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Walking the Path

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Gypsy Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Set after the love spell episode. Xander begins to walk his own path after learning of his true origins. This also has a twist from the love spell ep with Xander actually sleeping with Jenny during the spell and the reactions from the rest of the group.

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Chapter 21

Walking the Path Chapter 21

Three Weeks later

Xander smiled and was pleased so far with his progress. He had come quite far in his combat training, as he was helped along by the memories he still had from the Halloween spell. The others were having a little more trouble, as none of them had any real experience with hand to hand combat. Janna was slightly ahead, as she had been given some basic training when she was a teenager in her tribe.

He was having a bit more trouble is his training with the ancient magic of the gypsies, whilst Janna was progressing much faster as was his mother. This didn't bother him to much, as he knew learning magic had to be taken slowly and could not be rushed.

He had seen little of Buffy and her group, as he had basically dropped out of school as had Amy and currently they were being home tutored by Lilith and Adrian, who having been alive for so long knew quite a lot about the subjects they wanted to learn about, especially history and science which they believed would come in handy during their quest. Janna was continuing their computer course with the computer at the manor, whilst Jessica had decided to teach them how to cook, in case they ever were separated.

It had been a long three weeks and they had learned a lot, even if they were also quite tired each night. They had helped Kendra and Mr. Zabuto settle in and set up a decent patrol schedule which would ensure they didn't run into Buffy's group to often. His friendship with Kendra had strengthened and he would be quite sad when they left Sunnydale in a few days time to begin their quest.

Jack Crow and his team had been having quite a blast taking out the Hellmouth vampires and various demons they had come across. The team who would be stationed on the Hellmouth had arrived the week before and had been given all the information they would need to survive. Jack and his team had left three days ago and were heading for a hunt down in Texas. He had given him a way of getting in contact with him if he needed any help.

"Hey Alex," Amy said as she approached.

"How is it going Amy?" he asked with a smile, as he put down the book he was supposed to be reading.

"Lilith says we'll be leaving tomorrow," his friend replied. "I guess she thinks the quicker we get started the better," she added.

"I kind of agree," Xander nodded. "Nervous?" he asked.

"No," Amy shot back. "I'll be quite happy to leave Sunnydale and our home tutoring has been going well, so it's not like we're going to miss anything," she added.

"I know," Xander replied. "I guess we better start finish packing," he added as he got up.

"Do you think we'll ever come back here?" Amy asked, as she followed him towards their rooms.

"Sadly I think we will," Xander answered. "Something will come along which will require us to come back," he added and wished that he would never would have to come back to Sunnydale.

'And so it begins young one,' Vlad's voice echoed inside his head, giving him the impression that Vlad was looking forward to the adventure ahead and seeing it through his eyes.


Cassandra watched as Alexander and the others began to finish their preparations for their journey. It was almost time and she hoped they would encounter little that could prove deadly to them, but she knew in her heart that it was something that was more than likely to happen. Alexander and his friends had a lot to prove, before they could reach their goal.

"Do not worry too much Cassandra. What is meant to be will be," the tall man advised her.

"I know my lord," she answered with a sigh.

"They have much to experience and learn, but together I believe they will do fine," the tall man added before he vanished.

Cassandra nodded her head absently and looked back at the viewing pool and smiled as she watched Alexander prepare for his final night in Sunnydale.


The next day they began loading the coach Adrian had acquired with their stuff. What they decided to leave behind would be stored in the mansion. It had a very impressive security system, which was tied into the main Hellsing security net.

Xander was feeling quite excited about the beginning of their quest and he noticed Janna was looking slightly off color, but he knew she would be okay. He was glad Adrian had brought a coach which had a toilet, as he knew Janna was still experiencing morning sickness. He looked up as he noticed that Kendra and Mr. Zabuto were approaching.

"Hey," he said with a wave, as he walked over.

"I take it you are almost ready?" Mr. Zabuto asked.

"Yeah we're just loading the last of our stuff, so are you two going to be okay?" he asked, still feeling slightly down about leaving his friends.

"I am sure we will, especially with the help of Team Shadow," Mr. Zabuto assured him.

"I agree, they are very good hunters and they are willing to work with us," Kendra added with a nod. "Whilst Buffy and her group are trying to stay away from us, we can call them, if we need to," she added with a frown.

"Just watch your backs," he warned them, as Janna and Lilith approached.

"We are ready to leave," Lilith informed him. "Mr. Zabuto, a small Hellsing team will be arriving on the Hellmouth at the end of the week and will be stationed at the manor," she informed the watcher. "They will be on call to aid you at any time. They will also begin the process of trying to build some bridges with the Watcher's council and the Vatican," she added.

"Sounds like the Hellmouth will be properly guarded from now on," Kendra said with a smile at the news.

"I agree," Mr. Zabuto said. "Thank you and please pass along my thanks to Sir Integra," he added.

Xander shook the watcher's hand, before he gave Kendra a quick hug. Janna and the others said their goodbyes and then boarded the coach and prepared to move out.

"So where are we heading first?" Jessica asked. She felt more free than she had in a long time, especially in light of the fact that she was now officially divorced from her husband.

"We'll be making a short stop in LA and then we move on towards Boston," Lilith answered.

Her father had decided they should start in LA, so that they could visit his lawyers and get some legal backup in case they got into any trouble, whilst they travelled and then to Boston due to the fact he believed one of the few Nosferatu who were still alive was stationed there and he was hoping he or she would be someone who might be willing to help them. If it turned out her or she was a threat, they had been ordered to eliminate the Nosferatu.


Cassandra watched the coach, which was carrying Alexander and his friends leave Sunnydale with a smile. Their quest had finally begun and now time would tell if Alexander was truly the one who she had long believed would be the one to save her scattered people.


In England Alucard also smiled, as he watched things through his growing link to Alexander. He was quite looking forward to seeing what the boy could do outside of the confines of the Hellmouth.

"What happens now, master?" Seras asked from beside him.

"Now we will see if Alexander truly has the potential I believe he does," he replied to his fledgling.

"And if he does?" she asked with curiosity.

"Then I believe I will be face to face with the boy in a few years and I will most likely grant him what it is he wishes of me," he answered, as he watched Alexander cuddle up to his mate and begin to fall asleep.

The end for now, watch out the sequel which will start soon.

The End

You have reached the end of "Walking the Path". This story is complete.

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