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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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The Dragon's Green Fire Part II:- Chosen Chapter 3

The Dragon's Green Fire Part II:- Chosen
Chapter Three

Cassie didn't know what to think, one little thing just ran around her head. Dawn was a Power Ranger. It was stunning, she didn't know where to start with it. That left her staring out the window, just looking for something, anything to get her thinking again.

Then someone knocked on the door, Cassie jumped half a mile in the air. "Hello?" she called.

The door opened a crack "Hello, my name's Doctor Oliver, I'm one of Dawn's tutors."

Cassie tried to keep her face neutral as she opened it for him. "Urm, she's not in."

The man behind the door was about Daniel's age and had a little black beard under his bottom lip. He didn't look much like a college lecturer. She was about to ask for ID when she noticed the Staff Card around his neck. "I know, I need to talk to you about her."

Cassie knew all the blood had drained from her face at that but she still let him in. "Dawn's a bright girl, well young woman, but I think she's taking too much on." He said and it was all Cassie could do not to laugh out right. If he had any idea what Dawn had taken on he wouldn't be here. "It would have been better if she enrolled for next year."

"Yeah, next year." Cassie said, forcing herself not to smile at the whole situation.

"But she's here now, so we need to do what we can to help. I can go easy in my classes, but are there any activities outside of college you could help her with?"

Cassie was almost biting her bottom lip clean off "I think she might have a couple of things. But I don't think I'm qualified for them." she said around clenched teeth.

"I think you're selling yourself short." The lecturer said with a grin and something lurched in Cassie's gut. He walked up to the table nearest the door and pulled something out of his pocket.

It was about an inch thick, fit into the palm of his hand, just, and had a Gold Coin in the middle. Cassie had seen something just like it on Dawn's belt. "Dawn does need your help and she needs it sooner rather than later."

He did all but beat her over the head with it. "You, you're the one who gave Dawn her's aren't you?" She burst out, several things slotting in place. He nodded back. "Well look she was right. I'm not the person for this."

"Who is?" He asked and before she could say anything more he left.

Cassie was left alone, in the doom room, looking at the thing he had left.

Cassie hadn't really become obsessed with the different Rangers over the years, but she'd done her research. The problem was separating fact, rumour and just what people were guessing. In the end no one really knew how any of the Ranger powers worked or where they came from. There was some talk about a joint power source that different people tapped into.

That didn't help when someone dropped destiny on her like an abandoned puppy. Almost in spite of herself Cassie picked up the thing and immediately spun around.

Somewhere behind her and very far away something roared. It was like some great animal waking up. Looking back down at the Morpher she saw the Gold Coin in the middle flash blue. Everything around her took a sudden and complete lurch, as if the whole world changed but remained the same.

She knew what to do, how to it. Another roar, this one much closer, approved, calling her to battle. Caught up in the moment Cassie began moving, almost without thought.


Faith watched Dawn take the fireball to the head. This was the trap, draw Dawn out with massive numbers and then sucker punch her and it worked. He might not have counted on the Slayer having Ranger Powers, but it didn't matter. Tretrax had brought more than enough Warriors to keep her busy until he finished with Dawn.

Jumping in amongst the Warriors Faith fought her way to Dawn's side. The first Warrior that got in her way raised his sword but she didn't have time to play and that was her first clue her Ranger Powers had a strange reaction with her Slayer heritage.

Namely that when the single punch Faith threw at him hit it didn't just stop the Warrior but sent it flying. Stunned Faith stopped and looked at her fist, she'd connected squarely with it's jaw and hardly felt it. Two others came after her while she paused. Blocking both easily Faith reeled back and punched them at the same time in the gut, or where their gut's should have been.

Again the two of them flew backward, this time exploding into goo half way though the air and spaying for more than a hundred yards. "Sweet, super strong. Even for a Slayer."

Before she could gloat too much the Warriors swarmed her with weapons and claws. Faith might have been stronger than ever before, but she was still one against an army.

Dawn shoulder rolled to one side and looked for her Flute. It was well out of reach and Tretrax was between her and it. "Come on then, you want to finish it? Let's get this over and done with." she said with all the bravado she could.

If she could get him to charge, if she timed it just right, if he didn't realise what she was planing she could do it. Unfortunately that was one if too many as the demon General didn't give her the opening and just waved his sword at her. "What's the matter, lost your precious knife? Come and get it."

Dawn was in trouble, Faith had her hands full with the minions and with out her Flute she was unarmed. She tried fainting one way and then the other, trying to get Tretrax to budge but he held his ground. It was a stand off, only he had an ace up his sleeve. He could still throw fireballs.

Dawn ducked one just in time, and then dodged another, but the third caught her in the leg and sent her spinning. She couldn't let that stop her though and had to keep moving. Three days of fighting the warriors might have slowed her down but she knew if she could just get to her Flute she could hold out.

Rolling backwards and onto her feet Dawn felt the heat of the next fireball scorch the earth even as the burn on her leg stung in protest. The Ranger costume helped protect her but she could still be hurt.

Pushing all other thoughts to the side Dawn looked to see when the next fireball was going to come. Tretrax was charging up a blast when Dawn saw something moving behind him. At first she thought it was Faith and that she had finished with the Warriors then she realised they were in a blue suit.

Cursing her sleep addled brain Dawn knew it had to be Cassie, there wasn't time to wonder how she got a Morpher Dawn had to give her the chance to get closer. That meant keeping Tretrax's attention.

That wasn't hard, the world could fall down around his ears and Tretrax would still be trying to roast her. He fired another two bursts at her but Dawn was able to dodge both before Cassie got close enough.

The newly called Blue Ranger took him completely by surprise, kicking the Demon general in the gut before throwing him, judo style, as far as she could.

Dawn didn't waste a second and ran up to her room-mate. "Cassie! what the hell are you doing here?" she shouted picking up her Flute.

"Heard you needed help." Cassie said with exaggerated head movements. "Looks like I got here just in time."

Faith ran up totem form the other direction, "What kept you?"

"Hey, it was my first time teleporting. And I didn't know where you were."

Tretrax stood up, snarling. "Three costumed witches! Three!" he spat before shouting; "Warriors ARISE!" and summoning another batch of minions.

"Awe man, I did this already." Faith grumbled pulling out her Blaster. Cassie did the same, only she was a lot less used to weapons. "Knife mode Cass." Faith prodded. "Dee's going to be busy with her playmate and we don't want to shoot her in the back."

"Right." Cassie flicked her weapon around.

"Let's make a hole." Faith suggested and charged, Cassie just behind the Slayer. Dawn silently cursed, things were getting out of control. However Cassie got her coin she was going to get herself killed.

Between them Cassie and Faith were kicking butt, Faith relying on her fists as much as her dagger. Cassie on the other hand needed her weapon and wasn't nearly as good. Tretrax had seen it too and made a line for the newest Ranger.

Throwing caution to the wind Dawn did the only thing she could think off.

Cassie really wasn't ready for this. The Black Ranger was awesome, taking out bad guys like she was cutting grass. It was all Cassie could do to hold one off at a time. Then there were two coming at her, grinning with mouths that had far more teeth than she was comfortable with.

She needed help, but before she could shout Dawn jumped clean over her head and did the most insane thing Cassie had ever seen. Landing both feet on their heads Dawn used them as a spring board, kicking out so that the two of them were sent sprawling and she could sail over the head of the next monster and send a flying punch into their leader, the massive blue one.

Not for the first time that day Cassie was left wondering just who Dawn was and how she could do those things. It was then cassia learnt an important lesson in fighting. Don't get distracted.

Two other monsters grabbed her arms and another her feet. While holding her in placate one Dawn missed twirled his sword. Pinned Cassie saw Faith was to busy and hadn't noticed how much trouble she was in.

Instinct took over at that moment, dropping her blaster come knife she pushed. Throwing the approaching monster away without even touching him. For a moment she couldn't believe what she had just done, neither could the monsters holding her.

Learning form her previous mistake Cassie didn't waste anytime, somehow her weapon was back in her hand as soon as she reached for it. Braking the lose grip on her hands she rolled away, kicking the third monster in the head.

Coming back to her feet Cassie saw her fellow Ranger blast the two of them with her gun. "You alright?"


"Stick close, we'll toast these flunkies and give Dee a hand."

Dawn was not going to win this. She could tell. Her leg was still burning like crazy, she probably had the mother of all sunburn from that fireball to the head and if it wasn't for the suit she would have been bleeding from about a dozen cuts she'd picked up early on in the fight.

She might last long enough for Faith and Cassie to mop up the Warriors. That was her best bet but it wasn't going to be easy. Dawn was already slowing down, her arm jarred with every defected blow. She got a few hits in herself, but they weren't enough to do more than sting.

Tretrax on the other hand wasn't tiring and her stings weren't leaving a lasting impression. If she wasn't so tired Dawn was almost a match for him, her strengths were his weaknesses and vice versa.

This close Dawn could see the scar on his cheek where she had cut him while riding the Dragonzord, he was probably still afraid of her with the titanic machine.

With a moment of insight Dawn realised that was the goal behind his whole plan. Not just to get her tired but to keep her from using the Zord. Even now he kept close, too close for her to call help.

Either she was too distracted by this revelation or she was really slowing down, but a quick backhand from her opponent nearly took her head clean off. Bracing herself for a rough landing Dawn was more than surprised when she was caught mid air by Faith and Cassie.

Tretrax hissed at them as Dawn's friends put her down. He was left facing three skilled, powerful and very deadly young ladies and he knew it.

Not bothering with a threat Tretrax threw a portal over his head and vanished.

Dawn basically marched into the Command Centre. Tommy knew what was coming and was ready for the right cross. He didn't even bother trying to block it, but still out of uniform she knew how to punch. In fact she was a lot better than he expected, going as far as almost braking his nose. 'You had no right.' the young Ranger ground out.

"No I didn't." he admitted. "But you needed her. You're going to need her again."

"She's got a great big bulls eye painted on her head. We are going to have to train her, help her. By the Goddess this isn't her world, people aren't ready for demons, monsters and everything in between." Dawn's shoulders slumped "We've both been in this world so long we forget what it's like outside, but I still know there's a difference. You don't."

Tommy knew what she meant. He'd been saving the world for so long he didn't know how people lived. That was behind his quiet life in academia, but if he was honest his work on the Command Centre had been important to him. More important in some ways.

Even when trying to give it all up he had to keep involved somehow. The fact Dawn could see that was worrying. He'd spent most of his adult life in this world, she was only just half his age and could see him just as well as any of his old friends.

"I... I'm sorry." Tommy said hanging his head.

"Bastard." Dawn sighed. "We're both bastards." With that she teleported out.

Cassie watched Dawn appear in the room. Faith wasn't even shocked, Cassie didn't know what to make of the older woman. She was dangerous, confidant and fearless.

"So let's get this straight. Demons are real?" she asked Faith. Dawn sighed as she sat down on her bed, Faith had the other chair of course. "Vampires, werewolves, ghosts and goblins exist. Why did no one tell me this, I'd have though it was sort of important. 'Oh by the way be careful going out at night, you could be eaten'!"

"They didn't know Cassie." Dawn said carefully. "Their parents lied to them."

"Shouldn't someone have noticed?"

"They don't want to." Faith pointed out. "I know it sounds weird but you kinda don't notice things you don't want to see. You kind of blank it out."

"They're also good at hiding." Dawn supplied, "Vampires look like humans and most of the really ugly ones live in the sewers."

"The sewers?" Cassie blanched "Yuk."

"Actually their usually a lot cleaner than you think."

Cassie felt her eyebrow doing it's best Teal'c impersonation. "When was the last time you were in a sewer?" She asked Dawn point blank.

"Thursday." Faith supplied, "What? I was bored."

Cassie took a deep breath. Back on her homeworld there were no stories of demons or monsters. Just of the so called Gods, the Goa'uld, but all they wanted was worship. The stories she heard of vampires chilled her blood. "Do they really drink your blood when you're in bed?"

"No, well sort of." Dawn said evasively. "They are a lot stronger than you, faster and can only be killed with decapitation, burning or a wooden stake though the heart."

"And they drink blood?"

"Only when they're hungry." Faith explained. "But they can't come in your home unless you invite them."

"Why not?"

"Magic." the two of them said at once.

"It's some weird thing to do with the energy of a person's soul, their belongings and where you sleep." Dawn waved off her concerns. "Don't worry about it."

'Don't worry about it?' Cassie blurted out. "How can you be sure something isn't going to brake in one night and eat us!"

Dawn shrugged. "I put a warding spell over the door. Nothing demonic can get in." After a moment of Cassie's confused look Dawn rolled her eyes. "Remember that weird smell on the first night I came here? I told you it was a scented candle and I wouldn't do it again."

"Yeah, it was foul. That was magic?"

"Part of it." Dawn's smile was a little forced but she was obviously having fun.

"This is just, can I have a moment to think about this?"

"Sure." Dawn shrugged. "You know you're taking it well."

Cassie went to the door. "Call it culture shock, it might set in later." With that she left and quickly ducked into the bathroom at the end of the hall. Inside and alone Cassie began to shake. This was all too much for her, but there was one thing far more important than Rangers and demons. Looking across at her toothbrush Cassie focused on it, concentrating until there was nothing else but the toothbrush.

Nothing happened.

Breathing a sigh of relief Cassie waved a dismissive hand at the toothbrush, telling herself it was just a fluke. A trick of the mind.

The toothbrush flew across the bathroom.

Cursing she stopped trying and simply did. With a flick of her wrist she called it back, letting it land on her hand. 'Oh for....

End The Dragon's Green Fire Part II:- Chosen

Authors Note:-
This is a temporary note as I haven't had a chance to finish of the next story yet. It's going to be a little while before I can as works getting a little busy at the moment.
check again next week and I'll have a post ready for you with a direct link and a series set up.

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