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Walking the Path

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Gypsy Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Set after the love spell episode. Xander begins to walk his own path after learning of his true origins. This also has a twist from the love spell ep with Xander actually sleeping with Jenny during the spell and the reactions from the rest of the group.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Het
Anime > Hellsing
RazialFR182144,23311127117,0968 May 101 Sep 10Yes

Chapter One

Walking the Path Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the vampire slayer or any other of the characters in this story they belong to Joss Whedon and whoever else created the characters used in this story. Hellsing belongs to Kōta Hirano.
Any characters I created I own.

Pairing: Janna Kalderash / Xander Harris

Note: First mention of Vlad/Dracula/Alucard will happen in chapter 4 or 5 before he comes into play.

Thanks to Hawklan for fixing this story up a bit.

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A big thank you to cloudleonsgurl for her fanart. You can find this one and other great ones here:


Alexander Harris was not having a good day, but then ever since the end of the love spell his life had taken a down turn. He had only wanted vengeance after Cordelia had humiliated him during Valentine's Day by dumping him and seeing Amy doing magic had just seemed to be an easy way to make her feel the same pain as he had been enduring.

He had not foreseen what chaos he would call down, not only on himself, but also on his friends or former friends as it stood at the moment. One of the things to come out of the whole thing was that his former friends had accused him of being an immature idiot and of trying to take advantage of them, whilst they were under the spell.

It seemed Buffy and the others had ignored the fact that he ignored all of their advances bar one, Jenny Calendar or Janna Kalderash, as that was her true name, was not someone to be turned down by anyone with a brain and when she had got him alone she had initiated him into the world of pleasure. Afterwards when all had been sorted out Janna had not yelled at him, instead she had given him a small smile before walking out of the library.

As far as he could see only she and Amy were still on good terms with him. Amy had enjoyed spending time with him even without the magic spell and so they had started a new friendship. He looked up as he noticed Buffy and Willow standing near their lockers glaring at him, as if he had actually done anything seriously wrong. He shook his head and moved on towards the computer room where he knew Janna would be.

Janna Kalderash sat staring at her computer screen, as she continued to work on the soul spell in her free time as well as gather the necessary items she would need.

She was close to actually finishing it, but she was fearful of how much it would cost to cast the spell. Soul magic was not something to mess with lightly and only the strongest of her tribe could possible hope to harness the magic.

She looked up as the doors to her room opened and Alexander Harris entered, looking slightly depressed as he had for the past three weeks since the love spell. He was another reason for her current apprehension and confusion. During the love spell she had ended up having sex with the young man. Afterwards she had been confused due to the fact that she had enjoyed the freedom granted to her by the spell and her own growing liking of Xander replacing the hurt she had felt when Rupert had turned on her when the truth about why she was in Sunnydale had come out.

"Hey Miss Calendar," he said forgetting that he was allowed to call by her actually name.

"Problem Xander?" she asked as she saved her progress.

"Not really, it's just a bit boring not having some friends to hang with all the time, seeing as Amy has her own things to do," he replied.

"They obviously weren't that good friends, Xander, due to how they have been treating you," she replied, suddenly feeling sick as she had off and on for the last week and a half. "Excuse me for a few minutes, I'll be back soon," she told her friend before she ran out.

Xander watched somewhat confused before a hint of concern hit him as well. He sat back into his chair and began to let his thoughts stray.


Angelus growled as he watched Spike wheel himself away after another confrontation. He hated the blond vampire more than he hated Xander Harris, the slayer's clown of a friend.

He couldn't deny the fact that Spike was a violent killer and a very effective fighter, but he was also too independent and also always tried to ruin his plans.

"The stars are singing," Dru's voice interrupted his thoughts and he turned to look at his insane childe.

"Anything interesting Dru?" he asked.

"It's a warning, the stars say that the nasty gypsy teacher is trying to harm you," Dru warned him.

"How?" he growled again, as he thought about the gypsies and then the fact that they were the reason he had been cursed in the first place.

"She intends to use a spell to bring Angel back," Dru answered looking more insane than normally.

Angelus seethed with rage at the very idea of the weakling Angel coming back to imprison him again. He turned and stalked towards the window hoping night fell fast tonight so he could deal with the gypsy.

Xander watched as Janna returned looking slightly better than she had when she had run out of the room. She now looked concerned about something as well.

"Are you okay Janna?" he asked.

"I don't know, for the last week and a half I've been sick and I don't know what's causing it," she replied. "Added to that, the spell is almost finished, but I don't know if anyone can actually cast it," she added, before she realized what she had in adversely let slip.

"What spell?" Xander asked suddenly alert.

"It's nothing really," she tried, but after noticing Xander's disbelieving look she relented. "I've been working on Angelus' soul curse, translating it during my free time, night and day since I found it," she informed him.

"Soul spell?" Xander asked. "Sounds dangerous," he added.

"It is Xander," Janna assured him. "But it may be the only way we can stop Angelus' killing spree," she told him.

"You said you work on this at night as well, where?" he inquired in a concerned tone.

"Here," she said simply, noticing him frown.

"Are you crazy? This is a public building, which means any vampire can enter it and if they do you'll be dead in seconds," he almost shouted at her, his sudden fear for her safety surprising himself quite a bit.

Janna paled a little, as she realized she had forgotten that very rule, as she had become obsessed with redoing the soul spell and stopping Angelus in his tracks.

"You actually forgot about that, didn't you?" Xander said seeing how she had paled. "Janna please tell me that you won't do that again," he said concerned again.

"I can't. I am almost finished Alex," she answered looking away.

Xander knew better than to try to convince the lovely Romany woman not to risk her life, so he vowed to make sure her back was covered that night.


Angelus walked through the hallways of Sunnydale high with a slightly insane kind of smile as he began to plot how to best use Janna Kalderash death to his advantage. He knew it would hurt Buffy to know she had failed in her duty to protect innocents due to the fact she had let him go at the mall, but the effect it would have on Rupert Giles would be devastating, because even after recent events the Watcher loved the woman.

He had been so deep in thought that he had not noticed that he was been ghosted through the school by a shadow.

Xander looked on in anger and hatred as Angelus entered the school, intending to murder what he believed to be the sole occupant of the school at that time. He was about to be surprised. Xander hefted the stake and small sword he had appropriated from Giles's armory and prepared himself for a very hard fight.

He waited as he listened to Angelus taunt Janna after he had entered the computer room. He knew the vampire's background, how he liked to make his victims run full of terror and so he waited then, as Janna suddenly shot out of the room he jumped into a flying kick catching a surprised Angelus and knocking him backwards into the doors.

Janna came to a halt at the noise, turned around and stared in shock as Xander appeared out of nowhere and nailed the twisted vampire with a jump kick. He was carrying a stake and a sword and was obviously ready for a hell of a fight.

She knew he had been right not to have come here tonight, but she hadn't been able to resist coming and now that she had finished the spell she knew it had been the right choice, although now it seemed it would doom both her and Xander to certain death.

"Harris," Angelus spat as he stood up.

"Dead boy," Xander returned as he readied his sword and stake.

"Two for the price of one, I came here to stop her from chaining me back inside that weakling Angel, but killing you as well will break the others all the faster," Angelus smiled viscously at the thought.

"A little over confident aren't you dead boy?" Xander shot back as he stepped backwards towards Janna, knowing even if he managed to land a good blow that they would only have a few seconds to get to his uncle's car which was parked outside.

Angelus snarled and leaped at the annoying friend of the Slayer.
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