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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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War, Part IV:- Old Friends, New Rangers Chapter 3

War, Part IV:- Old Friends, New Rangers
Chapter Three

Cassie shook the stars from her eyes and tried to stand up. The solid boot of Toothy pressed straight between her shoulders, pinning her in place. That blue skinned bastard must have been waiting, as soon as they had left they must have attacked.

Her mind raced with problems; what had happened to her uncle? What about Marcus and Dr Oliver? She thought they were in trouble before, now they were dead. No chance of getting out of this.

Strangely she wasn't scared or worried. Now she knew she and the others were done for she actually felt calm. Relaxed even, oh she was still going to fight but now there wasn't anything to fear. It was then she understood her best friend even better. This was how Dawn felt all the time, fearless and willing to take crazy risks just for the hell of it.

A'Zores dragged Dawn by the collar closer, she kept hold of his arm. Doing a fantastic job of covering her face. With his free hand A'Zores raised his sword, about to bring it down on Cassie's neck.

"Last words." It took the Blue Ranger a moment to realise it was Dawn that had spoken. "Aren't you going to give us our last words?"

A'Zores stopped mid swing. "Urm, no." he chuckled. "Unless you want to count 'Oh god, oh god! Please make it stop!'?"

Dawn pulled on the arm holding her for a moment only to drop one hand limply "I was thinking something a bit more iconic." She said as Cassie caught a glint of metal in her free hand. "DragonZord!"

She was quickly covered in a flash of green light. Throwing A'Zores off and leaving his gauntlet steaming. Catching herself the Green Ranger rolled forward and came to her feet. Breathing hard, but fully morphed.

"How?" screamed A'Zores incredulously. Turning to the blue skinned demon. "You have her device!" he accused.

"What this thing?" Blue asked all too casually, hitting the inside switch it opened as they punched the air. "Tyrannosaurus!"

It was impossible, absolutely totally impossible. Dawn had sprung her own trap, beating A'Zores and his gang at their own game at the very last second. After a startled moment Cassie acted, pulling on all her power she concentrated it into a solid punch in Toothy's jaw. Shattering it, sending blood and teeth flying everywhere.

Faith reacted too, rolling over she drove the Demoness that had wrapped themselves around her into the ground before pushing off and freeing herself. Sari had a little more difficulty, but was able to get one of her Daggers into position. Cutting off a good foot or so from the end of the tongue the snaky lizard demon released her.

Cassie got to Dawn's side, she had no clue how she had pulled any of this off but she had. It was only when the Green Ranger sagged, leaning on Cassie for support, did she realise most of it was a bluff. Dawn might have been able to morph, but she didn't have the power to fight.

Reaching out with her healing abilities Cassie got a good reading from her. Dawn's energies were flowing a lot better now, like they were in tune again and all going in the right direction, but they were a long way from what they once were. "What the hell were you thinking?" She whispered a growl.

"That I was saving your butt." Dawn said weakly. "Let's go." She nodded and the other three dash up to join them.

It was like someone had drawn an invisible battle line between the two groups of them. On one side the five Rangers Cassie, Dawn, Faith, Sari and the newcomer. On the other the three Dark Rangers and A'Zores. It was still a close run thing though, A'Zores was a match for most of them alone. Cassie didn't know if the others had any tricks left, but what they had was more than enough already.

Dawn wasn't going to be any use, she could barely stand and they didn't know about the new guy. "We're going to need our weapons." Faith said to Cassie, she must have been thinking the same thing.

"I'll deal with A'Zores." The Red Ranger said in a dark voice. "I owe him."

"Fine then." Dawn said, "Everyone pick a target and go for it."

"Dee stay back." Faith ordered.

"I was going to run a marathon, but if you insist."

A'Zores suddenly laughed. "What's the matter Green Ranger? Still a little winded?"

"She's not the one you should be worried about." The Red Ranger told him forcefully. "Power Sword!" With his shout a long sword with a red handle and cross piece appeared in his hands.

"I guess the brakes over." Sari quipped and charged the lizard as Cassie turned her attention back on Toothy. She was going to remove more than a few teeth when she had her Lance back.

A'Zores saw the Rangers explode into action, but the Green Ranger held the traitor back. It was amusing to him that he of all people could think of some one as a traitor but that was life.

"You're no match for him alone." she warned him. A'Zores let himself smile, she would still try to fight even if she couldn't stand. At least the Traitor had been truthful about that. "Here, take my shield." She put her hand on the centre of his chest the golden breastplate flashed and seemed to jump through her arm onto the new Red Ranger.

The Demon General silently cursed, he wouldn't be facing her after all and the Traitor would be even stronger. While he would enjoy the challenge, as always, he knew things were going to get, in a word, tricky.

He didn't like relying on tricks, they felt too much like cheating. Still a fight was a fight. With all the grace of a stampeding bull the traitor charged. His long sword held high but close. A'Zores's blade was good and strong, but thin. The Red Rangers was a lot thicker, with enough strength A'Zores's sword would bend. Theirs wouldn't.

Using his skill as best as he could A'Zores deflected the heavy blows the Traitor swung at him, using the bend to spring the swings away. It was similar to fighting the Warlord. The Traitor was obviously blinded by anger, a very big mistake he was going to use against him as zoo as he knew how. Quickly he let himself glance at the Green Ranger. That was how.

The newly minted Red Ranger was a good fighter, he just wasn't used to thinking and fighting at the same time. Taking a couple of steps one way and a more the other as he blocked every which way he could. High, low, left and right. All the while manoeuvring him around so that A'Zores had his back to the fallen Ranger.

When the time was right A'Zores lashed out with a foot and then a couple of wild swings of his own. Driving the Traitor back and giving A'Zores a chance to step away, raising one finger in warning. "Wait."

"What for?" he growled from behind his helmet.

A'Zores let himself grin. "You might want to think about your choices. Kill me, or help your new friend." He jabbed his thumb over his shoulder, whatever strength she had given him had more than drained her. The accursed girl was lying prone on her side, her costume more than a little grey. The colour all but bleached out.

He didn't have to help her, but if he didn't it would help drive an early wedge between the Rangers. 'No!' The Traitor shouted and moved, obviously intending to run past A'Zores and to her side.

The Demon General took one step to the side. As he ran passed A'Zores got his blade up and under, just below the gold armour and across his kidneys. The explosion sent a jolt up A'Zores arm, but threw him off his feet with a sharp cry.

"You know the irony of all this." A'Zores chuckled as he kicked the Red Ranger over onto their back. "It was you that gave me the idea of Dark Rangers in the first place. Traitor."

"I'm no traitor, My name is Connor." he growled."And I remember, everything."

So he'd somehow thrown off the conditioning of the Dark Crystal, probably with the help of that device that changed him into a Ranger. A'Zores shrugged it wasn't the first proof that the Warlord's great power was flawed after all. "Well then, Conner, let's end this."

Then something completely unexpected happened.

Dawn watched Conner get taken down by A'Zores cheap shot, his sword skittering from his grip and ending not too far from her. Her first instinct was to grab it and throw his sword back to him.

It wouldn't have done either of them any good. She just didn't have the strength to even get it close. She felt about as week as a new born, half drowned, kitten. When Tommy had given her Power Coin back Dawn had felt almost back to normal, just a little tired.

Morphing and then lending her Dragon Shield had pretty much taken all of her strength. It was only a matter of time before A'Zores killed the Red Ranger, but she still had a few tricks up her sleeve. Dawn rolled onto her back, fumbling for her Flute before she brought the mouth piece to the lips of her helmet and blew into it. Focussing on what she wanted to do.

She didn't have the power to do anything significant, but she didn't need to. All she needed was a distraction. Channeling all the power she could the Green Ranger sent a burst of bright light through the shield, blinding A'Zores.

Gasping for air it felt like someone had fit a vice over her chest, crushing her down. Her Flute felt incredibly heavy, it took all her strength just to keep hold of it. Suddenly a gloved hand took hers. "You knew what you were doing." Conner hissed, "I won't be responsible, here take it back." He pushed her hand onto the centre of the Shield and it flowed back into her. The vice lifted and she could breath again.

"Thank… Thank you." Dawn breathed. "But you should have finished him."

As Conner shook his head A'Zores laughed. "The girl's right Conner. You should have, Then I couldn't do this." The Demon raised his gauntleted hand. "By the powers of Darkness! Grow!"

Dawn cursed as not only A'Zores but the three other demons also grew to giant size. The other Rangers dashed to them as Conner helped her to her feet. Faith gave her a hard look, "I thought Bee was suborn."

"What are we going to do?" Conner asked, "There's no way one machine, however powerful, can take on the four of them at once."

"Titannus isn't our only friend." Sari smirked. "Dr Oliver, we need the Megazord!"

"It's on it's way." he answered.

"Megazord?" Conner asked.

"You'll see." Dawn told him, a inner voice telling her and the others which direction the Zords were coming from.

Faith slipped an arm under her shoulders. "I've got you." The Black Ranger said. "Let's go!" With that she jumped, carrying Dawn to the Megazord. She knew what the giant Zord was but knowing and seeing it roll into battle were two different things. Sari and Cassie's Sabretooth and Triceratops were at the front, either side of the newly active T-Rex. with the Mastodon split in two, showing two giant cannons that hung above the Yellow and Blue Zords and it's head on the T-Rex chest. Above and behind the others the Pterodactyl perched on the top. It's head bouncing along.

The five of them landed inside the head of the T-rex. Conner took the seat in the middle, with Faith and Dawn either side. Cassie and Sari sat behind them. "Here, catch." Faith flipped the Pink Coin to Dawn. A heartbeat later the five of them locked the Power Crystals in place.

"Fire!" Conner called out. Faith, taking weapons control, nodded. The two energy cannons fired. Hitting two of the giant demons. "We're going to need more than that."

"Then lets give it." Cassie said. "Full power." Dawn nodded. It wasn't her power she was using, with meant she wasn't drained and could do it. The eyes of the Zords glowed with power and blasted out lightning. This time all four were hit, staggering them.

Chagrin was a wonderful word, A'Zores could think of others that weren't so nice. Another new titan, this one another immense tank, firing lightning and cannons. and made up of several of the others. Holding his ground with the scabbard of his sword stick he returned fire with his gauntlet.

The explosions didn't slow the tank down, but it didn't fire again. "We have to take this thing out, before the other one gets here." He shouted at his Dark Rangers.

"That's not going to be easy." Conner, the traitor, called out. "Megazord battle mode!"

The back of the tank came off, and flew up, changing into some giant bird. The rest of the machine arose on the two parts at the front, becoming what looked like legs. A'Zores felt a cold chill run down his back as the two cannons folded up to reveal hands.

"Megazord sequence has been initiated!" A mechanical voice said as the dinosaur head folded down into the chest, a more humanoid head came up and two horns locked in place either side of it. The part that had flown off and away folded it's wings up and became an armoured chest piece. "Megazord activated!"

It was a new titan, easily as big as the last one. It was still out numbered but that wasn't enough. It was powerful, and if they were willing to take the four of them on alone it wasn't a good sign. He could only hope it they were over confidant, as he had been.

"Attack, we have to swamp them!" A'Zores cried out and the four of them charged. The first to get there was the one with many teeth, the titan lead with a shoulder. Punching it twice in the chest. Each blow created a shower of sparks, the second one threw the Demon Ranger off their feet.

The red skinned demoness was next. She jumped on the machine and tried to wrestle it to the ground. The titan kept it's footing and proved to be the stronger, pushing the demoness off before throwing them to the ground. A swift kick sent her rolling away. A'Zores was the closest one left, swinging his sword he strode in. Taking a swipe at the titan's midsection.

There was a shower of sparks as the blow sent it reeling. The Demon General jumped back, out of range of it's fists. The titan found it's footing and rises it's hand to the forward swept horn above it's head. The multicoloured blast took A'Zores in the chest, blasting him away.

Falling flat on his backside A'Zores growled. They might have the numbers but this new machine out classed them at ever turn. It was foolish of him to think the only weapon it had in this form was it's fists. The Rangers had proven time and time again to have abilities and tricks at their disposal he couldn't hope to predict.

The lizard demon was the only one left standing. He spat his tongue and cracked it like a whip, catching the titan and wrapping it up. 'Got you!' A'Zores crowed savagely the machine struggled against the binding tongue. The others, as well as A'Zores, struggled to their feet. They had him.

The struggling machine looked around and saw the trouble it was in, Expecting another blast from it's head the Demons stepped back. Instead it looked past them, and at the sky. High above what looked like a storm cloud rolled into existence, As the titan nodded there was a flash and something flashed out. A giant sword, easily the biggest A'Zores had ever seen, lanced out of the sky and buried itself into the ground. Slicing the lizards tongue in two and freeing the titan.

The titan went for the sword pulling it out of the ground. As it held the weapon up the sun seemed to catch the cutting edge. Everyone took a step back as the self titled Megazord turned to the lizard. Rising the sword the the sky it glowed. In one powerful stroke it cleaved the air it two. A massive energy blast flowed behind, hitting the demon.

The lizard fell to it's knees and exploded, defeated.

That left three of them against a machine that could do that at will. The titan stepped back and faced them.

The others looked at A'Zores mutely but the General was lost. There was nothing he could think of numbers meant nothing to this thing. Then it got worse. The other machine, the white dinosaur rolled into battle. On it's back the Green Rangers titan, almost riding it as if a horse.

The Green Ranger's titan jumped into the air, almost flying as it opened up straight down the middle. The hours on either side of the Megazord's head folded back in and then its shoulders lowered. The other one landed on top of the titan like a cowl, combining into an even more powerful weapon. It was huge but it didn't stop there. The tank like dinosaur rolled past the enhanced Titan and changed itself. The chest plate lowering and two immense cannons coming forward.

The titan hopped onboard combining all the Rangers giant weapons into one. Taking up the chains on the tanks neck it pulled its steed to a stop. "Ultrazord, battle ready!" the Rangers inside shouted.

A'Zores couldn't think of a better name. His remaining Dark Rangers gathered close.

This was it, he was looking death in the face. he'd pulled out every stop, pushed the Rangers into a corner and this was how they fought back. With weapons that out numbered and out did all of his plans.

There was only one chance, grabbing the two demons either side he flung them in front of him. The giant machine opened fire, reacting the only way he could A'Zores shrunk down to human size. Letting his warriors take the blast the demon general escaped.

Faith took off her helmet and put it on the top of the control console, so did the others. "What the hell were you thinking Dee?" she asked finally.

After blasting the two of the remaining demons the Rangers teleported back to the Command Centre. There to confront Dawn. "We thought we were saving your lives. I think we did a good job, don't you Connor?" she asked popping the clasps on her own helmet

The newly minted Red Ranger nodded, he was the only one of them that hadn't taken their helmet off. "Well we did save them, but you should have told me how bad you were."

"I'm fine." Dawn waved him off

"No you're not." Faith growled before turning on the newcomer. "Look just who are you and how did you morph?"

"The name's Conner, I… I was a human not too long ago." he said gravely. "I heard what was happening here and came to see what I could do to help."


"It's a long story" Dawn said, putting a hand on his arm. "The point is A'Zores captured him and put him through that Dark Crystal thing. Turning him into, well into a demon."

"But… but that's permeant." Sari exclaimed. "No ones ever been able to undo the Crystal's effects. We tried everything." The Yellow Ranger sounded almost desperate. Faith had wondered just what she had been through in her home dimension but never asked.

"I was always part demon." Conner said with what looked like shrug. "It might have made a difference, explains why I was the only one of us that could talk."

"That and the glowing box Marcus threw at you." Dawn said. "What was that thing, you said you'd seen one before."

"The thing that Zee left you?" Faith asked and Dawn nodded

"A sorcerers window, I think that's what they're called. From what my dad told me if you brake one near where someone's had their memories altered by magic it let's them remember the truth."

"Oh I get it now. I told Zedd I thought someone had cast a memory spell on my mother. He must have whipped that thing up just in case."

"We were lucky they did. Otherwise I would have captured you and taken you to A'Zores, and it wouldn't have been a trap." The Red Ranger said gravely before explaining. "With my memories restored we got here as fast as we could. We saw what was going on in that globe, that's when Dawn grabbed her Coin and I heard this one calling to me." he pulled his coin out of the morpher. "She didn't spent more than a second thinking up the plan to save you, she was supposed to stay out of it though."

Faith shared a look with the others. He couldn't have known Dawn more than an hour, but he already knew just how much of an handful she could be. That this last plan of hers had been one of her craziest probably helped with that. "You're not going to suggest something like that again, are you?" He asked

Dawn laughed, "Not if I can help it. Now I don't know about you guys, but I've got two pizzas and a date waiting for me in his dorm I'm already late for."

End War, Part IV:- Old Friends, New Rangers
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