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Hairspray Slayer

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Summary: Buffy gets pulled through a portal and transported back in time and into an alternate universe. The supernatural doesn't exist but there is definitely something evil lurking at school and The Corny Collins show. Buffy/Link Tracy/Seaweed.

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The Next Day

I want to give thanks to Mmooch, CGKO113, Wild, Plato and Legolas’ girl 31 for your reviews. They really inspire me. Also thanks to those who put me on their alert list.


            Buffy found it hard to concentrate in any of her classes for the rest of the day. After lunch she and Link had History. There were no assigned seats in History so Buffy sat beside Link in the back of the classroom. He introduced her to a few people that Buffy hoped she would remember who they were later. As class began Buffy tried to pay attention but found that Mr. Flak voice and the lunch they had just eaten was putting her to sleep. Just as her eye lids began to droop she felt Link nudge her foot. Her eyes opened quickly and she smiled gratefully at him. He returned her smile and the two kept each other awake during the boring lesson. When History was over she said goodbye to Link as she and several of the girls hurried to the locker room to change for gym. Today they had the option of playing basketball or volleyball. Buffy decided to go with volleyball. Buffy had to wait for her chance to be rotated in and she stood in a line with three other girls.

“Hi, you’re the new girl who got hit with the locker door yesterday aren’t you?” The girl behind her asked. She had two pigtails and was sucking on a sucker.

“Yeah, that was me.” Buffy said a bit sheepishly. “I don’t really remember how it happened.”

“Well, I just wanted to say sorry and I hope you weren’t hurt too bad.”

“Just a bump tooooo…..wait a minute. You’re the one that hit me?” The girl nodded. It was now the other girl’s turn to be embarrassed.

“I didn’t realize you were there. I was trying to catch up with a friend of mine.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. I’m Buffy by the way.”

“Penny. It’s nice to meet you Buffy. I’m glad you’re not upset about it. I just wanted to say sorry.”

“Like I said it’s okay.” Buffy said as she was rotated in.

 Penny waved before heading over to basketball where she and another girl that was overweight with brown hair and blonde streaks were passing a ball back and forth. Buffy returned her thoughts back to game.


            Buffy didn’t see Link for the rest of the day. After gym she had a study hall where she managed to get a bit caught up on her work from yesterday and this morning. Her final class of the day was chemistry. Buffy moved toward an empty seat by the girl Penny was passing the ball with in Gym.

“Mind if I sit here?”

“Have a seat. I’m Tracy Turnblad.”

“Buffy Summers. It’s nice to meet you.”

That was all the pleasantries they had time to exchange before the teacher began to teach. Buffy took notes and tried not let the anxiety of wanting it to be the end of the day show. It seemed like forever but the final bell at last rang. Buffy watched as Tracy bolted out of the room and wondered why she was in such a rush. Buffy hurried to her locker to get what books she would need for her homework. She went through her locker looking for her history book which she needed to read tonight. Thinking she probably left it in class she hurried to Mr. Flak’s classroom only to find the door shut and lights out. She would have to get it tomorrow. With her backpack slung on her back she began her trek toward home a bit disappointed that she didn’t get to see Link at the end of the day. The whole time she walked to her house she thought about how just being friends with Link had brightened her whole day, and she really hoped that they got the chance to be more than friends. All he had to do was smile at her or do that wink that he does and Buffy felt her insides just melt. She sighed as she realized she had made it to her door. The walk hadn’t taken her more than fifteen minutes. She used the key her father gave her to get in. Putting her stuff on the table she got herself a snack and went in to where the TV was. She turned it on to hear a group calling out their names. She hadn’t being paying attention until she heard Link say his name and looked up in time to see him stare at the camera. The sight of seeing Link almost made her drop her snack. She watched as he continued to dance with the rest of the kids which Buffy realized looked familiar. They were some of the people Link had introduced her to today. The group moved on from singing and was now dancing. Buffy watched the show until it was over and then turned off the set to start her homework. She was glad she used her study hall practically because she didn’t have as much homework. About an hour and a half had passed, and she had just finished what she could of her homework when the doorbell rang. Opening the door she was shocked to see who was on the other side.

“Link, what are you doing here?”

Link gave her his most charming smile. He must have known that seeing him smile like that made Buffy’s heart flutter. He held up a book.

“Hey lil’ Darlin, I thought you might be needing this. You dropped it on your way to gym.”

“Oh Link, thank you. I thought I left it in Mr. Flak’s room. You could have just given it to me in the morning. You didn’t have to make a special trip.”

 “I wanted to. Sorry about not getting it to you sooner.”

“About that…” Buffy shut the door and move to sit on the step. The air was a bit cool but the heavy sweater she had grabbed protected her. She motioned for Link to join her. “When were you going to tell me you’re on TV? I flipped when I heard you say Link. Do you do that every day?”

“I guess I kind of forgot you haven’t been in Baltimore long. We do a show Monday thru Friday and on Saturday we usually rehearse in the morning.”

“How do you get there and get ready on time? School doesn’t let out till 3:30.”

“All of us who are on the show get out at two and there’s a bus that takes us to the studio. I just usually take my car. I was on my way out yesterday when we ran into each other.”

Buffy blushed at that realizing it wasn’t one of her best moment. Link thought that blush looked just beautiful on her. A car pulled up into the driveway. Link realized this must be Buffy’s father and stood up quickly. He offered his hand to Buffy to help her stand. Buffy gave him a slight nod of thanks.

“Hi daddy.” Buffy said hugging her father.

“Hello Buffy, how was school today?”

“Not bad, I made some new friends today. Daddy, this is Link. He was the one I told you dropped me off yesterday, and today he brought me my history book that I dropped. Wasn’t that nice of him?”

“Yes it was. It’s nice to meet you son.”

“Nice to meet you too, Mr. Summers.” Link said shaking his hand and hoping his nervousness wasn’t showing.

“Thank you for being so kind to my daughter. Buffy, have you finished your homework?”

Buffy rolled her eyes knowing her father already knew the answer to that.

“Just about Daddy. I still have my history to do now that I have my book. Link and I were just talking out here for a bit.”

“It is okay honey, You know I trust you and I know you can take care of yourself. I’m going in. Don’t stay out here too long.”

“I won’t.” Buffy said as she waited for her father to get inside and close the door. As soon as the door was closed she burst into a fit of giggles.

“Poor Link. You’ve only known me two days and you’ve already met my father.”

“I know most people usually wait till they’ve at least gone on their first date. What do you say we go out Saturday? I can pick you up and you can come to rehearsal and see the set, and then afterwards we can do anything you want.”

“Anything?” Buffy asked with a hopeful look in her eye.

“Anything with reason Darlin. Don’t want your daddy come after me with his shotgun.” Link teased and Buffy laughed.

“You’ll be pleased to know that my father doesn’t own a single gun. He wouldn’t know how to use it. Besides I think you’ll like what I have in mind.”

“I’m sure I will. I better get going. See you at school tomorrow?”

“I’ll be there waiting in anticipation.” Buffy said with a smile.

She watched him walk to his car and he stopped once he had the door open. He looked back at her and smiled before getting in his car and driving off. Buffy went inside to begin dinner. Her father was sitting at the table reading the evening edition of the paper.

“Did your friend leave?”

“Yes, about a minute ago.”

“You really like him don’t you?” Her father asked putting his paper down.

“I think I do. He’s going to take me out Saturday. He’s going to pick me up Saturday morning and take me with him to his rehearsal for the show he dances on. He dances on this TV show called The Corny Collins show. Then afterwards he said we could do anything I wanted. Do you think there are any indoor ice skating rinks in Baltimore?”

“I’m sure there is.” Hank smiled at his daughter.

The one thing Buffy had always been very passionate about was ice skating. When she was little in this time line she watched some old Olympic footage of Sonja Henie skating and that was all she ever wanted to do. In her home time and reality it was Dorothy Hammil.

“I’ll see if I can find one for you while you cook dinner.”

Buffy beamed at her father and began humming to herself while she started on their dinner.


            The next morning Buffy arrived at school early hoping to see Link. Not seeing him she went to her locker and smiled upon seeing a rose taped to the outside of her locker with a note. With a careful hand she pulled the rose off the door. Opening the note that had her name on it she felt her knees grow weak as she read it.


A rose by any other names is still just as sweet. You are my rose.


Buffy sighed happily and sniffed the flower again. She was in a happy dreamy state.

“I see you like my present.”

“I do. Thank you. It was a nice surprise.”

“Only the first of many. We have three days until Saturday and I find it hard to wait. I can’t get my mind off of you.”

“I’m the same way. After you left yesterday I think I talk about you for a good ten minutes to my dad. Then after that I couldn’t stop humming.”

The warning bell rang that signified that everyone needed to get to home room. Buffy quickly gathered the books she would need.

“What’s your first class?” Link asked as he leaned against the other lockers.

“Trigonometry.” Buffy said closing her locker.

“I do too. I’ve been meaning to ask you why you were late yesterday.”

“The school nurse wanted my dad to get me checked out before returning to school. I spent all of first period and part of second at the doctors. We’d better hurry if we don’t want to be late.” Buffy said as the two hurried into the same directions but went into two different classrooms.


The next chapter will be the first date. Hope you liked it.


QUESTION: Does anyone know what Hank Summers does for a living?

If you know please let me know.


Please Review.

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