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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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Family Part II, Chapter Two

Family Part II
Chapter Two

Tretrax smashed his way through the lose rock, shattering a rock to one side with a single blow of his sword. Goldar, the so called expert on the Rangers, was snarling.

"She has the full powers of the Green Ranger. How is this possible?"

"Wouldn't you like to know!" The girl, Dawn, shouted up to them. "You get this one chance, surrender and survive. Flee and never come back to this world again."

Tretrax shattered another rock. "Never! I'll kill you!"

"You're no match for both of us." Goldar announced. "You're the one that should surrender, Dawn! Kneel to us and accept your fate!"

"I think this is what's called an impasse." She smirked. "You know I can take you attacking town, causing mayhem, even kidnapping my sister, but right now the two of you losers are between me and a lunch date with my boyfriend." She stepped forward and pulled out her morphing device. "So, it's Morphing Time.


In a flash of green the human was once again in her suit. The gold shield over her chest and powerful dagger in hand. Tretrax, not giving her time to make the first move, threw a fireball at her. Irritatingly she played the flute part of her dagger.

He thought he was ready for everything, but not her shield reflecting his fireball back at him. Tretrax dove as Goldar leapt up. Pointing his sword the flying monkey glided down, firing energy bolts all the way.

He wasn't aiming for the Ranger, if he was Tretrax's ally was possibly the worst shot ever. Still the explosions all around her kept the Ranger pinned. Swinging his sword Tretrax charged.

She did the only thing she could. Jumping into the hair herself Dawn headed for Goldar. Kicking his sword out of the way in mid air she tried to tackle him. Goldar though was more used to flying than she was and had wings to keep him stable. Back handing her.

She landed with an audible grunt not too far from Tretrax. Bringing his sword down the Ranger rolled to one side and between his legs. A hasty kick forced her further back. Using her acrobatic skills she was on her feet just as he turned around. Goldar landed on the far side of her.

"Oh-kay. who's first?" She asked. Goldar swung quickly from behind and Tretrax came from the other side. The Ranger tucked her arms in and rolled through the air, dodging both heavy swords by a hair's breath. She didn't even try to regain her balance and threw herself at him, dagger flashing between them.

Tretrax got his sword in the way, bouncing her weapon off harmlessly. Goldar used the moment to blast her in the side with an energy blast. The girl folded up as she was picked off her feet and sent tumbling. She carried on the roll for longer than it should have been and tried to get to her feet. Tretrax didn't give her that chance, he didn't have time to get close, instead he through his sword like a javelin.

He was rewarded by an explosion and a shower of sparks as it hit. The Ranger was thrown to the ground again. Breathlessly she rose yet again. "Is that… Is that all you've got?"

Goldar laughed. "You've got attitude, and power. Perhaps you are worthy to be a Ranger." Casually he bent down and picked up a stone the size of his fist. "And no, this isn't all we've got." Throwing the stone into the air he batted it at her with the flat of his blade.

The stone hit like a cannon ball, knocking he back a few steps. Laughing Tretrax picked up his own sword and another stone.

To Buffy transporting was kinda like flying, only her usual experience with flying had a plane involved. The flight only lasted a handful of seconds, but she was moving so fast Buffy knew she could be on the other side of the planet for all she knew.

Ahead she caught a glimpse of a strange building. It was a light, tan, brown in colour. The walls were smooth and circular. There was a hollow tower to one side of a central building and a sort of wall around most of the outside. All to soon she was flying through the open tower and inside a darkened room.

Landing was almost a weird as flying. She wasn't dizzy or anything, but her legs still almost gave out by the suddenness of it all. Stumbling forward a few steps Buffy looked around. Wherever she was was sounded by a curtain of darkness, but around her were all sorts of computer equipment. It looked like someone had raided what Star Trek had thrown out.

There were two other people in the room with Buffy, both spun to face her as she landed. One was a sort of cute guy that looked sort of like a nerd, if it wasn't for the evil looking beard thing under his bottom lip. The speed of his whip around and the way he was on-guard also told her he knew how to handle himself. The other was a short saucer headed thing that looked like a robot. An honest to god robot with a row of lights on the front of it's head.

After a heartbeat every alarm possible seemed to go off. "What have you done?" The man asked, horrified.

"Ay ay ay!" the robot waved it's arms in the air. "Intruder alarm, the Command Centre's on full lockdown."

"What?" Buffy asked. "What is going on?"

The man pushed past her and started with some of the buttons, the robot answered. "When you beamed into the Command Centre the security program didn't recognise you. We're shut out of main controls, the whole Command Centre is shut down.

"It's no use." The man said hitting the controls. "Completely useless. How did you get here?"

Buffy waved the watch Dawn had given her. "She told me to press the left button. I pressed the left button."

"That was the teleport control." The man said, looking stunned. "Dawn wanted you to beam here."

The Robot shook it's head. "No, she knows about the security program. She wouldn't do that."

"Not unless she meant for this to happen, she wanted Buffy here and us trapped. Did she say anything else?"


"Dawn, did she say anything?"

Buffy was shocked Dawn had meant to do this. "White Ranger. She said something about the power of the White Ranger needed."

The man, who Buffy was almost certain was her sister's tutor and the one to get her involved in all this, stopped dead still. "White Ranger, but those powers were destroyed, when Connor tried to use them they almost killed him."

"But if she still has the Coin…" The robot said.

"…She's just crazy enough to use it."

Faith looked to the others as the three demons stepped back into the deep shadows. "This is bad." she said.

"You deal with that, I'll follow them." Connor started towards A'Zores, but Cassie stopped him.

"If we're going to stand any chance we need the Megazord. That means you."


"Blue's right." Sari said. "We go against them without you we're all dead."

"So put your damn vengeance gig up your ass and help us summon the Zords." Faith finished. She got that he wanted to get even with the guy that warped him into a murdering monster. Sometimes she wanted to get even with Willkins, even though he was long, long dead, but she never lost track of what was important.

Right now taking out the pair of giants was more important and she needed him to see that. After a second he pulled back and nodded. "We need Dinozord power, now!"

The five Zords came charging over the hill. Gathering herself Faith leapt as high and as she could. Landing in the cockpit of her Mastodon Faith pulled the Pink Power Coin out from behind her Morpher and rolled it over the back of her knuckles. In the distance she heard the cry of the Pterodactyl Zord ready to go. "Let's bring the Megazord together. Tank Mode."

"You got it!" Cassie called out and the five Zords came together. Faith felt her chair pull back as the back of the cockpit opened. She flew up the inside of the combined Zords and into the Head of the T-Rex. Sitting besides Connor. The controls in front of her, identical to the ones she had just left, lit up as she pulled out her Black Power Crystal and slotted it into the controls. Just behind her the controls for the Pink Ranger lit up too.

Cassie and Sari were on the other side, their crystals in place too. Nodding Faith saw Connor sit back. "Fire."

Faith was on weapons control, that meant it was up to her. Taking the crystal like a control stick she pushed it forward. The two massive cannons fired at her command, each barrel hitting the demon, but only staggering him.

"Again." Connor barked but it wasn't enough to do serious damage. The pair looked at each other and laughed.

"It's no good." Cassie shook her head, "It's too powerful, we need the UltraZord."

"We can't form that without Dawn and her Dragon!" Sari reminded them needlessly.

"Then we hold this guy off as long as we can, and hope she gets here soon."

"You're right Faith," Connor agreed. "And the best way to do that is Megazord in battle mode!"

Dawn swore as another stone pounded into her. The two of them, batting the rocks at her like schoolyard bullies, had driven her to the side of the pit. She could catch one with her Flute but she wasn't fast enough to deal with two at once.

She didn't know if it was luck or just instinct, but somehow Dawn ducked just in time and one missed. It was just the break she needed, diving to one side she escaped the next two as Tretrax and Goldar struggled to keep up.

"That's it, run little Ranger. Hide as best as you can!" Goldar laughed. "Accept it, you've lost!"

Dawn pulled the Coin she had stashed behind her gauntlet. When she'd picked it up she had meant to give it back to Dr Oliver, but it kept slipping her mind. Now she was more than glad she still had it. getting to her feet Dawn held the Coin up to them. "Recognise this?"

Goldar did, taking a couple of steps back his top lip lifted. "That's worthless! Even if you could use it you already have the full Green Ranger powers."

"Then I guess I have nothing to lose." Dawn punched the air with the Coin tight in her hand. "I call on the Power of Thunder!" It felt like she was in the middle of a thunder clap. The sound was deafening and should have driven her to her knees, but something kept her upright.

When Connor had tried to use the Coin he said the blast had knocked him cold. The fact she was still standing was a plus, but she didn't know how long it would last. The Coin was suddenly scorching hot, even through her glove but Dawn couldn't let go. In a flash the Coin was gone, replaced with a short white scimitar.

It was perfectly balanced, the pommel a beautiful tiger's head. Spinning the sword in a quick loop she brought it down. The mystical sword's name suddenly in her head. Saba. At the same time she knew what to do. "White Tiger Ranger Power, hi-yah!"

It was like someone had super-charged her powers, even more than that. She had all the strength she needed to take on whatever was thrown her way. Dawn's Dragon-shield quickly grew, dropping to cover her whole torso with black body armour. The gold outlining it and the centre plate twisting into a golden disk with her Dragon Coin detail on the inside. The lips on her helmet vanished, replaced with a pair of flat plates and the three ridges on her helmet became gold.

"Round two!" She laughed.

Tretrax obviously remembered the last time she'd said that and backed off. Goldar though was stunned. "No mortal can take that much power! she should explode!"

"Oh Goldie, you don't know the half of it." Dawn smirked. The monks had made her to be a vessel for the Key, if she could hold one of the four tools that forged the universe she could certainly hold the the White Tiger power. "Saba, you ready?"

"I've been ready for years, Green Ranger!" Dawn charged.

"Come on Alpha, hurry up." Tommy ordered, he didn't like that tone in his voice but this was Dawn. She and insane, risky, ideas were pretty much synonyms.

The robot was up to his elbow joints in the Viewing Globe. With a little luck and a lot of skill he thought it might be possible to isolate the Globe and get it working again. 'What is happening?' Buffy asked again, 'And don't ignore me this time!'

Calming himself Tommy looked to her. It wasn't her fault after all. 'The only way to unlock the Command Centre is with a Power Coin, we don't have one here. Alpha and I are exemptions but when you beamed in without one the security system registered a breach.'

'And you think Dawnie wanted this to happen?'

'It's just like her, keeping you safe and us from interfering.' Tommy had to admire her for that, even if it was infuriating. 'If she has the White Power Coin and tries to use it it could overload. When Connor tried it almost killed him.'

'So she's going to use it, even knowing that. That's crazy!'

'Have you met Dawn?'

The woman leapt forward and grabbed him, she was so like Faith it was funny. 'She's my sister, she's not crazy.' she said between clenched teeth.

Tommy looked her in the eye, 'You're right, she's not. Dawn is a stubborn, determined and driven young lady. She cares about her friends and anyone else. She's a Ranger and I trust she knows what she's doing. Even if it's incredibly dangerous, whatever reasons she has to risk her life I have to believe it is for the greater good.'

Buffy Summers shook him. 'Risk her life, this is your fault and you're saying its her choice. Dawn is a normal teenage girl, she's not even a Slayer and you have her fighting for her life. Whatever you've done to her, take it away, stop it, I don't care what it takes...'

'Her death.' Tommy interrupted. 'We both know Dawn's not a normal girl. She's the Key, Used in the forging of the universe. The Power Coin has bonded with her completely.'

'Undo it! Whatever this Coin is doing to her I want it stopped now.'

Tommy suddenly felt very sorry for the woman. 'It's not the Coin. It was you, You're a Slayer. How many times have you saved the world?'

Buffy let him down, 'She… She wouldn't. She knows what it's cost me.'

'Yes she knows the price and she knows it's worth it.' Reaching out he put a hand on her shoulder. 'Miss Summers, Buffy, Dawn is a fantastic Ranger and I'm honoured to know her. You should be proud."

"I've got it!' Alpha shouted and the Viewing Globe spluttered back into life, showing the battle.

Tretrax watched the Green Ranger charge, in one hand that blasted dagger of her's, in the other her new sword. They still had the advantage of numbers, but when the self proclaimed expert couldn't believe what was happening something was very wrong.

The girl with a pathetic name charged at them, fearlessly. Both he and Goldar raised their swords, ready to either deflect or attack depending on which one she attacked. That was their advantage, she could only fight them one at a time. Unless the others turned up victory was still assured.

At the last moment, mid stride, she lent back. Instead of skidding to a stop she kept moving. One leg ahead, the other bent beneath, she left a single trail of dust. Tretrax paused, only for a fraction of a second, but it was enough. Dawn widened her arms and caught both of them in the stomach as she swung back up.

The explosion spun Tretrax as he felt the dagger cut into him. He'd felt it, and it's explosion, before but this was stronger. Falling to his knees Tretrax whipped his head around and watched her continue on. Running away from them both.

"What is she doing?" he asked his ally.

"I don't, I don't know." He admitted. "Rangers don't flee, not if they have a choice." Picking themselves up the two, cautiously moved closer together. If she was coming around to try it again they weren't going to leave a gap. Still she kept running, even when she came to the edge of the pit.

The Green Ranger ran up the side of the pit. Little tufts of dirt exploding with each footstep. Goldar pointed his sword and sent a few energy bursts at her, but it was no use. As she reached the top Dawn kicked off soaring through the air. Pulling off a tight flip she flew over their heads.

"Move!" Goldar warned but he was too late. The Ranger had her sword in a reverse grip, the tiger's head facing them. The twin jewels that were it's eyes flashed and a laser beam sliced out. Hitting not an inch from his feet. The explosion threw him head over heels, separating Tretrax from Goldar.

The gold monkey was first to recover, charging at her with his sword high and a low roar. Tretrax ran after him, cursing the powerful woman and his ally's impatience. The Green Ranger, having easily landed back where she had started was just waiting. As Goldar got closer he swung for her head.

Deflecting his sword up and over with her dagger Dawn went under Goldar's reach and his left wing. Slicing with her scimitar in one smooth move and cutting the wing clean off at the joint.

Goldar gave a howl of agony as she jump kicked him in the back, pushing him away. Tretrax knew she was fast enough to stop him and tried to get out of the way at the last minute when he should have tried to block.

Another jump snap kick caught him on the jaw and he blacked out. The jolt of landing knocked the former general awake. Again the Ranger was waiting. "She's too powerful!" Goldar growled as tretrax shook the stars from his vision.

"I don't care, I'm going to crush her!" Tretrax shouted, clawing himself back up. "Powers of Darkness, make us grow!" He felt the dark magic infuse him and he focused on the familiar spell. forcing it to encompass both of them. Together the pair of them grew to giant size, towering over her. "She might still have her titan…" he said

"But even the DragonZord can't fight both of us at once." Goldar gloated, he was right. They had turned the tables back to their favour.

End Chapter Two
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