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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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Family Part II, Chapter One

Family Part II
Chapter One

Cassie could feel her costume healing her from the blow she'd received, but that didn't help with her confusion. There was something very strange going on with the two demons they were fighting. One moment they were invincible, the next they could be hurt. "Do you have any idea what is going on?" She asked Sari.

"Not sure." The Yellow Ranger said. "I didn't follow any of that." Neither of them advanced, letting Faith and Connor deal with the oddly mismatched pair of demons. Not knowing what was up with them when they obviously did meant that if they tried anything they'd just be getting in the way.

Shortly after blasting the pair of demons with her Power Cannon the Black Ranger charged them, giving Cassie and Sari the chance to back off and recover. The Red Ranger backed her up, but neither had much luck until Connor had shouted for them to strike together. After that one of the demons backed off, letting the other fight both Rangers at once. No matter what they did to him the leading demon just shrugged it off and kept coming.

Then they switched, the leading demon backing off and the other leaping forward. Cassie didn't think twice, drawing her Blade Blaster she flipped it into blaster mode and began firing. She was hoping to keep that one off balance and if this invincibility was a timed thing or one was causing it for the other it might help

Instead her blue laser beams bounced off. The demon looked at her and flicked his wrist. Between them a portal, more like a rip in the fabric of the universe, tore open. Boiling out of it, like ants from a disturbed hill demon warriors charged.

Sari twirled her Daggers in her hands, dropping them into a reverse grip. "Nice move."

"Better than doing nothing." Cassie shrugged. Dropping to one knee she opened up with the blaster again, picking the mass off one at a time. It slowed them down but wasn't going to stop what was coming. She needed a better way.

Faith was the one with a Cannon, not her. If Dawn was around she could use her Flute, or maybe just an energy orb to blast whole chunks of them away. Cassie didn't have either of those things. The horde was getting closer and the blue Ranger only had one option.

Last time she had tried to use her powers like this it had drained her, almost killed her. She couldn't afford that again, Faith and Connor needed her and so did Dawn. Cassie knew she needed energy and that she couldn't pull it from within, so she reached out.

Somewhere far above she felt it. Energy, power. More than enough. As she continued to pick off the closest demons Cassie reached out and flexed her mind.

Buffy poked her head around the corner and leaned back. "There must be a hundred of them." She said urgently. "There's no way we can take them all on!"

Dawn shook her head slowly. "I don't know, me and the others have done it before."

"Take on hundreds of those guys? Dawnie, you don't fight those sort of numbers, you run." Buffy said desperately trying to talk some sense into her costume wearing sister. "You've got a flute and I've got nothing, What are you going to do? Play music at them."

"It's a Magic Flute." Dawn said between clenched teeth.

Buffy rolled her eyes, "Oh great the others get swords axes and staffs, you get a magic flute, sorry but you do know you got yipped. Whats it do, other than bring caves down around our ears?"

"Summons a giant robotic dragon for one." Dawn said smugly. Buffy had forgotten all about the giant fighting robots.

For the first time Buffy tried to think of Dawn as the Green Ranger. Not her klutzy kleptomaniac sister, but a superhero with a giant robot at her beck and call. The Slayer shivered, she had to do something about that and soon.

"Won't do us much good at the moment though, as soon as I call him they'll know we're here and it will take too long for him to get here."

"What about beaming us out?"

Dawn shook her head. "Same problem, we need to get out of this mine. By the time Alpha located you got a lock…"

"I get it." Buffy interrupted

"… you'd be dead."

Buffy gave her sister a sharp look. "I'll be dead, what about you?"

"Body armour." Dawn shrugged, "I told you I could handle it."

Buffy laughed bitterly, "Too bad I don't have a gold chest plate too."

Dawn's helmet turned sharply. "Ohh, that might work. Good idea."

"What might work?" Buffy asked, but Dawn suddenly had hold of her wrist.

"Trust me, and take my shield." Dawn said firmly putting Buffy's hand on the centre of the gold armour. For a heartbeat nothing happened then the hairs on the back of Buffy's hand stood on end. It was sort of like an electric shock, but instead of stinging it just made the Slayer jump. The outline of the armour glowed green and then the whole thing faded, even though Buffy could still feel it beneath her hand. It was warm and hard in a way real gold wasn't.

The glowing outline flared before flowing like water down and over Buffy's hand. In a heartbeat it was all around her, the outlying tracing itself over Buffy's chest. with another flash the whole Shield snapped into place. Dawn let go and Buffy pulled back, feeling light headed for a moment. It was like she was holding the Slayer Scythe, flexing her fingers Buffy felt a strength she hadn't all day. The bruise on her head healed and all the scrapes she'd gotten stumbling around in the dark vanished. 'Whoa.' was all she could say.

This was what Dawn meant, wearing this thing made her think she could take on three hundred demons. "What about you?" She asked.

"I've got my Flute." Dawn juggled her weapon like she was trying to decide the best way to use it. "Besides my costume protects me too."

Buffy had a hard time believing that, but she had other things on her mind. "Why don't you give me the Flute thing too. That way I can take on…"

"Urm no." Dawn interrupted. "First of all I need it and second I still remember your clarinet practice."

Buffy blushed. "It wasn't that bad."

The Slayer could feel the look Dawn was giving her. "I wasn't even three and you traumatised me for life. We never saw the cat again." Dawn was right, Buffy and musical instruments were a big no no.

"So what am I supposed to fight with?" Buffy asked pointedly.

Dawn tilted her helmet and Buffy got the feeling she was grinning. "I'm sure you can pick something up."

Faith blocked the sword swing with the flat of her Axe against her back. It was a good thing she braced herself because it almost threw her off her feet. Connor used the gap to kick the sword from the demon's hand. Letting Faith bring the Axe around like a baseball bat swinging for home run.

He might not feel it hurting him, but with all her enhanced strength behind it her strike was going to get noticed.

As it was the demon was too fast, she didn't know it had even seen her, but it ducked just in time. Thrown off balance by the fact she didn't hit anything Faith had to stumble just to keep standing. Almost absently the demon back handed her and turned it's attention to Connor. Faith's stumble quickly became a full fall. Landing on her side the Black Ranger rolled and jumped back to her feet in one move. Faith looked over at the other demon, it stood there watching, completely unconcerned that it was two against one. Faith muttered a curse under her breath, this was impossible.

They weren't fighting a pair, or even a tag team, but one Demon split into two. The same mind, same everything just two different bodies. How were you supposed to fight something like that. Even worse, it could only be damaged if you hit both halves at the same time and the same place. It was next to impossible, especially when he knew what you were doing.

A rumble of thunder distracted her, that was just what they needed. A rainstorm. She looked up and saw a quiet, empty sky. Then off to one side dark clouds seemed to boil into existence. "What the hell?" Faith gasped. It was like someone had summoned their own storm cloud. Like in cartoons when Daffy Duck was in a bad mood this private patch of darkness was above Cassie.

The Blue and Yellow Rangers were dealing with the demon's support, a horde of the usual mindless demon warriors. They weren't good for much but there was that many of them it kept the two of them too busy to help. Dropping her Blaster Cassie stood up and clenched her fists. A bolt of lightning as think as a tree trunk danced down, splitting into a forest of bright blue white forks before hitting them. Each branch burnt straight through whatever it hit. Leaving steaming puddles of familiar goo.

The lightning blasted straight through the demons and struck the portal. For a moment raw electricity danced across the rip in the world, two forces battling each other, then cancelling each other out. The portal collapsed with a crack of thunder, leaving one or two lost arcs dancing between dust.

The Blue Ranger's light show was enough of a distraction that Connor could brake free. Both he and Faith dashed to the other Rangers, regrouping although still facing the demon split in two. "What was that?" Faith asked as soon as she was close enough. The way she'd summoned the storm reminded her of the fake watcher Miss Post and that glove she'd came looking for.

Cassie trembled for a moment before Sari caught her. "I wondered what would happen if I channeled energy other than my own, guess I know."

"Just don't do it again, not with out warning us." Connor said, "Damn near gave me a heart attack."

Faith smirked at him, "Aww poor boy."

"It is as A'Zores said." The right most of the demon of two halves said. "You are worthy foes!" The left one finished.

"So you are working for that bastard." Connor spat. "He'll stab you in the back the first chance he gets."

The demon drew himself up at that. "I don't work for anyone!" Both of him said at the same time. "When I defeat the four of you." "I win the contest." "The title will be mine."

"Title, what is this? A prizefight?" Cassie asked, standing up straighter.

"Indeed." "Whoever defeats the Rangers becomes the new Warlord." He announced. Faith winced this was several miles of bad news, it meant this guy was right at the top of the list and had a good reason to want them all dead. Hell, there might as well be a bounty on their collective heads.

"So what's with the invincibility thing." Sari asked.

"He's one demon, spit in two." Faith explained quickly. "We have to hit both halves together or nothing happens."

"Really?" Sari asked, striking her glowing Daggers against each other. "Then why don't we hit them all together."

Connor spun on the Yellow Ranger. "Great idea, Rangers lets bring them together!"

Pulling out the Power Bow Faith agreed. "Power Crossbow!" She called out, bringing the two weapons together and tossing it into the air above her.

Cassie split her weapon and shouted; "Power Lance!" She threw the two halves at Faith's combined weapons and they connected under the arms of the bow.

"Power Daggers!" Sari added, her weapons appearing next to the Lance.

Connor leapt up and caught the still falling weapon. "Power Sword!" He dropped his own Power Weapon into place on top. The others, including Faith caught the combination and looked at the strange demon.

Together they shouted. "Power Blaster, Fire!" and a rainbow of energy blasted from the gun. Hitting the two demons and blasting them apart.

After firing each Ranger pulled their own weapon from the whole. "Well that wasn't so hard, was it?" Connor asked

"You did not just say that." Cassie hissed, but it was too late.

From off to one side came a slow clap. The four Rangers spun to see A'Zores step out of the shadows of a nearby building. On one side was a dark skinned woman that almost looked human, but Faith could tell it was only skin deep. She wore a tight, dark brown shirt and tan pants that were scuffed, and thread bare in places.

On the other was a demon that looked like it had come runner up in a Blackbeard look alike contest. The tunic and coat were about three sizes too small and held on by six different belts criss crossing each other all over it's fat gut. Tucked in at odd points where the belts crossed were short swords and flint lock pistols of all sorts. The hat was on at an angle and had a single horn ripping through the top on the right, the other one was either hidden somehow or missing.

"You had to say it didn't you." Faith snapped at Connor, bringing her Axe up.

"We're not here to fight." A'Zores said pulling that damn sheathed sword of his from under his arm and resting on it.

"Oh really?" Cassie said "And if you were?"

"Really." A'Zores assured them. "One of the rules of our little game. We can't."

"Since when did you care about rules?" Connor growled

A'Zores shrugged. "I don't, but they make the game more interesting. Sort of like this." He waved his metal gloved hand at where the other one had been blasted. "Powers of Darkness, make him grow!"

For a moment nothing happened and Faith found herself hoping it hadn't worked. Then tendrils of black on black smoke rose. Weaving together they became thicker and stronger, beaming two distinct columns until with a snap both halves of the demon was back, only this time a pair of giants towering over them.

"Awe crap." Faith hissed

Dawn exploded out of the cave, or mine whatever it was and didn't stop moving. Buffy was right behind her and for the first time got to see what a Ranger was capable of, first hand.

Her first strike was a flying kick to a demon's head, killing it instantly. As she came down her flute caught another, leaving a green blur behind it and her. Wherever the flute hit there was an explosion, splattering the demon into a streak of foul smelling black green goo.

One of them saw Buffy, welding a sort metal rod that looked more like a piece of railing than a real sword it came for her. Ducking under its swing Buffy delivered an uppercut. The blow, with her Slayer strength behind it, caught it in the gut. The demon doubled up and was lifted into the air a couple of inches. Catching the rod as it fell with her other hand Buffy let it go and brought the edge down on the back of it's head, covering her dusty boots with goo.

"Gross." The Slayer muttered, before turning on the next demon. It had a better weapon, a flat lump of blackened metal on the end of a short stick. Parrying the first blow sent shocks all the way to her arms where the Shield stopped it. Last time she'd done something like that it had rattled her teeth. Now though whatever healing power the Shield had was working almost before she'd been injured.

Sweeping her attackers legs together Buffy danced back from a wild swing that came from one side. As well as the healing she was moving a lot faster that before, Buffy wondered just what it would have been like slaying around Sunnydale with this thing on. It might not be fashionable but it sure was useful.

Hitting her latest attacker with a snap kick Buffy felt her arms grabbed by demons. For everyone she knocked down four more took it's place. Head butting one to free her arm Buffy struck out with the heel of her hand, mashing the others nose into it's face.

Buffy took a second to look for her sister, hoping she was doing better. Dawn had carved a trail into the middle of the army, streaks and puddles left behind her. Buffy had taken out vampires in quick succession before but was almost scary. Over in the middle, between the horde of demons Buffy could make the Green Ranger out. She was waving her flute above her head in tight circles. Every loop Dawn made was traced by the blade, making a glowing green halo that slipped down over her shoulders and stopped there. "Buffy!" Dawn shouted, "Get down!" She dropped her arms inside the circle surrounding her and pushed out.

The Slayer didn't need to be told twice and ducked down. A wave of green energy swept over her head, exploding every demon it touched before hitting the walls of the crater, mine entrance, they were in.

Standing back up Buffy kept herself from gagging and pulled a handful of goo from her bangs. Throwing it down with a wet and sticky splat she looked around. The magic whatever Dawn had pulled off got all of them.

Brushing some of the slime from the Shield Buffy instantly regretted it, as the stuff covered her hand. "There is one good thing about this." Buffy joked looking up, "Your dry cleaning bill is going to be worse than mine."

It had to be, Buffy didn't know what her costume was made of but it was just as covered as she was with gunk. Dawn titled her helmet and touched her belt. "Power down." In a flash the costume, and the shield over Buffy, was gone.

The Slayer's jaw dropped, "No way is that fair!" She exploded after a second. Dawn wasn't just clean, she looked like she had just stepped out of a fashion catalogue. Even her hair was right. "You're telling me you just wave that thing again and you're clean."

Dawn beamed the most put on, fake innocent, grin possible. "Come on, let's get you out of here." She said after a moment.

"Preferably somewhere with a shower." Buffy suggested.

Dawn laughed as she looked her up and down. "I think that's a good idea. You stink."

There was a roar from the cave and Buffy turned. It was the two big demons, they'd followed them out and were on their way. "Oh crap." Dawn swore. "We need to go, now!"

Buffy picked up one of the dropped demon weapons. "I'm not running." She disagreed. She'd ran away all day, now that she was on her feet and clear headed she wasn't going to run anymore. "You take whatever his name is I'll go after gold boy."

Dawn stopped her. "You're no match for them, and I can't protect you!"

"Just give me that Shield thing." Buffy ordered, but Dawn wasn't listening. She stepped forward and crouched down, there was a flash of green light and Dawn straightened. In her hand there was a ball of dark green energy. "What the…" Dawn let go and the ball took off, out of her hand, with a mind of it's own.

Almost lazily it flew, a long curve that ended in the cave where it exploded. Burring them for a little while. Dawn brushed her hands and smirked, "A little bonus for being the Green Ranger." She explained. "Now lets go."

"No!" Buffy shook her head. "Get back into costume and give me that shield. We can do this. Come on you've wanted this for years, you and me fighting side by side."

Dawn shook her head and began to take off her watch. "Okay, we'll do it you're way, but with help." She handed Buffy the watch. It was the first time she'd gotten a look at it The wrist strap was green, with silver bands running down it. The watch itself was weird, there was no face. Just a raised disk and a few bars across.

"What's this?"

"My communicator." Dawn said pulling out her belt buckle. "Press the left button and call the command centre. Tell Doctor Oliver we need the Power of the White Ranger do fight these guys."

"The white ranger?" Buffy repeated as a sword smashed out from the rock wall.

"You heard me." Dawn snapped. "If we're going to fight these guys we need all the firepower we can get."

Buffy was surprised Dawn had agreed that quickly, but wasn't going to argue. Not when she was winning. She pressed the left button and everything went bright.

End Chapter One

Authors note
Whatever you think is about to happen believe me you cannot be ready for what is coming... have no expectations, this is where things get big.
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