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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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MountainKingFR1593287,9121239687,3557 May 1015 Jan 14Yes

Family, Chapter Two

Chapter Two

"Gah!" Dawn threw her hands in the air. "She's impossible. What does she think I am, twelve?"

Faith laughed bitterly. "Sure she does Dee, You're still her little sister." She hadn't seen her fellow slayer, face to face, in more than a year and she hadn't changed much. Still the short, arrogant, bossy, bottle blonde that wouldn't know sense if it sat on her head.

"That's just it." Dawn spun. "I might be younger than her but I'm not a kid!"

"Maybe that's the problem." Cassie said with a thoughtful look. "Maybe she still thinks you are."

Faith thought about that for a moment. Cassie was right, Buffy wasn't one to change her opinion easily. The woman could hold one hell of a grudge and went by her gut, even when it was wrong and she knew it.

Her watch bleeped it's all too familiar tune. "You've got to be kidding me, twice on the same day?" Faith growled, mostly to herself.

Dawn tapped her's first though, "We're here, what is it?"

"Ay, ay, ay! Rangers it's Goldar…"

"He's back, we know Alpha." Cassie told the robot on the other end.

"That's just it, he was outside the Coffee Shop just now."

Dawn looked up suddenly, "What?" Before the robot could say anything else she had ran to the door, shouting for her sister. "Buffy, Buffy!"

Faith wasn't two steps behind her as the two of them burst out of the Coffee Shop. The street outside was empty.

Dawn looked around desperately, but with the last attack so soon most people were still staying indoors. "Buffy!" She shouted again and Faith put a hand on her shoulder.

"They must have got her."

Cassie joined them. "We should have kept an eye on her." she said angrily.

"She's not the one that gets kidnapped. Not usually at least." Dawn shrugged off Faith's hand and brought up her watch. "Alpha, you still there?"

"Yes, I'm still here."

"Any idea where they took her?"

"Ay, ay, ay. I can't. There are massive gaps in our sensors."

"What, since when?" Faith asked

"Don't know, it's why we couldn't find their headquarters." Alpha told them. "There must still be some mineral deposits in the mines, they're affecting our readings…"

"But until I showed you all where their base was you couldn't tell." Connor said.

"Exactly, we're still not sure but with Goldar and you're sister there it might help."

"How?" Dawn asked.

"Your sister's a Slayer and we have Goldar's bio pulse signal." Alpha explained. "Even if they're mostly masked we can still run a search, the same way we found Connor." An alarm sounded over the watch.

"What's that?"

"Oh no! Another demon attack!"

"What?" Exploded Sari. "Are these guy's tag teaming or something?"

"Two of them, again." Alpha continued, "Attacking the east side of town! They're ripping the place apart looking for you."

"Son of a…" Faith cursed. "What do we do?"

Dawn screwed her eyes shut and shook her head. "We can't… Buffy needs us, she's no match for Tretrax and Goldar."

"And we can't spit up either." Cassie pointed out. "There's too many, whatever we do." There was a horrible pause. "Dawn!" Cassie barked, but Faith knew the warning signs as well as she did.

"I don't have a choice. I'll get Buffy on my own and meet up with you later. Hold them off and try and get them out of the city until I get there."

"Are you nuts?" Connor shouted "There's no way you can take on two at once, alone! Especially not with a civilian tagging along!"

"I'm not going to fight." Dawn told them. "I'm not stupid you know. Doesn't take very much to grab and run."

Faith looked at the others, they didn't like it either. "Look I know how you feel."

"Buffy was there for me, almost every time and when she wasn't there was always a damn god reason." Dawn said with a tone in her voice that sounded as if it was set in stone. "I owe her this."

Faith could see that arguing was useless. "Good luck."

Buffy wasn't sure how long she was out for, couldn't have been for very long. Tugging at her arms she found she was chained fast to some sort of pole. The chains felt weird and she risked opening her eyes.

Sunlight stabbed at her brain for a moment, but Buffy ignored it and looked down, the chains were glowing gold. "Magic?" the Slayer whispered to herself, which was a massive mistake.

"Ahh, awake." The big demon with horns said, grabbing her jaw in his massive hands. Jarring her head around it looked her dead in the face. The bruise on the side of her head flared and she winced. "Who are you?" it growled.

As much as she tried to brake free she couldn't move her head so much as an inch. If the demon wanted to it could crush her skull like a coke can. "Buffy, Vampire Slayer. You?" She managed to grind out between her clenched teeth.

It looked down it's nose at her. Like she was a bug it had scrapped off the back of it's hand and was trying to come up with a reason not to squash it. "I am Tretrax, General of the former Warlord's forces. Leader of the invasion of this world."

"I thought it was the guy in the trench coat." Buffy had seen some of the news and remembered the wacky demon that looked like he should have been in corny detective show.

"A'Zores! That arrogant excuse for a Converted!" He let her go, which was good. The way he was ranting he was going to smash something and Buffy didn't want it to be her. "This should be my world! Mine, but after that accused Ranger defeated me the Warlord insisted that Converted scum should take over." He reached out again. "I want the Green Ranger! Let the others squabble amongst themselves, I want her!"

Buffy looked to the demon's left, the other guy was staring there stretching his wings. "And what about captain shiny over there, what's he get out of this?"

The winged monkey laughed. "I have no interest in the pretender. I want the original Green Ranger. Their mentor, he and I have unfinished business."

Buffy tried to wince, but the death grip Tretrax had on her face made it impossible. This wasn't some ego trip, or greed. Both these guys were really ticked off with the Rangers. "What's this got to do with me?" she asked.

"The Green Ranger, where is she?"

"How the hell am I supposed to know?" Buffy asked.

It felt like Tretrax was going rip her head off. "You're lying to me. We saw you with her."

"What… Are you… talking about?" It was almost impossible to breath. This demon was almost at Glory's hell goddess level of strength. She'd need the troll hammer, or her Scythe, to take him on.

Both of which were locked safely away in the Council's headquarters in London. "You were with her. You know her." Tretrax growled, this close she could smell his rotten breath. "Where is she, how is she vulnerable?"

"I don't…" Buffy couldn't finish her sentence. The pain in the side of her head flared up again and she felt a numbness creeping up her arms. "Can't…"

Suddenly he let her go, there was a pop in her neck as stressed joints snapped back in place. Gasping for breath Buffy felt her head spinning. "It's no use," the gold monkey said. "She doesn't know anything. Rangers keep their identities secret, even from their closest family."

Again her head was yanked up, this time by her hair. Still gasping she saw his snarling blue face swim into focus. "The girl you were with this morning. Who is she?"

"Nothing… to do… with this." Buffy somehow managed to say.

And instantly regretted it. Tretrax grabbed another chunk of hair and wrenched her around, like some puppet torn between two strings. "She has everything to do with it!" He shouted in to her face.

The gold monkey didn't let go, but instead waved his other hand. It was like a fiery curtain was suddenly pulled to one side, a magical window opened between the Monkey and Demon. It was like a Tv clip show, showing the highlights from the Green Ranger.

The images were a lot clearer than Buffy had seen on TV. A green costume with a gold thing over her chest and a dagger in one hand. The window showed the Ranger fighting. Even with tears in her eyes Buffy could tell she was a good at it, if without formal training. She was fighting with an odd mix, some Karate, some Ninjutsu, even a little tie-chi thrown together. As if they knew some of each, but not enough.

Then the images changed, they suddenly showed Dawn fighting earlier. She was using the same mix of styles. Buffy wanted to screw her eyes shut, put her fingers in her ears and hum until it went away, but she couldn't. There was no way to with her hands chained to her sides and hair torn between two powerful fists.

Everyone fought differently, had their own style. If you knew what you were looking for you could see that and tell who someone was, even in disguise, from the way they moved. "Dawn?" Buffy whispered, despite herself.

"Dawn?" The Demon said incredulously. "A simpering name, pathetic." Letting go of her hair he stalked away muttering.

The images vanished as the gold monkey pulled Buffy's head back. "What is she? A Friend? A lover?" It demanded.

Buffy twisted her face around and glared. It hurt like hell but she wasn't going to back down. "If you touch her I'll kill you." She ground out from between her teeth.

He blinked, for the longest moment she thought he might just back down then he said. "A daughter then? No too young, but a sister. A kid sister! Of course!" He too let go and then it was all Buffy could do to keep her head level.

Her neck still hurt, the bruise on the side of her head was throbbing with every heartbeat and great clumps of her scalp screamed out in pain. Buffy was still chained to some sort of thick stone post and worst of all she'd just put Dawn in danger.

"A sister? What good is she then?" Tretrax asked. "She destroyed my sister and I still think that's the one good thing she's done for me!"

"These humans are not like either of us my friend." Gold-boy told him. "The Green Ranger will come for her. She will come for her sister and we will have her." He gestured out and for the first time Buffy looked beyond the two of them.

She was at the mouth to some sort of quarry. Some old mining equipment was still scattered around, rusting away and forgotten. Amongst it were whole armies of scabby demons, more of the ones that had attacked her and Dawn that morning. "While your solders keep the other Rangers busy we will kill this Dawn and draw out Tommy Oliver! Then I will be the one that finally kills him!"

They sounded like the usual bad guys, full of themselves and evil, but there was more. They were angry, seriously angry. Whatever Dawn and this Oliver guy had done to them had stung. What had Dawn been doing all these months? The Slayer instincts inside Buffy screamed at her to fight these things, to fight and destroy them. But experience, and the glowing chains, reminded her it would never work.

Buffy was still trying to think of a way out when another hand clamped over her mouth, this one from a new direction. Looking down she saw a white glove, the gauntlet was the same bright white, but a row of dark green spikes were detailed on it. Buffy instantly recognised who it was. Following the arm back she saw a green helmet poke out from over her shoulder.

Dawn put a finger to the lips detailed on her helmet and drew her knife. It was a cool looking thing; green, gold and black. The blade was solid if a little too fancy for some reason. Ramming it between the links in the chain Dawn broke them with a violent twist.

Buffy caught herself and looked back at the monsters, but Dawn shook her head and pointed back, away from the monsters. She was right, there were two of them and more than a hundred demons. Not including the two big bad's. Then one of the demons looked up and pointed.

It shouted gibberish, but it didn't matter, it had seen them and now so had the others. The gold monkey spun around and Dawn leapt into action, literally. Roundhouse kicking the monster's sword out for the way she jumped with one leg and kicked off it's massive chest. Flying back towards her Dawn tackled Buffy into a cave mouth.

"So you came alone!" Tretrax shouted, "Silly girl You're out numbered and don't stand a chance and you still came for her."

Dawn flipped to her feet, Buffy a heartbeat behind. He was right, and now they were trapped. Dawn didn't seem to care, just bringing the knife to her lips.

Out of nowhere a triumphant blast from some sort of trumpet cried out. It was so loud Buffy had to clamp her hands over her ears. Tretrax and his friend stumbled backwards. Dawn moved her fingers on the knife and the notes changed. It was a flute, that was the point of all the detail.

Buffy didn't know when her little sister learnt how to play one but she was making a good job of it. The tune Dawn played began to to get louder and louder, the whole cave echoing with it. Dust and pebbles fell down all around them. With a sickening feeling Buffy looked up and saw what was happening.

Grabbing Dawn's elbow she pulled her sister away and the roof caved in. Leaving them in the darkness.

End Chapter Two
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