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Hero Talk

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Summary: A collection of unrelated drabbles featuring random interactions between BtVs characters and Smallville characters. Feel free to send in ideas for interactions you'd like to see and maybe I'll write them. Rating for individual pieces will differ.

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Close Encounters

Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Angel, or any of the characters.

Opening Note: "Hero Talk" is a series of short drabbles, all mostly unrelated, focusing on random interactions between characters in the Buffyverse and the Smallville 'verse. It's really just a place for me to play around and experiment with different things in writing, and also to write out short scenes that I thought of without needing to create a whole long story behind it. Some will contain romance, some won't, and you may see a scene here appear in another of my stories (sometimes they tend to have themes in common). Some of them might even become full stories.

Also, feel free to suggest an interaction you'd like me to write, and I'll think about it.

Also many many thanks to RevDorothyL for helping me by doing the BETA thing.

Now, moving on:

I can tell this is just going to be one of those days, thought Clark Kent -- super-powered alien refugee from the planet Krypton, A.K.A. the Red-Blue Blur (or more correctly, "The Blur", since he had swapped his attire to all black) -- as he looked at the young brunette woman he had pulled out of the path of a speeding car moments ago.

Clark thought nothing of it at the time: another day, another save, as it were. He had pulled her out of traffic and super-sped away. He almost instantly became aware of the pressure of the girl's hand on his wrist and, when he had looked back, he had seen her trailing out behind him. The woman, in her terror, must have grabbed onto him reflexively.

Clark knew he couldn't stop here in the middle of this crowded street, and if she let go at the speed they were moving she would probably be killed. So Clark ran up to a rooftop and stopped, holding the girl so the sudden deceleration wouldn't send her flying off the building. He was about to take off again, but she still hadn't let go of him.

"Um...excuse me, Miss...I'm going to need you to let go." Clark was silenced when the woman held up a finger to indicate that he should wait for her to catch her breath.

"Ah...ah...god...that...hah!" she gasped laboriously for a few more seconds before she looked up at Clark, at which point her breath stopped again for several seconds.

"Wow," she said. "Wasn't expecting you to be so handsome."

The compliment painted Clark's face red, and he tried to shake off his embarrassment.

"Thank you, but I really need to go, Miss..."

"Summers, Dawn Summers."

"...right. Look, Miss Summers - "

"Dawn!" she insisted.

"Dawn," Clark corrected himself, "I kind of need to get back to work, so if you'd be so kind... ?" He lifted his arm, and her own arm -- still attached to his by way of her grip -- rose with it.

"Oh, yeah...sorry about that. But I did it because I need to talk to you. If I let go of your hand, promise you won't run away?"

Clark nodded and she let go.

"So," she began, "you're it, huh? The infamous 'Red-Blue Blur'. I kind of like the new look, though...well, actually, since I have no clue what the other look looked like I guess I can't talk; I just kind of said that 'cause, you know, black usually looks good on people -- it's slimming and all that, though not everyone can pull it off, but you can, of course. I mean, you look, I'll shut up now."

Clark's mouth was slightly open in astonishment. That girl hadn't taken a single breath.

"Are you okay?" he asked her, hoping her super-speed trip hadn't caused any damage, possibly to her brain.

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine, just a bit of a babbler." Dawn turned away from him, mortified. This mission was definitely not going according to plan. She was already nervous that she was meeting THE Metropolis Blur. She had met hero types before, but this guy was practically a celebrity. The fact that he was also extremely cute did nothing to calm her nerves. Although, in retrospect, it was probably a good thing the Scoobies picked her for this mission instead of Faith as they originally intended. Almost getting run over by a car hadn't been part of the plan, but it all seemed to have worked out okay in the end.

Okay, Dawn, focus. This is your first solo mission, All your begging and groveling to Buffy -- and going behind her back to Willow, not that Dawn would ever admit to that --has finally paid off. Time to show them what you're made of... .Wow, he has really blue eyes. I don't think I've ever even seen a shade of blue like that - No, focus!

"What is it you need to talk to me about, Miss Su - Dawn?"

"Oh, right. Okay, so...I'm here representing the Watchers Council. Do you know who they are?"

Clark nodded. He wasn't a big fan of the mystic community (a few bad experiences), but he didn't ignore it. Zatanna and some of his other comrades who dealt with the occult kept him apprised of the various goings on of the magical world.

"Oh, you do? Okay, good....that makes my job much easier."

"What job is that?"

"I'm here to offer, how can I put this? An olive branch? No, that's not alliance? No, too Middle Earth...You know what, forget it! I'm here because you're a hero, and we're heroes, and together we can probably help each other be all heroic!"

There was a pause which would have been silent if it weren't for the fact that silence doesn't exist in Metropolis.

"So, what exactly are you asking for?" Clark asked.

"In summation? Can I have your number?"


"Yeah, sorry, an inappropriate sense of humor is kind of part of the whole package when dealing with Slayers and New Watchers. We just think that maybe it would be best for everyone if we knew how to get in know, just in case."

Clark stopped to consider this. The girl didn't seem to be lying, and with his enhanced senses, Clark could usually spot a lie on the other side of the continent. He himself had been something of a lone wolf most of his life, avoiding really getting into the hero business until the past two years. However, she did have a point, and Clark felt strangely honored that the Watchers Council, who Zatanna had told him had been pretty much on top of protecting the world since the dawn of humanity, were seeking him out. He would need to be careful, still; being cautious never hurt.

"Before I make any decisions, I'll need to speak to the other members of my team," Clark finally responded. He noticed Dawn's eyes widen in response. She hadn't known he had a team.

"Yeah, sure, the more the merrier...Um, so how about we meet up and discuss this, say tomorrow at eight o'clock? I hear there's a really nice Italian restaurant on the corner of 107th street and 57th avenue."

Clark's eyebrows scrunched together briefly in concentration. "That's a pizza place."

"Hey, I'm a simple girl."

Clark chuckled at her. "Okay, sounds good."

"'re buying!"

Before Clark could respond, Dawn had removed a small glass vial from her pocket and thrown it on the floor where it broke and created a burst of smoke. Clark quickly cleared it with a bit of super-breath, but Dawn had gone.

Looks like I'm about to meet some very interesting people.


Special sneak peek: In the next chapter, titled, "To be a Hero", the reborn Old One Illyria meets a being in the human city of Metropolis with powers rivaling her own which he uses to protect its citizens. Curious, she confronts this so-called "Blur" on why he does what he does.
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