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Of ministry workers and demon hunters

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Extras for 'Love Is ...'". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Percy and Wesley compare skills. Part of my 'Love is ...' series, but can stand alone. Slashy undertones.

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Harry Potter > Wesley-Centered > Pairing: Percy WeasleyCorruptedSmileFR131940159638 May 108 May 10Yes
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything you recognise and I’m not profiting in any way from this story.

‘B:tVS’ belongs to Joss Whedon and others. ‘HP’ belongs to J.K. Rowling and others.

Pairing: It’s Percy/Wesley. Or it will become this pairing, in any case. Not there yet.

Crossover: B:tVS/Harry Potter

Rating: FR13

Part of? Part of the ‘Extras for Love is ...’ series.

Spoilers: Let’s just make this spoilers for all B:tVS seasons, okay? And for all the Harry Potter books as well. Some things I’ll keep, some things I won’t.

Summary: Percy and Wesley are comparing skills.

What happens? Further development of the Percy/Wesley pairing. Set during the housewarming party in part three of the ‘Love is ...’ series.


Story: Of ministry workers and demon hunters.

Percy looked at Wesley in awe. “So, you—”

“Yes.” Wesley nodded to emphasise his answer.

“Really?” Percy looked closely at Wesley, not sure that he should believe him.


‘Hmm, a short answer didn’t tell much, now did it?’ “Why?”

Wesley barely refrained from rolling his eyes at the question. “Because I want to.”

Percy narrowed his eyes at that non-answer. “Not good enough, Wesley.”

“Why do you want to know so badly?” Wesley asked exasperated.

“Because nobody has ever wanted me for my *murmur* skills,” Percy answered quietly, throwing a quick look at the others sitting at their table. Nobody seemed to be paying them any attention, though. Which was good, because he would die of shame if they had been listening to what they were saying.

“Nobody?” Wesley asked surprised.

“Well,” Percy stammered. “There was Penelope. I used to do it with her. But that was a long time ago. Nobody since then.”

Wesley looked at Percy in shock at that answer. Then he said firmly, “This will end now. You shouldn’t just stop doing it!”


At the choked sound that came from the person sitting beside him, Wesley turned around to address said person. “Ah, Mrs. Hermione Weasley. Just the person I wanted to talk to next. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to join me and Percy here.”

“Join you?!” Hermione wouldn’t ever admit to it, but she squeaked when she asked that.

“Yes, join us. I assure you that we could use you very much,” Percy said, leaning around Wesley to be able to watch who he was talking to.

“Use me?!” Hermione looked angry when he said that. “Percy Weasley! Have you forgotten that I’m married to your brother?!”

Percy looked at her strangely. “Of course not. How could I forget something like that?”

“Then why would you ask me this?” Now it was Hermione’s turn to look strangely at him.

“Because we’re interested in your talents,” Wesley said.

Hermione gasped at the nerve of the man. “Of all the—. Percy Weasley! I cannot believe you condone this kind of behaviour!”

“What kind of behaviour is she talking about?” Percy whispered to Wesley, keeping close eye on Hermione’s reddening face.

“I’m not sure. Surely what we suggested isn’t cause for this reaction?” he whispered back.


“Hermione, dear, what’s going on?” Molly asked her daughter-in-law quietly.

“Percy—. And then Wesley—. And they are—!” she stammered, rage coursing through her body.

“Breathe, Hermione. Breathe,” Ron said, trying to calm his wife down.

“They were talking about sex!” Hermione finally found the words she had been looking for. “And they had the nerve to proposition me!”

The reaction of everyone was instantaneous, shock was the most common reaction. Percy and Wesley were looking as shocked as everyone else.

“Percy Weasley!” Molly screeched. “You were what?!”

“Mum, I didn’t. I swear I didn’t,” he said quickly. “And neither did Wesley.”

“I assure you, Mrs. Weasley, that we didn’t do what she accused us of.” Wesley threw a nasty look at Hermione when he spat the word she.

“Oh, don’t try and deny it, mister. I had been following your conversation,” Hermione said. “And then you proposed that I join you.”

“Well, yes. I agree that we did want you to join you,” Wesley admitted, shocking everyone further. “But we weren’t talking about sex. We were talking about research skills.”

“Research skills?!” Hermione scoffed. “So that’s what they are calling it these days, is it?”

“Actually, they just call it sex these days.” Fred decided to add to the conversation.

“Yeah. You of all people should know about sex, Hermione. I mean, you’ve been having it with Ron for quite some time now.” Following his brother’s example, George decided to add to Hermione’s misery.

“Researching is something entirely different than sex. Didn’t you know?” Xander added. “If sex were the same thing as research, I would have had sex with quite a lot of people. Even during the time I’ve been together with the twins.”

“Alright, you three, that’s enough.” Giles decided that they had had enough fun at the expense of Hermione. A Hermione who clearly didn’t appreciate the fact that the joke was on her for once.

Percy decided to try and persuade his mother one more time of the fact that he was innocent. “Mum, I swear that Wesley and I weren’t talking about sex. We were only comparing our researching skills.”

Molly sighed. “I believe you, Percy.”

Seeing that the fight was done, everyone turned back to their meals and conversations.


“Mummy?” Victoire decided to ask when it was quiet again.

“Yes?” Fleur answered.

“What’s sex?” She blinked large, innocent eyes at her mother.

Fleur glared at Hermione, who had the grace to blush. “Nothing you should be worried about. I’ll tell you when you’re older. Go play, Victoire.”

Giving her mother a happy smile, the little girl went and did what she had been told to do.


A/N: Last scene to be set during the housewarming party.

Question: Who here knew that the conversation was about researching skills? And who thought that they were talking about sex, just like Hermione?

Reviews are so very welcome, while flames are so very not. Any and all flames will be seriously mocked!

The End

You have reached the end of "Of ministry workers and demon hunters". This story is complete.

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