Dawn asked, touching her helmet as soon as the last fell.

The globe shimmered and showed a map of the city. A green blob showing Dawn and three orange ones scattered around "South East, five of them." Alpha said.

Faith was busy figuring out the best route, no matter how Dawn did it there was still one little group way off to one side. "Alpha, teleport me there." Faith pointed at it.

"But Dawn..."

"Won't get to them in time." Faith explained., "She's worried I'll be seen, but that's an old mining district. No one goes there anymore. I'll be fine."

The robot's face, more a row of blinking lights, flicked back and forth. "Ay-ai-ay. Alright. Prepare for transport."

Faith wasn't quite sure how she could be prepared. One moment she was in the Command Centre the next she had the feeling of flying and then she was suddenly in a quarry. "I don't think I'll get used to that." she shook herself and caught sight of a old shed with the door half hanging off.

First order of business was weapons. She might be better than these guys in a fair fight but that didn't mean she was going to take a chance. Inside the shed she found a old rotten pick axe, a dented shovel and a box of dynamite. If the Macgyver re-runs she'd been catching in cheap Motels over the years had taught her anything playing with the old dynamite wasn't a good idea.

The shovel was too weak and thin to be of any use, but the pick axe had some promise. A quick tap easily broke the head off, but a good length of the heavy handle was still solid and made a good club.

Now armed she had a careful look outside the door and hissed. One of them must have seen her teleport in and told their friends. Eight of the rotting patchwork demons were coming out of hiding, waving swords and axes, and heading right for her.

Throwing the door shut Faith quickly threw an old shelf in the way to brace it. Eight of them and she didn't even have the element of surprise. That was far too many to take on at once, especially trapped in a store shed where one nudge in the wrong direction would send them all sky high.

Smirking Faith glanced at the dynamite and jumped out of the small window, rolled and ran. Before she got too far the Slayer dropped and in one fluid move she threw her makeshift club, with all her strength, at the side of the shed and covered her head. The club went through the side of the shed, smacking into the dynamite.

The explosion shook the ground and sent bits of wood flying everywhere.

After a moment Faith stood up, coughing the dust from her lungs. Not a single demon was left. "Score one for eighties TV." She smirked.

Cassie moved the chess piece and turned back to the web cam. "You don't have to do this Uncle Jack." she sighed.

"Sure I do, you just don't like losing." The two star general on the other end answered.

"I'm not losing." Cassie protested. "I'm... lulling you into a sense of confidence." She glanced at the board again. "Queen to Rook four."

Cassie smiled, she'd just taken his Knight. The first step in her comeback. Jack then gave her a full O'Neill smile. "King's Bishop takes Queen, check and mate."

It took a moment for her to see it. He'd played her, all that time she'd been worried about his stupid horse. "For... how'd you do that?"

"I'm a General, I'm supposed to be good at tactics." Jack sat back in his chair. "So How's the roommate doing this time, what's her name?"

"Dawn," Cassie shrugged packing the board away. Sam was off somewhere and while Cassie still got the odd E-mail from her Jack had picked up their weekly chess games. It was kind of sweet how he kept in touch, even if it meant losing. "She hasn't had much time to play chess, too busy catching up with her classes."

"Urm... how's your classes doing." Jack might have been a great chess player, but he sucked at changing the subject, or avoiding the subject in this case.

Cassie knew what he wanted to ask her about anyway. "I'm doing fine and before you ask I've not run out and gone looking for the Green Ranger."

He glared at her for a moment. "Don't." He said as he sat back and sighed, suddenly looking a lot older. "Look I'm not saying they've not done a good job, but no one knows who they are or what they really want. For years now they've worked like vigilantes and there's been all sorts of rumours."

"Oh come on, there's been teams all over the world..."

"Always with technology we've never been able to understand. Look, I'm in charge of homeworld security now, remember. That means we're keeping an eye on them."

"They're not Goa'uld." Cassie pointed out.

"Never said they were, just be careful alright."

"Sure." She nodded as someone knocked on her door and opened it. It was Michael.

"Hey, Cassie. You watching the news?" he asked excitedly

"No, why?"

"Something's happening in the City, an army of some sort. Green Ranger's down there and kicking butt."

"Against an army?" Cassie gasped, picking up the remote she flicked on the TV. "Sorry Uncle Jack."

"Hey, now hang on..." he said before she closed the chat box so she could watch.

The news was showing some footage someone had gotten from a camera phone. "This was the scene moments ago when an army of monsters attacked Amethyst City." The reporter said, voicing over what Cassie guessed were the attackers. They were perhaps the most ugly bunch of creatures she had ever seen. It looked like parts of their skin was rotting, with off white patches of bleached skin. She could swear you could see their skulls through the missing flesh. They wore burnt and battered brown armour that had been badly stitched together and swung weapons made of sooty black metal. As one of them picked up a trash can and threw it to the ground the Green Ranger practically flew out of an ally and kicked the littering monster in the head.

The camera tired to keep up with the action, but it was all too fast. The Green Ranger was just so much better than the bad guys. Behind Cassie she heard her computer bleep with an instant message. It was probably Jack wanting to shout at her.

After the Green Ranger had struck the last of the monsters down she sat down on the hood of a car, wiping her helmet like she was sweating. Then her helmet tilted as if she was listening to something, after a moment of that she hung her head and ran off. "Reports say that she fought two other groups of attackers before vanishing once again."

"After this senseless attack left much of the city devastated the police have cordoned of the city centre...' With the footage repeating Cassie turned the TV off.

"Thanks Michael. How's Jenny?" She asked her friend.

He beamed, "She's great. I'm taking her to the Ranger party in the dorm tomorrow."

Cassie tried not to frown. "You know that might be cool, but why not try something more personal? You know order a pizza or something..."

"No, Chinese! She loves Chinese!' Michael jumped at the idea, "Jenny, me, a couple of mixed orders. It will be great!"

"A lot more romantic at least." Cassie muttered under her breath. Jennifer had told Cassie that her last two dates with Michael had been a disaster. "Try the Last Tiger Restaurant." Jenny was the one to introduced Cassie to the restaurant, it was only fair.

"Thanks Cassie! I owe you one." He dashed out of the dorm again.

Dawn teleported back to the Command Centre and lent back on one of the console's edges. She took off her helmet and took a deep breath. "Whoa, talk about exorcise. You know we really should think about installing chairs." Then she looked around, "Hey, where's Faith?"

Alpha pressed a switch on the console and Faith materialised in a black energy beam. Dawn hadn't really had a chance to see how Faith looked transporting around. She knew she was green, Faith must have been black because she wasn't a Ranger.

Dawn watched the Slayer pull some splinteres from her hair and got the feeling Faith had found her own fun "Where'd you go?" The Ranger asked as she cast a glance at the guilty Alpha.

"Dee, you needed help out there. I took some out for you."

Dawn tried to be serious, but Alpha's nervous fidgeting made it hard not to smile, "Thanks Faith." she laughed. "They had me running everywhere. What's Tretrax up to?"

"If there were any other Rangers I'd have said it was divide and conquer." Dr Oliver said stepping out of the surrounding shadows.

"Could you not do that please?" Faith asked, she had almost jumped out of her skin. So had Dawn but she hoped she had covered it up better. The tutor and former Ranger had a small case with him.

"Sorry, I was in the archives." He explained opening the case and handing over what looked like watches, only the had no face just a round dome with a few bars across it. "Here. They're communicators. With them Alpha can get in touch with you anywhere. Just touch the right button. It's voice activated so all you have to do is say who you want to talk to and it will do the rest."

"Five by five." Faith said putting it on before really looking at it. "What's the left button do?"

"That's the teleport, it's tied into the system here. it can either take you to whoever you're talking to or defaults back here, to the Command Centre." Dr Oliver said.

"Great," Dawn breathed a sigh of relief. "I was worried you'd beam me straight out of class one of these days."

Dr Oliver closed the case. "With Tretrax attacking again you never know when you'll be needed. I think training's over, you're going to need rest and to keep up with classes. You can't be distracted with college work when you're battling to save the world."

"Good idea." Dawn agreed before saying "Power Down." and returning to normal. "Alpha, mind teleporting Faith and me back to College."

"You got it Dawn."

As the two women vanished Tommy put the case away. "Alpha, any luck finding out how the Green Ranger coin was recharged?"

"No, I'm sorry Tommy. It must have found an alternate power source but I can't detect it." That wasn't surprising, most of the sensors were destroyed with the Power Chamber. What they had left was only just enough to keep the recovered Viewing Globe running.

"Right," Tommy nodded. "We're going to have to come back to that later. If Tretrax has access to an army he's even more dangerous than we thought. Dawn's going to need help. Ranger help"

"Ay-ai-ay." Alpha said, sounding just like his predecessor. "You're talking about Black and Blue! But Tommy they were badly damaged, the power coins were destroyed..."

"Not quite Alpha. The original Coins and Morphers were damaged, it was the ninja coins that were destroyed. Black and Blue are mostly intact."

"Mostly? Ay-ai-ay, Tommy the Coins are cracked. That's why Zordon sent you find Ninjor!"

Tommy moved to the computer and ran a program. "I've been working on this, on and off, for years and I think, with your help, we might be able to repair them."

End Chapter One
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