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Hero Talk

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Summary: A collection of unrelated drabbles featuring random interactions between BtVs characters and Smallville characters. Feel free to send in ideas for interactions you'd like to see and maybe I'll write them. Rating for individual pieces will differ.

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To be a Hero

Author's note:

Sorry everyone, about the lack of activity. But I have been busy, school

and all, even during the summer when I thought I'd have time! But I

have recently been watching Buffy/Angel re-runs and Smallville's new

season to psych myself up! Hopefully you'll see a production increase.

On an unrelated note, I've also been

reading the Buffy comic books, and even the Superman: Earth

both of which are AWESOME!!! Seriously, those people who are

fans of Buffy are seriously mistaken in believing that the story has

ended: it has simply changed media format. Any fan of the show MUST

READ THE COMICS!!! Do it now, go! After you finish with this fic....

To Be a Hero

Illyria overlooked the sea of lights

that was the human city of Metropolis. It did not impress her, she had

traveled worlds and seen wonders none of those simpering apes could

imagine. This city was nothing in the scheme of things, a pile of rubble

just waiting to happen. A sudden rush of air interrupted her musings

and she smirked. The smirk vanished as soon as she realized it had been

involuntary. She was starting to become more in tune with her vessel,

reacting reflexively in human ways. She shook the thought off; she was

Illyria, the great Demon-King, her magnificence was in no way diminished

by the inferior form she currently inhabited.

She could sense him behind her, but did

not turn around, waiting for him to speak first.

“You called?”

She had indeed. A being who could run

all over the city to stop crimes had to have good senses, she had figured.

So she climbed one of the many towers in the city and had simply called

out to him.

“Yes, I did.”

“You're not human.”

“Well, so long as we're stating the

obvious, neither are you.”

She turned to face him at last and was

surprised by how human he looked. It was his true face, too -- she could

sense no magic or illusion.

“What do you want?” The Blur demanded,

expecting a fight.

“Take care in the tone you use to address

me, boy!” she warned. “I have not come here to fight you,

but if you disrespect me again, a fight you shall have.”

There was a moment's pause before he

spoke again. “I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend.” Illyria snorted,

another disgustingly human reaction -- she really had to watch out for


“You would've made a terrible demon

lord, You never humble yourself before another demon.”


“Isn't that what you are? I figured

you might not be, no demon I can think of would devote himself to protecting

citizens of this filthy city. Half-demon perhaps? Or something new....”

“What I am isn't important. Who are

you and what is it that you want?”

“My name is Illyria, and once I was

a great ruler in this world.”

“I've never heard of you.”

“I would not have expected you to.

As to why I'm here, whimsy.”


“Yes, I want to know why you're doing


The Blur's eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Doing what?”

Illyria turned again to look out over

the city. Her senses had deadened considerably since her power had been

siphoned. In a way she was glad: she would no longer have to feel the

stink of humanity pressing so close against her. But she could still

remember some of it, and even now, could touch a tendril of what lay

on the streets below.

“Why does a being of your power defend

these insects?”

“They aren't insects, they are human


“To me it's the same thing! These creatures

have no power; only a fool wastes his on the weak.”

“It is for exactly that reason that

I protect them.”

“How nauseating.”

Illyria once again turned away from the

Blur, staring out at the city. She heard footsteps as he came to stand

beside her, but she refused to acknowledge him.

“What about you, Illyria? What do you

amount to?”

Illyria whirled on him, but he caught

her fist in his own and she railed against the circumstances that had

left her here in this tiny shell, depleted of her former powers.

“How dare you! I once ruled over a

thousand worlds!”

“There are billions in this galaxy

alone,” he replied.

“I have lived for millions of your


“To the sun, you are just a child throwing

a tantrum.”

Illyria screamed in rage and swung again,

but he was gone in a gust of wind and several feet away now.

“Importance, power, size -- these things

are all relative, Illyria. How hard have you had to fight?” he asked.

Illyria paused, unsure of what he meant,

indignation fueling a desire not to answer him, simply to be impudent.

Not at all unlike the child he had accused her of being moments ago.

Illyria released her anger, telling herself she was quite above it.

“I have never had to fight, so great

was my power that all things that opposed me fell with ease!”

“Then what could you possibly know

of these people?” The Blur had walked back to the edge of the building's

roof and gazed upon the city, an invisible gesture for her to do the


“All those people do out there is struggle.

You claim that they are insignificant, that they have no power. Yet

even though they are so weak, they struggle with everything they have.

Their lives are a constant battle, and look at all they have accomplished.

All that power you were given, what did you use it for, Illyria?”

“I used it as I willed. That is the

right of the strong.”

“Then you have no claim to superiority.

All that power, did you ever use any of it to push limits? Did you ever

use it for the betterment of yourself, of your kind? These people, these

humans, these ants...they have earned all the power they have. I say

that they are the superior ones. They are trying all the time

to better themselves, to reach higher. Did your kind ever do that, Illyria?

That is why I protect them. They will be magnificent, one day.”

Illyria said nothing; she had nothing

to say. The silence began to stretch, and soon the Blur began to move

away again.

“Walk among them, Illyria. Watch them,

and I have no doubt that soon you will be able to see what I see in

them.” And in a gust of wind, he was gone.

Illyria stood on that roof for a long

moment more.

“Hmph, I couldn't care less.” she

said as she departed. She wandered the dark alley of the city, heading

back to where the human flying machine was located. They were not

given the ability to fly,
she reflected. They achieved it


She heard then a scream of fear, and

before she could think about what she was doing she was running, soon

finding herself in an alley where a man stood over a woman on the ground,

brandishing a knife. The man turned to face Illyria and pointed the

knife at her.

“Run away, girlie, and you won't get


The dull impact of the man's body colliding

with a wall was barely audible over all the sirens and other ambient

sounds of the city.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you...,”

the woman cried before running off. Illyria stood in that alley, looking

down its dark path, seeing the illumination of the street lamps at its


“Very well,” she spoke, knowing that

The Blur could hear her, but not intending the statement for him. “I'm



Next time on “Hero Talk”:

The Request

“Hey there, Clark...,” the dark-haired

man said, rubbing his hands together in a way Clark could only see as

a sign of anxiety.

“Xander,...can I help you with something?

Are you okay?”

Xander took a long breath and swallowed

several times, like he was working up the courage to say something.

Clark's hand clenched in anticipation.

“What's wrong?” he asked again.

“Clark,” Xander finally spoke, “I...need

a favor...and it's,'re not going to like it...”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Hero Talk" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Nov 10.

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