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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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Secrets and Lies Part I:- Cassie Chapter 3

Secrets and Lies Part I:- Cassie
Chapter Three

Authors note:-
It's taken me a while to get this chapter finished. I knew where we were and where I wanted it to go. The problem was making those two mesh.

Dydtrax was stunned, the one in green and gold had found a weakness in Rockthorn. For more than a hundred years some of the greatest warriors in all the dimensions had challenged the stone champion and lost.

With two quick strikes one human woman had defeated him. Dydtrax was impressed, but that wasn't going to stop her. By calling on the darkest magic she knew Rockthorn could still win. No matter the weakness the spell would make him unstoppable. As the spell took hold he swelled to become a titan, with one massive foot he would destroy the problem once and for all.

Then the witches performed their summoning spell.

In the distance what looked like a giant dragon monster roared. It was made of metal and just as tall as Rockthorn. "That's impossible!" Dydtrax shouted as it strode up to the city.

Then the other two called their own robot beasts. They weren't as big as the dragon, but they didn't have to be. The first was a long blue robot that ran on four tank tracks, it's head had three horns facing forward and a tail that came out the back. It came bouncing over ruts and valleys, it's head ever level and never taking it's eyes off Rockthorn until it came skidding to a stop nearby.

The third robot was just as powerful. It burst out from the ground in a shower of dirt and ice. Throwing it's massive trunk in the air it marched up to the city limits. Together the three robot creatures waited just outside the city. Watching the moronic stone demon.

Rockthorn didn't even try to think, he just roared his challenge and charged. The green witch played another tune on her weapon and six lights on the dragon's chest plate flashed. A moment later it fired ten rockets at the stone demon.

"You two take rock-boy out." The Witch ordered. "I'll join you in a minute." With that she jumped up the building, landing next to Dydtrax.

"Impressive," the Demoness admitted reluctantly. "No one's ever been able to hurt Rockthorn before."

"Guess I got lucky. So who are you?"

"Dydtrax, I believe you know my brother." She gave a slight bow, looking for some weakness. Her opponent wasn't giving anything away, the helmet covering their face making even their expressions unreadable. Dydtrax was at a disadvantage and that made her carful. Reluctantly she side stepped, slowly circling the crafty witch.

"I see the resemblance, condolences." Dydtrax's opposite quipped as she did the same.

Despite herself she smirked. "Oh, I see why my dear brother had so much trouble with you." Behind her the Demoness heard the giants battling each other. That was her one chance, the witch would distracted with her friends fight giving her a chance to strike, she just had to hope she timed this right.

Lashing out with a clawed gauntlet Dydtrax hissed, but the witch was just fast enough to lean out of the way and responded with a kick to her thigh. Backing off Dydtrax crouched and hooked her fingers, expecting a following blow. She was a schemer, a trickster. Weakening her opponents and then hitting their weak points at the most dangerous moment. It had served Dydtrax well for centuries. The green witch was a fighter and she was going to easily beat the Demoness.

She needed another advantage, something to even the fight. Fortunately that was just what she got. "Dydtrax!" Her brother shouted as he appeared on the roof top. "What have you done?"

Faith saw what Dawn was doing and winced. The big rock guy was bad news, leaving Faith and Cassie to deal with him while she kept the demon that had cast the spell busy was risky. She was going to have words with the brat. Fearless was one thing, but somewhere along the way Buffy's sister had lost her common sense.

Charging head first into a demon they knew nothing about while your only backup was busy wrestling with an almost invincible rock monster was not very clever. Still the Slayer couldn't think of a better idea.

As Dawn leapt up the side of the building Cassie and Faith took a running jump at the Zords. When Faith had first learnt of her slayer powers she cleared a two story wall just to see if she could do it. It was one of the most exhilarating things she'd ever done. Even compared to that the jump she and Cassie did to reach the Zords was just impossible, she wasn't sure if she was jumping or flying. All she did know was that no slayer could match it. Covering more than two hundred yards in a single leap she easily landed on her Zords head.

She knew exactly what to do. Just like Dawn described using the Command Centre as soon as Faith saw the main hatch she knew how to open it. Inside the cockpit she didn't even question where the controls were or how to use them and the black crystal appeared in her hand as soon as it was over the interface.

Not even a second later she was throwing her Zord's strength against Rockthorn, stopping him in his tracks. For a moment the two of them wrestled. Metal and rock, both immobile against the other, locked in struggle. Faith could hear the motors screeching as the demon fought back and gritted her teeth.

The Slayer could feel the Zord trembling, the ground beneath it's feet was beginning to slip and Rockthorn began pushing her back. Faith knew that in a moment either the ground would go or her Zord would be totalled. Struggling with the straining controls she shouted "A little help here!"

"Coming!" Cassie called back over the radio and two harpoon like horns struck the demon's side. Not a second later Rockthorn was blasted with a massive electric shock, bringing him to his knees.

Weakened, it gave Faith's Zord the leverage it needed and she reared up. The twin tusks getting up and under the rock-hard titan and throwing it to one side. Backing off she brought her Zord side by side with Cassie's.

The Dragonzord, now that Faith was clear, fired off it's finger missiles. They didn't do much good, only chipping off some pebbles, but it was enough to get Rockthorn's attention. Pulling itself up the rock demon dived at the Dragonzord and smashed it off it's feet.

Cassie's triceratops was the first to react, it's tail coming up and over showing a double barrelled laser and firing sapphire beams. Looking down at her controls Faith tried to find anything other than brute force at her disposal, then she saw it.

As soon as she saw the button Faith knew what to do.

Dawn tried to hide a wince. Cassie and Faith needed her help, but with Tretrax and his sister in town she couldn't risk it. "What are you doing!" Tretrax shouted again.

"The Warlord ordered us to destroy them, that's what I'm doing." She hissed back. Dawn kept her guard up, but waited to see what happened. If those two were busy arguing that meant she could help her friends.

Jumping to one side Dawn played her flute, sending a rank of missiles into the giant's side.

Almost ignoring her Tretrax turned on his sister. "You have no idea, you fool!" he shouted. "These witches are too powerful to just blindly attack!"

Out of the corner of her eye Dawn watched as Cassie pulled her Zord back from fighting the giant Rockthorn. Giving Faith the perfect shot. The Black Ranger's Zord reared up on it's back legs and let lose a blast of white fog.

For a moment Dawn didn't know what she was trying to do, then she saw ice start to form on the giant. Her watch beeped. "Dawn" Faith said over the communicator. "We need to hit him with everything we've got!"

Casting a glance at the still arguing siblings Dawn knew they were too busy to interfere and she knew just what to hit Rockthorn with. "Then tell Cassie to hold on!" She shouted into her wrist before bringing the Flute to the lips on her helmet.

Following instructions the Dragonzord picked up the triceratops and threw the triple horned machine, with all it's power, against the demon. Again and again the Dragonzord struck, pushing the demon away from the city at horn point. All the while Faith kept firing the freezing fog.

Like pounding a rock with a pick axe deep cracks appeared and grew on the frozen stone. With a final blow the triceratops horns buried deep within the demon's stone body. Dawn played another tune and the Dragonzord twisted the blue Zord in it's arms, shattering Rockthorn like a landslide.

"Yes!" Dawn cried out, punching the air in triumph when she felt a shadow fall behind her. Half on instinct Dawn dived out of the way. It was Tretrax, swinging his blade down where her head was. Rolling to her feet Dawn found herself on the edge of the building, glancing down she noticed quite a crowd gathering below.

Pulling off a tight jump she leapt over Tretrax's head and almost flew right into Dydtrax. Only just reacting in time she took a swing, while in midair, at the demoness. It wasn't a solid blow, but it was enough of a surprise to send both of them sprawling in different directions.

Before The Green Ranger could stand Tretrax was there again, stomping on the hand she had her weapon in. Pinned and sprawled on the floor Dawn could only watch as Tretrax raised his sword high. Only to be blasted by a pair of blue and black lasers.

Cassie and Faith had abandoned their Zords and come to help her.

"Gahh!" The demon general bellowed as he was thrown back. Faith helped Dawn up as Dydtrax did the same for her brother. "We're no match for all three of them!" He growled.

Dydtrax seemed to agree, almost eagerly. Without giving the Rangers chance to react they summoned two fireballs, Dydtrax's notably smaller, and threw them. As th three girls dived to one side the two blasts hit and destroyed the building's edge. Far below the crowd screamed as concrete, glass and metal rained down.

The demon's used the distraction to escape, but Dawn didn't care and neither did the others. Wordlessly they jumped down, landing amongst the rubble. The crowd Dawn saw earlier scattered, a handful of people had been hit by the debris.

Cold guilt clawed at her, this was her fault. If she had been paying attention he never would have gotten that close. If she hadn't picked up the coin she wouldn't have been there to shoot at. It was all her fault. She should have known what would happen the instant she saw the damn thing. She should have thrown the morpher in a river and just ran. Run and run never to look back.

As Dawn could only watch in shock the other two were moving among the wounded, helping them out from under the rubble. With some relief Dawn realised that no one was seriously hurt. There were a few bruises and a couple of broken bones, but nothing serious. Then when Faith cursed Dawn's world collapsed.

From under a nasty steal beam a girl, couldn't be anymore than four or five, lay at the Black Rangers feet. She'd been trapped under a corner stone, leaving a nasty cut on her head but Dawn didn't need to be a doctor to know that wasn't all. A trickle of blood came from the corner of the girls mouth and she was totally limp. With a cry a middle aged woman that had to be her mother cradled the girl, crying as if she knew it was hopeless.

An old man from the crowd pushed forward, announcing he was a doctor he ran to the girl and mother. All Dawn could do was watch as hot tears of guilt came pouring from her eyes. Professionally the doctor gave the crushed girl a once over, Dawn watched as the light of hope died in his eyes, There wasn't anything anyone could do.

"Call an ambulance" the mother sobbed between tears but the sad shake of the old doctor's head told her it was too late

"Get out of the way!" Cassie barked, braking Dawn from her shock as the Blue Ranger jumped to work.

"Haven't you done enough?" Someone else from the crowd said with contempt.

Cassie pushed her way to the old doctor's side and he looked up "She has internal bleeding, broken bones and a concussion. Traffic's back up for more than half a mile. I don't think it will get here in time."

Dawn stood next to her and was about ready to scream, this was a nightmare, it had to be. Cassie knelt beside the stricken child and bowed her head. "I can help her." The Blue Ranger said in a soft voice. "Keep them back."

"I hope you know what you're doing." Faith hissed as she began pushing the crowd back, Dawn slowly did the same.

"Trust me." Cassie said without looking up. Gently she put one hand on the girls head and another on her stomach. "What's her name?" she asked the mother.

"Janet," the woman said through her tears. "After my grandmother."

Dawn saw her friend stiffen, if only for a moment. "That's a wonderful name, but she prefers Jan."

"How did you…?" The mother gasped, but Cassie wasn't listening, all her attention was focused on the child.

"Hello there Jan, I'm here to help." There was no way the girl could hear her but that didn't stop Cassie talking. "Now I know it's hard, but can you open your eyes for me? It's just a little thing, but it will help you know."

As she talked Dawn thought her eyes were playing tricks on her, she could have sworn there was a soft golden glow coming from her friends hands. "I know you're tired and it hurts." Cassie said with sympathy. "You can't let that stop you though. Come on." She prodded and slowly, pulsing like a heartbeat, the glow became stronger. "That's it, a little bit more." Cassie said and the girl's eyes opened.

There was no doubt about it now Cassie's hands were glowing and that glowing light was somehow flowing into tiny four year old Janet. What happened next wasn't an illusion. The dozen or so little cuts over the child's face healed up as if they were never there.

"What a good girl." Cassie praised her as tiny Janet took a stuttering breath. "Good girl."

Dawn was glad her helmet covered her face, otherwise she'd have looked as shocked as everyone else. She'd seen magic before, healing spells weren't easy. They took a lot of ingredients, preparation and could be dangerous. If someone was too badly hurt they might just die anyway and some things just couldn't be healed. More often than not the spell would miss fire, only healing one tiny bruise, wasting all that effort when something more serious was to blame. What Cassie was doing was unlike any magic she had ever seen or heard of. It seemed to heal everything, regardless of how big or small the injury was.

With no chanting, spells, incantations or even ingredients the Blue Ranger was not simply healing, she was bringing the girl back form the brink of death.

The girl was breathing clear now and the glow faded, the last wisps sinking into her. As if someone had flipped a switch Janet sat up, a look of shock and awe on her face as she hugged Cassie. Not half a second later so was the mother. "Thank you, thank you, thank you." the older woman said, only letting go to check on her daughter again.

Cassie stood up and wavered on her feet, like she was dizzy. Dawn got to her side first, but Cassie shook her head. "I'm fine just tired." she whispered before turning to the little family. "You stay out of trouble now, you hear?" she half joked.

Janet couldn't agree fast enough.

Back in the Command Centre Faith watched as Alpha brought Cassie a bottle of water. "Thanks Alpha." The medical student nodded and took off her helmet. She was pale and looked like she had just ran the marathon.

"Alright, now do we get an explanation?" Dawn asked, only just giving the girl a chance to take a mouthful.

Wiping her forehead with the back of her hand Cassie sighed. "I don't know. A few years ago I got sick, really sick. No one knew what was happening and then I started to do things."

"Things, what kind of things?" Faith asked concerned. She'd never heard of anything like what had just happened

Cassie winced and put her bottle down on the floor. "Well things like this." She closed her eyes and concentrated. For a moment nothing happened then the bottle began to float. It wasn't fast or smooth, but it was defiantly floating. Cassie slowly reached out and plucked it out of the air.

"Well that's… not magic. What was it?" Dawn asked.

"I don't know. No one does." Cassie said, sounding weaker. As if the effort to move the bottle was like moving a mountain. "Thing is as I got better it went away. I couldn't do any of it anymore. Since I took up the morpher I've felt strange. I don't know, more powerful?"

"Alpha, any idea what's causing this?" Oliver asked.

"Ay-AY-ay-ay ay. Cassie told me about this earlier. I ran a full body scan on her, the results were amazing."

"What do you mean?" Dawn asked.

"He means that while I'm human he thinks that somehow I have the powers of the Eltarians. Zordon's people."

"What?" Oliver gasped, "How?"

"I don't know." Cassie said.

"It's possible she's a mutation." Alpha pointed out. "A more evolved human."

Faith burst out laughing. "What is this a comic book?"

"No." Dawn corrected. "It makes sense. Alright a wacky kind of sense but what if. I mean the Ranger Powers made us faster and stronger, it's not just the costumes. What if Cassie had a virus that mutated her, when she recovered it left her like this. The Ranger Powers probably just gave her a jump start."

"That's my theory." Alpha said. "Look at this." it tapped a few controls and the Viewing Globe showed the miracle again. "I've gone over the scans. Cassie was infusing the little girl with bio-energy. Her very life-force if you will."

"That's why I feel so weak."

"Exactly, the morphing grid uses the energy of ancient animals. That includes their bio-field. Your body must have had the potential, but couldn't generate enough energy." Alpha explained.

"So "jump start" was right?" Cassie asked looking around. "Great."

"Cassandra." Oliver said seriously. "These powers could be dangerous. What else can you do, other than move things and heal?"

"I don't know, until I saw that little girl I didn't even know I could do that." Cassie said. "It was sort of instinct."

"Cass, I don't think this is something you should experiment with." Faith pointed out, not liking the idea of a normal girl suddenly developing powers. She remembered what happened with Willow, according to what the others told her at least.

"I agree." Dawn nodded "It's cool and all, but let's take this slow."

The Blue Ranger looked between them. "Alright. I admit; I'm a little scared about this too guys."

"Cassie you can move things with your mind. We're all a little scared about this."

Major-General Jack O'Neill sat back in his pentagon office and looked through his latest pile of reports. One day he was going to install a shedder to his inbox and just go fishing. He had joined the airforce to fly and protect people. Not push paper around some office only just big enough for his cramped desk.

There was a polite knock on the door and Walter came in. "Sir, the joint chiefs think you should see this." The Sergeant announced as he pulled out a DVD and put it into the wall mounted player. It was taken from a news broadcast from Amethyst about the Rangers. Jack had kept an eye on this latest batch of so called heroes. The military had been investigating them for years, but even the more public teams were evasive about just how they got their powers. This lot were using the first groups powers, the one team they knew the least about, especially where there equipment came from.

The video showed the one in blue lay her hands on a tiny girl and then heal her. It looked suspiciously like the golden light Goa'uld healing devices used but Jack knew it was something else. "That's not Goa'uld technology." Jack stood up.

"Do you think it's a Prior, one we missed?" Walter asked, probably voicing the Joint Chiefs concern.

Jack shook his head. "They'd be preaching to the Ori. No, not a Prior but close." Jack picked up the phone and hit the presidential speed dial. "The Power Rangers are Ancients."

End Chapter Three
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