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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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Family Part III, Chapter One

Family Part III
Chapter One

"I can handle myself." Dawn told her sister for the thousandth time. She was in a foul mood and Buffy's pigheadedness wasn't helping. It was thanks to this endless argument that she'd already missed lunch. She didn't really need the food, but she'd had a date planned with Marcus that afternoon that she'd had to write off. He'd understand, but it annoyed that he'd have to. As soon as Buffy had told them of her wonderful idea of just taking the Power Coins the two of them had been arguing like crazy.

Buffy shook her head, "You're not listening Dawnie. I know you can, but why should you? Just think what I can do with those powers…"

"Nothing, natta, zip." Dawn waved her hands in the air. "You couldn't do anything with them because they're not some surprise you find at the bottom of a crackerjack box."

"Dawn just hear me out…" Buffy said in that infuriating voice that she used when trying reason to explain just why she was right.

"No, look I don't have to hear you out, you know why? Because there isn't a single argument you can make. It. Isn't. Happening."

"You don't know that, if we call Willow she might have a few ideas…"

Dawn resisted the urge to hit something and shot her fellow Rangers an imploring look. The others looked just as tired with the argument as she was. "Bee, think for a minute. Red's good with the witch mojo sure, but this stuff is tech. Old tech, from before humanity old. She won't know where to start."

"Shut up Faith." Buffy spun. "I've not even started on you yet. Why the hell didn't you stop any of this."

"Because it wasn't her call, it's not your's either." Dawn put a hand on her sister's shoulder only to have it brushed off.

"Dawnie, I get it. I really do, but can't you see how dangerous this is?" The Slayer pleaded. "You want to be able to fight and you can help, but not like this."

"Buffy, I'm saving the world!"

"Exactly! Exactly!" Buffy crowed as if she had just made her point. "The world, the whole world is at stake. This is bigger that you or me, just think what I and a few Slayers could do with these powers."

"Just look at what we're doing with them. Sari's a technopath, she can control any computer she wants with her mind and thats just for starters. Cassie has powers Willow can't even begin to tap into, Faith is ten times as strong as any Slayer and as for me… you don't even want to guess what I can do now."

"You can throw balls of green energy, I know. Thats another reason, remember what happened to Will. She wasn't ready for that sort of power, are you?"

"A lot more ready than she was, or you are." Dawn almost shouted. "Don't you get it? This wasn't something we chose, it was something that chose us. Each of us had that potential to begin with, the Coins just unleashed it."

"And think what it could realise in me."

"You're already a Slayer!"

"So is Faith." Buffy pointed out triumphantly.

"Hey." Faith shouted "Leave me out of this!" But Dawn ignored her on that.

"Yes she is, the Black Ranger. Her animal is the Mastodon. You know what that is, a massive wooly mammoth.
Strength, power and a thick hide, now thats Faith in a nutshell."

"Hey." Faith protested again, even though some of the others were openly smiling.

"Cassie's Triceratops, wise and peaceful normally, but dangerous when cornered." Dawn pressed on. "You get it yet, each of us are chosen, chosen because we're the best suited to the Coins."

"So you're really a dragon?" Buffy scoffed

"A creature of magic, duh." Dawn rolled her eyes.

"So am I, I'm the Slayer…"

"You're a Slayer," Dawn pointed out. "When the Master drowned you Kendra was the Slayer, she died and then it was Faith's turn. Why do you think another wasn't called when you died a second time. You're got going to get anywhere that way." She could see Buffy was preparing another argument, one that would work just as well. Dawn had enough. "Look we both know why you're really doing this, you don't think I can handle myself in a fight, right."

"Dawn I know you think you can…"

The Green Ranger held up a hand. "Ah, no. We finally agree on something. You don't think I can do it. I'm going to prove that I can."

"How?" Buffy asked folding her arms.

"She's right." Cassie jumped in. "I mean if saving her from Tretrax and Goldar single handed, kicking their butts and then saving ours in one morning isn't enough what's going to be?"

Dawn grinned. "Thanks Cass, but I was thinking of beating Buffy in a fair fight."

"What?" he sister shouted.

"Dee, I get where you're coming from, but this is a bad idea." Faith spoke up.

"I'm not going to fight you." Buffy shook her head.

Dawn pointed at her sister. "Then I win and you don't get to argue this. Look I'll even make this easy, no costume, no weapons and no throwing energy orbs. Just as I am right now. First person to cry uncle loses."

"This is crazy."

"So's arguing about something that is impossible for hours, where have you been all this time? Gah!" Dawn threw her hands in the air in frustration.

Buffy stood up straight. "I'm not the one arguing."

"No you're the one asking the impossible for no reason other than you can't see what's going on two inches past your own nose! I'll be outside, if I can't talk sense into you're thick head I'll beat it in." With that Dawn stormed past her sister and out of the Command Centre.

Buffy followed he sister out of the building, this wasn't what she wanted. It was as if the months away had just made Dawn all the more bratty. Couldn't she see this was for her benefit as much as anyone else's. The whole world was in danger and she was behaving like a spoilt kid after the threat of having their favourite toy taken away.

This whole fight idea proved it. What was it going to prove, nothing. They both knew that without a costume Dawn wasn't going to win a fight against her. She probably expected Buffy to go easy on her, well she was. Not too much though, not enough to lose.

"Be careful Bee." Faith said under her breath as she came close. "You're little sis's been practicing."

"What?" Buffy asked, still more than a little ticked adjust how spectacularly her fellow Slayer had failed at the whole Keep Dawn Safe thing.

"Me and Dee's been training, that's on top of the whole Ranger deal. She's got tricks you don't know."

"I've got tricks too. Besides you heard her, no costumes."

Faith's grin became predatory, "That's what I mean." Before Buffy could question her Faith strode on past.

Outside the strange building, that had massive armoured doors and looked more like a bunker more than anything else, was a desert with large jutting brown rocks and soft white sand. There was something almost familiar about the place, as if it was from a dream. Buffy looked around for a moment and eventually saw Dawn, leaning against a rock.

"You sure you want this?" She asked, giving her little sister a chance to back down.

Dawn rolled her eyes, if she kept doing that they'd fall out. "That's what this is all about. What is, is. It's never what we want."

"Don't say I didn't warn you." Buffy offered a grin only to have Dawn leap into action. Her kick was good, but it didn't have anything like the power of a Slayer, or even a vampire behind it. Catching her sisters ankle Buffy brushed her off, only to have Dawn use the moment to throw an elbow barge. Jumping back Buffy kept her guard up, but she didn't follow. Dancing to one side instead. "I see what Faith meant, you are tricky." She caught the note of pride in her own voice.

"Thanks, but you're holding back."

Buffy frowned there was something about that kick and that elbow. "So are you." Dawn didn't answer, just hopped forward and jabbed. Buffy was never the best puncher in the world, something Faith had endlessly gloated over. It seemed she'd been giving Dawn pointers. Letting Dawn over extend Buffy took the blow on her upper arm. This punch was a bit stronger, still not Vampire-strength but a bit more than a normal human.

Not giving her sister a chance Buffy went for a leg sweep, but Dawn was already in the air. The Slayer was able to get in a quick jab before she landed but her sister brushed it away. Again the two of them backed off.

"You keep going soft on me this is going to take all year." Dawn tilted her head and smirked. "Alright, you're turn."

Buffy was all to ready to oblige. Fainting right and then left Buffy took a step forward and sent a snap kick into Dawn's guts. Doubling the girl up and picking her off her feet. Years earlier she'd done the same to Riley. He had special forces training and a mat, Dawn had sand and rocks. Even so she flew back a lot further than Riley had.

Buffy gasped, this was her sister and she'd just kicked her into the next state. Dawn though rolled with the landing and back to her feet. Then, for a couple of feet, she kept sliding. Not out of control, her feet were planted perfectly and left two trails in the sand. Dawn's grin was predatory as she took two great bounding leaps back towards Buffy before jumping into a flying kick.

Catching the kick on her forearms Buffy felt herself forced back a step. Dawn must have used the momentum from her kick to pull off the roll. It was impressive, and very cool. She was going to have to remember that trick for another day. A second kick forced Buffy back again, then a third and a fourth.

Each kick coming too soon after there other, almost as if she hadn't landed yet. Not as if, she hadn't. Buffy almost staggered, she was using each kick to keep herself in the air as well as push Buffy backwards. That moment was all Dawn needed to get a foot up and under Buffy's arms. The final kick knocked the wind from Buffy and brought her to her knees.

Coughing air back into her lungs Buffy was fairly sure if Dawn did have Slayer strength she could have cracked a rib. She knew she couldn't let her get away with that and charged. Swinging wide Buffy only modulated her attack at the last second, hoping her speed would catch Dawn off balance.

Instead Dawn side stepped and spun away. Buffy tried to follow but as her sister stepped out of sight she vanished. Expecting a sneak attack from behind Buffy spin kicked in an arc behind her, but no one was there. Looking around, as far as Buffy could tell Dawn had just vanished.

"Where'd she go?" Buffy asked the others. As one the three girls and two men pointed up. Dawn was perched on an out sprung rock, fifteen feet up. She was standing on one leg with both arms wide and a grin on her face.

"You said no powers!" Buffy shouted. There was no way she could have got up there without flying.

"I said no costumes and no energy orbs. This is just a few skills that come with the territory." With that Dawn hopped off and levelled another flying kick. Buffy wasn't going to fall for that twice and jumped out of the way, never taking her eyes off her sister.

What happened next had Buffy wondering about her sanity. Dawn didn't seem to notice or care that she was going to miss and kept on going. A look of concentration on her face. As she hit the sand Buffy cried out. At that hight, landing like that could have killed her. Instead Dawn hit the sand like a sick sliding into a river. Within a heartbeat she'd vanished.

Scrambling forward Buffy frantically dug through the sand with her bare hands, but there wasn't any sign of her sister. Behind her she heard someone laughing. Turning she saw it was the guy that had gotten them all involved in this, Tommy.

"What happened?"

"I think I know what abilities Dawn got from the White Tiger." he said beaming. "You've already lost Ms Summers."

Buffy glared at him and was about to demand a proper answer when two hands burst out of the ground and grabbed her ankles. It was like something from a horror film, with a zombie about to rise and eat brains. The next thing Buffy knew she was up to her armpits in sand while still standing. Dawn had pulled her straight down. Not two foot in front of her the sand exploded again and her sister burst out.

"Ugh, I'm telling you this try that trick and sand gets everywhere." She smirked and shook some sand from her hair. Buffy tried to pull herself free but couldn't, the sand was too tightly packed and she couldn't get the leverage on the surface she needed.

"Get me outta this!" Buffy shouted, looking up at Dawn.

"Remember what I said about uncle?" Dawn said sweetly. "You get the point yet, I can take care of myself. So can the others."

Buffy looked up, shielding her eyes from the sun. Dawn hadn't even broke a sweat. Muttering a few choice words she'd learnt from Spike Buffy nodded. "Alright, uncle."

Faith was more than a little impressed, alright Dawn was going to lose right up to the point she brushed off the White Tiger powers, but she'd pulled off a good fight. As Dawn walked off she gave Faith a nod.

Catching her meaning Faith headed over. "Where's she going?" Buffy asked.

"I'm getting a shower, I need it." Dawn called back.

Buffy, who looked like someone had planted her, struggled to get free. "How am I supposed to get out of this?"' she shouted after her sister.

"I'll help." Faith offered and with one hand she grabbed the back of Buffy's jacket and lifted her clean out. Not only that but held her at arms length and gave her a quick shake to get most of the sand off before dropping her.

"Dawn wasn't kidding about that strength upgrade." Buffy looked at her. "You could give Glory a run for her money."

"Yeah, kicking the ass of a hell god would be kinda easy though. A'Zores is a bit more difficult." Faith admitted.

Buffy gave her a look, "What do you mean?"

"You remember that false Watcher, Post, the one after the glove of mitten or whatever?" Faith told her.

"Sure." Buffy said carefully. "It could throw lighting. Oh you're kidding."

"Nope, A'Zores has one. He's also got a wicked sharp sword and doesn't give a crap about anything other than winning. We all saw him behead one of his own guys, just for the hell of it. Another time he killed his own boss, rather than accept defeat."

Buffy's eyes widened. "So, major league psycho. Good to know."

"Ah ah." Faith shook her head. "If he was just a psycho that would be helpful. He's a major genius, he's always got a plan. One that usually makes a nuclear bomb look subtle in comparison and the Old Mayor's look down right sane." Faith had a long time in Jail to reflect on what Wilkins had planned. It had scope sure, but there were so many things wrong with it she was surprised the whole thing got as far as it did.

"The 'I want to be a giant snake so I'm going to build a town on a gate to hell and eat bugs' plan?"

"Yeah, that one." Faith took a breath. "Look I know how you're feeling Bee, but seriously you here isn't exactly helping.'="

"But I can, you know it." Buffy protested.

"How, by bringing an army of slayers into town? I was there when the actual army tried that. They died. Hell they were zombiefied. The last thing I and you should want is dead Slayers." Faith closed her eyes, remembering the girls she had lead into the booby trap in the sewers back in Sunnydale and who knew how many were left buried when they collapsed the town. "Not again. Not if we can help it."

Buffy seemed to understand what she was getting at. "Things really that bad."

Faith nodded, "They could be, if we lose."

End Chapter One

Authors note

I don't usually like explaining the numerous in jokes I've littered this series with (I've littered the whole thing with quotes, references, gags and out right plagiarism from every show imaginable) but there is one here so obscure I think I aught to explain. At the end of Buffy's fourth season the first Slayer tried to kill the scoobies in their sleep. They used the same location as Power Rangers did for outside the Command Centre!
Even better it's also the infamous location where Kirk took out the Gorn in the Classic Trek episode!
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