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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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War Part II:- Casualties. Chapter Two

War, Part II:- Casualties
Chapter Two

Faith crept along the alleyway as Cassie and Sari joined her. "Good to see you." She nodded to them. Like her they were already morphed and ready for action.

"What are they up to?" Cassie asked in a whisper.

"Making a big show, just like last time."

"No Warlord." Sari pointed out.

"Yeah, but those those four bruisers and their boss are going to be a real pain anyway." Faith was anything but happy with what she had to do next. Take charge. "Right then, with Dawn out of commission it's going to be up to me." The other two nodded. "I'll throw the Bow and Cannon together. Give them a wake up call while you come around the other side."

"You sure that's going to work?" Cassie asked. "Splitting up I mean?"

"Come on out Rangers! We're waiting!" The blue demon with an ugly lump of metal for an axe bellowed at the buildings around him. The others laughed while A'Zores looked shifty.

Faith pressed herself into the wall, ducking from sight. "They already outnumber us." Sari pointed out.


"What if we put our weapons together with your bow?" Cassie suggested. "We could hit them with everything we got."

"Then what? There are five of those guys, a shot like that might take out one." Faith hissed. "You going to ask them to stand still?"

"Why not call in the Zords?" Sari suggested. "They were doing alright with the self repair when I left…"

Faith shook her hard so violently she almost ripped her own helmet off. "And if A'Zores makes them grow what do we hit back with? We need to hit them hard, fast every way we can. The way Dee would."

"Dawn didn't know what she was going to do from one moment to the next." Sari ground out from between her teeth. "She got lucky. Like Prime says you can't rely on luck."

"What about skill?"

Cassie chuckled. "What skill? I can float a few pencils and maybe heal a paper cut. Sari can talk to calculators. You're the Slayer."

"I spent nine months in a coma and better part of three years in prison." Faith reminded them. "Being a Slayer doesn't mean I'm not human. Anyway I'm no good at this whole leading thing. Last time it kinda blew up in my face."

"All the more reason we should just…"

"No, that's 'cause I tried it my way. Dawn's ways work; even if they are just hit them with a ton of bricks when they ain't looking."

"Sounds like a good plan." Came a fourth voice. The three Rangers spun, A'Zores stood there. leaning lazily on his stick. Faith half expected a corny like about it being too late now, but that punchable smirk on his face was enough.

Faith exploded into action summoning her Axe half way through her swing. The trench coat wearing General jumped back, easily dodging as Faith's Axe continued and smashed into the side of the building. Practically demolishing it.

Cassie found herself backing away. Five of them. There were five of them out there and the knew where she was. Sharing a look with Sari the Blur Ranger knew her half robot teammate felt the same.

As scared as she was Cassie knew that she couldn't just abandon Faith. Pulling out her Lance she charged, using it like a pole volt she planted it in the black top and flung herself over her Black clad teammate and A'Zores. Feet first into the red skinned demon woman, taking her by surprise.

For a brief, irrational, moment she saw a way out. Across the road, between two parked cars. She could dash between them, no way they could follow her if she beamed away. Far away.

She could be in Colorado Springs in the blink of an eye. Uncle Jack and the gang could keep her safe. Swinging her Lance around she caught another one of the demons, lashing out with a smart side kick she caught the red one in the head before the big blue guy grabbed her by the neck.

With a single hand he threw her against the wall Faith was part way through destroying. He held on, lifting Cassie a good few feet off the ground. The Lance slipped from her grip as a grey fuzz crept in from the sides.

Home, Colorado. The white topped hills and the trees. They were supposed to be just like Canada. She would be safe there. Clawing at the vice like arm at her neck Cassie kicked out with her feet at his knees. He winced, but the grip didn't falter.

Fuzzily she reeled her hand back as far as it would go. Punch him in that smug bumpy blue face. There was a yellow blur behind him and the grip was gone. She fell to the ground, on her hands and knees but she could breath again.

It was Sari, saving her backside. Choking out every breath Cassie clutched her Lance, more on instinct than anything else. She had an excuse now. She didn't have to feel guilty about leaving them, there was no way she could fight off these guys now. Looking up she saw Sari battling with the bumpy blue one, Faith was fighting off A'Zores and the red skinned woman was shaking her head.

That left the lizard like one and the demon with a lot of teeth. Lizard was heading towards Faith and A'Zores but Teeth was aiming for Sari. Somehow they either missed her, or thought she was already dead. Even better, she could lie there. Let everyone think she was dead, it could all be over. Picking up her Lance Cassie focused and thrust, pushing all her power behind it. It flew out like a missile, even though it was only two feet at best. Exploding against Teeth's back her power weapon picked up the demon and carried it.

Now she was unarmed, dizzy, couldn't breath right and she'd already got rid of one of them. No one would blame her. She could live, hide out in Jack's cabin the rest of her life. He wouldn't mind, heck he might just take one look at her and lock her away up there.

Bumpy blue guy back handed Sari with his lump of metal, leaving an explosion and sending the Yellow Ranger head over heels. He turned to look at her and nodded, hefting his weapon. He wanted to fight her. Cassie's blood ran cold and the pain in her throat flared.

Clawing back to her feet she pulled out her Blade Blaster. "I want to go home." She croaked out as he charged at her.

Sari was pretty sure the blow had knocked her out, and it was the landing that woke her up. If she had anything like a heads up display she'd probably have to turn it off.

Cassie was back on her feet and fighting like she was possessed. It was something to see. She wasn't as good as Dawn, or Faith, but she was holding her own against the monster. For now.

Sari was getting more and more surprised at the sort of power she and the others had these days. The guys, back in her home, would have been overrun by now. They'd have left, they were already talking about it when she had jumped into this world and they weren't dealing with this sort of thing.

Warriors and other grunts were swarming them under. If they came against these Dark Rangers they wouldn't last long at all. They were just too big.

Then the red skinned woman was there, her metal claws catching some light from somewhere. Sari pushed herself up. It was so much more comfortable just lying there, as if she had a choice. Throwing herself, shoulder first, into the demoness.

It wasn't a fight, more a wrestling match. She had claws while all Sari had was one of her Daggers. Neither of them could get the leverage they needed. Little cuts and scratches didn't do anything. Sari's costume protected her and the Demoness's skin was rock hard. Her armour was just for modesty. What little she had.

They should have gone with Faith's plan. The Zords weren't ready and they would still have had the element of surprise. Without Dawn they would need every inch. Their arguing and bickering had just wasted that. That was why they needed their leader. She might have been insane, doing things Sari would never think about even trying, but they worked. They kept the bad guys off balance, played to their strengths and got it done. She had to think like that, they all did, if they were going to survive this.

It was a desperate move, straight from Dawn at her craziest, but they were still out numbered and the others needed her help. Sari head-butted the demoness, hard enough to put cracks in her helmet.

Punching her opponent a couple of times in the head Sari won herself a breather. Pushing the dazed demoness away she looked around. Right into the foot of another demon, the one with too many teeth.

Faith was not enjoying this. A'Zores was a handful on his own, throw scale nose into the mix she was in for a massive beating. She'd left her Axe embedded in the ground and was using her Power Bow like a staff.

It was nowhere near strong enough, but did the job. Usually. Thing was A'Zores was fast and damn good with his rapier. It was all she could do keep him from running her through like a stuck pig. Then lizard guy whipped his out tongue at her, Gene Simmons had nothing on this guy.

The thin ribbon of red wrapped around her leg and with a flick of his head Lizard guy sent her flying up into the air and onto a rooftop. Falling through two floors Faith swore. "That was the grossest thing possible." she muttered to herself. She was trapped by a wooden beam and about three offices worth of crap. Then the lizard leapt through a near by window.

Getting her shoulders set Faith threw the fallen beam off of her and at the demon.

Far too fast the tongue flicked out, slicing the beam in half. Grabbing a table leg Faith desperately threw it at him, only to have him leap up and stick to the ceiling. "Oh perfect!" she growled, only to have the disgusting tongue wrap itself around her waist.

This time he didn't let go as he threw her around. Smashing into cubical walls and tearing up the floor Faith felt like a rag doll being shaken by a kid on a sugar binge. All too quickly it was over and it threw her again. This time through a window and back into the street.

Thanking Zordon for making her costume glass proof she almost forgot about the landing. Bouncing half a dozen feet the Black Ranger was stopped by a parked car that crumpled like tinfoil. Faith groaned, feeling vaguely sick; either from the shaking, the bouncing or even a concussion she wasn't sure.

Blinking the stars from her eyes Faith tried to pick herself up, only to have Sari thrown into her. It was the one who badly needed a dentist. Grinning from ear to ear, which in his case was literal, he stood there, waiting for something.

The sick feeling came back, even stronger than before. She was sure it was a concussion now, a bad one too. Cassie then landed on the car Faith had already written off. She was breathing hard and totally limp. Sari was in good enough shape to try and move, even if her helmet looked like it had taken a head on collision with a train. "This could have gone better." Faith admitted, the world around her spinning into darkness.

Tommy watched on the Viewing Globe as the Ranger's struggled. Without Dawn they were at a serious disadvantage. The young woman held them together and despite her insistence he'd seen the making of a great leader in her. The problem was, as he saw it, the others had come to rely on her too much. She might have even see that herself, that was why she kept insisting they were a team. Now they had to prove it.

When Faith was thrown helplessly out of the building he knew it was too much. "If only I still had my Zeo Powers!" Tommy growled.

"You think it would help?" Alpha said in a quiet voice, he was probably stunned by the ferocity of the Demons and their attack. Each one of these new foes appeared to be a handful on their own. Together with A'Zores it was a nightmare.

"Couldn't hurt." He said darkly. "There's nothing else I can do." That wasn't exactly true. They still had the Red Power Coin and his side project, but neither were working. The only thing that could, and was now close enough now to make the difference, was simply too big.

"What about me?" A weak voice croaked out. Tommy spun to see Dawn on her feet, if only just.

"What. What's happening?" she asked. She shouldn't have been up, even he knew that, never before had the phrase death warmed up fit so well. The Green Ranger was so pale she was almost translucent, save for two great bags under her eyes. She even looked thin, as if she'd been starved for weeks.

"Ay, ay, ay! Dawn don't!" Alpha tried to keep her back but she'd already seen the Globe.

"I have… help." she managed to say, leaning on the robot.

"No, no, no." Tommy shook his head, taking her by the arm. "You're in no shape…"

This close he could see her eyes were unfocussed, eye lids drooping. "Distract. I can distract." Even tying to talk seemed to take all her strength. "Buy them time to get out of there." After that she seemed to wilt as her knees gave way. What threw Tommy off was her lack of weight. She couldn't have weighed fifty pounds.

He didn't need to see Alpha's eyes to know what the robot was thinking. It shouldn't be possible, humans couldn't survive that sort of thing. If she was still alive it could only be will power that was keeping her going.

Somehow her legs straightened she pushed herself off from the pair of them and pulled out her morpher. "Dawn don't." Alpha warned her.

"You can't." Tommy told her.

It tore at his heart to see her try and straighten up. Holding the small box in her hands she punched the air. "DragonZord!" She croaked, there was a flash of green and she screamed.

Tommy jumped in catching her, as the smoking morpher slipped from her grasp and hit the floor. It was like it had backfired, pulling what little energy she had left out of her. For a terrible moment he thought she was dead. Her eyes were open, sightless.

Carefully he took her wrist, desperately trying to find a pulse. He couldn't, find one. "Alpha…" He asked, fearing the answer.

The robot was there, his makeshift sensor in his hand. "No, she's alive. I'm no doctor, but I think she's in a coma."

Tommy looked down at her. The sightless eyes chilling his blood. Looking away he saw her morpher, the Power Coin was blackened, burnt and underneath was what looked like dull copper. He knew now, better than before, the Green Ranger was gone.

A'Zores was worried. It hadn't been easy, but they had done it. In some ways he was disappointed. The battle, the war, was over and so was the challenge. There would be others and maybe other solutions, but this one was done. The Rangers were defeated.

Well, three of them. There was still one unaccounted for. He was fairly sure she would have appeared by now, but you never knew with these people. They would often pull some surprise out at the last minute just to annoy him, it was possible the Green one might just be waiting in the wings with something big.

If there was ever a time for that particular pain it was now. Otherwise her friends were dead, for the sort of person she was that could never happen. The sort of person his dopplegänger would admire wouldn't let it.

Shrugging internally he wasn't going to let a worry like that get in his way. "Kill them." He ordered the Dark Rangers. Three of them obeyed eagerly, but one held back. The blue one that had shown such scorn of the Warlord earlier.

A'Zores looked at him for a long moment. "Is it necessary?" he asked back, shocking the Converted General and stopping the others in their tracks. "They are defeated, helpless against us."

"And?" A'Zores asked, not understanding their reluctance.

"Without the spirt to fight back they are already defeated." He pointed out. "We have won."

A'Zores understood what he was getting at, not that he agreed with it. "Interesting suggestion, but no. I don't want them broken. I want them dead."

With some reluctance the blue skinned demon nodded and turned to the three Rangers. Before they could deliver the final blow though A'Zores felt a shudder. Someone familiar just used the growing spell. A shadow fell across them and the General looked up.

It was the Warlord, striding into battle at the last minute. He wanted the glory and the kill. A'Zores snarled, it wouldn't be a plan in this dimension if something didn't go wrong somewhere.

End Chapter Two.
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