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A Cat, a Dragon, and a Diverted Fate

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Summary: "She must have smacked her head harder than she thought, because she was not seeing a miniature, purple dragon dive-bombing that demon."

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Faith-CenteredShalaDakiriFR1544,6961528,77911 May 1025 Jan 11No

The Lost and Found

*Looks at the reviews*

Wow. I can honestly say I wasn't expecting the responses I've received, especially for a first chapter. Anyway, thank you to everyone who has responded. It's very much appreciated.

If anyone notices I'm sliding into OOC territory, please let me know so I can either fix it or make sure there's a logical reason for it.

Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and X-Men and Marvel belong to (I can't believe I'm saying this) Disney.

Kitty paced the waiting room, hoping she hadn't made a huge mistake in calling an ambulance for Faith. Unfortunately, she hadn't realized the girl had a healing factor until just before it pulled up to the alley. On the other hand, the paramedics seemed to assume they were sisters and, so far, Kitty hadn't corrected them. Until she knew how local opinions about mutants ran, she didn't want to leave the girl unprotected.


Kitty paused to look at the doctor.

"I'm Dr. Jordan. Your sister's awake." He hesitated, "She...doesn't seem to remember you though."

"Half-sister." Kitty lied, "My dad had an affair and I only found out about her a couple weeks ago. This weekend is the first we've actually met."

"I see. I...apologize how this might sound, but...have you considered having any kind of genetic tests done?"

Kitty felt her stomach sink at his tone, "Why?"

"Your sister...may be a mutant. At the rate she's healing--"

"She'll be fine, then?"

"I believe so."

"I want to see her."


"I don't care if she does happen to be a mutant. I want to see her. Now."

"Fine." The doctor said stiffly, "This way."

Faith scratched irritably at her taped ribs while a nurse looked over the monitoring equipment. She almost wished they would leave her alone so she could sneak out, but she had to admit to some curiosity about her so-called sister.

She heard voices outside her room. One Faith recognized as the doctor but the other only sounded vaguely familiar.

They rounded into her room and she realized it was the girl from alley. She could see why no one had questioned who ever had claimed they were sisters.

"Hey." The girl looked slightly hesitant, "I know Dad was a bastard for not telling either of us about each other, but I really do want to get to know you."

Faith glanced at the doctor's sour expression. She weighed that against what she remembered before passing out and decided to play along...for the moment.

"Yeah, whatever. How long I gotta stay here?"

"I have a few more tests--"

Her apparent sister stepped in front of him, "She's not a lab-rat. Not for you, and not for whoever's writing your paycheck."

"She's a patient at this hospital."

Faith rolled her eyes, "She is right here. And I gotta agree about not bein' a lab-rat"

"I'd like to talk to my sister alone."

"Of course." The doctor walked out, followed by the nurse.

"Sorry if I made things complicated for you. I'm Kitty. I told you last night, but you were pretty out of it."

"Right. Sisters?"

"I didn't realize you were healing until it was too late to call off the ambulance. The paramedics assumed and," Kitty shrugged, "it seemed the best way to protect you."

"Protect me? From what?"

"The doctor thinks you're a mutant. He never outright said it, but he gave me the impression he didn't much like us. I don't think he'll actually do anything nasty to you..."

"But you aren't sure."

"Pretty much. And I figured if he thought you had family watching, he'd be even less likely to pull something."

"Why me? Not like you owe me or nothing. Or is it you want something?"

"I made a decision years ago to use my abilities to protect people."

"I don't need protecting."

"Don't know too many people who can protect themselves if they're unconscious."

"Whatever. Your dad gonna be pissed about what you said about him?"

Kitty shrugged, "He'll probably never know. He disappeared on a business trip to Japan a few years ago."

"Convenient. So, what do you want?"


"For helping me."

"You don't owe me anything."

"Bull. You don't do stuff like this for nothing."

"Fine." Kitty rubbed her eyes. "If it makes you feel better, consider it a thank you for keeping that N'Garai from killing anyone. I was hunting it anyway."

Faith picked at the hospital gown, "You said something about getting me out of here, Cat?"

"Yeah, I did. How fast do you heal?"

"Most stuff heals in about a day or two, why?"

"Good. I'll go make sure everything's squared with the hospital."

Faith watched her leave, considering her options. She could walk out--her leg felt usable, if a bit stiff. It wouldn't be the first time she'd skipped out from somewhere, but if the hospital believed she had a sister...Faith shook off that line of thought. Maybe it would be worth it to wait.

By the time the release papers had been signed and a taxi called, Faith just wanted to go back to her motel, shower and sleep the rest of the night. Her new...whatever Kitty was climbed into the cab next to her.

"I don't need a babysitter to walk me home."

"I'm not." Kitty retorted, "I left my bike a few blocks from the alley. I really hope it's still there."

"Good luck with that. What kind is it?"

"Nothing special, just an inexpensive motorcycle somebody was selling. I doubt it's worth more than a couple hundred in trade."

Faith smirked, "Why not something better?"

"Last night? Really not that unusual for me. I seem to find enough trouble I'd rather not risk trashing an expensive motorcycle--or worse a classic."

"Huh. Guess that makes sense." Faith shook her head, "So where are you from?"

"Chicago, went to school in New York for a year, then I spent several years in England and Scotland. You?"


"Nice city but, no offense, there's people there I'd rather avoid."

"I get that." Faith turned to stare out the window.

"So, Boston. Red Sox fan?"

"Sometimes. I haven't had time to follow them this year."

"I think they're sitting pretty close to my Cubs, but they don't play each other this year. Not unless both teams make the Series."

"You like baseball?"

"Yeah. I didn't have many chances to watch until I came back to the States, though."

Faith started to relax as Kitty stayed on the topic of baseball. She seemed convinced Sosa would beat McGwire to the homerun record. Even Faith hadn't missed that bit of sports news, although she thought Kitty's opinion had more to do with team loyalty than anything else.

When the cab stopped at the motel, Kitty frowned.

"You live here?"

"Only a couple days." Faith started to get out.


"Look, you got your life, I got mine. If you don't want nothing, I'm out of here." She slid out, ignoring anything else Kitty might have said.

Faith paused at the motel entrance to watch the cab pull away then shook her head. She was better off alone.
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