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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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The Dragon's Green Fire Part II:- Chosen Chapter 2

The Dragon's Green Fire Part II:- Chosen
Chapter Two

Faith half collapsed into the chair and took a sip of coffee. Dawn sat down opposite, nursing a hot chocolate. The Ranger looked as tired as Faith felt. "How many does that make? Six?"

They had just finished fighting another wave of warriors and found a coffee shop in the City. For three days Tretrax had sent wave after wave of his warriors to attack. "Seven." Dawn said. "He's got to be running out soon."

"We can hope." Faith sighed. "Did he make an appearance his time."

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Only for a moment. I don't get it, he sends these guys everywhere, has me rushing around town and then ambushes me. But he runs off before the fight gets going."

Faith didn't have an answer for her. It didn't make any sense to the Slayer either. "So what's Oliver working on? I've tried calling him incase he had any ideas…"

"So have I. All I get is that he's busy on something important." Dawn stood up, still looking bone tired "I better be getting back to college. I've got a class this afternoon and I don't think Tretrax will write me a note for missing it."

Faith smirked and was about to wish her luck when their watches bleeped their own little tune. She kind of liked the ring tone, if it was a little dated. A quick look around the half deserted coffee shop showed that the only other person there was the Clerk. They were still watching MTV and hadn't even noticed. Quickly finishing her coffee Faith tapped the communication button. "Dawn, Faith; are you both alright after your last battle?" Oliver asked.

"Sure. Still don't know what he's up to but we're fine." Dawn shrugged.

"I need you both to teleport to the Command Centre, as soon as you can."

"We'll be right there." Dawn said a little too fast and finished her drink.

Heading out of the coffee shop the two of them went around the back and teleported to the Command Centre.

Landing in the strange room Faith had hoped to get the drop on Oliver, but he was just waiting calmly for them. "Dawn, Faith." He nodded to both of them.

"What's this about Dr Oliver? I've got class in an hour."

Oliver looked at Dawn and then back to Faith. "Over the last three days Tretrax has been sending wave after wave of attacks. At first I thought he was testing you Dawn, seeing how fast you were and how far you were willing to go. Then he started ambushing you…"

"You've figured out what is plan is?" Faith interrupted.

"Yes, and we've been working on a way to counter it. He's trying to tire you out Dawn, have you expend all your energy fighting pointless battles and then strike when your guard is down."

"That might work." Dawn admitted. "If it wasn't for Faith helping out he'd probably have done it already."

"Exactly. The fact he's ambushing you now might mean he's running out of warriors. He's going to get desperate soon and that means throwing everything he has left at the City."

"We're already strung out" Faith said. "We need to call in B. She'll have an army here in no time"

"No." Dawn shook her head. "We don't know how many of these guys he's got. The only reason he hasn't sent them all after us is he doesn't know about the Slayers. Think about it, he came to the City looking for you, found me and now I'm his target. All this has been aimed at me, if he thinks Buffy and the rest are a threat he'll throw everything he has at them."

Faith frowned for a moment. "So what your saying is he doesn't know there's more than one Slayer and if he did we wouldn't stand a chance."


Oliver frowned at them, they hadn't gone into a lot of detail about Slayers with him. Just saying that Faith had Powers of her own that helped her fight demons. "Dawn's right. If there are other people that have your abilities and if he doesn't know about them that could be helpful in the future. Tretrax strikes me as the sort of person who'd swat a fly with a howitzer, the only reason he hasn't thrown everything at us already is he probably thinks that this is enough."

"That, and he want's to kill me himself." Dawn shrugged, Faith was about ask how she knew that when she added. "He did the whole 'I will enjoy eating your bones' stick before he ran away last time."

"We better do something about that." Oliver said gravely.

"Oh come on, all the bag guys say it. It's kind of in the rule book."

"Don't get over confident Dawn." Oliver warned. "You're good, better than most but you're not invincible. That's why we've been working day and night to rebuild the Power Coins."

"What?" Faith and Dawn gasped at the same time.

"There were five other Rangers, each powered by their own Coins. They were all but destroyed in an overload caused by Rita and Zed, along with the Thunder Zords. I contacted a couple of old friends and they still had their morphers." Oliver gestured to Alpha and he left. "Between us Alpha and I worked day and night, using my research and Zordon's notes on the morphing grid, we rebuilt them."

"You can do that, just rebuild the Rangers Powers with crazy glue and a few pieces?" Faith asked

Oliver smiled and shook his head. "It's not like that, but you're close. I'll be honest with you, it took a lot of time and none of us are experts in this. Only Ninjor knows how to build a Power Coin and there's no chance of tracking him down in time. This is the best chance we've got, without more Rangers the city is doomed."

Faith looked at Dawn. He was right and they both knew it. They had maybe one good fight left and then Tretrax would walk all over them.

The robot came back around carrying a small, but decorated black box. It had white banding and a gold emblem on top of what looked like a big elephant.

The robot stopped in front of the Slayer. "Faith," Oliver said, his voice deadly serious. "You've proven yourself in helping Dawn battle. Even without Ranger Powers you've never let that stop you. I can't think of anyone better suited for the Coin to chose than you."

"I can't!" Faith blurted out. "I don't know who you think I am, but it's not a Ranger. I've done things."

"I didn't have any choice in the matter Faith. The Mastodon sprit that powers the coin decided you were it's best candidate."

"The what sprit?" Faith asked, mishearing him.

"Wooly mammoth, it's called the Mastodon." Dawn said hiding a smile.

"What did you think I said?"

Faith almost blushed, "Nothing, but I'm still not the right person for this."

"Who is?" Dawn pointed out. "You're the one who insisted I need help out there, having another Ranger at my back will make me feel a lot better."

Faith looked at her friend and her friend's lecturer. They both agreed it was the right thing. Faith looked at them both helplessly.

In truth Dawn had mixed feelings about Faith as a Ranger. Sure it had been years since she had tried to kill her, but as much as she could forgive the Slayer she couldn't forget. Faith, no matter how much she regretted it, had been a murder, hired killer and in the end a down right psychopath.

She'd changed during her time in jail, but technically she was still a wanted fugitive and escaped convict. Still she was a Slayer and a hell of a lot more qualified than Dawn was.

Faith opened the box and inside was a morpher with a coin already mounted in it. While Dawn's dragon coin was a simple three toed foot print Faith's was carved with a picture of a mammoth, it's head held high and trumpeting.

"I'm not the right person for this." Faith insisted, looking back at Dr Oliver. "Can't we talk to someone, or something, about this?"

"Go right ahead," He smirked. "I don't think it will listen though."

Faith stared at the coin like it was alive and very dangerous snake. She looked at it in silence for so long it almost scared Dawn.

After a long moment Faith finally picked the morpher up and turned it over in her hands. Automatically the Slayer struck a familiar pose and Dawn had to duck the Morpher in Faith's fist as she shouted "Mastodon!"

This time Dawn had a chance to see someone morph from the other side of the process. The morpher flashed with black energy and what looked like lightning danced over Faith leaving her costume. It was a full black body-suit with a row of white diamonds around the chest. Faith's gloves and boots were white but also had the diamond pattern, this time black, surrounding them. Her helmet had two silver tusks either side of the vizor that matched her mouthpiece.

As the Slayer patted herself down Dawn gave her a big grin, despite her misgivings. "You look good. I still prefer green, but it's cool."

"You can't go wrong with black." Faith laughed back, pulling out her blaster and flipping it around in her hands. "So what you waiting for Oliver, whip out the other one and let's hunt down Tree-boy."
"I can't Faith." Dr Oliver said grimly. "Over the years I've taken too many Powers, if I tried to take another on it might kill me. Last time it almost did. I can help you out from here, but I can't take up the Blue Power Coin."

Dawn could tell Faith was just as confused as she was. "So who can take it up?" she asked

Alpha pressed a few controls. "Cassandra Fraiser." the robot said simply as the viewing globe showed Dawn's brunette roommate.

"Cassie?" Dawn blurted out, "Wh… Wha… how…?" she stammered at the image in the Globe

"Hang on, Dee's dorm-friend?" Faith gasped. "What the hell?"

"The Coin chosen her…"

"Don't try that crap." Faith half shouted. "Alright I'll buy that I'm chosen, I'm a Slayer, but she isn't."

"She doesn't deserve this." Dawn said, finding her voice. "She's just a normal girl, she should have a normal life. Not this… This…" She was speechless.

Oliver gave them both a dark look before interrupting, "I don't chose anyone. Do either of you think I want to put you in danger? How many times do I have to remind you none of this is by choice."

"… but Cassie? It's like this grand destiny is going out of it's way to find someone close to me. I mean come on, Cassie."

"It's possible the reason Cassie is your roommate is because you're the Green Ranger." Alpha pointed out


The robot waved his arms around "Like Tommy said the Power calls those destined to wield it together. It might be the very reason all three of you went to Amethyst in the first place."

Faith tilted her helmet almost comically. "What? Your saying the Powers that screw us have something to do with all this?"

"The who?"

Dawn felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise. "The Powers That Be." she explained. "Their kinda like this... I don't know, force for good I guess. They sort of pull the strings behind the scenes, making things happen. They made my sister move to Sunnydale to protect it."

"Sunnydale?" Dr Oliver asked. "Your sister was one of these Slayers, wasn't she and she had something to do with that town sinking?"

"We all did." Dawn admitted gravely.

"We lost some good friends that day." Faith added. "but we won."

Dr Oliver looked at the two of them. "And you're worried the same might happen to Cassandra. I can't say I've lost friends, but I've come close over the years. Too close. Still in some ways I've been lucky, but I know how it feels to have lives in my hands. There have been times when I wasn't fast enough and people died. That weighs on me. Even now, years later. That's why you have to accept the Power Coin, even if we can't control who it is offered to."

Dawn looked at the globe again. Cassie had no idea what was about to happen, how her life was about to change. "I have to tell her then."

"What are you talking about Dee? You're not thinking about actually agreeing to this?"

"I'm going to beam her here and offer her the coin. She'll say no, I hope."

"Then I..."

"Should take Dr Oliver and Alpha out of here. I don't want to spring too much on her at once." Dawn pulled out her morpher and looked at the Globe. If she ever met any of the Powers that be they were going to get a piece of her mind.

"Good idea Dawn. I suggest you morph before bringing Cassie here though. If she says no that way she won't know who you really are." Dr Oliver suggested.

Dawn thought about it for a moment. She didn't like it, but it made sense. 'Alright, that could work. Let's get this done before Tretrax launches another attack.'

Cassie's eyes glazed over as she tapped her pen against the notepad. She couldn't concentrate. The news just kept repeating what footage it had of the Rangers. The army was supposedly mobilising and the Mayor had ordered a curfew of the City. These constant attacks had everyone on edge.

To make things worse she was getting worried about Dawn. It wasn't her job to worry, but she hadn't seen her for two days.

Dawn wasn't the first roommate Cassie had. Stephanie was a control freak, in every sense of the world. She spent every free moment researching everything she could, having a nervous breakdown after only half a term. Running out of the dorm room after eating all her notes, literally trying to devour knowledge.

Cassie had gotten a funny feeling Stephanie was about to fly off the handle as soon as they had met, dividing the room into specific areas and almost religiously keeping to an insanely precise timetable. One night she had admitted to Cassie to having OCD and the medical student didn't doubt that one bit.

Dawn was a lot more stable. Out right laughing when Cassie offered to keep to herself and cheekily nicking a pen. That had been when they met, over the last few days Dawn had been working herself to the ground.

Closing her textbook Cassie decided not to let her new roommate suffer the fate of her last. She was going to sort something out, a DVD night with chips, chocolate and enough fizzy soda to keep them awake all night. She was about to go though the small selection she had brought with her when everything went blue.

For a moment Cassie could have sworn she was flying, how and where she didn't know, it only lasted a second and before she could say anything it stopped. "Whoa!" Cassie gasped, landing on her feet. Stumbling forward she found her balance and looked around. There was nothing but darkness with shiny dots of light, it sort of looked like the night sky but you instantly could tell that it wasn't. "Urm, hello?" She ventured into the darkness.

"Behind you." Someone said and Cassie spun. She had expected to see Thor or some other Asguard, instead it was the Green Ranger. The heroine was surrounded by computer consoles that Sam would have just loved to take apart. Different coloured lights and shapes blinked on and off like a muted disco around her.

"G... Green Ranger?" Cassie stammered. "What am I doing here?"

"I invited you Cassandra." She said and Cassie almost panicked. Did she know where Cassie had come from, where she really came from. No, she couldn't Cassie told herself as the Green Ranger rubbed the back of her costumed neck. "Alright, you know how there are supposed to be other Rangers?"

"Yes." Cassie nodded, not following what was being said.

"Well there aren't. Truth is the co... their power sources were destroyed." Cassie didn't miss the pause, but had no idea what it meant. "Mostly, destroyed at least. My friends have been able to repair two of them. Thing is, we don't really have any control over who gets to use the Powers."

Cassie had a sudden flash of insight, now she knew where this was going. "Ah, now hang on..."

'The Triceratops Coin, the source of the Blue Ranger's power, has chosen you."

"You're joking." Cassie said flatly. "I'm no super-hero, I'm a orphan kid taking a medical course at a cheap college. There's got to be a million people out there more suited to this."

The Green Ranger shook her head sadly. "Not that I've found. Cassandra you proved yourself wrong when you stayed behind to help your friends."

"If it's because of that time I tried to save you I promise I won't do anything like that again."

"It's precisely because you're the person who would do that and do it again that the coin chose you. You can't, you shouldn't, change who you are." The Green Ranger just looked at Cassie for a moment. "Oh Goddess, I can't do this.' She suddenly burst out, slapping the console top next to her.

Then she looked up, Cassie couldn't see the other woman's face but she didn't have to. The tone of her voice was all she needed. "Damn it, just get out of here. Forget it."

"What's wrong?"

"I said forget it Cassie, there's two of us now. We can handle it." The Green Ranger started pressing buttons.

"Hang on, why did you call me Cassie just then?" Warily she stepped into the circle of computers.

The Green Ranger stopped pressing buttons and looked up, but not at Cassie. She was focused on something else. A small sapphire blue box, decorated with silver banding and a gold emblem on it. Taking a shuddering breath the Ranger reached up and flicked open two clips either side of her helmet. Opening it and taking the whole thing off.

As she did her brown hair cascaded down, free to fall as it usually did. Then she faced Cassie and left her stunned.

It was Dawn, Dawn Summers. Looking tired, anguished and reproachful. "Hi, it's me." She admitted with a little wave as she tucked the helmet under her arm.

"Dawn?" Cassie was stunned.

"Yes, look I know what your thinking but I didn't have any say in this. It's all... Fate, destiny. Whatever."

"Dawn?" She repeated, making a conscious effort to remember how to blink. This had come out of nowhere. All the evidence was there, it just never occurred to Cassie that any of the Rangers could be near her age.

"Cassie, you've got to listen. I know this is a shock but it's the truth. The Coin chose you, but I won't let it rule your life. I can't, I won't, put you though that."

Cassie pulled herself together. and gave her friend a critical look. "You look like you've been awake for a week, I'm betting your friend isn't much better. What's going on?"

"I told you."

"Not that. Why is this guy attacking and why do you need me?" Cassie asked point blank.

Dawn didn't say anything for a second before shaking her head "You won't believe me.'

'My Room-mates a Power Ranger, you'll have a hard time topping that." She pointed out

Dawn sighed "Tretrax is a Demon General from another dimension. He want's to conquer Earth and enslave everyone in the name of some guy called the Warlord. He's going to do it too unless we stop him"

"By we you mean me don't you." Cassie said angrily. "That's why you're telling me all this isn't it? You can't just give me this I have to volunteer or something. It's all a trick."

"No." Dawn insisted grabbing Cassie by her arms. "You don't get it. I don't want you to volunteer, I don't want you here but I can't do anything about it. Fate, destiny or the Great Spaghetti Monster, I don't care what you call it is to blame."

"I, I can't take this!" Cassie clutched the sides of her head. "Demon invasions, magic Dinosaur Coins, it's too much." She took a deep breath. "You can't make me do anything I don't want to."

The hurt look on Dawn's face was enough to show her how big a mistake saying that was. "You don't understand."

'Then tell me, for crying out loud Dawn why me?" Cassie practically begged. "Is it because we're room mates? That I helped save you're life?"

Dawn hung her head. "You're not listening to me. There are forces, powers that people call god or gods and they like playing games with us. That's it Cassie, shit happens, end of. I wish I could change it, but I can't."

Cassie tried to stop panicking. "So what are we going to do about this. Because I am not qualified to save the world."

"Who is?" Dawn asked and Cassie almost had to bite her tongue. "I've really messed this up." The Ranger admitted with a smile.


They laughed for a moment before Dawn rubbed her temple. "Okay, can you promise you won't tell anyone?"

Cassie briefly thought about telling Jack and the gang. It wouldn't be hard and knowing them they'd believe her. She didn't know if she should though. "Alright. I'll keep your secret. If you promise me you'll get some rest." She said seriously offering her hand. Dawn really looked bad and needed it, sooner rather than later.

"Deal." Dawn shook her hand.

"Well that went well." Faith said as they came back inside the Command Centre. Tommy had to agree. Cassandra was teleported out just after agreeing to keep quiet about Dawn

"I know you don't want to put Cassandra in any danger but have you thought this through?" He asked, concerned.

Dawn turned on them and Tommy had to try not to flinch. "Yes I have, you said it yourself. You never lost anyone, we have. Damn it, Cass is going to be a doctor, I'm not having her throw that way."

"If I thought for one moment you were going to die I wouldn't let you go out there, Ranger or not." he assured her

"That's not your choice." Dawn said bluntly. "It's mine and Faith's. We're Rangers, you're not." It was then that the alarms stated to flash.

Alpha Eight shuffled to the Globe controls and brought up an image. It was another attack by warriors. At least two dozen of them were milling around a quarry looking for something to wreak. "It's a trap." Tommy said automatically.

"Doesn't matter." Faith, still morphed, pointed out. "They need to be stopped, look." The army stopped milling about and headed off into town. "We all know what happens when they find someone."


"Always Dee."

The two Rangers struck a pose before saying "Back in action" and beaming out.

Tommy looked at where the two of them had stood. They were right of course, but something was wrong with Dawn's attitude. Then he realised what it was, she didn't expect to survive.

Dawn looked down at the small army and swallowed. She and Faith had landed behind the demons and on the top of a cliff face. There was more than enough of them, she really was in trouble. Faith and her new Ranger powers were going to be helpful. "Any ideas?" she asked her

Faith pulled out her gun. "Your dagger flute got a blaster built in?"

"I might have something better." Dawn smirked and then had an idea. "Stay down and out of sight, find a better angle or something. I'll get their attention, when it looks like I'm in trouble go for it."

"A surprise attack?" Faith said. "Alright, but the moment I see you in trouble…" The Slayer nodded and crept away.

Surprise had worked for Dawn so far. If this was a trap Dawn could spring it and then Faith could spring their own. After giving Faith a moment to get clear Dawn charged the Flute with energy and threw it with all her strength at the crowd of demons.

Like firing a missile into the middle of them the blast scattered demons and demon parts. Dawn was right behind the Flute, landing next to it and picking it up as she rolled. The demons, scattered and disorientated, back off even further as she charged.

Batting a hastily raised sword away Dawn kicked the first warrior she came across into another and then the fight was on. She didn't have time time to worry about when Faith was going to attack, she was surrounded and once the Demons had got over their shock she was fighting for her life. She couldn't pause to think let alone breath.

As Dawn's world descended into a furious whirl of parries, cuts and punches she began to realise just how tired she was. Her arms ached and she was slowing down. The occasional lucky blow got under her guard more and more often and she had completely lost track of how many she'd taken down.

"Dawn, behind you!" Someone shouted, it had to be Faith but Dawn couldn't' tell over the din of battle.

She spun in time to get a fireball full in the face. Sending her head over heels over and away from the chaotic mess of demons.

Landing face first in the dirt and dust for the first time she was glad a helmet was part of the uniform. Otherwise her head would have been roasted. Clawing herself up enough to see what hit her Dawn wasn't surprised to see Tretrax striding through his minions.

"Now we end this!"

End Chapter Two
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