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Walking the Path

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Gypsy Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Set after the love spell episode. Xander begins to walk his own path after learning of his true origins. This also has a twist from the love spell ep with Xander actually sleeping with Jenny during the spell and the reactions from the rest of the group.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Het
Anime > Hellsing
RazialFR182144,23311127117,0028 May 101 Sep 10Yes

Chapter 2

Walking the Path Chapter 2

Xander tensed as he watched Angelus prepare to jump, he knew he would have seconds to move clear and attack. Finally Angelus jumped his teeth bared and his eyes full of hate. Xander didn't hesitate and jumped backwards before swinging his sword in a wide arc at the spot he had just occupied, cutting Angelus in the chest as the vampire landed, causing him to growl.

Angelus was surprised by the human's fast reaction and then cursed himself for remembering how his souled self had underestimated him and paid for it. As much as he hated the boy, properly the only thing he had in common with Angel, he knew the kid was full of potential and could be a danger as had been proven when he had faced off against him at the hospital.

He faced the boy who held his sword at the ready while keeping the stake towards his side. He wondered where the boy had learnt such tactics and then recalled the Halloween incident which had turned the boy into a soldier and realized bits of that experience must have stayed in his head. He backed off a bit, a little unsure of how to proceed as he did not process the information he needed to deal with the boy.

"Come on dead boy lets go," Xander taunted him, trying to sound confident.

Angelus didn't respond and jumped at him again this time missing the sword only to be caught by the stake in his side causing him jerk backwards leaving him open to a side kick from the boy which knocked him to the ground.

Xander didn't hesitate in turning grabbing Janna and running towards the exit: he dropped the stake and grabbed his little surprise which he threw near the vampire as he climbed back to his feet only to be knocked backwards as the small explosive Xander had created went off, sending small bits of shrapnel into his leg and side.

Outside the school Xander jumped into his car followed closely by Janna. It took him a second to start the engine and then quickly jerked the wheel and drove away from the school as quickly as possible. He watched his view rear mirror as Angelus limped outside the building, growling at being out witted by his foe.

"Thank you Alex," Janna said as her heart beat finally began to slow down.

"We got lucky Janna that's all. If he had been prepared for the fact I retained some of what happened during the Halloween spell and some of the hyena enhancements we'd both be dead," Xander shot back, breathing hard as he finally began to relax.

"Still I should have known you'd be watching my back," Janna said as she lay back against the comfortable car seat.

"You should have listened to me and then your life and mine would not have almost ended," Xander replied, giving her a quick glance.

"I know I'm sorry, but I did finish the translation," she told him. "If we can do the spell Angel will be back," she added.

"It isn't happening Janna. Angel had his chance and he blew it," Xander replied hotly. "You said yourself this soul spell is dangerous and there is no way in hell I am losing you or anyone else for that monster," he added.

Janna looked like she was about to object, before she realized just how serious Xander was and there was no guarantee that the spell would work, so she let it rest before another thought entered her head.

"But what about Buffy?" she asked.

"I won't risk it for her either. Angelus, by all rights, should be dead when we dealt with the Judge. Buffy should have staked him and finished it," Xander answered. "Instead she let him go and he has carved a bloody path through Sunnydale since, whilst all she has done is cry and wine about not being able to be with her soul mate," he continued. "She doesn't deserve it," he finished coldly.

Janna thought long about Xander's reply and could find no fault with his logic.

She had been so obsessed with finishing the curse, so that she could find forgiveness within the group she had given no thought to the fact that she had done nothing wrong, except following her people's orders. Something Buffy couldn't understand as she was blinded by her feelings, whilst Rupert was just following Buffy.

The fact that neither Slayer or Watcher were trying to deal with the viscous vampire showed that in truth they didn't deserve to have someone risk their soul in such a risky spell. She looked up as the car came to a stop and she noticed that they had arrived at her house.

Angelus snarled as he limped back to the factory. His rage at being out smarted by Harris was driving him insane.

He had not expected the boy to have any hidden talents though his possessions and it had cost him, although the boys speed had been even more unexpected. He would have to think about how to deal with him a bit more carefully as it seemed neither the slayer or his souled self had really any clues as to what Xander Harris was capable off.

At least he had stopped the Romany from completing her soul spell to chain him within Angel again, so tonight had not been a total loss.

Xander watched as Janna sat back down after making them some tea. He still marveled at her beauty and he quickly looked away as she caught him staring at her.

"So what do we do now?" he asked.

Janna just smiled at Xander's inability not to stare at her. It almost made her blush. "If you will not let me do the spell, then we have to kill Angelus once and for all," Janna replied as she settled into her sofa.

"We're going to need help to do that," Xander said thoughtfully.

"Buffy and the others will not help either of us," Janna said, stating something they both knew very well.

"No but there is someone else we can call on to help," Xander told her as his face brightened at the idea he just had.

"Who?" Janna asked intrigued.

"Kendra," Xander answered back with a smile. "Two slayers remember? She will have no problem in killing dead boy," he added, as he watched Janna gotten on to what he was getting at.

"Of course," she agreed, before her thoughts came to a crashing halt, "but we don't have a way of contacting her," she pointed out.

"Actually we do. I stole her number from Giles's office, just in case something came up and we needed the extra support and the others didn't want to call on her," Xander informed her.

Janna smiled at his sneakiness, while wondering what else she didn't know about her friend, she suddenly felt sick again and quickly ran to the bathroom.

A few seconds later, after emptying her stomach, she began to piece a few things together which could cause her to be sick so often and what she came up with shocked her. She sat down on the bath rim as she tried to come up with a counter to her own realization, but she came up short.

If she was right then she and Xander were in for a very confusing time and then she thought about what her family would say when they found out.

"Janna, are you okay in there?" Xander's concerned voice came through the door.

'First things first,' Janna thought and that was why she would have to tell Xander, just what she believed was wrong with her, she stood up and exited the bathroom.

"I'm okay Alex and I think I know what's causing me to be sick so often," she told him as she sat down bringing him with her.

"What is it?" Xander asked.

"I'm pregnant," Janna answered, looking him straight in the eye.
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