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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered
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Choices, Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Authors note
I'm loving this Rogue character a little too much. Hell, I'm loving all these villains a little too much. Just thought I'd admit that.

A'Zores grumbled under his breath as he reached back under his coat and pulled a stone out that had been digging into his back for the last hour. A bed would have been far more comfortable for this sort of thing, but sometimes you had to go with the flow. The camp was never supposed to need them after all.

This was an oversight his companion was doing her best to demonstrate as a mistake, with her usual flair. "You know, I'm very surprised at you." She said with false sweetness, after she had caught her breath.

A'Zores stretched as her looked her up and down. She didn't blush, only raised an elegant eyebrow. "Well you are very persuasive, my dear Rogue." he admitted finally.

The insane woman smiled with all the sweetness of a hungry crocodile as she traced a pattern on his bare chest with one of her talons. Drawing the bare minimum of blood, even when the lines crossed. "But shouldn't you be out there? I do know what you want and this was all too easy."

"You know me all too well." A'Zores caught a drop as it formed on his chest with the tip of his gauntlet and pressed it to her lips. Dragging her bottom lip down he gave her a small nick along the way. "Tell me, what did he promise you in return? Rank'Van for this headstart I mean?"

She laughed. "A favour somewhere along the way. If you knew all along you should have made it harder for me." She added with a mock pout. He'd guessed what she was doing pretty much from the moment she'd jumped him. It hadn't been hard. The Rogue was supposed to keep him busy as the Warlord's son tried to get the drop on everyone else. The typical, unimaginative, machinations of a slobbering fool.

"I was counting on it." A'Zores admitted. "How better to rid myself of my enemies…"

"… than to set them against each other." The Rogue finished his sentence, a dangerous light playing in her eyes. "Oh, brilliant."

"I'm glad you approve. Now, shouldn't you be distracting me?" He gave her a challenging look.

"And what do I get out of it?" The Rogue flirted with him, more out of habit than any real intent.

A'Zores let her guess for a moment before leaning in. "I think we'll have to talk about that later." He said down her throat before pulling her into a kiss.

Faith really hated Zombies. They'd freaked her out ever since she saw that damn film. She'd only been a kid at the time, same with that muppet thing Dark Crystal. While the puppets were cool these days brain eating zombies still weren't.

Dawn was in shock, or the closest thing to it. Not that the Slayer could blame her, it wasn't exactly her fault but it was damn close. She should never have let the army bozos get involved.

It was Connor who moved first. Calling on his Power Sword the Red Ranger swung low, catching one of the dead Marines in the gut and chopping him almost in half. With his torso hanging on by a scrap of skin the Marine fell backwards. Connor lashed out with a foot and kicked another one out of the way.

Cassie was right on his heels, dropping to one knee she drew her Blade Blaster and opened fire. Each blue bolt exploded against the undead, but didn't stop them. All it did was force them back a few steps Then the one Connor struck began crawling their way towards their dropped gun.

That was why she hated zombies, you could hit them and hit them and they just didn't stay down. Even a Vampire knew better than to keep coming at you with a wound like that.

"What, what are they?" The army guy asked. He really wasn't cut out for this and Faith muttered a few choice oaths under her breath at military stupidity.

"Zombies. Freaking zombies with guns." She said eventually. "Stay down and get out of the way."

The other, zombie, marines racked their guns and started firing. Sari drew her Blade Blaster and helped Cassie hold them back. Between the two of them they kept the undead off balance. Connor was too busy with the demons versions to help. That left her and Dawn.

Above them the Fat demon laughed, Faith hissed and pointed. "We've got to take out that freak!"

Dawn visibly shook herself as the Demon began snorting again. "Oh goddess, incoming!" She shouted.

Faith drew her Power Axe and converted it into a cannon. She'd seen what this monsters killer snot could do to the others, and she didn't like the idea of getting hit herself. As the demon spat at them Faith fired, blasting the spit out of existence.

The Green Ranger drew her Flute and played a handful of sharp notes before thrusting it at him. Firing a beam of green energy at them. The blast knocked him back but didn't seem to do much more. The good thing was that Dawn seemed to be back on the clock.

"Blue, Yellow. Go close, full power and cut off the head. I'll help Red. Black, get these three out of here." Dawn rolled to her feet. "Everyone watch out for Jabba up there!"

With that she leapt over the Marines and drop kicked the first zombie demon she came across. Her two feet catching it in the face and breaking it's neck. Didn't kill it all over again though. If anything it just pissed it off.

Faith looked from rooftop to rooftop, finger hovering over the Cannon's hair trigger. "You heard her. You three, hit the road!" She barked at the leader.

"My men…"

"Ain't you're men anymore." Faith caught a flicker of movement and fired. A ball of black energy caught the pidgin, scattering feathers everywhere. "Run! Forget the truck and run." The three turned to face each other for a heartbeat before doing as they were told.

Faith risked a few seconds to look at the others, they were kicking ass but they were still in trouble. Between them Sari and Cassie were tearing through the Marine zombies. Most of their blows just dismembered them, but Sari got lucky with one of her blows. Ramming one of her daggers into the back of one of their heads there was a flash of yellow and the Marine was dead.

Dawn was right, looked like being a bookworm paid off sometimes, that or she'd just seen the same movies Faith had as a kid. Speaking of Dee was busy trying to keep up with Connor. The boy was on fire, beheading zombies left and right. Only problem was that it wasn't killing them. Just leaving headless demon bodies blindly flailing around with medieval weapons. "Stab them, or let me do it!" The Green Ranger had seen the same thing and was trying to hold him back.

"I've got this." Connor barked bringing a massive overhand blow down and cutting one demon in two, from shoulder to groin. It was like something from the Evil Dead, both halves were still moving in that same shambling lifeless way.

"You want a chainsaw to go with the hack and slash attitude?" Faith shouted taking aim on the rooftops again. She was just in time, the fat demon Dawn had called Jabba was back. Cocking the cannon Faith fired, again knocking him back but only just. The guy was tough, fat and ugly. Faith wanted a shower just from looking at him.

"I'll keep you covered." Faith offered.

Dawn slit the demon up the front before flipping her Flute into a reversed grip and brought it back down into the middle of the Demon's forehead. There was a flash of green in the eyes of the Demon and it exploded into goo.

This was every which way bad news, seven men dead because she was so worried about their image. Why? Why did everyone look to her to lead, she wasn't a leader or a hero. She wasn't even the wrong girl in the wrong place. She was just some dumb idiot that was in over her head. Spinning on a heel Dawn rammed her elbow into the side of the next ones head. Continuing the spin Dawn threw them to the floor and again brought her Flute down straight down on to the crown of the head. Another green pulse and whatever was keeping them going vanished.

With the Demons it wasn't that bad. They were long dead already, but the seven Marines that was different. As Cassie and Sari finished the last of them off Dawn couldn't help but feel guilty. These were people; they had families, friends, maybe even children. This was all Dawn's fault and she had to live with it.

Connor started on the decapitated heads. Swinging that sword of his at the heads around his feet. Cassie came over, using her staff to help. "Green, Yellow." Faith barked. "Lets give this demon a real kick." Sari got there first, dropping one of her Power Daggers into Faith's Cannon.

"Ready." Sari said watching out for Jabba. Dawn did the same for a second before having a better idea.

Leaping up to the top of the nearest building she looked around there was no one there. "All clear." She shouted down.

"You sure?" Connor called back

Dawn looked around again. "Yes, he's gone."

"Damn it! Where'd he go?"

"You asking me? Probably just pulled a portal out of his backside."

Faith visibly shuddered as she lowered the back of the Cannon. "I really didn't need that image."

"Me neither." Sari said retrieving her dagger.

"I count me in on that."

Dawn nodded sheathing her Flute. "You guys get back to the Command Centre, I'm going to try and talk to General Jack." Tapping the teleport button she flew off.

She landed in an empty corridor, still in full Ranger costume. Looking back and forth she couldn't tell where the heck she was. She knew she was in washington and in the pentagon from the brief flash she got coming in, but other than that she was lost.

Glancing at her wrist she wondered if her watch had malfunctioned, when she looked up Dawn saw the grey haired General come around the corner and hop backward. "D… Green Ranger! Wha… how? We have anti-beam, things, all over the place."


"It was incase one of the old Trust got hold of some Asguard technology."

"Must have messed up my landing." Dawn nodded. "You see what happened in Amethyst?" She asked, getting down to business.

"No, but the President just called. Bad?"

"Extremely." Dawn grumbled darkly.

Faith looked around the Command Centre, an uncomfortable silence had descended. "Seriously, anyone have a clue how we deal with fat zombie making guy?"

"A box full of deodorant and a stair-master?" Cassie suggested.

Faith bit back a laugh. "I said serious."

"Whatever we come up with can we be somewhere in the next state?" Sari asked. "Preferably down wind."

"He was really that bad?" Alpha asked tilting his head

"Think a demon version of the Stay-puff marshmallow man, only lime green and greasy. Sort of like English food that went off two weeks ago." Faith shuddered.

"Thanks." Cassie said dryly. "Food was just what I needed to think about."

"You alright?" Faith asked, Cassie didn't seem like herself. A little too quick with the sarcasm.

"Yeah, just a little…" She took a deep breath. "Those Marines, there was nothing we could do…"

"No. There was and we did it." Faith pointed out. "If there was anything left in them, that would have been worse."


Faith sighed. "I've asked myself the same questions a few times. Haven't you guys thought about Angel, or Spike for that matter?"

"What have they got to do with this?" Sari asked.

"They're vampires, but with souls. Willow cast some major mojo a while back and gave Angel his." Faith lent back on one of the consoles "What if we could do that for all of them? You know, Vampires. We could give them back their souls. Save them all. Don't tell me you haven't thought if you could do the same for the foot solders."

There was a long moment where Faith realised they hadn't. "You thought about it in prison, didn't you?" Cassie asked

Faith nodded slowly. "I… yes I did and I realised something. It would nerve have worked. The thing is for Angel it was a torture. To do the things he'd done, I don't think any of you can really understand the guilt I have to live with. Angel's done far worse and I'm willing to bet so have these guys. If we tried to save them, any of them, they wouldn't thank us. Even if it was possible."

"That's the thing. I don't think it was." Cassie told her. "You know how I can heal people. Well I can sort of feel them too. It's like, like when you know there's a live wire in a room and I've ben getting better at it. They weren't in there anymore. Whatever that stuff was it had already killed them."

Faith tried not to look too closely at Cassie, she didn't know just how far her fellow Ranger's powers went, but it was a lot further than just healing a few paper cuts. "I guess, in some ways that's a good thing." She said but the words sounded a little hollow. Even to her

Out of the corner of her eye Faith caught Sari staring at her. All of a sudden Faith remembered when Sari had told them her father was gone. Faith hadn't put it together before then but from the look she was giving her she just did. Sari's dad, he'd been converted.

Dawn landed in the middle of them, thankfully distracting Faith from her thoughts. The Green Ranger looked pissed, seriously pissed. "Dee you're back. How'd it go?"

"Crappy." She hissed, pulling off her helmet and looked around. "General Jack's really ticked and the President is going to tear that Colonel what's-his-name a new one. I think we can guarantee the Army's going to stay out of our way from now on."

"That's good. For a moment there I was worried we'd have to babysit Marines all the time." Cassie asked. "By the way, where's Connor?"

Dawn blinked, "What do you mean where's Connor?"

"He went after you, to back…" Faith trailed off. "Oh crap, he didn't…"

Connor came too, feeling as weak as a half drowned kitten. He tried reaching up to the side of his head, but his hands were chained behind his back. "Didn't work, did it." A beautiful, dark skinned, woman said kneeling down next to him.

She had a thick accent and the light of madness in her eyes. "Who, what are you doing here? Run." Connor hissed as she grabbed his face and lifted him of the ground, a lot stronger than she should be.

"Why would I run, pretty boy, when I've got a brand new toy?" She said dangerously as she threw Connor backwards and into a rock wall. It had been stupid of him, trying to take out A'Zores and his new friend. He had thought, with the battleizer, he'd be more than a match for the monster that captured him.

"You have to admit, she's got a point." A'Zores laughed rolling the White Tiger Power Coin over his knuckles. "It was brave, but did you even think to bring you're friends?"

Struggling to his feet Connor fell back against the wall, too dizzy to stand. He followed the demon that had attacked and found them. Eight demons, not little solders but full blown leaders. He should have called them, radioed for back up or just beamed way.

Then Connor looked up to see A'Zores gloating over him. This was the demon that had caught him, humiliated him and then mutated him. Forced him to be come a demon. Stumbling to his feet Connor threw himself at him only to be caught mid-flight and thrown to one side.

"Now that was just pathetic." A'Zores chuckled. "Here, for what good it will do you." He flipped the Gold Coin down. Connor was tempted to reach for it, but he remembered the crippling pain the hit when he tried to use it last time.

He'd jumped into the middle of them, challenged A'Zores and then pulled out the Coin. Next thing he knew every nerve was on fire, burning away as he felt his powers leave him. Dr Oliver had warned him only to use it in an emergency. He'd been right. Shortly after that he blacked out. Only to awaken here.

The woman picked him up again, this time by his shoulder, but still one handed. Connor hissed, "What has he told you? That we killed the Warlord?" It was desperate, but so was he. "He lied to you, he did it. He killed him. He'll do the same to you!"

The woman looked over her shoulder at A'Zores. "Of course he will. And I'll gladly stab him in the back. If it was worth it." She smiled. "But it's not. As long as we both get what we want, I'm cool."

"Did you honestly think that would work?" A'Zores laughed. "My dear Rogue and I are perfect for each other. She poisons me, I electrocute her. I think she likes it that way."

"Oh I do." She smirked and threw Connor away again. "Can I play with him. just a while longer?"

"Take as long as you want." A'Zores chuckled. "As long as you want."

End Chapter Two
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