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Dark Choices

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Dark Choices". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander is almost killed by Buffy for lying about the curse, and is exiled. He heads to Boston where he meets up with the new slayer and her watcher.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Xander-CenteredRazialFR182948,2249135101,7217 May 1013 Oct 10Yes

Chapter One

Dark Choices Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or any of the other characters in this story they belong to Joss Whedon.

Pairing: Faith/Xander Romance, Xander/Amy friendship

Summary: Set around early season three. Xander suffers for lying to Buffy about the soul spell. After nearly being beaten to death by her, whilst Willow, Cordelia and Oz watch with no emotion, only Giles' arrival saves his life. With no option but to leave Sunnydale, he heads to Boston to stay with his cousin only to meet the new Slayer and her Watcher.

Note: A big thank you to Hawklan and Inachis for betaing this story.


Sunnydale High School: Night

Xander headed towards the library, ready to face another long night of patroling with his friends. Ever since he'd gotten involved with Buffy and the slaying, he had sworn he would do everything possible to protect his friends. He had carried out many reckless tasks to fulfill that promise, forcing Angel, Buffy's undead lover, to lead him to the Master's hide out, and then facing off against Angelus, Angel's demon side, to save Buffy's life. His only failures were his best friend Jessie, Miss Calendar and the second Slayer he had known, Kendra. He knew he should have tried better, pushed himself harder and just maybe, if he had, they'd still be alive, but they weren't. He would have to live with these failures, as best as he could.

His biggest task happened recently when the final battle with Angelus had come about. Buffy had headed out to free Giles and face Angelus before he could unleash Acathla and suck the world into hell. He had met her there to tell her about the soul spell that Willow was going to try again, and yet, the moment he looked into her eyes he had known that if she knew, she would hold back and wait to give Willow time and that would be all Angelus would need to kill her and win. He made a judgment call and lied to save not only their lives, but also the entire world. He had lied to one of best friends.

So far it would seem his lie would never be found out. He hadn't had the strength to tell them. He knew they'd never see it his way, except for Giles. Buffy definetely wouldn't see it his way. Willow and the others would be swayed by Buffy, like they always were. He had decided to keep his lie a secret for as long as he could and hope it never came to light.


As he opened the doors to the library he noticed how four sets of eyes locked onto him. Not one of them showed any welcome or happiness at his arrival and he wondered what was going on. He felt a cold shiver run down his spine at the look in Buffy's eyes. They were cold, almost dead of all emotion except for hate and anger. Before he could even think to ask what was wrong, Buffy almost ran across the room and hit him dead in the face, sending him flying into the book cage. He felt as if he's been hit by a ten ton pile of brick. He felt dizzy as he tried to stand, only for Buffy to knee him in the chest before kicking him so hard he flew across the room, crashing into the banister, breaking it.

"Wuh.." he tried to speak through the pain that now racked his body. "Why?"

he managed to ask.

"You dare to ask why, you bastard?" Buffy hissed, as if even talking to him was like unto a sin. "You dare to even act as if you're innocent?" she added, before kicking him twice more. This time he heard a snap and he knew she must have broken one of his ribs.

"Buffy please," he managed to choke out.

"You can beg all you want. It'll just make me want to draw this out," Buffy hissed, her eyes glowing with hate.

Buffy reached down and picked him up, only to knee him again before punching him right near his heart, sending him flying into the stacks. As Xander landed he begun to cough up blood and he heard more painfull snaps coming from his body. His vision was slowly failing and he could barely withstand the pain.

"Willow, please," he managed to gasp, before coughing up more blood.

"You brought this on yourself Xander, and you deserve what you get for what you forced Buffy to endure," Willow replied in a dead voice.

"You lied to me, you son of a bitch. You told me Willow told you to tell me to 'Kick his ass'" Buffy hissed, her tone becoming darker as she stalked Xander. "You never even told me she was trying the soul spell again. I had to kill Angel because of you," she screamed as she launched another hard kick, this time to Xander's leg as he tried to stand, breaking it.

Xander cried out in agony at both the pain and the realization that Buffy knew about his lie. He also realized that Buffy had already turned the others against him, including his own girlfriend. He knew he would not survive Buffy's wrath, but he wouldn't go down without speaking his own mind.

"I did it to save us all," he shouted, not caring about the pain.

"Yeah right," Buffy shouted back coldly. "You did just so you could get rid of Angel. Did you think I'd come to you, once he was gone?" Buffy taunted him.

"No, you've got it wrong," Xander tried to protest.

"I thought you were my friend Xander and you betrayed me," Buffy said, her voice low and deadly. "You made me send my soul mate to hell, well now you're going there as well," she added.

"No," Xander tried one last time to plead with them.

Buffy just smiled coldly before launching two more hard kicks, one to his neck and the second to his head, finally knocking Xander out cold. Buffy raised her fist to end the life of the boy who had betrayed her when she was suddenly thrown away from her prey.

"What in God's name do you think you are doing?" Giles cold voice suddenly rang through the library.

"Making Xander pay for betraying me," Buffy replied with no trace of guilt.

"Get out, all of you, right now before I call the police," Giles roared, disgusted and heart sick at what he had walked into.

Buffy just stared at the body of Xander, before she finally turned and walked away, quickly followed by the others. Giles quickly made his way to the phone and called for an ambulance.


Giles stormed into the library the next day, barely keeping his anger in check. He could feel 'Ripper' trying to break loose and cause some damage not to just to the evil man who was supposed to be Xander's father, but to his own Slayer as well. She had almost killed Xander, a boy who had risked his life countless times to save hers. He would make sure she realized what she had done. What had been worse than seeing Buffy trying to kill Xander had been the fact that Willow, Oz and Cordelia had watched and not done a thing to help.

Walking into the library he was glad to see the entire group there. Once again there was no trace of guilt or regret at what had happened to be seen in any of them. His anger increased tenfold.

"Now I want to know about what did you think you were doing? You almost killed Xander," Giles demanded.

"Good, that was what I wanted to do," Buffy replied.

"How could you even think about doing that to him, after everything he has done for you?" Giles seethed, his anger almost overtaking him.

"He betrayed me," Buffy spat.

"And how exactly did he do that?" Giles asked. "What was so terrible that he deserved to almost be killed by you?" he added.

"He lied to me about the soul spell. Willow was trying it again and she had sent Xander to tell me, but he didn't. Instead he told me she had said to 'Kick his ass'" Buffy answered, her voice full of hate.

"And what do you think was his reason for doing this?" Giles asked.

"He was jealous of Angel and wanted him dead," Buffy hissed. "I want him dead for what he made me do. He made me send Angel to hell. The spell worked and I had to kill him," Buffy shouted.

"I believe you'll find his motives weren't as petty as you think. Before he slipped into a coma last night he told me what he had done and why," Giles thundered.

"And you believe him?" Buffy asked, shocked that he would take Xander's side instead of hers.

"Yes I do, I looked him in the eye and I knew he wasn't lying," Giles answered, "And I agree with what he did," he added.

"How dare you?" Buffy started before being cut off by Giles.

"No, how do you dare lay a hand on a human?" Giles shot back. "If the Council ever get's wind of this, you'll be terminated as a threat to the human race," Giles told her, his voice suddenly calm.

"So, why don't you tell them?" Buffy asked, unafraid of the threat.

"Because Xander asked me not to before he slipped into a coma. Now you listen to me, all of you. If even one of you goes near him, I will call the cops and have you all arrested. Do you understand me?" he told them all.

"Like we'd want to," Cordelia said with an air of arrogance.

"Now get out of this library. Don't even bother to come back unless it's important," Giles ordered them before he turned and walked away, not knowing how he was going to handle this problem.


Giles sighed in relief, as the doctor who treated Xander the night before informed him that Xander had woken up from his coma. According to the doctor it surprised half the staff here that he had woken up so quickly. Giles just smiled and thanked the doctor for everything he had done to help, before heading for Xander's room.

Xander slowly looked up in alarm, thinking Buffy had come to finish him, but he relaxed when he noticed that it was just Giles. He nodded slowly at the Watcher as he sat down by his bed.

"Hey Giles?" he managed to get out before wincing in pain from his injuries.

"I'm glad to see you awake," Giles replied with a small smile, suddenly noticing the blond haired girl sitting across the other side of Xander's bed. "Amy?" he asked perplexed, remembering the witch from the love spell debacle.

"Hi Mr. Giles, I heard what happened from Willow. Well, her version of it anyway," Amy replied with a grimace.

"Giles you should know I'm only awake because of Amy," Xander suddenly blurted out.

"Excuse me?" Giles asked, suddenly nervous. "You used magic to revive him?" Giles asked feeling quite frustrated.

"I had to. I could feel him slipping away," Amy answered meekly. "I had to do something and I've known him nearly all my life," she added.

"What did you do?" Giles asked, seeing the truth in the girl's eyes.

"It was a spell in one of my mother's books. It basically makes the soul stronger and heals any serious damage to the body. That's why he's able to move. I was careful Mr. Giles, honest," Amy told him.

"I see and in this case I'm glad you did it," Giles sighed. "You basically stopped Buffy from becoming a murderer," he added tiredly.

At the very mention of the blond Slayer Xander began to shake. His nerves were on fire as images of the beating he'd taken ran through his mind. Amy noticed his reaction and quickly grabbed his hand and gave it a comfortable squeeze. Xander slowly relaxed and smiled gratefully at the blond witch. Although he had known Willow and Jessie for much of his life, he had also developed a strong friendship with Amy right up to the point where her mother had taken over her body. It had grown strong again after they'd banished her mother and given her control of her body again.

"I'm going to have to leave Sunnydale, Giles," Xander said, facing the Watcher.

"I was afraid you might say that. However, under the circumstances I sadly have

to agree," Giles said.

"I'm going with him, no matter where he goes," Amy suddenly spoke up, intending to make sure her friend would be ok.

"Amy?" Xander asked, surprised.

"We can't let you go alone Xander. You're still badly hurt and you'll need help. I can do that. Plus my father would be than happy to help," she added happily.

"I will help as much as I can Xander. Do you have any idea where you'll go?" Giles could see the determined look in Amy's eyes and knew she wouldn't be swayed, so he had decided to change the subject.

"Thanks Giles," Xander nodded as a nurse walked into the room with his meds. "I was thinking of heading to Boston. I have a cousin there," he added.

"He needs to rest now, he can have visitors again in a few hours," the nurse told them as she handed Xander some pills and cup of water.

"Of course, I'll try and get things ready for your trip, let's go Amy," Giles said, standing up.

"But what if Willow and the others turn up and try to get at him again?" Amy asked, knowing not to mention Buffy's name, as it would set Xander of again.

"If there's someone you don't want to see him, just let the front desk know and they'll make sure they don't get in," the nurse spoke up as Xander fell asleep.

"Thank you," Giles nodded in gratitude and then left the room along with Amy.


Giles walked into the library, glad to see Buffy and her group hadn't decided to hang around. It had been two weeks now since the attack and Xander was about ready to be released by the hospital. He and Amy had made all the arrangements needed for their trip with Amy's fathers help. She had Xander and herself transferred to one of Boston's many schools. Amy's father had also bought a two bedroom apartment for them to live in. He himself had set them up with a joint bank account, with help from his contacts on the Council. He had put as much money as he could into it to help them get by. Amy had promised they wouldn't waste it and he trusted her to keep her word.

He quickly looked up as Willow and Oz walked into the library. Both looked wary of him and he was glad. It meant they had taken the tongue lashing he had given them a few days ago to heart. Buffy and Cordelia however hadn't and still acted as if what they had done was right. Although neither Willow nor Oz had said sorry for their actions, they had at least realized what they had done was out of order.

"Giles, do you know where Amy is? She hasn't been in school for a week at least?" Willow asked.

Giles tried to look as if he didn't even remember the blond witch. They had decided no one would know she was leaving with Xander, especially Willow and the others.

"You know, the girl who did the love spell for Xander?" Willow added, although Giles noted how Willow's voice turned cold when she said her former best friend's name.

"I remember her and no, I don't know where she is," Giles answered, making sure to keep his face straight. "Why?" he asked.

"Just wondering," Willow replied before she turned around and left the library, followed by Oz.

Giles shook his head, hoping Xander and Amy's exit from Sunnydale would not be troubled by anyone, especially by Buffy. He was going to miss Xander, but he knew this was for the best. He didn't want Buffy to try and have another go at killing him. He was also going to miss Amy as well. He had grown to like the blond haired witch in the two weeks he had spent with her and Xander at the hospital and in making the preparations for their trip. She had indeed learned much since the love spell incident and was now more cautious when using her magic, unlike Willow who believed she was capable of controlling any kind of magic. It was sad to see such talent go to waste.


Xander watched as the bus that would take him and Amy away from Sunnydale and the Hellmouth finally arrived. His body still hurt a lot. He was still on crutches at the moment and would be for another month. He had quite a few pain killers to take until the pain stopped. He wondered if the nightmares of the assault would ever leave him.

"I wish you both a safe journey and take care of each other," Giles told them both, as the passengers began to board the bus.

"You too Giles, watch your back," Xander replied, before embracing the surprised Watcher in a hug, as best he could with the crutches. Amy soon joined the hug.

"We'll keep in touch," Xander told him, as they broke the hug. "And," Xander hesitated for a few seconds before speaking again, "keep an eye on the others, Giles. Make sure they don't' step over the line again," he finally finished.

"I promise," Giles said with a smile.

"If you two are coming, you better get on board, we leave in three minutes," a rough voice said from behind them.

"Guess this is it," Xander sighed before finally turning and boarding the bus, followed by a teary eyed Amy.

Giles managed to keep his face almost passive until the bus pulled out of the station. Once it was out of sight his eyes began to fill with tears. He knew, with Xander gone, the laughter that kept the group's spirits up was gone forever and that would be dangerous for the others. He feared how this event would affect the so called Scooby gang.others. He feared how this event would affect the so called Scooby gang.
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