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Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire

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Summary: Dawn has taken up the College life; roommates, classes and a large scale demonic war. Buisness as usual for a Summers, being chosen by an ancient gold coin to be a Power Ranger, that's something else

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Epilogue, Part II

Part II

Tommy looked around the Command Centre. It felt empty, even more so than usual. Dawn dead, Sari had taken Alpha with her back to her home and the others had all gone their own ways. Even Cassie had left, off to a medical school in DC that the General had arranged.

Buffy had let her take a few things of her sisters and taken the rest. Insisting that she needed them when she got Dawn back. The only other thing she had left was the Green Power Coin. Tommy had, over his long years as a Ranger, seen and heard of a great many impossible things. Still the idea of bringing back Dawn didn’t sit right with him.

It wasn’t just Zedd’s warning, Dawn had made her choice. She’d decided to sacrifice herself for the good of the others, Buffy didn’t seem to understand or couldn’t accept that. Trying to bring the Green Ranger back almost cheapened that sacrifice. It was the same with Zordon, there were times he would have given everything to have his old mentor there, by his side.

In a strange moment he realised that was Buffy’s reasoning, not for Dawn’s sake, but for her own. Buffy had lost so much in her life this was the one thing she couldn’t let go. As much as Zedd warned her and as much as he didn’t like it he knew the remaining Summers girl would try her hardest. At the same time he realised Zedd had seen the same in a heartbeat it had taken him days to understand.

Chuckling Tommy looked up at the empty power tube. "I’ve still got a long way to go to be anywhere near the hero you were, old friend." He admitted before picking up a large and decorated sword case he had brought with him. stepping around the controls he stood between the Tube and dais before resting the case between the warning lights and opening it.

Inside was the still chipped and ruined sword he used to dispatch Goldar and seven small boxes. The first box he took out was highlighted in red, opening it he put it in the power tube, facing the room. The golden Coin inside, embossed with the image of a roaring T-Rex, was nestled in red velvet. One by one Tommy picked up and opened the boxes. Either side of the Red Power Coin he put Green and White. Then, behind them, Black and Blue and finally Pink and Yellow. All seven Coins in a circle around the Power Tube. Each gleaming with power, as if they had only been cast yesterday. Seven mighty weapons, waiting for the day they were to be picked up once again.

From out of his jacket he retrieved two letters he had written. One for whatever Rangers were fated to come again and another for the one to replace him. Carefully placing one in the middle of the collected Coins and the other inside the sword case Tommy closed the case.

Slowly, one switch at a time, he turned off the controls. Slowly, a system at a time, the Command Centre slept. Until, at last there was one left. The light above the Power Tube. ‘Until next time.’ Tommy said with a sad smile and, leaving the light on the former Ranger, former Mentor, left the building.

The End

Authors Post script
AKA Bye Bye

I was thinking of posting this as an extra chapter, but I think it's better here, sort of a teaser after the final credits roll you know.

Wow, what a ride. I think, somehow every writer is obligated to say that. Nearly four years ago now I had the idea:- "What if Dawn was the Green Ranger? Or even better, the Classic Mighty Morphin Green Ranger?" I put up the challenge and moved on. It was just too big and I was far too busy to sink my teeth into it, but like so many ideas far too big it stuck. It grew. It warped and it changed. I couldn't just let it go.
Eventually I got started, the story worked and then it finished. Like most I assume, but unlike most of mine it actually finished. It held my attention, muse if you will, longer than almost any other single story I’ve ever written. I think it was worth it, don't you?
So eventually this is indeed the end of this journey, and once I've ticked the box marked complete we're done. So before I sign off I just want to give a big thank you to all my readers and reviewers over the last three years and to all those yet to review. I hope everyone enjoyed reading this story as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.
I might, over the next few months, find the time to tweak things here and there. A few typos I missed the first few times around, moving commas and just a general tidy but other than that, my friends, it’s time for pastures new.

Non of the recognised characters used in this fan fiction are owned by me and no profit is made, or intended, by their use.

Thomas Arthur Fishwick
AKA Mountain King
January 2014

The End

You have reached the end of "Power Rangers Demon Wars:- The Dragon's Green Fire". This story is complete.

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