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Ultimate Civil War

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Summary: A/U: Civil war between super powered beings in the marvel universe breaks out. Multiple pairings including Logan/Jean Kurt/Kitty and Spiderman/Blackcat

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Chapter One

Ultimate Civil War

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story bar the ones I created. The rest are the property of Marvel Comics and Stan Lee and includes characters out of Spiderman, The Hulk, X-Men, Captain America and Iron Man, which all belong as mention before to Marvel Comics.

Beta: Hawklan

Pairings: Logan/Jean Grey, Kurt Wagner/Kitty Pryde, Peter Parker/Felicia Hardy, Bruce Banner/Jennifer Walters

Summary: After a symbiote invasion in New York City and a battle with dark Phoenix and the Hulk causing huge casualties and damage the government decides to place huge restrictions on the super hero community and force them to give up their real identities. In response a civil war starts between those that agree with the policy and those that don’t, splitting groups such as the X men apart.

Sources for plot come from the Marvel comic Civil war series and game Spiderman Web of shadows and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2


New York City:

Peter Parker also known as Spiderman looked out over the devastation the city had undergone and sighed, knowing he may never redeem himself for what had happened. It had started like any other adventure against Venom, only something had happened during the fight and he had become bonded to

a symbiote again, giving him the black suit that had caused so much damage before. Symbiotes had also infected huge numbers of the city inhabitants when Venom had begun to spawn new ones. By the end of the second day half the city was in flames, as S.H.I.E.L.D and the local police tried to stem the tide and he fought against his own growing dark desires to help before he had encountered Felicia once again.

Blackcat, a.k.a Felicia Hardy, had come back to the city to once again try and to win him over and whilst he tried to stay loyal to Mary Jane, his long time girlfriend, he began to fall under the sway of his darker impulses helped along by the symbiote he now carried. Mary Jane tried to get him to remove it, but he refused, believing he would need the extra strength to fight and stop Venom and the other Symbiotes, but as the fight went on he had become more and more dark and also gave in to Felicia's advances.

By the end of the whole thing he was considered an enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D due to causing a hell of a lot of damage and almost helping the Symbiotes to win before he had recovered his senses. He had lost Mary

Jane, who had witnessed him kissing Blackcat, as well as has lost the respect and trust of some of his friends in the super hero community for his actions and the fact he still had the black suit bonded to him.

Well he was about to become more of an enemy to S.H.I.E.L.D, as they had taken Blackcat as a prisoner and he was going to go and free her because he loved her. He would work out where he would go from here once Blackcat was free, before turning and jumping off the building he was on and swinging off in the direction the prison where Blackcat was held was, knowing his life would no longer be the same.



Logan also known as Wolverine growled as he packed his things, ready to head out and rescue Jean Grey the woman he loved from S.H.I.E.L.D. She had been arrested and taken to a prison after a physic in the employment of the hellfire club caused the dark Phoenix to manifest and wreck havoc.

The X Men had managed to defeat her and Professor Xavier had managed to reconstruct the barriers in her mind, but that was not enough for S.H.I.E.L.D and they had taken her and what annoyed him more than anything was the fact that neither Xavier or Cyclops had tried to stop them.

He knew why Xavier had not bothered, even though he did not agree with his reasons, but Cyclops his reasons were not so understandable considering he was supposed to be her fiancée, a fact that made him still feel sick, but he had noted there seemed to be cracks in their relationship thanks to Cyclops's growing closeness to Emma Frost who somehow had been allowed to join the X Men and he wondered if that was why he had allowed Jean to be carted off, either way he would not let this stand. He put on his leather jacket and turned to leave to find Laura, Kitty and Kurt standing there.

"Are you going after her Logan?" Laura asked, making sure to keep her voice down so they were not overheard.

"You know I am," Logan answered. "What of it?" he asked hoping he was not going to have to go through them, as he liked them both as friends, whilst Laura was a clone of him she basically was his daughter something they both felt was right.

"We want to help," Kurt answered. "We didn't say anything before because we knew we would be ignored, but we also knew you would not just stand idly by and let it happen," he added with a smile, his fangs visible.

Logan sighed and ran a hand through his hair, "This isn't going to be pretty though you three. Once we hit that place we will be labeled as the enemy and we will be chased. Are you willing to face that?" he said, making sure they understood what the consequences would be.

"We're willing to do it Logan. This is the right thing to do, Jean did not ask for this to happen," Kitty responded after sharing a look with Kurt and Laura. "We're in," she stated with a smile which was echoed by Kurt and Laura.

Logan nodded, not bothering to argue as he did not have time for it and they were all capable of staying safe. They were also adults and able to make the choice for themselves. He grabbed his bag and headed for the door followed by Kitty, Kurt and Laura.

"I'll take my bike, you take your car and follow, stay close and don't fall behind," he ordered and then headed out making sure to lead them through a path that did not get them noticed.



Jennifer Walters, also known as She Hulk, was not a happy person. She was very angry at this moment in time. It had been two days since she had witnessed a huge fight between her cousin Bruce Banner, also known as the Hulk, and forces of S.H.I.E.L.D, those led by General Ross. The fight had come about, thanks to a trap which been laid to lure the Hulk in, using the one thing he would not ignore and that was Betty Ross, the woman Bruce used to love, the fact that Betty had helped her father trap Bruce angered her even more.

She had arrived a few hours behind her cousin and tried to assist him, but had been hit from behind by Tony Stark also known as Ironman with a laser which had knocked her out cold, when she had woken up she watched as her cousin, now back to his normal self, fell to the ground weak and bleeding, only to be kicked in the head by General Ross causing him to fall unconscious and then dragged off by S.H.I.E.L.D to some new prison they had built. She had again tried to intervene only to be rendered unconscious by Stark once more. She had only revived a day later and now she was tracking her cousin to where they had taken him.

The one advantage she had in this is that both, she and Bruce, had tracking transponders implanted in their arms to help them locate each other; it was something no one else knew. Bruce had come up with the idea as a way of keeping track just in case something happened and she was glad he had suggested it. She loved her cousin in ways she still was trying to come to terms with and would see no harm come to him as long as she had strength in her body.


Washington D.C:

The President, his advisers and the whole government sat in the congress hall and listened to the arguments which were now been laid after the devastation which had waylaid their country, thanks to the uncontrolled actions of those with powers, such as mutants, super heroes and villains depending on your point of view.

Nearly the entire congress and government wanted to enact very hard line rules for them all, as well as passing in harsher punishments for those who break the law and the biggest was a new regulation which would force all super heroes and mutants to reveal their real identities. A part of him knew they were heading into dangerous territory, especially when one of the senators called for the right to execute the more dangerous of the super powered members, especially the Hulk who in his mind was completely uncontrollable. He looked around and was shocked by how many agreed with this new stance and he realized that if he wanted to keep his place as President he would have to give in to a lot of their demands no matter how dangerous he believed this path was.

"Mr. President, I think in order to defend our people, our country and our way of life we must have full control over those who have powers. We must know who they are. Where they live and we must keep a very close eye on them," the senator cried before sitting down as nearly half the hall exploded in applause.

He finally stood and faced them, knowing whatever happened after this would be what he was remembered for and he prayed it all worked out. "I cannot fully believe this is the correct path to stop the madness which continues to befall us, due to the large super powered community in our country, but I also cannot deny the over whelming support these new rules and regulations now have and so with a heavy heart I must bow to your wishes and put all, but one of them into immediate effect," he began. "I will not however allow any of them to be executed, at least not now, as soon as these new laws come into effect it will cause chaos and maybe even more than that, adding in one for executions is just asking for a hell of a lot worse and we must not forget the Hulk is something Doctor Banner did not ask for and to sacrifice him is wrong," he continued. "I thank you all for coming," he finished before turning to leave, listening to the support he had for this, but he knew this was only the beginning.



Professor Xavier looked out of his window as Scott Summers(Cyclops), Emma Frost and Hank McCoy(Beast) stood at his desk, after alerting him to the disappearance of four of their numbers. The most troubling being Logan, he rubbed his forehead knowing trouble was just around the corner before turning back to his students.

"We don't know if they are going after Jean, so for now we'll stay put and wait if we get news that they have indeed gone after her, then we'll act," he told them. "If we tried to intercept them now, all it would do would cause more violence," he added.

"I know Logan, Professor. He is heading for the prison they took Jean too," Scott said. "He was very angry, that we let her be taken," he pressed.

"That maybe so Scott, but he may have just gone to the nearby bar to drown his anger, like he usually does and as for the others they may have gone to the mall," Xavier responded.

"A part of you hopes they are going after her?" Beast inquired with a smile.

"Jean is like a daughter to me, Hank. She is the student who has been with me the longest and I feel greatly for her," Xavier admitted. "What transpired was not her doing, it was the Hellfire club once again trying to gain control over the Phoenix force inside Jean and they again failed, but the damage caused by that failure was great and there will be a response from the government and soon, we can count on it which is why I let them take Jean, in hopes of calming whatever response they will give," he explained.

"I think whatever happens now, Professor, the ball is already moving and I doubt we'll escape without fighting," Emma finally spoke up. "Something tells me that Jean's episode, combined with what happened in New York and the Nevada incident will cause a huge backlash for all of us," she added rubbing her hands together.

"I believe you are right, Emma. What happened in New York with Spiderman and Venom caused many casualties and damage, as did the fight with the Hulk in Nevada. I doubt either episode is finished," Xavier agreed folding his fingers together. "She Hulk was in Nevada trying to help her cousin and was stopped by Ironman, an event I believe will have angered her all the more and from what information Fury gave about New York they took Blackcat prisoner for her actions during the crisis and Spiderman was labeled an enemy before he vanished," he rubbed his forehead feeling a headache begin to form. "These are all actions which are pushing us to a very bad end I fear. I want the mansion secured Scott just in case," he ordered as he turned to face the window once more.

"Very well Professor," Scott said, annoyed he was not going to be allowed to stop Logan, before turning to carry out his orders.

‘I hope you are prepared for the consequences of your actions you four,' Xavier projected before turning to other business.


Black Rock Creek, a day later

Logan paused as something caught his senses and he quickly popped his claws, followed a second later by Laura, Kurt and Kitty which placed themselves back to back and waited before suddenly a very familiar body appeared upside down looking at them.

"Hey guys, to what do I owe the pleasure of your company in this deserted area?" Spiderman inquired and yet they each could tell he was on edge at their presence.

"Don't worry web head, we are not here for you," Logan grunted retracting his claws and relaxing followed by the others. "I heard about what happened and I know from last time it ain't all your fault and considering you are not trying to take over the world I'd say you are back in control," he stated.

Peter stared at the mutants for a few minutes, trying to decide if they were telling him the truth, before considering the fact his spider sense was not going off, so he decided to trust them and dropped to the ground. "So what are you doing here, Logan?" he inquired.

"S.H.I.E.L.D took Jeannie, after a physic under the employ of the Hellfire club unleashed the dark phoenix and she caused a lot of damage. I've come to get her any way I can," Logan growled in response. "And you?" he asked.

"They took Blackcat as well, for actions taken whilst under the control of a symbiote. They are using it as an excuse to put her in jail and I will not stand for it," Peter responded.

"Looks like we all have the same reason for being here," a new voice said and they all turned dropping into combat ready positions before relaxing somewhat when they noted who was there.

"Jen, here for Bruce I take it?" Peter asked.

"Damn right, they lured him into a trap through Betty Ross and they unloaded everything they had on him. Ironman helped them and he managed to construct a laser which knocked me cold when I tried to help Bruce, that bastard Ross had the Gaul to kick Bruce in the head when he reverted and was defenseless. I am here to break Bruce out," she explained.

"Why the hell did Betty help take Bruce down? I thought that even though they were no longer in love that they were still friends?" Peter inquired, surprised by this turn of events.

"I don't know, didn't get a chance to ask her, but I will be dropping in on her somewhat soon to get that answer, believe me," Jennifer responded with venom in her voice.

Logan was about to reply when he felt a presence in his mind he recognized as the Professor's and noted his friends bar She Hulk and Spiderman heard it also. He shared a glance with the others and noted they did not look fazed and he was glad. So the Professor and the others knew what they planned or at least suspected they planned, but would not stop them.

"Okay, so how are we going to do this?" Laura asked and she peered out of the woods at the huge fence that ran around the prison.

"Here is how it will go. Me and She Hulk will hit the front and will cause a distraction, whilst they rest of you will port in with Kurt and go through the roof with Kitty's help, from there track down our targets and get them out. We'll join you when we can," Logan said quickly taking a look for himself.

"Good plan," Peter remarked not that he had a better one and from looking at the others neither did they.

"Stay here and wait two minutes before going and be careful all of you they will be trying to bring you down, no matter what it takes understood?" Logan said as he and Jennifer prepared to strike the gate.

"We understand, Dad," Laura said with a roll of her eyes, but smiled to show they took what he said seriously.

She may not be his daughter by normal means, but in every other way she was and she knew when he was concerned about the outcome or for those he truly cared for. At this minute that was them and she knew Kitty and Kurt picked up on it as well, as they nodded.

Logan took a deep breath, before charging at the fence and cutting it to pieces with his claws, taking the guards by surprise as he barreled into them, followed a second later by She Hulk who quickly began to knock the approaching S.H.I.E.L.D guards out, without causing lasting harm as that was not the goal here.

An alarm began to sound, but Logan quickly located a cable box and sliced it in half cutting the sound of. He turned left and headed for the metal doors that led into the prison, his back covered by She Hulk, as he knocked one of the guards out and then forced the other to punch in the code to open the door before doing the same to him.

Up on the roof Kurt appeared with Kitty and Laura before going back and bringing Spiderman. They had decided he would port in, so no one noticed his entrance, Kitty then had everyone grasp hands and then pushing her power to the max she fazed them through the concrete to the floors below before she came to the beginning of the cell blocks and stopped. She leaned against Kurt feeling tired for keeping such a large group fazed for so long before shaking her head and forcing herself forward.

"So which way do we go?" Kurt inquired.

"We'll split up, two head right and two left?" Spiderman suggested wanting to find Felicia as fast as possible.

"No, we should stick together," Kitty responded before pausing as she felt another presence in her head and smiled as she recognized Jean's voice. "We go left. Jean says the most dangerous prisoners are held there right at the end," she told them.

"Gotta love telepaths, they make things so much simpler," Peter said with a smile which could not be seen through his mask before following the mutants.

As they headed left they came into contact with the guards and a fight quickly broke out. Laura growled and popped her claws and quickly attacked, smashing into the stomach of the first guard as Spiderman jumped up, squatted against the ceiling before jumping at the second, easily evading the fire from their weapons and collided with him, sending him to the ground. Kurt and Kitty combined their skills to take down the two guards who came around the corner whilst Laura smashed the head of the guard she was fighting into to the wall, knocking him out cold and Spiderman took down his own guard with a back kick.

"Let's go," Laura called out as she took off at a run. "Move quickly or we'll get bogged down," she added as the others moved to follow. They moved quickly, fighting guards as they came making sure not to get pinned, until they came to the entrance of the block, Jean had stated she and others were held, there they were surrounded by seven guards all with guns aimed at their heads.

"Stay where you are and get your hands up," one of the guards ordered in a tight voice, his grip on his rifle firm.

"Stand aside bub," a rough voice came from behind and before the guards could act they were knocked aside by a combined strike from Logan and She Hulk, allowing Laura and the others to begin knocking them out.

One of the guards managed to get a good aim at Logan and fired hitting Logan three times in the chest causing him to growl before dropping to the ground bleeding. Laura seeing this saw red and charged the guard sticking her claws right through his side and ignoring his cries of pain before she released him and he dropped to the ground, trying to stem the flow of blood.

The others moved into the cell block whilst Laura remained with Logan until his healing factor kicked in and the wounds closed up, Laura knew there was not much that could actually hurt Logan, but that did not mean she didn't care when he got hurt, hence her reaction and Logan did not even reprimand her for it, knowing like himself her temper was always close to the boiling point. They rushed into the cell block to find Spiderman had already located Blackcat and was busy kissing her senseless, whilst She Hulk was pulling the bars off Jean's cell before heading for the one that held her cousin.

He looked in to find Jean leaning on the bed, her head against the wall looking at them. He could tell by the look in her eye she was not totally happy by their appearance, most likely considering the consequences of them breaking her out.

"Time to go Red," he finally said.

"You shouldn't have come, Logan. They had reasons to take me in," Jean replied locking her green eyes on his blue ones.

"Wrong reasons Jeannie and you damn well know it. Stop listening to fools like Xavier and Summers, who believe if we allow ourselves to be stepped on we'll be accepted, cause it won't happen ever" Logan responded. "People, especially those in power will always fear us and will want to control us, it is their nature and no matter how much Summers and Xavier will try and make it happen, they won't accept it," he continued.

Jean stared at Logan, taking in everything he was saying before nodding, knowing he was correct in nearly everything he said. It hurt to think the world would always be like this but best to accept it and move on instead of fooling one's self. She stood and exited the cell accepted hugs from the teenagers who had followed Logan, not surprised in the least to see Laura side by side with the man she was cloned from, but basically adopted as her father and vice versa, nor the fact Kurt and Kitty had helped considering how close they were to Logan as friends.

"I felt your pain a few minutes before, what happened?" she asked as she noted they were not alone Spiderman and Blackcat stood to one side and off to the far right was She Hulk who was carrying the unconscious human form of her cousin Bruce Banner, who looked like he had been worked over quite a bit.

"Got shot by a lucky guard," Logan replied. "Laura took care of it," he said proudly placing his hand on the girls shoulder.

"Kurt, help me," a new voice interrupted their conversation. One all the mutants recognized, especially Kurt who turned to the cell two doors to the right of Jean's.

"Mother," Kurt said in surprise, as he walked over and looked into the cell and saw that it was indeed Mystique, his birth mother. "How did you come to be here?" he asked whilst the others shared worried looks as whenever Kurt came into contact with the blue shape shifter he always came away emotionally drained and sometimes physically hurt.

They knew Mystique cared for her children, Kurt and her foster daughter Rogue, but she was a cold hearted mercenary with a very dark past just like Logan and sometimes she used her children to achieve her goals, no matter how it affected them. Whilst Rogue felt hatred towards her adoptive mother Kurt was the complete opposite and felt love and compassion, even though she had abandoned him as a baby although they now knew that was to safeguard him from Magneto.

"I was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D three days ago. They want me to work for them again. I refused and so they plan to use some kind of control to force me to," Mystique answered. "They are also after you Logan and also after Creed and others with a similar past. I don't know why and I am not too eager to find out, please get me out of here," she explained and pleaded.

"She is telling the truth," Jean said, having been monitoring Mystique's thoughts.

"Fuck it," Logan said and sliced the cell door open and let the woman out. "I ain't going to let S.H.I.E.L.D use any of us for whatever plans they got now. Let's blow this place before more guards turn up or worse," he added before turning and exiting the cell block, followed by the others.

They soon exited the base and found it still in a state of chaos with nearly all the guards out cold but someone else stood in their way, Ironman also known as Tony Stark.

"Fools, what were you thinking?" Stark asked, as he pointed the same laser he had used in Nevada.

"We only came for our friends Stark. Now move it or we'll move you," Logan growled as he again popped his claws.

"Thanks to you and those like you the government is about to pass laws forcing super powered beings to reveal who they really are. They will also be forced to join S.H.I.E.L.D and obey the government and they are going to enact harsher punishments for those who break the law, just like you are doing right now," Stark told them with a shake of his head. "You are just giving them more ammo to use against us all not that I don't think some of it is necessary," he added.

"Most of them will not agree to that Stark and you know it," Logan replied ready to pounce. "They will fight it," he added before jumping and taking the laser straight in the chest which sent him to the ground.

She Hulk handed Bruce to Kurt and Kitty and charged, intent on getting her revenge on Stark for helping to capture her cousin, he turned to fire on her, but Jean used her telekinesis to send the laser flying just as Logan climbed back to his feet and joined the fray as Laura and She Hulk attacked.

Suddenly a blast of laser fire sent She Hulk to the ground and they looked up to see War Machine floating in the air, obviously here to help Stark. Jean quickly took to the air as she accessed the Phoenix force whilst Spiderman and Blackcat also attacked. Logan dodged the pulsar attacks from Stark and tried to land a blow with his claws, but Stark kept moving out of range and was caught by Laura in the side denting the armor.

Bruce Banner groaned as he woke up and shook his head, noting he seemed to be in some kind of prison before the events of the last few days came back to him and he remembered he had been led into a trap by his former girlfriend Betty Ross and then was captured. He had been taken here and beaten by Ross and his cohort Talbot, after Fury had left to report the successful capture of the Hulk.

"You with us, Doc?" Kitty asked, noting Banner was waking up.

"Yes I'm awake, what is going on?" he inquired.

"We are trying to escape this prison but Stark and his friend are trying to stop us," Kurt answered as his mother leapt into the fray, obviously not used to standing aside in a fight for her freedom.

Bruce turned to where they were indicating just in time to see his cousin being blown backwards into a tank which exploded and he felt the normal rage well up, but instead of trying to control it he welcomed it. Kurt and Kitty quickly let him go as he began to transform into the Hulk, sure enough within a few seconds the Hulk stood glaring at War Machine who had been the one to harm his cousin, who was still on the ground holding her head.

"Hulk smash Metal man," the Hulk roared and charged at War Machine who turned to face the new threat only to be flung half way across the base by the powerful right hand of the Hulk.

Mystique and Jean quickly went to make sure he did not get back up and stayed out of the fight, whilst the Hulk went straight for his cousin. Ironman had seen what had happened to his friend and cursed, knowing he would not be able to defeat all of them, especially not the Hulk at this time and decided to call it quits and quickly broke from the fight and flew towards Rhodey, picking him up and leaving.

"Is cousin Jen hurt?" Hulk asked as he helped She Hulk up.

"I'm okay Cous," Jennifer replied, happy to see him awake. "Thanks for the help," she added resting her head against his chest.

Logan and the others soon joined him and looked around at the destroyed base, before they turned and began to leave knowing they were going to have to go to ground whilst Logan was thinking over what Stark and Mystique had told them.
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