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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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Final Invasion, Chapter Three

Final Invasion
Chapter Three

A'Zores held his crystal ball in his gauntlet. Watching remotely as the Green Ranger fought Sormeghe he swore under his breath. He had hoped that the Rangers would have taken the cue and attacked the ship full force. Instead they decided to split up and use the Slayers to mount a daring rescue of the hostages. Undoubtably planning on calling their titanic robot to finish the job.

The only thing you could rely on was their unpredictability. Luckily fate seemed to be smiling on him. Spinning the ball he refocused it on the Rogue. she was running for what remained of her life, attempting to escape the Slayer following her. He smirked, killing the slayer Buffy Summers was always important. It usually shattered the others will to fight. Here though it might prove to be more useful.

The sword in her hand had been lent to her by the Ranger, there had to be a strong connection between them.

The trap was set, everything was ready. All he needed was the right bait. A'Zores pocketed the ball, it was time.

Buffy caught a glimpse of Kendra as she dived behind a car. "Come on, this is getting silly!" The Slayer shouted as she leapt over it. Blocking Kendra's swipe Buffy kicked the Scythe out of her hand and then spun, using her other leg to kick the side of her opponent's knee before a hard shoulder caused the vampire to back off.

Kendra's trick was to make Buffy doubt herself, hesitate because she was fighting an old friend. Make Buffy pull her punches. It had worked for a time but Buffy had seen right through it. They might have the face of her old friend but this vampire was nothing like Kendra.

Ducking a wild swing Buffy took another trick she learnt from Spike. Kendra might have known how she fought, but not how he danced. Coming back up she head butted Kendra before throwing her own punch. Putting every ounce of her weight, and the full force of her shoulder, behind her free hand. It threw Buffy's balance and cut one of her knuckles, but it was more impressive what happened to Kendra.

Buffy had almost broke her jaw, sending at least three broken teeth scattering across the pavement. Including a fang. "I guess your Spike wasn't that good a fighter." Buffy quipped as they regained their balance.

"Not after you killed him." Kendra spat.

Buffy felt her smile grow. "Like I said you don't know me." Grabbing the vampire by either side of the head the Slayer jumped, ramming her knee into Kendra's gut before pulling off a summersault, throwing her into the ground.

Enough was enough. The vampire version of her old friend had lost and they both knew it. Anymore was just cruel. "I wish it didn't come to this." Buffy admitted as Kendra struggled to her knees, gasping for breath she didn't need.

"Don't… Don't do it." She begged, slumping her shoulders and Buffy stopped, wary of a trap. "A soul, you could have the witch curse me…"

"Not after what you've done." Buffy shook her head. "I remember what you were like before. That would be worse than death."

Lifting Saba high Buffy knew what had to be done. She wasn't going to like it, but she was and always would be the Slayer. Hefting Saba even higher Buffy was determined to finish this.

"Look out!"

Vi felt the ship turn and swore. The whole deck lurched to one side and there was nothing to hold on to. Anna went over just after the civilians and after that it was hopeless.

Unless someone figured out how to fly, and very soon, they were going to be very dead. As if to make things worse bolts of magical energy flew past her, missing everyone. Twisting in free fall Vi looked up to see the pirate captain, holding onto the rigging with his hook and firing after them. Or at the Green Ranger following them down.

"I hope you have a plan!" Vi called to her. Vi still couldn't believe it was Dawn under the helmet, but this was not the time to deal with that.

"No time for plan, just an idea. Cross your fingers!" With that she brought the handle of her knife to the lips on her helmet. Vi didn't know how she did it but some how she was able to blow on it, even through the faceplate, and play it like a musical instrument.

Vi recognised the tune, it was the one the Green Ranger always played, She couldn't think what good it could do though. Her giant robot couldn't be near enough to catch them, unless it could teleport.

She was about to look around when Dawn broke the song off and pointed at the ground. A blast of dark green energy flowed from the point of the dagger and past the falling people.

The blast hit the ground first and seemed to bounce back, hitting everyone. It felt to Vi that something was pushing her back from the ground. She'd never been very good with science, but one thing that she did remember was that every action had it's opposite. When you, say, fell from a floating pirate ship it was that opposite that splattered you like an over ripe mellon when you hit the ground.

Dawn was catching them, slowing them down so when they did touch the ground there wasn't any action left. Vi landed on her side with a soft bump, as did the others. Last to land was the Green Ranger, in mid air she tucked, ducked and rolled. Going from a headfirst dive to touching down with her feet at the very last second.

"Good move." Vi flipped to her feet

"Yeah, thanks, but did you have to drop me on my keys?" Anna quipped, standing up with out the show, rubbing her side.

Dawn shrugged then suddenly put her free hand to the side of her helmet. "That was Saba, Buffy's in trouble." She snapped. "Vi, get the people to safety then meet the rest back at the College. I'm calling the others"

With a burst of speed only a Slayer could have matched the Green Ranger ran off to help her sister.

"Wow, that was so cool!" The kid they had just saved cheered. "How'd she do that?"

"Magic kid." Vi laughed. "Magic."

"As if, there's no such thing as magic!" the boy snorted. Vi looked at him for a moment, back up at the now retreating, still floating, Pirate ship full of demons, and then to Anna.

Buffy turned just in time to take a silver gauntlet to the face. Whoever it was hit like a freight train, knocking her back across the road and into an abandoned car. She smashed the door she hit and could feel the frame digging into her back.

It had been years since the last time she'd been hit like that, and Adam was a cyborg. Prying herself from the car Buffy felt Saba trying to help heal her. Shaking the stars from her eyes she brought the short scimitar to an on-guard position. The demon was almost human looking, save for the two horns running along his jawline like horns. He wore a long, dirty, overcoat and scuffed boots. His left hand and most of the arm was covered in a long metal gauntlet and in the other he had a thick set walking stick. "Who are you then?"

"A'Zores, and you must be the infamous Buffy Summers." He held his hand out and helped Kendra back up.

"Be careful, my love." The former Slayer warned him. "She is, unpredictable."

He laughed as Buffy tensed. "So she didn't dance the tune you played. He chuckled, stroking the beard like horns with the gauntlet like a pantomime villain. "I love this world, so full of surprises." Even ready for it A'Zores was just too fast.

Juggling the stick he somehow parried Saba out of the way and elbowed her in the throat in a single move. Gasping for air Buffy wasn't ready for him to keep going.

Stepping back he drew a long rapier out from the walking stick and whipped it across her face. Buffy tried to react, but she was pinned by the car.

At first Buffy thought she had done just enough to get away. The smirk on the demon's face flickered into something more cruel. Then whips of hair fell, cut loose from her bangs, and she got the feeling of something warm and damp on her forehead.

The bade was impossibly sharp, Buffy had thought it was nothing more than the wind but touching her forehead she knew it was a good cut. Hissing she looked up, even with Saba doing his best some blood was going to go into her eyes. Blinding her. Buffy had to finish this fast, More importantly she had to get away from the car.

The Slayer charged hoping to bat the sword away with Saba and get some distance between them. Instead he used what was left of his stick to block her and then stepped to one side. Trailing the razor sharp sword behind.

He was too quick for her to stop herself, moving like mercury. The rapier didn't cut as deep as the first time, but this time she saw it pull away. Biting back a swear word she'd learnt from Spike Buffy tried a wild swing, but A'Zores danced back.

Holding her side Buffy kept an eye on Kendra, but the vampire was holding back. A worried look on her face. "I wouldn't concern yourself with her. You're mine to play with now."

A'Zores spread his hands wide. One side the stick, the other his damned sword. "Last time I did this to someone it took nearly thirty cuts to kill them." he laughed. "How many do you think you can take?"

Buffy pulled herself up straight and breathed deeply. "At least one more than you can give!" she challenged.

The big bad laughed again, he was enjoying this. "You're full of blood and vinegar aren't you. You see my dear Rogue, this is why I can respect a fighter."

"Of course, my dear." Kendra answered, sounding a little nervous to Buffy.

Why and how had to wait, she didn't have time. Almost too fast A'Zores charged and right from the start she was at a disadvantage. Saba could heal her, but not as quickly as he could cut. The blood from her forehead was still going to blind her and the stinging cut on her belly was just the start.

Pushing past the pain wasn't hard, but also wasn't enough. Buffy was good with a sword, very good, but A'Zores was better and he had two weapons. It wasn't being defeatist, he was just that good. It was hard to fight someone that could move like he could, the long heavy coat wasn't even getting in his way.

He'd deflect her attacks and then leave another stinging cut. Dancing out of the way of her return. The first cut bit into her sword arm, the second her thigh. Either by luck, or a fluke of skill, Buffy got Saba in the way of the third stroke and she was able to get a knee in to his side.

A'Zores grunted, but drove the stick into the cut on Buffy's thigh. Still balancing on one leg the distraction was enough for the Demon to use his weight and strength to overwhelm her. Forced back Buffy jumped into an aerobatic back flip hoping to leave him off balance.

No such luck, he used his momentum to rolled off to one side. Closing the gap while still keeping out of reach. For a moment Buffy debated charging him, but knew better. Each time she did that stick would get in the way, pull her out of position and let him cut her again.

He was toying with her, like a cat playing with a mouse. She needed to level the odds. Then Buffy knew what to do. Taking a few steps to the side she got him circling. "Ahh! Think you're wising up Slayer?" He smirked. "If you were you'd run away."

"I don't run." Buffy told him and dived for Kendra's discarded Scythe. Catching it mid roll she kept going until she got both feet back underneath her. Flipping it around in her hand Buffy had Saba in her right and the Scythe in her left. "Now how about a fair fight?" She asked.

A'Zores tilted his head. "One thing you should know about me Slayer, as much as I love a fight I don't do fair." Twirling the stick between the fingers of his gauntlet he suddenly thrust it at her. Buffy was far enough way that he couldn't reach.

Or so she thought. Arcs of electricity danced down the gauntlet and across the stick. It was then Buffy remembered what else he could do, but it was too late. A bolt of lightning the size of her arm blasted out.

Buffy tried to get Saba and the Scythe in the way, but it wasn't enough. Buffy had never given much thought to what it would be like being electrocuted. As a Slayer she'd been burnt, stabbed, cut, beaten, bit, she'd even died more than once but this hurt more than she ever thought possible.

The electricity seemed to pass right through her, burning hot and ice cold at the same time. Her back arced and arms flew wildly out of control. Somewhere along the way Buffy realised she'd been picked up and was flying backwards in a cocoon of blinding pain.

All to quickly she hit something, something hard and bounced off. Falling god only knew how far Buffy hit another car and ended slumped against the side of a building, the electricity bleeding off. The only thing keeping her awake was the pain. Trying to push herself up Buffy found all her strength had gone. Just moving her arms was like trying to lift a mountain.

Gloating A'Zores walked around the car, sword resting on his shoulder. "Well that was invigorating." He grinned. Buffy tried to move again but he put his boot on her chest. Effortlessly pinning her in place. "Let's just wait."

"Wait…" Buffy said horsely. "Wait for what?"

"The Rangers of course." A'Zores pushed down, forcing what air she had out of her lungs.

"Glad you didn't have to wait too long!" Dawn shouted running down the street at them.

"No!" Buffy tried to shout but it came out barely more than a whisper. "Dawn, get out of here. Run!" There was no way she could fight this guy. Not alone.

A'Zores snorted and threw another lightning bolt. Dawn dived to one side, rolled and then sliced the air with her Flute. Leaving a sort of trail behind it that continued on, at the demon.

A'Zores sliced back cutting the wave in two before it hit. The two halves left a trail of dust and debris where they did hit. If either of them were surprised it didn't show, Dawn just kept on coming as A'Zores got his foot off of Buffy and readied himself.

Buffy wanted to tackle the demon, bring him down or distract him long enough for Dawn to do something, but she still didn't have the energy to move. Every muscle ached, even her eyelids. It was too late, the two of them were already fighting.

Buffy knew she was better than Dawn and that meant A'Zores was better than them both. Her little sister didn't stand a chance, at least that was what she thought. Either she was a lot smarter than Buffy thought or a lot luckier. Her little flute thing didn't look like much as a weapon, but it was small and deadly. With it she was able to get up, under and between A'Zores guard.

Her other trick was that Dawn hadn't been trained like Buffy. Dawnie was a street fighter, trying anything and everything she could. Often inventing moves and tricks on the spot. Buffy could see the bits of ti-chi she'd taught her, a couple of karate moves and even Spike's lessons on how to throw a punch. It didn't really fit together, but that was part of why it worked.

Even Buffy, forced to sit on the sidelines, couldn't tell what she was going to do next. It was only A'Zores speed and skill that kept Dawn from landing a solid blow. On the other hand he was so busy reacting that he couldn't get a shot in himself.

After a stalemate where the two of them cut at nothing but air Dawn pulled back. "Saba!" Buffy's sister called out and the Sword shook for a moment before flying to her. Not a second later she was by her side.

"Run, get out of here. Find the others." Buffy gasped trying to pull herself up again. "I'll do what I can." It was no good, she was as weak as a drowned kitten. The parts of her that weren't screaming in pain ached like she'd gotten in a wrestling mach with Faith and lost.

Naturally Dawn ignored her. "What's the matter, slowing down in you're old age?" She goaded the Demon

A'Zores, chuckled as he stepped closer to Kendra. "Could say the same Ranger. You didn't need the help of a bunch of girls last time."

Buffy could hear the smirk in Dawn's voice and was pretty sure so could A'Zores. "I don't know, you're memory seems to be slipping too. Guys, let him have it!"

Dawn turned to look win the opposite direction to where she had come from. Buffy had to look around, it was Faith and the other three Rangers. The four of them all held on to the same massive gun with what looked like five barrels and made of all their weapons put together.

"Hey, evil bad guy…" Buffy recognised the Yellow Rangers voice, Sorry or whatever.

"…We just want to say," Broke in Faith. Sounding like she was deeply enjoying the idea of a massive gun like that ready to fire. "One last time…"

Dawn's roommate, Cassie joined in "…and for the record…"

Finally it was the Red Ranger, the boy, that ended it "…Goodbye!" The four of them threw out their free hands and finally fired. Buffy, even though she was a more than a couple of dozen yards from the two demons, had to shy away from the multi-coloured blast. When it hit the explosion was massive, blinding. A huge fireball engulfed the pair of demons totally. There was no way they could survive.

End Chapter Three
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